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Joshua Jackson: 'Fringe' at Summer TCA Tour!

Joshua Jackson: 'Fringe' at Summer TCA Tour!

Joshua Jackson flashes a smile at the 2012 Summer TCA Tour held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Monday (July 23) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 34-year-old actor spoke on stage about his show Fringe with his cast mates Anna Torv and Lance Reddick, as well as producer J.H. Wyman.

“I’d rather have the ability to end well… I’m really looking forward to the process of putting this to bed together knowing that it’s going to be the end so we can enjoy that ride off into the sunset,” Joshua said on stage about the final season of the show, which will premiere on September 28.

10+ pictures inside of Joshua Jackson at the FOX 2012 Summer TCA Tour

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Credit: Frederick M Brown; Photos: Getty
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  • emily

    I love Fringe.
    Anna Torv and Joshua Jackson are amazing (Peter & Olivia).

  • YipeeSkippy

    I wonder what nonsense people are going to say now.

  • bahha black sheep

    show is so bad now, should have been canceled after the 3rd season

  • Don

    Waiting for crazy Patty to appear.

  • elodie

    no talent!

  • LornaLopez

    Darn. Where’s John Noble? :(

  • heh!

    @YipeeSkippy: You didn’t have to wait long, did you?

    Josh looks delicious. Lance Reddick is looking great, too.

  • BB

    this reason for the fans be proud of anna and john, word of a journalist talking of the season four:. Joshua Jackson was his normal steady self, but Anna Torv and John Noble once again carried a huge load. Torv did wonders with all her characters, so much so that Olivia and Fauxlivia seemed like completely different people, but Old Olivia and New Olivia were immediately recognizable as individuals. That’s serious acting skills when you think about it. Noble did the same with Walternate, and provided the best demonstration of acting his ass off when Walternate and Walter had their heart-to-heart. ” Joshua Jackson was his normal” steady self he meant no offense, but in fact he said he remains a terrible actor.

  • wonderful

    joshua jackson is a fantastic actor.

    love him and love the fact that he always take the charge at those panels. he always talks the most and above all has something usefull to say.

  • made quite an impression

    some journalist were SO impressed with joshua jackson.

    some would tweet; joshua is the most grounded actor i ever saw

    and another tweet:

    #Fringe travels to the future next season, where we witness the full transformation of Josh Jackson to George Clooney.

    and a lot more!

  • lady

    i loved that joshua said that he had a major mancrush on john noble.

    everybody at that panel was praising the performance of john noble.
    john noble is the only one on that show who deserves an emmy.
    he is the best actor on that show.
    i adore the friendship between josh and john!

  • nadia

    joshua jackson, you sexy, talented and wonderful actor.


  • YipeeSkippy


    Why don’t you shut up? It’s not Josh’s fault that he was not given a double or 3 people to play! Unless you watched the show, Josh’s character double DIED and that was common knowledge since season 1. It does NOT mean that josh is a terrible actor. Idiot.

  • BB

    as he is called in the media:
    “The once pimply Dawson’s Creek actor, who has been dating fashion forwardGerman model and actress Diane Kruger”

    “Pacey Joshua recently expressed,/’
    beyond these matters to talk about futility still humbles him
    calling he of parcey,and their Fans still feel proud of him participate in this circus

  • YipeeSkippy


    Go to hell.

  • CrazyPatty

    Patty is HERE, comments 8-14.

  • CrazyPatty

    And now comments 8-15.

  • paula

    he looks so good, cant wait for season 5.
    and you are one hell of a good actor.
    keep up the good work!

  • HeyPatty


    Loved Jasika’s response to you.You know a couple of days ago when you were stalking and harassing her. LOL

  • nmm

    both Anna Torv and John Noble were in the lists of Emmy worthy in every site, however parcye isn’t in any of them.

  • nmm

    he’s so used to be called parcey who had presents himself a as josh to a journalist

  • tom


  • tom
  • nmm

    I believe Anna Torv’s various shadings of the multiple-universe Olivia Dunhams in Fringe was highly Emmy-worthy work.” Ken Tucker

  • lo

    @made quite an impression:
    you ever heard of irony? he meant that it is the last opportunity for he show that an is actor.

  • joshane

    didnt he wear that same shirt on comic con? oh well, he looks mighty fine

  • jk

    speaking of irony, see this article where a journalist demean parcey:
    in article she’s saying he has no no personality self-love neither ego he made ​​a fool of himself in Cannes and he is not ashamed will be Pacey Witter forever

  • YipeeSkippy


    You are the stupidest person alive.

