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LeAnn Rimes: Taverna Tony with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes: Taverna Tony with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes is all smiles as hubby Eddie Cibrian picks her up on Sunday (July 22) in Malibu, Calif.

The 29-year-old singer and her hubby had dinner at Taverna Tony’s Greek restaurant and did some shopping at the Malibu Country Mart.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

“SUCH a beach bum today!,” LeAnn wrote on her Twitter account. “Got home at 4:30am from tour and all we wanted to do was enjoy a moment of peace w/ our friends in the sun. #scored.”

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian leaving Taverna Tony…

Just Jared on Facebook
leann rimes taverna tony with eddie cibrian 01
leann rimes taverna tony with eddie cibrian 02
leann rimes taverna tony with eddie cibrian 03
leann rimes taverna tony with eddie cibrian 04
leann rimes taverna tony with eddie cibrian 05
leann rimes taverna tony with eddie cibrian 06
leann rimes taverna tony with eddie cibrian 07
leann rimes taverna tony with eddie cibrian 08
leann rimes taverna tony with eddie cibrian 09
leann rimes taverna tony with eddie cibrian 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • lori

    still ugly!!!!!

  • jj

    Horseface. This hillbilly hog can’t break a nail without calling the paps. Ugly ugly ugly inside and out.

  • Linda

    Beautiful girl. I am glad she is happy. I love her voice! Like an angel.

  • JoyvaWood

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  • Heather

    She is so fake. Seriously! She is “laughing” hysterically, yet, Eddie is not even smiling nor talking. Stop calling the paps! Plenty of A-celebrities can live their lives without being papped all the time. She is a D-lister, who sings at country fairs and casinos.

  • solecito

    Who and Who???

  • bree

    she looks like a mutha f ing psycho getting in that car.

  • SamIam

    Damn, great legs.

  • notyourfriend

    why is she always flashing huge smile and acting like she’s just seen the cams for the first time?? hasn’t she been around for awhile…she stinks of fakeness!!

  • gwen

    Of course Courtney Stodden 2 is “all smiles” as her Doug 2.0 “picks her up”, it’s a STAGED photo-op. Courtney Stodden 2.0 works with two pap agencies: GSI and Fame/Flynet! These photos were taken by GSI, the same GSI that was with Doug and Courtney 2.0 while they were in Cabo and the same GSI that got photos from inside of Doug 2.0′s birthday party. Since her staged photo-op from last Sunday resulted in talk about how Doug 2.0 is cheating with Lizzy and Katie is still getting all of the media’s attention, it’s no surprise to anyone thatCourtney 2.0 called in GSI to get “candid” photos of her and Doug 2.0 “dining” at Tavern Tonies and “shopping”. And of course true to form she wore the most skimpiest oufit possible because that will once and for all convince everyone that there is nothing going on between Doug 2.0 and Lizzy, right?

    GG and DM didn’t even include the photos of Eddie, but JJ and x17 did. x17 took it a step further and included photos of LR and EC holding hands, so Eddie is drunk.

    It’s a shame that Leann has to rely on DM, GG, x17, and JJ to validate her marriage. It’s obvious to everyone that the staged dinner and shopping handholding photo-ops is just Leann’s way to convince everyone that her hubby isn’t cheating with Lizzy. Rather than continue to tell us that Leann is happy, simply because she smiles for the paps, which she called, why don’t you just tell the truth. JJ didn’t even include the photos of Lizzy and Eddie flirting with one another on the dock? Why? Because that would ruin the fairytale that Leann paid them to create.

    LR and EC are frauds. EC is cheating on Leann with Lizzy! And Leann is trying hard to cover it up.

  • gwen


    Here we go again. Just because Leann “smiles” it doesn’t mean that she is happy. Besides, Leann is doing the fake donkey laugh. Leann is paying JJ, GG, x17, and DM, so of course they go along with the “Leann is happy” campaign when they see this fake laugh. To everyone else it makes Leann look like a fraud. Like she is putting on an act.

    Leann already established in an interview on Extra that she is drugged up when she does this laugh. Remember when she was doing the donkey laugh as she walked down the aisle in Cabo with Eddie? Well she told Extra that she was DRUGGED up from the medicine she took for tooth pain. So in these staged photo-ops it’s not that she is happy, it’s that she must have took a lot of medicine for her “tooth pain”.

