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Jennifer Aniston: 'We're the Millers' Set with Emma Roberts!

Jennifer Aniston: 'We're the Millers' Set with Emma Roberts!

Jennifer Aniston gets ready to film on the set of her upcoming flick We’re the Millers on Monday (July 23) in Wilmington, North Carolina.

The 43-year-old actress was joined on set by her co-stars Emma Roberts, Jason Sudeikis, and Will Poulter!

Here’s a synopsis of the flick, set to hit theaters next year: A veteran pot dealer creates a fake family as part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed into the U.S. from Mexico.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and her co-stars on the set of We’re the Millers

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Photos: FameFlynet
Posted to: Emma Roberts, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Will Poulter

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# 1

lol, another flop waiting to happen, jen, jen, jen…….

# 2

I love Jennifer Aniston so much!

# 3

Awful outfit

# 4

Jason is funny! I’ll watch if he’s in it ^.^

# 5

She sure looks her age!

Playing a fake wife again? She is not offered any good roles, just the left overs.

# 6

can’t blame JA for the outfit – it’s a movie for goodness sake – but it does make her look squat and hippy.

# 7

Pumpkin, you may see the opened ears, and the hair not covering the face.
Look and ENJOY!
m.a.z.o.c.h.i.s.t._forever ! :) :) :)

# 8

She looks pregnant to me .

# 9
Her appeal is fading @ 07/23/2012 at 10:18 pm

When you can purchase this many photos of Aniston it means her popularity is soaring to the dumpster! She’s played out and should have been long, long, ago.

Go Figure! @ 07/23/2012 at 10:27 pm

Her ankles look swollen.

Why did I feel like giggling when I saw JA like this? She looks so uncomfortable without her hair.

Jen aniston fan @ 07/23/2012 at 10:35 pm

OMG, Poor Jen. She must be burning up in that North Carolina heat. Us Californians are not use to that ! Hang in there jENNY :)))

Love me boy @ 07/23/2012 at 10:46 pm

She doesn’t look good here

Her face is looking swollen like in Marley & Me. She is getting fillers again. Her face is just busted & plain.

Jen aniston fan @ 07/23/2012 at 10:48 pm

I think people are reacting to this look because she is not all glamed up as usual. I actually like her this way because natural beauty is the best to me!!! and she looks good for her age regardless.

Whoa Nelly! @ 07/23/2012 at 10:57 pm

Wow, she’s actually working? Who in their right mind is hiring her?
Jen Aniston and her bangin’ man-face. Hottest woman of all time…..

an opinion @ 07/23/2012 at 10:58 pm

Wow she is wearing a bra. She must be really trying to act in the movie. This is how she looks without all the boatloads of makeup

@Jen aniston fan:

So what you are basically saying is Jen looks quite plain & average not glammed up!

She has no natural beauty, she looks manly without makeup. The nose, chin, thin lips = manly features.

Her face looks swollen & tight. Painful even.

Did she gain some weight for the role. I guess she is serious about trying to do something different. But this is another romcom.. so

ultimate butterface @ 07/23/2012 at 11:07 pm

give her a break, wearing lousy momsy clothes and an ugly wig is what she considers taking risks and diversifying LMAO

I hate to say this, but seriously? Another comedy involving “fake” relatives? Hasn’t she done that already in “Just go with it”? She may have gotten luck on that last one because of Adam Sandler, but there’s no comedian star on this one to save her apparently.

Jen aniston fan @ 07/23/2012 at 11:07 pm

@df: What I was saying was she is not made up so of course she is going to look different. Who do you know that looks the same without mounds of makeup on?? Jen is naturally beautiful and there is no need to be jealous! How about you send us some pictures since you want to talk about people’s looks :)

African Girl @ 07/23/2012 at 11:15 pm

Another fake family movie?!
Is she hoping this one will finally be the mega blockbuster hit she needs?
Awww, the poor dear. . .guess she hasn’t heard the old saying that insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.
When is she gonna cut her loses and start peddling workout videos on HSN?

That it!
On the cover she is “photoshopped”.
On the different events she “hides” her face…
Haters will hate no matter what

how little is Emma Roberts?? Aniston (who I understand is quite petite herself) is almost a head taller than her in those pictures.

this actually looks interesting!

African ( I’m not sure you are a girl),
“Marley And Me” was the “fake family movie” too…

Justin and Heidi sitting in a NY tree KKKIIISSSSIIINNNGGG!!!

