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Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis: 'Dark Knight Rises' Movie Date!

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis: 'Dark Knight Rises' Movie Date!

Ashton Kutcher and girlfriend Mila Kunis catch an afternoon showing of The Dark Knight Rises on Sunday (July 22) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old actor and the 28-year-old actress played musical cars on the way to the theater, jumping out of one at a stoplight and into another to avoid photographers.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Mila Kunis

In case you missed them, check out the just released images of Mila in a new campaign for Dior.

Mila is wearing the Ann Taylor Boxy Stripe Pullover in Desert Sky.

15+ pictures inside of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis at the movies…

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  • kel

    She could do much better.

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  • tammii

    love jackie and kelso! :D


    Is he still supporting Paterno, now that we’ve discovered he was just as EVIL as Sandusky.

  • Paps are Scum

    “to avoid photographers” lol Looks the photographers are like ninjas since they still got the pics. Loser stalker scum.

  • Uhmm

    Ewww. WHY Mila WHY?!?

  • Barbie Kate

    The best actor of all time and the new Meryl
    When a film of Kutcher and Gosling?

  • Marie

    I respect actors who don’t want to talk about their private lives. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. But liars? She looked Ben Lyons into the eyes and said “It’s absurd, a friend is a friend”- with conviction. I trusted her. She told Elle UK “Listen, we hang out, we’ve known each other for 15 years. We have mutual friends. We’re comfortable with one another. That’s it. There’s no crazy love story, nothing more. I would give you the bulls*** answer of I don’t comment but the truth is I’m really single” She told my local radio they were just friends 3 weeks ago. How Am I supposed to believe anything she says if she’s such a good liar?

  • mars

    because they’re putting on a show to keep them in the spotlight. It’s a business contract. The single most important thing for A-list celebs is to maintain high ratings. If she disappear from popular media such as tabloids her ratings go down, it’s that simple. Anyway, who cares about that publicity rat Kutcher.. from the photos it seems something happened to her friend David?

  • Teri

    lol, she doesn’t have too. I mean who actually cares about her personal life. btw shes an actress not a politician. You don’t have to believe every word she says, all you have to do is believe the character shes playing on screen. Which from what I’ve seen she does well
    and again their actors, their good at lying. Believe me shes not the first one to lie. They all do, I respect her for doing this for her personal life, to keep it on the down low.
    everyone else does too, I mean they say they’re “just good friends” do you think they actually saying the truth?

  • csa

    Liar and a wh0re!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • csa

    w h o r e

  • mars

    I think you’re pretty naive. They’re doing anything but keeping it ‘down low’. In fact, if she admitted they were a couple tabloids wouldn’t be as interested as they’re now. They’re plenty of high profile actresses incl. her friends (Kristen Bell, N. Portman..) who openly talk about their partners and nobody’s chasing them around with cameras. What they’re doing is exactly the opposite of trying to stay off gossip.

  • dobbi


  • Marie

    @Teri: In that case, we shouldn’t buy magazines or watch them in talk shows. She could have been polite and say “no comments” She lied like a pro trying to look natural and down-to-earth.

  • Mariska

    …and please don’t dare to suggest they have a relationship! (rolls eyes).

  • lexy hates bilson

    Why would they do all this?? Call the cops and say you’re being stalked if you are in fact being stalked!!

  • x

    I think Mila’s just trying to keep her private life PRIVATE. Your personal life is the only thing that keeps you sane in this industry. It’s brutal.

  • Ann

    @x: “no comments, my private life is private” There’s no need to lie.