    If Leann was happy, she would have went out to dinner without inviting GSI. But then again she has to cover up for what happened when she invited Fame/Flynet to the lake with her. So cue the staged “EC isn’t cheating on me because we hold hands” photo-op with the same company that she was exposed setting up staged photo-ops with.

    People don’t love Leann’s voice, which is why she is reduced to using her personal life to keep herself in the tabs.

  • debong

    her skinny body sure looks good

  • betty

    Leann needs to stop all her fake antics.It’s apparent her happy life is just that.,fake. . Why is this thread even necessary she’s getting more and more desperate. Leann the harder you try the less we are convinced

  • Charlene

    For some reason I always get the impression that she is WAY more into him than he is her. He always looks miserable and she’s always laughing like a hyena with her mouth open and her head thrown back. It looks incredibly odd. Like she’s setting up the staged photos and he’s not happy about it. I don’t have any particular dislike of her, but the constant, obviously staged photo ops are weird when you compare the amount of coverage they get on sites like this, with their actual career trajectories right now. He isn’t working and she is relegated to tiny venues offering tickets at discounted prices. Why would news agencies be following them around? It makes zero sense. I guess she isn’t handling her lack of relevancy in the music industry well and stages the photos to make her look like she is still on top. She also seems he!! bent on proving to the world that they are so completely happy and in love. It sure doesn’t come across that way. It’s really kind of sad to see someone that insecure and starved for attention.

  • gwen

    The real reason Leann set up this staged “dining out and shopping with Eddie in short shorts” photo-op with GSI and had JJ, x17, GG, and DM write fluffpieces about it,

    From Popsugar: “LeAnn Rimes Logs Bikini Time on a Lake With Eddie Cibrian and Friends”

    Photo 3/41-lack of pda between Eddie and Leann

    Photo 15/41-Eddie standing directly over Lizzy and watching her

    Photo 16/41-Eddie standing directly over Lizzy and watching her

    Photo 25/41-Eddie standing directly over Lizzy and watching her

    Photo 32/41-Eddie standing directly over Lizzy and watching her

  • Charlene

    @gwen: OMG, if any of my friends were spreading their legs and putting on a show like that, they wouldn’t be my friend any more. Classless or what? Weren’t they there with the kids? Eddie didn’t seem to mind the floor show portion of the performance though. I wonder why JJ didn’t post those dandies on here? I guess those shots don’t fit the script of “Eddie only has eyes for me” that she is always trying to act out. What appears to be drunken leg spreading with the kids around doesn’t exactly fit the “I am the perfect step-mother” script either. She sure doesn’t look happy in those shots. I guess the bloom is wearing off of the rose of their marriage. Why do they take those people with them everywhere they go anyway? Can’t they keep each other entertained when it is just the two of them?

  • gwen


    JJ didn’t post the photos of Leann and Lizzy making out while Eddie watched and took photos either. Which is odd because if there is a negative story about Brandi, JJ has no problem posting it.

    Leann doesn’t have a problem with her “friend” spreading her legs and putting on a show like that in front of Eddie because Lizzy isn’t Leann’s friend, she is Eddie’s mistress and Leann just uses the “friend” card to cover up Eddie’s affair with her. Eddie has been sleeping with Lizzy since 2009, since there are photos of her in 2009 vacationing with Eddie and Leann when they went to Aspen.

    The Dailymail says that the boys were on the dock with Leann and Eddie for a little bit, so it’s possible that they might have seen part of this show.

    Leann is still on the “Eddie isn’t cheating with Lizzy” mega media blitz, so be prepared for her to post the NoH8 photos of her and Eddie. She is already bragging about how she, Eddie, and the people from NoH8 loved the photos of them. The fallout from the NoH8 photos of her and Eddie is going to be huge. People are already making comments like “Leann is an advocate for NoH8…the world must be coming to an end”. The day that Leann and Eddie posed for NoH8, Leann was already reporting negative responses(ie people saw the NoH8 on her face and didn’t know what NoH8 was, which means they were just shocked by the fact that NoH8 would associate with someone like Leann considering her album is a big trashfest of Brandi).

  • T

    @Charlene: I don’t think they can be by themselves. The few times they do seem to do things alone, Leann is tweeting through it, or, they are caught looking really miserable together. Even on their honeymoon, engagement, and vow renewals, they brought paid photographers to document it.