The old hen is away and the cat and mouse will play! I hear Justin now…Heidi baby I made a mistake…just wait for me as soon as I finish getting name big, well trying to, I will dump that orange peel, high maintenance prude….when I come back this time we will get married…OK…Heidi…OK, my little mcnugget man…

Emma Roberts IS little: 1.60 m (against 1.67 JA).

Fat and ugly!!!

it’s time to wake up at least.
Wanderlust promotion is over.
Forget F Justin.
Relax please….

non photoshopped @ 07/23/2012 at 11:42 pm

WOW!! She certainly looks “for real” here, sooo not like those fake SmartWater ads, LOL That face fully exposed is a revelation to run from HaHaHaHa!!!!!!!

wow, there’s something really depressing about this set of photos. lol. she doesnt seem like herself here, its like she’s accepted her fate of bad movies lol. And Emma was supposedly so excited about working with Jennifer on twitter, however she looks here that she can’t take another second of her bahhaha *cough,splutter* hahahaaha. I have a strange feeling she and Justin broke up too….. He has been seen in New York and she is in NC doing this movie

non photoshopped @ 07/24/2012 at 12:01 am

JT will probably show up in NC, she has been his huge meal ticket for money and a high flying celeb life like he had never lived before for months. Now if he does not and he is not working on a project himself then maybe there is trouble.

Either way it matters not to me, cause he has bantam chicken legs.

Name the next @ 07/24/2012 at 12:02 am

Aniston’s new paid piece. She pretty much scr@wed everybody in HW, so who’s next????

Aniston is playing a hooker pretending to be a mom. Trust she will show her “talent” (low tops and short skirts) sometime during the movie.

Tomorrow > glam pics @ 07/24/2012 at 12:31 am

Get ready… tomorrow will have glam pics to counteract this.

So true... @ 07/24/2012 at 12:53 am

@kelly: That’s funny! I’m sure you’re right

groundcontrol @ 07/24/2012 at 2:04 am

What’s wrong with her ankles? They look almost deformed in one pic.Varicose veins and swelling.

Her ankles are better than Jolie’s.

Look at that face hahahahah, can she talk properly? Hideous woman

She talks not like you, Whoa.
Tell us something fresh:
about her chin for example…

Sudeikis is busy banging Olivia Wilde, so poor Jen will have to go after Ed Helms this time. LOL

hollywood is trying to tell us something. they are sending us a message. CHINNIFER MANISTON is all about playing the “fake wife”. in both movies and in life. her marriage to brad was all fake and they were just pretending!! total PR relationship.

With Weed and Breaking Bad being such huge successes on TV, We’re The Millers will have to be really tight.

Middle age spread and thunder thighs, she must be going nuts, seeing her body going south.
Her face and fillers, ouch.
Will Jason bang her again, during the movie, her toy boy better hurry to the movie set or his free loading days may come to an end, sooner than he want.
She looks like a sixties housewife, this role is right up her alley, she is expert on Pot.
To the annoying twit that tries to reply to every post, sit on it and spin.

I want to see this movie

natural beauty is the best

I guess this woman is only good at playing 2 roles. Good at pot & being fake.

Another straight to DVD movie, brought to you by Dumb Nuts Entertainment.

She was probably hoping for Emma Roberts part because she is so young and youthful looking…..not

The haters must go Away !

oh here we go again, Whorelina faggs hating on Jennifer…

unfortunately when people are afraid that some one is better than them they do their best to belittle them to make themselves feel better! it is really sad as no one is better than anyone else – just different, different talents or gifts…….Jen is a beauty inside and out! perfect no but that what makes her more approachable – real – as she is striving to make herself a better person, actor and so forth… life is short…..why taint it with hate!

@blah: And you respond an insult with another one, nobody’s is gonna stop talking **** about Jennifer then.

we will fix everyone talking tfihs about Jennifer.


Its a costume, genius

Emma Roberts is so AWESOME

Wannabes Jen Aniston and Emma Roberts: They are two of the most charisma challenged people in Hollywood. Look at Aniston, you can almost hear the tiny gear whirring in her empty head. If i have to look like a dowdy mom, I will still try to do the ‘cute,’ thing – so get me a wig with a thick bang, and lots of fillers and a tan, see marley and me and horrible bosses..

HAHAHA, losers everywhere posting ridiculous crap about someone they are so obviously a wee bit jealous of. you all need a freakin reality check!! no mater what you think or post, she is living alot larger then you folks ever will!!!