  • Irena

    It isn’t necessary they are ‘dating’, maybe they are just sleeping around? so what? although why Ashton Kutcher, Mila? he is an asshole

  • Teri

    Oh well, I’m so sorry you feel that way.
    btw Mila barely admitted about her last boyfriend,remember macaulay culkin. So I honestly wouldn’t expect her to admit about Ashton. Even if she did admit it, the media wouldn’t be less interested. Ashton admitted to Demi, everyone was on it. Brad w/Angie, George w/Stacy. Basically since Ashton and Demi’s break-up, Ashton has been in the spot eye. yes they are clearly laying low. I don’t see how that makes any difference. Its her private life, she never spoke about and its fully her decision. Honestly who she is with, what she wants to say about it is her right. It doesn’t affect anyone of us. I think you and Marie need to chill, and stop over-thinking such a small thing. (marie, geez talk about hyper-sensitive)

  • wow

    they are so lame

  • mike

    It’s amazing that anybody thinks she owes anybody the truth about her personal life. She doesn’t. It is absurd how the paparrazi invade the privacy of a home.

  • Effy

    Wow, who cares if she lied? Her personal life shouldn’t matter to you. If you like her for her personal life, then you’re just as bad as the paparazzi.

  • mars

    She admitted Culkin many times during the relationship and was pretty open about it in interviews. These can be found on the net. I used to like Mila before she started faking it and playing the game too much. Tabloids were on Demi & Kutcher ’cause they clearly wanted it that way. They kept posting intimate photos from their private life (Demi bending over in the bathroom..), holidays.. on twitter to get more subscribers plus did other stuff that kept them in the spotlight. Kunis & Kutcher are not trying to keep this private at all and I’m sorry you can’t see this. It’s the same model they used for Timberlake & Kunis that is, deny but at the same time send a different message (crotch grabbing at MTV, racy photoshoots…). It’s a simple and effective strategy to keep media on toes/ interested. It’s not over-thinking it, it’s pretty basic – this is a multi billion dollar industry which is totally dependent on advertising/ratings. How do you think this industry advertises itself most effectively in tabloid media which is the most popular form of press? The most popular online newspaper in the world is Daily Mail, a tabloid. What gets more hits and generates more interest, a simple announcement of a movie/album release or a juicy story? Still not clear? Sorry to burst your bubble. By the way, that nasty TMZ is owned by Warner Bros…

  • nbr

    @mars: She didn’t openly talk about about the Culkin relatinship at all…two years in to the relationship she was interviewed saying she would not confirm or deny the name. And the majority of the time when she was interviewed she referred to him only as her boyfriend. The relationship lasted 8 years so of course at a certain point with endless questions about it she opened up a bit more. To suggest that Mila and Ashton are not trying to keep it private, and are looking for attention is absurd. You do realize these latest pictures were taken at her home, where they thought they had privacy, with a powerful camera from a major distance? Yea, this is all a master plan. If you want to buy into absurd conspiracy theories go for it.

  • js

    cant believe i was there that night in my home town of south gate, ca……..andn they sat front row

  • mars

    You’re right, those recent pics were taken at her home, the same porch as the pics from 4th July. Just a diff. angle. The reason media described it as a Hollywood venue was because her PR manages the story and wouldn’t reveal certain private info such as her location in Studio City. Kutcher’s house is well need to hide that one. Notice the pics from 4th July were from ‘a family home’ according to tabloids… She knows she was being photographed at the same spot previously and keeps her specs on – he always does when aware of the photogs. Who keeps their sunglasses on while “cuddling” up to her loved one esp. at home or inside a building (Soho House)? If this wasn’t staged then I don’t know what is. Re Culkin – I’m not going to spend hours looking for those mag interviews scans on the net for you, nbr – she talked about the private stuff many times prior 2010 – how Culkin surprised her on her B-day, their trip to Israel, how they loved staying home, how he cooks every night… etc. These can be found on milakunisweb. org . & other sites…. This is either an episode of Punk’sd in which the one getting punked is the public or they’re using this to get free press.

  • nbr

    @mars: Those 4th pics were also at her home. People keep there sunglasses on when they are outside on a sunny day. You can call it staged all you want. I will continue to call that absurd. They are being stalked by paparrazi. Again the Culkin relatinship was an 8 year relationship,she was asked about it constantly in MANY interviews. Of course at a certain point she will open up a little and say something. But overall she remained very private and still revealed very little. Again you are fee to go with your consprirac theory, but I find it nonsense.

  • Gh

    Does anybody know where exactly in Santa Monica is this cinema?