    It is funny that JJ never shows the photos that are usually getting the most buzz for inappropriateness. I get the reason for it, but I find it amusing. JJ and Daily Mail use same source, so you usually only get 1/2 the picture here. ;)

    At some point, if she’s going to continue down this road of over-sexualizing herself, butt-cheeks and boobs hanging out, she might as well just start walking around naked.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Question: Did LeAnn tweet she got in at 4:30 AM from a show?
    Ans: Yes, because somebody has to work ther and Eddie’s got no money. No dinero. No moulah.

  • betty

    @T You are right because if JJ featured the photos on GG it really shows the disconnect between those two. Leann is clinging to Eddie and his body language shows lack of interest.

  • Tamm

    I love Photo 25/41 on that Popsugar post of Eddie standing over Liz as she thrusts her pelvis right at his face. They are both looking into each other’s eyes with major chemistry. This is what a real woman’s body looks like, all curves all in the right places. You can tell something hot is going on between them.

  • Linda

    @gwen: Well, I am a people and I love her voice, I have since she was a child singer. She has a lot of fans. What is wrong with you?

  • anon

    Taylor Childress ‏@ChildressT

    Privileged to have just heard @leannrimes new album-it was fantastic…if there is a more talented vocalist alive, I’d like to know who…

  • anon


    She’s got him and you don’t. You should give up after all this time. Especially since you are shagging all the meat that will get near you. Ugghh.

  • anon

    Apparently gwen you are wrong again! Her album will be a massive hit!! THANK YOU FOR HELPING MAKE HER POPULAR AGAIN!

  • anon

    Night, night gwen/betty!!

    As brandi would say…SUCK IT!

  • gwen


    This is interesting. Why does “LINDA” show up when anon does? ANON is in the other thread REALLY freaking out. He is calling people fat just like he did when he posted aNOWAY/MunchBunch/Anonymous. You can always tell just how bad things are going for Leann by how frantic her fan acts in these threads.

    So TRUTHLIES is upset by the response that Taylor C’s comment received. Several posters responded to her by listing the names of other artists. And one person even said do you want it in “alphabetical order or by record sales”.

    It makes no sense for Leann to brag about the praise Curb is giving her for this album when her “fan” is in the other thread calling the BBs horrible names and calling other posters fat. Seriously, he makes it look like Curb was paid off to write what they did.

    Suck it? So you are mad because no one believes Curb? And you give them every reason not to believe Curb. If they loved Leann’s album and what we are saying here doesn’t matter, why are you flipping out in TWO threads now?

  • gwen


    Wow, you really are flipping out. you gotta love TRUTHLIES because you call tell just what went down between LR and Curb based on what he is posting here. So Curb didn’t like Leann’s album and they are only writing nice things about it because Leann had to pay them off, just like she pays Eddie and most of the people she calls her friends.

    Thanks for proving my point. Now what poster was always posting on this site that I was making Leann popular? Considering how I showed him 4 threads that proved otherwise, why is she still insisting that Leann is popular? You know what those posters said in the other thread, for those threads and artists who’s threads were hitting over 200 posts and didn’t make the list it’s because the posts in favor of that artist is the result of someone using mutiple names. I can repost those comments if you forgot them.

    Curb told Leann, “Night, night LEANN’s album!As brandi would say…SUCK IT!”

    Curb told Leann, “Apparently DB you are wrong again! Her album will not be a massive hit, especially when she is sending her friend to JJ to write more nasty posts about Brandi while still bragging about her photos from NoH8!! THANK YOU FOR HELPING MAKE HER other album not POPULAR AGAIN!”

    Lizzy told Leann, “WELL Le, I got him and you don’t. You should give up after all this time. Especially since you are shagging all the meat that will get near you. Oh wait, even that hasn’t worked out for you. Ugghh.”

    Speaking of shagging all that meat that will get near him, what did you think of those photos of Eddie and Lizzy at the lake?

    How does the comments made by CURB=Leann is popular? Seriously, you went berserk like this the last time Leann’s album flopped.

  • nomorerimes

    @anon: Where to start??!! Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Shania Twain–how many more do you want?? And at least they don’t sing about their immoral behavior with married men. LR seems so proud of it and it will come back to bite her with her Low sales CD and career flushing!

