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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Busy Couple!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Busy Couple!

Jennifer Aniston is hard at work with co-star Kathryn Hahn on the set of her upcoming movie We’re The Millers on Tuesday (July 24) in Wilmington, North Carolina.

That same day, the 43-year-old actress’ boyfriend Justin Theroux was spotted out on a stroll with photographer friend Terry Richardson on Tuesday (July 24) in New York City.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jennifer Aniston

Earlier in the week, Jen was spotted on set with co-star Emma Roberts.

10+ pics inside of Justin Theroux out and about and Jennifer Aniston filming…

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justin theroux jennifer aniston busy couple 05
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126 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Busy Couple!”

  1. 1
    Jen Aniston fan Says:

    Love her

  2. 2
    Amanda Says:

    I can’t wait to see it

  3. 3
    viola Says:


  4. 4
    Jp Says:

    Hhhhh Jen rocks

  5. 5
    Jp Says:

    Jen in the top . What a classy woman

  6. 6
    kim Says:

    another flop

  7. 7
    notyourfriend Says:

    doing what she does best in real life, not being good with kids

  8. 8
    Jen aniston fan Says:

    Go away haters

  9. 9
    Kikicohen Says:

    JT seems like such a mature guy- especially when he wears RATT T-Shirts, circa 1986- and he’s how old??

  10. 10
    JL Says:

    why all the Jews praise Justin despite he is short , gay and loser?

  11. 11
    MJ Says:

    Hahhahaha! Anuston’s picture #4, it seems like she’s taking a poop. Her acting, what a cr*p! Poor woman. She needs to fire her acting coach because there is no improvement on her acting at all. Her acting coach is useless to her. What an embarrassment it is to her fan. Poor, poor woman. So so sad.

  12. 12
    JL Says:

    Oh, I got: it’s because he loves heroin like Jolie.
    Nice T-shirt – almost Hitler’s symbolic.

  13. 13
    JL Says:

    MJ, I can imagine what are you looking foe in the movies.
    Go watch Gia.
    It’s for you.

  14. 14
    sakura Says:

    lol at her wind-blown look.. i know botox when I see one

  15. 15
    JL Says:

    she is an actress, so she looks in accordance with the storyline.

  16. 16
    df Says:

    What is wrong with her face???? It looks worse than usual, she has too much fillers.

    Also the fact he is BFF with Richardson, shows he is a creep. You are the company you keep, meaning Aniston is just as nasty as C.Handler.

  17. 17
    sakura Says:

    yeah.. yeah

  18. 18
    kelly Says:

    Aniston can’t even show any expression in these scenes because her face is so filled with botox and fillers.

  19. 19
    Anna Says:

    I remember seeing an interview with Jennifer’s long time acting coach on E! a while back and i could not believe the similarities between the coach and Jennifer. The acting coach (who looked in her late 40′s) spent much of the interview speaking like a 14 year old, with lots of ummm’s and ditzy pauses in classic Valley Girl speak, as well as referring to Jennifer, a grown 40 something woman as a “really laid back cool chick”. She also spent much of the interview twirling and playing with her hair. It was clear that Jennifer has picked up many of her bad acting habits and interview techniques from this woman. Imagine being Jennifer and of paying someone to give you so called expert advice and the best you can do with it is sound like a teenager in interviews and win a “Decade if Hottness” award from spike T.V. instead of any real ligitimate movie acting awards.

  20. 20
    MJ Says:

    @Anna: I did not see that interview. It sounds like Anuston’s coach and Anuston herself have in common, both have bipolar issues and I can see that too with Kathryn Hahn, she also acts r-tarded. No wonder why they hang on to each other so much. Poor women.

  21. 21
    BOOOO! Says:

    Kathryn Hahn looks creepy. She should belong in a scary movie…

  22. 22
    Jefferydgy Says:

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  23. 23
    c Says:

    Hmmm, that’s interesting. I’m wondering if they broke up. You’d think that Justin would go with her to North Carolina. She IS going to be there filming for the next three months, and for the time they’ve been dating they have always been together and never apart. You can just see how childish Justin must be in these pictures.

  24. 24
    ja Says:

    angie may be skin and bones but i rather be her then jen on any of her best days.

  25. 25
    . Says:

    He looks like a pretentious Neo Nazi. It’s no surprise that people aren’t interested in him apart from his relationship to Jen. That isn’t a good look for her. What a mess.

  26. 26
    Truth Squad Says:

    I always forget this site has the creepiest BRANDgelina fans. You people have a major sickness. Maybe that’s why you’re all without a man in your lives. Happy trolling ladies. LOL

  27. 27
    JL Says:

    @.: New project is the best look for her.