Idiots can’t you see she is pregnant?!!!!

Maniston is one ugly women. i cant get past her big chin. That chin has her own zip code.

Gee… I wasn’t reading the title, just scrolling down fast and I didn’t recognize Jennifer Aniston. I thought she was Emma Roberts’ mom.

I hope Squiggy is counting his tips and stashing them in the bank – a new movie means a new paid piece so his time is about up and Jason is divorced….

Tick tock Squigs.

Thunder thighs @ 07/24/2012 at 5:51 pm

Oh my, those thin lips full of filler look painful…

Bye Bye Justin @ 07/24/2012 at 5:54 pm

Hmmm, which co star should she sport F@ck next…..

Rachel Fails Again @ 07/24/2012 at 6:27 pm

@Thunder thighs:
poster #70

TY..My exact thoughts as well as a new nose.

Another dud film. Why doesn’t the old girl crank out a kid for exposer.
Everyone knows she can’t act her way out of a paper bag.

@yep: Thank you so much Mother Theresa! Your words shed an epiphany for me-NOT
Once again, people, this is a forum for open discussion on BOTH sides of the fence re: opinions on whatever subject is presented. If you only can emotionally handle one side of it, then it’s probably not a good place for you to be.

She looks like a dumpy housewife.

Forget about the dumpy wardrobe that’s obviously for the role. Look at that face. How can anyone say she’s gorgeous? That’s average at best and I’m being nice. Very nice.

O'Sullivan @ 07/24/2012 at 8:31 pm

Jennifer is gorgeous and a great actress.

just asking @ 07/24/2012 at 8:51 pm


you are right.. Jennifer Lawrence or Jennifer Connelly are great actresses.

The same can not be said of Jennifer Aniston. She is an average talented person. She has not lived up the the hype or her supposed A list title. I’m not a fan but I did enjoy her on Friends. But even then she was not the break out performer. She didn’t have many episodes where she STOLE it. Lisa did, Courtney did, David, Matt and Matthew all had performances that you can think about to day and fall out laughing. Not her so much. She is a prime example of life circumstances. And now those circumstances are fading and people are just looking at her and what she has really contributed to her profession. The bottom line is not much. She has has Acting moments. And even if you take all those moments in films they don’t add up to ONE great performance. Her fans have to go back to The Good Girl. A film she did in 2002, 10 years ago.or Rock Star 11 years ago… Again.. moments…But never has she been an actress you are on the edge of your seat to see. That is not her. As some have noted she does better with others. She is not a lead actress. She is a supporting player. And even in that role she has yet to shine.

How long will it take. When will she step out and BE what her fans claim she is. Being cute at 43 is not what actors want to be remembered for. And no amount of awards or titles earned or given will change her legacy of work. Because it is not really there. I’m not attacking..just pointing out what many many people are finally seeing. Seeing what a lot of people say years ago.

O'Sullivan @ 07/24/2012 at 9:02 pm

you haters are only jealous.

“Just asking”, you are JUST HATING.
She was the brightest Star in Friend.
She was not a daughter of A. Spelling
- she was a FENOMENALLY ATTRACTIVE actress
with great talent to act.
All the America can see this. Including Directors.OK?
So excuse me WHO ARE YOU
to say she is “averaage”?
Just a well prepared hater.
Did you enjoy just Cudrow? Where is she now?

@Biii: Pregnant ! what are you drinking?

you would be happy to have her “average” face and body.
You can’t be nice.

Little Emma Roberts at her tender age already has more talent and buzz than Jen Aniston ever will. Hope Jen doesn’t try to hog the premiere!

Looking at frumpy Ticky here I just can’t wait to see the movie posters because, as sure as the sun rises each day, the movie posters are going to show a photo-shopped-to-hell-and-back Ticky!!!! No way in hell is she going to allow her true image being plastered in cinemas and dvd covers.


Ticky, my dear, please calm down. The world loves you, everyone loves you, ok? Feeling better now?

@O’Sullivan: GROW UP, please, or move on to romper room. Someone speaks their mind, which is different than yours, and you label them a “hater” and jealous??? That is ridiculous and un-intelligent. O’Sullivan did not spew out hateful words or profanity, simply stated his/her point of view in a very neutral tone. Jealous?? Of what??? You have no idea who any of us are or what we have or what we do or what our lives consist of, to even begin to make such a childish statement, so, please…. Go. Away.

I meant “Just Asking” did not spew out….”