  • nomorerimes

    @anon: Gee whiz–where to start??!! How about Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Shania Twain–how many do you want? They haven’t written and sang songs about personally having an affair with a married man like LR! And she seems sooo proud of her immoral behavior which she has had since a teenager! What trash! But it will come back to bite her with Low Cd sales and caree flushing!

  • Linda

    @nomorerimes: I see you have to work at your witty repartee.

  • gwen

    Oh no, it looks like someone didn’t like my comment about Courtney S and had JJ delete it. No problem, I”ll just repost it. Seriously, someone is writing posts in other posters names, so why would JJ be more concerned about my comparision between Leann and Eddie when someone is misrepresenting other posters?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You are not going to believe this. The Dailymail posted photos of Courtney Stodden shopping in a bikini top, jeans and high heels on Sunday with her 50 yo husband. Leann went to a grocery in short shorts, a bikini, and high heels too! Isn’t it scary how much Leann and Courtney S think alike? How funny that both of them decided to set up shopping photo-ops on Sunday.

    Do you know why Leann and Courtney have SO much in common(ie-wearing ridiculous outfits to the grocery store just to get attention)? Because their birthday’s are just one day apart. Courtney will turn 18 on Aug 29.

  • gwen


    When will you learn? So just min before you make a post as “linda”, my comment comparing Leann to Courtney Stodden disappears. So once again thanks for proving my point. The person posting as Linda is none other than ANON. He is now on Day 7 of operation DELETE, DELETE, DELETE. Thanks again for reporting the post that was orginally post 33!

  • gwen

    Wow, someone STILL hasn’t learned his lesson. He had JUST JARED delete another post. YES, which is odd considering that JJ still hasn’t deleted those posts where he uses other posters names. It was the post that was orginally post 25.


    WRONG. You are just one of the people from twitter that Leann sends to this site to make nice comments about her. YOU might love Leann’s voice, but no one else does.

    Leann has a lot of fans? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA On what planet? If Leann had a lot of fans, then why did her album and singles flop? If Leann had a lot of fans, then there would be no need for someone to use the names of others posters to make these nice comments about Leann. I love how all these “different” posters who keep showing up match one of the BBs name on twitter.

    Seriously, didn’t I see the “What is wrong with you” post before in the thread about Leann and her band members drinking in a parking lot and then in the thread where Leann and Eddie are in the Park with the boys on Father’s Day? If Leann has a lot of fans, then why is it necessary to keep pulling stunts like this?

    The better question is what is wrong with YOU. You were the one who said that Leann looked happy even though it’s obvious to everyone that the laugh is a phony.

  • nomorerimes

    @Linda: Another short poster bashing comment worth absolutely nothing! Real teenager like just like LR”s mentality. In your post on page one you say “I am a people”! The correct way to say that is I am a person! Must be LR posting as her education only applied to her sexual activity approved by mommy!

  • betty

    @Anon Leann got Eddie?What does she have? You act as if Eddie is some grand prize. I bet if she had to do it over she would throw him back. Brandi HAD him or 13 yrs at least he supported her during that time.Leann has to”tour” all the truck stops and county fairs to make a living. I hope her album does well maybe then she can get better gigs. Why is Brandi name always brought upon Leann threads.Things must not be all love and bliss for tweeted.

  • gwen

    Wait, did JUST JARED delete one of ANON posts(the post that was orginally post 24)? Too bad they still didn’t delete all those posts where he uses the names of other posters and blog writers to make posts on this site.

  • Nathan

    Monkey face. She has a bad case of noassatall. Keep starving yourself hillbilly. Gosh Eddie DOWNGRADED, I wouldn’t want that clinging to me. I certainly wouldn’t claim her, NO AMOUNT OF MONEY to lay with Leann. She just screams homely. Sorry, it’s harsh but true

  • Cam S

    Wow, her husband can’t open the door for her in front of the cameras at least? Good thing she finally got that douche, at least his sorry but is off the market

  • concerned

    It is pretty clear from the posters (Brandi and friends) in this forum why LeAnn won the man of her dreams. The ugliness and hatred upon a woman who fell in love with the man who fell in love with her is disgusting. None of you are above LeAnn. NONE OF YOU UGLIES.
    If you have morals and are spiritual, where is your forgiveness for something that wasn’t even a mistake? WE ALL KNOW THAT MARRIAGE WAS COOKED BY BG HERSELF. It is clear from all the gossip sites that even mention her…she is a low life mean girl. What man would want to stay with that?? Most men are denying even being with her, Like Gerard Butler. He was like “ewww…who??” when asked.
    It seems some of you, gwen, have an axe to grind about the own shortcomings in your life. I hope you clear this up soon, you will never be happy until you do, know this.