  28. 28
    MrsKutcher Says:

    ewwww that theroux guy looks like such a creepy wannabe

  29. 29
    truth Says:

    Justin and his soulmate terry, the nazi look is weird……

  30. 30
    blah Says:

    whirelina faggs attack again…. I bet you all enjoyed her in the land of flops and dissasters effort…

  31. 31
    Malida Says:

    Oh wow…the blonde hair just aged Aniston with about 20 years.

  32. 32
    0_o Says:

    @notyourfriend: i laughed out loud!!!!!!!!!! thanks

  33. 33
    m Says:

    Wasn’t she taking a year off? Has it begun yet?

  34. 34
    jocelyn Says:

    Strolling in NY with the perv Terry Richardson qualifies the bought and paid for Justin Theroux as half of a “busy couple”? What are you smoking, Jared?

  35. 35
    JL Says:

    @Malida: She is beautiful with any hair.

  36. 36
    get real OK Says:

    @Truth Squad:

    You are an idiot if you think all of the negative comments are from JP fans. The majority of the JP fans don’t post on Aniston’s threads. We don’t care. You should think that realize that some people make comments so that you Jenloons think it is a JP fan so that you go on a JP post to post something negative. some people just enjoy the back and forth.

    Well they are not all from JP fans. Just like Jenloons that may or may not be posting on the JP posts. Everyone does not adore Aniston and everyone does not adore Brad and Angelina. That is just facts of life.

  37. 37
    JL Says:

    It’s funny:
    “…The majority of the JP fans don’t post on Aniston’s thread. WE don’t care…” :)
    And when comment starts from YOU ARE AN IDIOT – you may be sure the author is a JP fan.

  38. 38
    Rio Says:

    she’s really unpretty. sorry, jen fans.

  39. 39
    yep Says:

    Love Justjen! Please don’t show us the movie!

  40. 40
    c Says:

    eeeeewww jeepers take a look at this picture:

    Holy ca.mel toe! she needs to take those pants off stat. The whole outfit is so unattractive

  41. 41
    c Says:

    @c: go to pic #38 in the set. GROSS haha

  42. 42
    Jen aniston fan Says:

    Amazing pic

  43. 43
    devil's advocate Says:

    What’s in the blanket?
    Film critics reviews of Jennifer’s last 10 movies??

  44. 44
    1 Says:

    So she’s running away with a baby in her arms or struggling with how to hold it properly, soooo funny! Not.

  45. 45
    O'Sullivan Says:

    Jennifer is a great actress.

  46. 46
    lol Says:

    Keep what is in the blacket covered, what a ug ly face to look at. The makeup artist don’t have much to work with, after all the cosmetic surgery and she still look like this.
    A fan of hers was saying it is the makeup, I COULD NOT HOLD BACK THE TEARS from laughing, makeup my foot, her bitterness shows in her face.

  47. 47
    Ashley Says:

    Justin is too hot! Jen is so lucky!

  48. 48
    jerome Says:

    Hate this hag…Fugly….

  49. 49
    JL Says:

    Terry Richardson is lucky too :)

  50. 50
    To: #39 Says:

    Why not??? It’s not like her fans or anyone else hardly pays to go see her flops!

  51. 51
    jentheho Says:

    I guess one of the reasons she is so obsess with getting her body fits is because to distract people from looking at her face. She has the most unattractive looking face. Tiny eyes, big nose, thin lips, long chin and the most fugly face features.

  52. 52
    ang Says:

    hahahaha, here you all are again posting your ridiculous comments. seriously folks, i have to ask, do you cut her up in general conversation with your family and friends too? you all seem awfully obsessed with her!!! its like she and all she does consumes you. hahahaha, and you cant even see how ridiculous you all appear!!

  53. 53
    JL Says:

    @jentheho: Yeah, that’s why her face is on the covers… :)
    You forgot her pictures are here.

  54. 54
    JL Says:

    May be not all the haters are Jolie’s team…
    But her face and bod makes some people really furious.
    Not so easy to see a real beauty…
    poor-poor girls,

  55. 55


  56. 56
    JL Says:


  57. 57
    Je aniston fan Says:

    Cute pic

  58. 58
    Mike Says:

    Jen is sweet girl . Rather than skins and bones Selekton

  59. 59
    Mike Says:


  60. 60
    Adam Says:

    Jen has class from up to toe

  61. 61
    catinca Says:

    Terry Richardson should be in jail and on a pedophile list. This couple sure have some dubious friends…Chelsa Handler and Terry Richardson…

  62. 62
    see saw Says:

    even jen fans know that these pics of her are fugly ……this is a first where i see so little compliments. yeah….these pics are discouraging, makes you see the light and wonder what was it again that made me fall for you?