  • love you joshua

    i love you pacey!
    i love you peter bishop!

  • soi

    He is a cutey!

  • karl

    Huge fan of JJ. He’s so hot! x

  • omg

    31 comments so far and 19 are from patty……………..sweet jesus……………..

  • YipeeSkippy


    Are you a moron? I mean really? I am so sick of people using MY NAME to accuse me of writing all this stuff. I DIDN’T WRITE ANY IF THIS!!!!

    You think I am the only person who says nasty stuff about josh?

  • karl


    how do you know that? so everytime somebody says something about josh even if it’s a positive thing, you automatically assumes it’s patty????

    that’s not fair for the rest of joshua jackson fans who come to this site to leave a good comment behind!

  • lily

    Gosh Fringe is soooooo good. Joshua Jackson is so handsome and like cuddly. Uggghh

  • alanna

    his next new movie “inescapable” , will be screened at the toronto international film festival in september.

  • jk

    @alanna: @alanna: very low budget film>who will see this film, besides the family and the few fans parcey

  • deneb

    Joshua Jackson is gorgeous!

  • Kent

    I know why they use Pacey to pimp this show, it’s definitely not his talent but his appeal to the female population. Fringe is a really really good show, but I believe that’s due to the writers and John Noble. I will acknowledge that Anna’s acting talent has gotten better over the years but I wouldn’t say she’s at an award winning level. On the other hand, Josh’s acting hasn’t improved since his days on Dawson’s Creek. His ego is way bigger than it should be because he didn’t get as much acting time on Fringe as the others and he is known as a famewhore who willingly rides his girlfriend’s fame for all it’s worth.

  • Bridget

    Suri’s father is a total hottie!! Josh you need to demand that paternity test ASAP. Suri needs to know who her real father is and have access to a normal life.

  • CF98

    @Bridget: I think he already knows its a matter of time before the public does.

  • YipeeSkippy


    I hope you get hit by a bus you son of a bitch!!!!!!

  • got you!


    wait a minute……arent you that crazy anna torv fan? passing or anto?


    must be a lot of work for you? to be a joshua hater: apparently,you keep up with every article or interview he appears on.

    and on top of that you have to witness every time? over and over again, that’s joshua jackson who is given the spotlight. it doesnt matter how hard his castmembers work.

    i feel for you………..NOT! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Birch

    He really is nice looking. Now if he could just keep his mouth shut he would be perfect. Seriously, he always hogs the attention at any panel or interview, does he really think he’s the sole reason people watch Fringe?

  • jk

    @got you!: I can also say until , the two have almost the same appeal of the spotlight only fringe fans gives preference to her

  • jk

    @got you!: no, I’m not bruna I’m just a troll of assholes fans Parcey

  • jk

    oops meant Anto!

  • flora


    I think he’s just talkative and hyper, with a fast mind and an even faster mouth. If you contrast that with John, Anna, and Lance’s quieter and more contemplative personalities, Joshua is just always going to seem like an attention hog. He seems to mean well and he clearly loves and respects his fellow cast, crew, and writing co-workers. I bet he’d be the first person to bestow the glory on John and the other cast members as he has done so several times in the past, including this past panel where he spoke glowingly about John’s work.

  • jk

    panel of the comic con who was shined Anna Torv, he just tried be funny but his behavior impolite ,he was just a fool , something that angered many fans, SOME fans on TT were upset, disappointed they said liked of peter , but not enjoy him anymore

  • flora


    I’ve watched that panel from at least 4 different angles and he seemed to get a laugh out of all the sections in the hall. If people don’t like him because they think he’s too silly or whatever, then that’s ok, I get that that’s not everyone’s favorite thing. At the last Comic Con panel though, the whole cast talked a lot, not just Joshua. They were all very engaged and had a lot of interesting tidbits to offer. I’m biased, though, and actually think Joshua is funny so I don’t think anything of it when he makes jokes and sarcastic asides. I’ve followed his career since Dawson’s, so I’m just used to how he is during interviews now. At least Fringe fans who dislike him only have to deal with him until November. It’s the people who claim to dislike him, but then drive up posts on places like Just Jared that baffle me. Why seek him out at sites like this when he gets on your nerves? It just doesn’t make any sense.