Saint Angelina blessed us again by putting this awful outfit on Anniston.

@non photoshopped: Have you noticed how She is literally twice as big as he is?? He appears to be shrinking and she appears to be growing larger. It is the oddest thing…

@Kikicohen: Yeah Don’t you just love it when you express a negative opinion about JA with no nastiness involved and (esp JL) calls you a Hater and jealous. The only thing I’m jealous about JA,is that I’d like her money. Meanwhile JL continue’s to be one of the most upsetting,vile,rascist HATERs that I’ve come across on the Net.

BTW–Even without JA this movie sounds like a load of BS,people don’t want these movies any-more.

Dayum! in that second picture Anustoned’s neck is almost as thick as that guy behind her…. :0

Heroin addict Jolie is “saint” – don’t laugh me please!
Jolie has no attractiveness comparing to Aniston.
Brad doesn’t want to F his SOULMATE :)

@JL: JL You ask “who are you to say she is average”….Well I ask “Who are YOU to say she is the best actress in the world” Are you a director/producer? NO?? You are just expressing an opinion-Like all of us!!

Pls no babbling nonsense back,ignore if you are going to post gibberish.

Some help for you—Its’s Phenomenally LOL

AGA is a jealous hater with double statndards.
Heroin in the Jolie’s veins is a GOOD THING, right?
To sleep with own brother is a GOOD THING, if this James Haven right?
This is your “truth” AGA. Take a doze. Like Jolie.

Who am I ?
I’m a Jenifer’s fan.
Is it so hard to get?
Who’s fan YOU are?

O'Sullivan @ 07/24/2012 at 11:52 pm

@Kikicohen: why don’t you haters go away.

At least Jennifer Aniston is in the Top 100 of the most beautiful people of planet.
This is not just my opinion.
For sure Jennifer is a better actress comparing to Jolie
– this is my opinion.

Yeah, O’Sallivan,
he told “this is a forum for open discussion” (#73)
but Aniston fans must go away. :)

@O’Sullivan: OMG- for once and for all- will you please knock it off with the word “hate”???
I cannot speak for anyone else, but I don’t hate JA, or anyone else., unless they personally did harm to me or my family. A person can express a negative opinion toward someone or something w/o having hatred toward it- comprende??? Also- a person can comment about JA without having to comment about Angelina Jolie and vice versa. That seems to be a common thing to do on this site here.

@AGA: Oh yeah- and have you noticed how all of JL’s posts always have “-4+”, etc.? To them and never a +? He or She has to be living on the computer, as often as she is posting – total JA stalker!
And, yes, I have definitely picked up on JL’s racist and anti- semetic comments as well- nice, huh?

@JL: Will you please knock it off with the Angelina Jolie comments- no one is bringing her name up, but YOU!! There is NO relationship between JA and AJ- do you realize that? That tabloid fodder was over in 2005!!!

tis is a place for free discussion.
I don’t say it’s a n Aniston’s territory.
Go speak.
But I will too. All what I want.
About Jolie – ESPECIALLY

There is DIRECT relation between JA and AJ.
Because Jolie’s fans are here.

@JL: You say YOU are not a Hater but I am?? When have I EVER called JA a Herion addict,or a brother f/er,or wished for her innocent kiddies to DIE!
YES “O’,sullivan this JA lover has wished this and more on this very site. Yet JL has no proof that Ange uses drugs or that Brad does not want to sleep with her. Its all mixed up in her delusional head.
I have said many.many times that I don’t like JA,but I would not even wish harm on her dogs!!

BTW—JL How is Jen working if Angie’s Jewish Mafia was supposedly stopping her from working???
When this lame movie is released, if its good it will all JA doing, BUT if it fails miserably then it will somehow be Ange fault LMAO!!

Yes AGA,
you are the hater.
Who are you, as you are here and you are not an Aniston’s fan?
I’m here because I’m her fan.
I’m not on Jolie’s thread – feel the difference.
But if you will ask, I can go on her page…
About mafia: she acted in different movies before 2005. But since she became a Jolie’s enemy – just romantic comedies. WHY?

About brother kissing – did you see JA KISSING her brother like Jolie did?
In front the TV cameras BTW !!!

Stick a fork in this dud she’s done. Jen has been ridden more than most race horses and is a very marginally talented actress at best. She should have stuck to t.v. sitcoms as she has failed at being a movie star………….Love The Ghost.

If you really love Ghost you may respect her achievements.

aww its Jen:)

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