  63. 63
    Ley Says:

    el gordo del medio se robo la camara, Haha, Te amo justin.

  64. 64
    Ley Says:

    @kelly: putha

  65. 65
    Sick JL-Jolie own U Says:

    Even with a brown paper bag over her head, as long as she’s got her millions, Anuston is a beautiful with any hair not!

  66. 66
    JL Says:

    Can you tell me how could “ugly” woman make her millions?

  67. 67
    Kandaise Says:


    You are so RIGHT….Aniston is a NASTY white filthy trash as her BFF, ManHandler. Birds of same feather flock together.

    Both losers, too.

  68. 68
    Kandaise Says:


    YUP……puffy face from botox and fillers…..does she ever look at the mirror.

    just a matter of time when Justin leaves her……their life together is pointless and no substance…all they do is go on wasteful trips and do nothing. Wasted life.

  69. 69
    Kandaise Says:


    Are you referring to Jennifer Love-Hewitt or Jennifer Lopez or maybe Jennifer Garner…..

    Certainly not Aniston…..

  70. 70
    O'Sullivan Says:

    Jennifer is gorgeous.

  71. 71
    O'Sullivan Says:

    @Kandaise: It’s obvious who i am referring to.

  72. 72
    jilly Says:

    Jennifer is gorgeous and Jolie is an ugly dried up mean b-i-t-c-h! Brad is never gonna marry her and his family hate her too. All the Hollie fans are psychos, just like her. I HATE HATE HATE that skeleton HO and she is a misrable Ho unlike Jen. Jennifer is free spirited, happy and beautiful. Eat your hearts out losers!

  73. 73
    JL Says:

    No news last time about freaking “marriage” of two engaged freaks
    btw :) :) :)

  74. 74
    ha ha Says:

    looks like she’s takin a dump

  75. 75
    Adam Says:

    Where is brad ?????????

    He hide him selfThese days .

  76. 76
    JL Says:

    Brad hides himself because he can’t go on public with this stupid one LEG demonstrator…

  77. 77
    sullivan Says:

    OOF! Soccer Mom Jen looks just as bad as Real Housewives Jen.

  78. 78
    JL Says:

    Her look is much more better comparing to bony Jolie for sure.

  79. 79
    um, um Says:

    @devil’s advocate:

    Jennifer wouldn’t know since she’s never had a kid or seems to want a baby, that one doesn’t bundle a baby up in summer heat (even in a movie where cast is in summer clothing), is she trying to give the kid heat stroke?


    Um, Jen is NOT getting her money’s worth on her beauty treatments and potions. FUGLY and HOMELY.

  80. 80
    JL Says:

    um um,
    why don’t you show us Jolie’s cosmetic calculation?
    Because it’s too LITTLE, right ?
    Unlike Jolie Jennifer spends good money on beauty
    and she has a good result.
    You may compare their look.
    Despite Jolie is “younger”.
    But we don’t see that…

  81. 81
    yep Says:

    Jen is awesome!

  82. 82
    Kikicohen Says:

    @JL: JL, you are clearly anti-semetic- racist-,thanks for that! If you had more than a double-digit IQ, you would have been able to tell from my post that I was being very sarcastic in calling JT mature

  83. 83
    Observer Says:

    All this commotion because a middle-aged, washed up TV “star” is trying to make yet another straight to DVD movie?

    Hardly worth a comment, yet a whole laundry list of posts appears.

    I find her “boyfriend” to be ultimately more amusing with his Halloween like outfits and hats.

    Pictures like this of JA are almost cruel.

  84. 84
    JL Says:

    Really, cohen?
    Prove me I’m a racist.
    Show your IQ.
    Very interesting.
    About “sarcasm” – it’s understandable just for you…

  85. 85
    JL Says:

    all this ‘commotion’ because JA makes her next $ 8-10 M.
    You may write here your crap –
    it’s YOUR moral face, who care…
    Go on Theroux thread
    as you so love his look.
    There is no Theroux thread here.
    He is not even a “washed up” star…
    He is a NOBODY – like you.

  86. 86
    Leanne Says:

    Wanna see this movie!!
    love it when Jen plays a mom role she seems so sweet!
    Justin look goooooood!

  87. 87
    Sam Says:

    I like Jennifer=)

  88. 88
    Brad Pitt Says:

    I miss you

  89. 89
    ,,,, Says:

    She is glowing

  90. 90
    ,,,, Says:

    I love Kathryn hannn

  91. 91
    Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig Says:

    Yikes!!Her 50yoa botoxed face looks more like Iggy Pop everyday. Same Sh!t dif day jen.Boooorrrrrrrrrrrring

  92. 92
    Cheater Manny Says:

    ROTFLMFAO Manny cant even smile with all that botox. I needed a good laugh. LOL What a mess!!!