  • anon

    @gwen: You are jealous!

    No matter how “ugly” or “bi” she may or may not be, she still wouldn’t give a pustule like you the time of day. Guess that makes you the bigger loser, huh?

  • the truth

    @concerned: Leann gets trashed by many blog and newspaper writers, was named as Top 5 Annoying Celebs, sold only 27000 albums last year, has been given a stony reception on the 3 different tv shows she’s done in the past year, SHAPE magazine had to apologize for featuring her on cover, talk show hosts make fun of her on national tv, david spade made a comment on twitter asking if she does anything besides prance around in bikinis, and hundreds and hundreds of random people responded with how much they can’t stand her, country fans on blogs diss her and call her career over, country radio hates her and makes fun of her.

    The woman was not liked for many years in the country world. Her affair and subsequent entitled, narcissistic, atrocious personality became more widely-known through her twitter, etc. So you really want to stand by the idea that the people that can’t stand this woman are just Brandi and a handful of her fans? REALLY?? You need to open your eyes. She has a big hump to get over to make this record succeed. You know what…if she does…all the power to her. But I have a feeling her press interviews for this album are going to be typical Leann, and her going on and on how the affair was so painful for her, and she wanted to write it in song, and I would bet that is not going to help her sell any records. The woman gets lumped in the same ‘annoying celebrity’ categories as Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Stodden, Kim Kardashian by the media and public. Not a good place for someone’s career. Brandi Glanville didn’t do that. Leann did it all herself.

  • jeri

    It is Leann. What the hell else does she spend her time on? You can tell it’s her by the “home schooled” grammar and syntax her obese hillbilly mawmaw taught her. She can’t write, so she types everything in Twitter shorthand, she abbreviates everything incorrectly, uses words and phrases incorrectly and over punctuates “!!!!!” You can always spot the hillbilly in Leann.

  • Gisele

    @the truth: You are so dead on with that analysis of LeAnn’s present lack of public affection. I work with people who read her twitter just for laughs and make fun of her regularly. These are not “fans” of the ex either. None of the people I know watch RHOBH. Trying to blame the ex and her small band of supporters for the boat she is in career wise, is very silly. Her career was seriously fading a decade ago. LeAnn was already out of public favor when her personal life got messy. Her after behavior didn’t exactly help matters and all of the staged photo ops in the world aren’t going to sell her records as indicated in her last effort which flopped badly. I agree with you, if her next album does really well, more power to her, but if it doesn’t,, blaming the ex and her small group of fierce defenders is ridiculous. If LeAnn has so many fans and just a few detractors, why didn’t this massive group of fans buy her last album? When she had appeared on talk shows, the audiences meet her with stony silence. It that the ex’s fault as well? LeAnn’s small fan base seem to like to blame the ex for everything. Most people are going to take the side of the “wronged” wife in this scenario and insulting her and blaming her isn’t going to win people over either. It just makes people dislike LeAnn more. She herself, has damaged her image and made herself a laughing stock.There is no on else to blame.

  • Gisele

    I meant to write “no one else to blame”, not no on.

  • jeri

    hahahaha Creepyann, yeah, you “won” the man of your dreams! hahahaha So that makes Liz the prized woman of Eddie’s dreams!
    See, Nomorerimes, that “concerned” post is a typical Leann post. She is so delusional about her own actions and has no remorse or understanding of her narcissistic personality disorder and her obsessive stalking and abuse of a family and two small children. She’s a cyberstalking psycho!
    I love how she ends with “Signed,” Who writes like this in an online reply? Wack jobs raised on too many soap operas. It’s clear her parents let the TV do the babysitting for many hours on the tour bus. (typical hillbillies)
    Note also, the weird constant capitalizing, she does this often, she’s so enraged, she shouts constantly. This is the spoiled has-been child star who can’t stand it that you aren’t kissing her butt. The scary thing is that this is the woman who boasted about her gun skills to threaten Brandi, and nearly ran over Brandi with her car when she was stalking her. Watch out nomorerimes, Concerned Creepyann is dangerous.