  93. 93
    Same ole Says:

    Day in day out…. Same Fake old Anuston romcom…..Full of botoxed butter face talentless Man face fat and fugly!

  94. 94
    JL Says:

    People look at the same pictures and say: “she is glowing” .
    Or “fat and fugly” – whose life is better? :)

  95. 95
    sabrina Says:

    Justin is hot as usually

  96. 96
    I did I do I will Says:

    The greatest liar on earth… Yes that dummy is the closes thing !!!

  97. 97
    yep Says:

    beauty lady!

  98. 98
    Jen aniston fan Says:

    Best wishes Jen

  99. 99
    Bb Says:

    Great movie

  100. 100
    Bb Says:

    Where are brad hida him self these days ?

  101. 101
    so Says:

    The Just in JustJen is cheating with a blonde in NYC NOT Jennifer while the old ball and chain films another rom-com-bomb in NC, eh?
    Say it ain’t so, Heidi. LMAO.

  102. 102
    Jen Looniston Says:

    Aahhhh… Long last.. Baby in my arms…. I told you … I did I do and I will my foot!!!!

  103. 103
    Media Storm Says:

    By the looks of these pictures, i dont think anyone is going to see this movie.

  104. 104
    JL Says:

    Media ****,
    lots of people are going to see this movie. Millions and millions. Be sure.

  105. 105
    JL Says:

    FA.RT Media Storm,
    not so many people are ready to hate this movie after 2 weeks of filming.

  106. 106
    Thank you JJ Says:

    Keep on exposing this eX … Well done to all the posters who eXpose Aniston, she is not an innocent and nice as her bought PR machine and her godless circle ( where are they now?) make her out to be.. Long live these Two ugliest old maid “Ho” bag single sisters…. Jencea Anusdler

  107. 107
    JL Says:

    That must be a big pleasure to convince yourself she is “ex”…

  108. 108
    AGA Says:

    How is JA even working?? I thought that Angelina’s Jewish handlers were stopping JA getting work LMAO

    If this movie goes straight to DVD it will be somehow Ange’s fault,if it does OK, it will be all JA.
    When will you hens get it…..These women are completely separate and have absolutely NOTHING to do with each others lives.

    Why the Jewish rasicm on the first page HEN?? Why so much hate?You criticize others for making up shite about your precious JA but post BS about Angie & Herion–You are a Massive Hater on a level that’s beyond cruel.

  109. 109
    anch Says:

    The return of the chin!

  110. 110
    Forever eX Says:

    Why eX not doing movie together with her ugly Ho twins …. Staring…. Chin nifer **** ton and Garbage Can dler ….. In “Forever Single”

  111. 111
    JL Says:

    with your j honesty if this movie will be very successful – it’s because Sudeikis’s talent. If not very – it’s because JA is in it.
    “Marlie And Me” is a DOG movie – right?
    The only reason of Marlie’s success was just cute dogs. Director used 28 different dogs. Which one is the best?

  112. 112
    yep Says:

    Can’t wait to see!

  113. 113
    AGA Says:

    @JL: Every single one of those 28 dogs was way better than the biggest DOG in the whole movie…namely Jenny A.
    This sounds like a straight to DVD turkey & it WILL be JA Fault as always.

  114. 114
    pumpkin Says:

    Came back from my vaccation just to find out that someone went totally nuts. JL, you surely are writting a lot of rubbish. Can’t you see what idolizing Aniston and watching her rom-coms is doing to you? Empty, pointless, forgettable movies that won’t leave a mark in Hollywood. Only great movies and actors can do that. Face it once and for all that your idol doesn’t mean anything in Hollywood. If she did, she would get better roles. The movie she is filming now will be no different. Same old pointless stupid rom-com. It’s because she can’t play anything else. Come on now, make my day and start writting about Aniston winning an Oscar in the near future. Day-dreaming is allowed after all.

  115. 115
    JL Says:

    you look at her romantic movies like it’s all she able for.
    It’s 15 % of her potential.
    So she will have her Oscar but not in the near future – it can take 4-5 years.
    Jennifer Aniston WILL act in the greatest movies.
    Have a nice day.

  116. 116
    JL Says:

    Hi AGA, I miss your logics.
    You must be very furious because of her look – it’s like one woman looks at another recognizing : IT’S REALLY LUXURY. F ! F ! F !
    So when you call her “dog” it sound like:
    “Oh Jennifer, I’ll never have the face like your is, the hair, the body… O-h-h-h-h… Would be so nice to become the Brad Pitt wife just for 2-3 months… O-h-h… I want your life, your publicity – everyone on the planet knows you… Poor me.. I’m known just in the internet, just on JJ, and just as an AGA… Poor me….”

  117. 117
    Lol Says:

    Why are associating Brad name with his EX-WIFE? Why not use Vince Vaughn, Paul the model, John Mayer (twice) and alll the other men that hit it and quit it in the last EIGHT YEARS, and it was a LOT of THEM.
    Justin will stick around, BECAUSE he has no JOB, like YOU.

  118. 118
    jilly Says:

    I love romantic comedies and Jen is the Queen of them and I love her for that. She is beautiful and funny and pleasant to watch. I never want to see Jolie the HO’s dark, boring movies. Her movies have all been trash and everyone knows it. She doesn’t even get a role these days except being an evil HO with horns, that’s all she is good for. She even ruined Johnny Depp with being his co-star. When would you simple-minded idiots are gonna wake up and see this mean, soulless witch for who she really is?

  119. 119
    JL Says:

    is it so hard to get – WHY BRAD ?
    A REGISTERED MARRIAGE – not a pitiful “partnership”…
    And don’t worry about my job – my job is better comparing to your.

  120. 120
    Forever eX Says:

    JL …. talking out of her/ his/it ASS again……
    They use BP, cos no body in this world will put up with Neurotic Narcissist self centre … I did… I do… and I wil…. eX!
    Giving birth to one like JL must be a dream to Anuston, who …. Once a pon a time….. Loooooong….. and many moons a go, Anuston the Chin man, the gargage can dler Ho bag with the bigest and stink mouth BFFs, was “OFFICIALLY” married a “REGISTERED MARRIAGE”…. LOL …. to the sweetest, kind gorgeous…. gorgeous man, name William Bradley Pitt………. Thank you universe … For turning the Garbage can dler BFFs in to the forever single eX!
    I am sure being forever single she can buy more mansion… Bottox… Fillers… and all the pulling stitching and stretching on her face and body all she want…. . JL will be over the moon for that!!!!!

  121. 121
    Sallyann Says:

    you are obviously no better or you wouldnt pick at Jennifer she bis so obviously so much prettier and nicer person than you

  122. 122
    AGA Says:

    @JL: ROTFLMAO That’s a really funny & oh so childish post. The ONLY thing that I’d want from JA’s life is her MONEY!!!!
    And i’d rather be known as AGA on JJ by a few people, than as JL–a total racist nutjob who is beyond obsessed with an aging actress who will NEVER EVER win an Oscar.Or JL the racist who wishes death on people including innocent kiddies,makes up outright lies about Angelina and is the biggest HATER i’ve come across. Then has the nerve to call others haters when they post that they think JA is a cra ppy actress-HYPOCRITE to the Max!! JA been in the industry for a long time and the parts she is being offered are getting worse,not better. AND no-one goes to see them –See Wanderbust,Bounty Hunter etc etc and don’t mention the f/ing Good Girl.

  123. 123
    JL Says:

    I know you love money.
    And dream about somebodies money.
    It’s natural for the people of your type.
    Can you tell me how can she make a bis $$ without talent and beauty?

  124. 124
    AGA Says:

    She simply got lucky by landing Friends and catching a Hot A-List actor on the rebound from a broken heart.
    And she employs the meanest,sleaziest PR hack in the biz..if not she would be where the other Friends are now. Rich,working occasionally & talked about rarely, it’s just taking longer for it to happen to JA.

    And what do you mean– my type dream about money. I’d say most people on an average income,no income or even well paid, dream of winning the Lotto etc. What makes you different? You are certainly not rich or else you would be better educated,able to spell and use grimmmmmor(lol)

  125. 125
    JL Says:

    “She SIMPLY GOT LUCKY by landing Friends” –
    we can see all the AGA’s “honesty” in this phrase. :)
    She SIMPLY lost a lot of weight to have a necessary look.
    She SIMPLY worked to pay to her agent.
    She SIMPLY was the most attractive during the casting.
    She SIMPLY had demonstrated a great acting talent.
    She SIMPLY justified all the hopes.
    And just being on the top, she became interesting for the guy
    like Brad Pitt. And interesting not for romance but for marriage.
    Because she SIMPLY WORKED HARDER comparing to the rest of Friends.

  126. 126
    sherrysalawu Says:

    everyone gots is opinion, Congrats you are not looking bad for your age, keep the good work.Go Jenny Go Jenny.

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