  • gwen


    Wow, you are really having a major fit. Why? Oh that is right, Leann lied to her fans. Her album isn’t doing well. And Curb is only writing nice things about her because she PAID them, just like she pays Eddie and Lizzy. The best thing that comes from your posts is that we get to see what Curb really told Leann. Since Leann is following JJ and has sent several of her fans here to make posts, we know that she has been reading this thread. Hi Leann! The more posts you make, the worse it is for Leann. You did the very same thing last year when her album flopped.

    Curb told Leann that she was jealous of Brandi! Is that why Leann sends him to x17 to make posts about Brandi’s private parts?

    No matter how “ugly” or “bi” Eddie may or may not be, he still wouldn’t give a pustule like LEANN RIMES the time of day without making her pay for it. Guess that makes ANON(aka TRUTHLIES) the bigger loser because he is on this site making posts in other posters names, obsessing over me on this site and on x17(Did you see how many betty/gwen posts he made), huh?

  • Charlene

    @jeri: What I actually think the real problem is at this point, is that NO ONE is jealous of Leann. Calling people jealous is more like wishful thinking. Eddie’s a proven liar, cheater and seems to be perpetually out of work and letting LeAnn pay the bills. If that constitutes what makes him “the man of her dreams” good on her but it isn’t exactly a stellar list of attributes to most other people. Unfortunately for her, the public tend to frown on relationships born out of affairs that break up families., That’s just a fact. She wishes everybody was jealous of her and also wanted to be married to her husband, Mr. Serial Adulterer because that would make her feel validated. Her record sales aren’t validating her so she’s grasping at straws. He isn’t a catch but we’re all supposed to think he is. We don’t and that makes her extremely frustrated. The blaming of the ex-wife needs to be given a rest. Leann stalked and bought herself a husband while the public watched and now she’s paying the price for that. There’s nobody else to place the blame on except the woman she sees when she looks in the mirror. Knowing her SWF behavior, she may very well have BG”S picture taped on to that mirror and it’s why she lays blame on the wrong person again and again. For a woman who is on the cusp of 30, she seems extremely immature and insecure.

  • betty

    @Concerned You failed to mention Leann was also married at the time, was her marriage also cooked is that’s why she pursued Eddie. Leann knew Eddie had no plans of leaving Brandi that’s why she manipulated herself into his life. When a man wants a woman he will pursue HER not vice versa. Brandi left Eddie after she found out he was a liar that couldn’t be trusted and had cheated once to often. When trust leaves the marriage it usually ends it.Leann was a second choice and she knows it .She loves him more than he loves her she isn’t sure of his love regardless of what he tells her if so she wouldn’t be so insecure in their relationship. Eddie is the same player he tells Leann what’s she wants to hear like he did Brandi and Scheana. Stop trying to paint Leann as some victimize woman in love she helped breakup a family with children.She knew what she was doing now she has to pay the price what goes around comes around so let’s see if she can take it as well as she dished it..out.

  • gwen


    Since you made a similar post in the Leann and Eddie rides the Harley thread, I remember because you had JUST JARED delete my response to you, you are not a CONCERNED CITIZEN. The name you used in that thread was “gwenikens”( See post 185). You even used the same method of placing asterisks between your points and you even brought up the “Geral Butler thing” as well.

    It’s posts like yours that lead me to believe that Curb totally slammed Leann’s album and the only reason why they had a change of heart yesterday is because Leann threw some money at them just like she does for everything else or she had DB threaten them with major legal action if they didn’t write positive things. If Curb liked Leann’s album why are you trying to justify her affair with Eddie by claiming that it was love, that the marriage was cooked before Leann stepped into the picture, and that anyone who criticizes Leann for sleeping with a married man is evil/full of hatred? Calling those people who criticize the stuff that Leann Rimes puts out, isn’t going to make Curb like her album.

    It seems LEANN RIMES, has an axe to grind about the own shortcomings in her life. Her album didn’t get the positive feedback from Curb, and so she takes it upon herself to send to do damage control by blaming Brandi and anyone who comments on the matter. I hope Leann clears this up this problem that Curb is having with her album soon, she will never be happy until she does, know this.