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Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Bristol Farms Shoppers!

Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Bristol Farms Shoppers!

Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish stick close together as they step out on a sunny Tuesday (July 24) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress and her beau did a little grocery shopping together at Bristol Farms.

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Kate has a new movie coming out later this year called Big Sur. The drama follows the story of Beat poet Jack Kerouac‘s three brief sojourns to a cabin in Big Sur, California.

FYI: Kate is wearing sunglasses and carrying a bag, both by Tom Ford.

10+ pics inside of Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish doing some grocery shopping…

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43 Responses to “Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish: Bristol Farms Shoppers!”

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  1. 26
    lily Says:

    I just hope Alex doesn’t treat all his girlfriends that coldly in public. Maybe he wasn’t that into her and she just wouldn’t go away? That’s the impression I got when they were together. I see she’s found someone who is more than happy to pose with her and do PDA in public. As long as it keeps her away from Askars, it’s a good thing.

  2. 27
    Jeannie Says:

    @This HW: She went that route already, or attempted to with Chris Martin & before him, Jim Sturgess. Both backfired.

  3. 28
    ladybug Says:

    “Kate has a new movie coming out later this year called Big Sur.”

    Coming out this year? Maybe, but there’s no release date, MP hasn’t announced anything. Is JJ just being really hopeful?

  4. 29
    Ella Says:

    I like this couple. He’s manly and she’s gorgeous and they seem very happy together. I also like that they’re affectionate. It’s sweet.

  5. 30
    Eresyn Says:

    They’re cleary not buying enough groceries…they look like skinny twins :/

  6. 31
    dibly Says:

    @Fernando: Do you know AS? Do you know how good a boyfriend he is? Does he drink too much? Does he have a temper? Does he cheat? I’m not saying he has or doesn’t have those traits. All I’m saying is, you people don’t know him. MP seems like a good guy to me. In interviews he seems bright, soft spoken, funny, nice. I’ve seen some of his films and I think he’s a talented director. He’s not movie star handsome but he’s nice looking. Personally, I think AS is nice looking but he’s no George Clooney. People shouldn’t judge people on looks alone and you are.

  7. 32
    ladybug Says:

    @dibly: Well, we don’t really know MP, either, do we?
    Having written that, I don’t think he’s ugly (though he needs to dump the hair gel), and seems to be really, really into KB and seems fine to play along with whatever she needs. So, in that sense, she did upgrade to someone who’s willing to allow her to be as needy as she wants to be, who thinks she’s funny and all that.

  8. 33
    Ridiculous Says:

    #28: Oh please. Not the CM thing again. That’s a ridiculous tabloid story no truth to it. And JS? That’s beyond ridiculous!

  9. 34
    Next! Says:

    To this day, Alex has never put the girlfriend or even ex GF label on KB.
    Considering how affectionate he is with Kristen BvS and even Lucy Griffith, I doubt that if Alex was head over heels in like with her he’d have been so distant. He was interested in the beginning and was only there because of Straw Dogs from July 2010 on. Out of all the people he’s seen with, Stephen Moyer, McMillz, SSD, Bjorne, Keith, Deborah Ann Woll, Ryan Kwanten etc, KB was the only one he’s ever purposely ignored or even rebuked in public. He wasn’t into her at all. He wasn’t a bad boyfriend, chances are he was being a nice guy and trying not to be mean to her to get her to go away. She’s a stage 5 clinger. Nuclear weapons don’t stop that shite.

  10. 35
    ladybug Says:

    @Ridiculous: To repeat yet again about the CM rumors:

    Is it possible they’re completely false? Oh, absolutely.
    KB is apparently still friends with Arlene Moon, who works f or Coldplay. But, she doesn’t seem to be friendly with GP or anyone else in that GP circle. Not anymore. And it’s that part that lends some credence to the rumors being true.

  11. 36
    Kstewart v kbosworth Says:

    Hey Kate kristen Stewart likes running after married men what a slag you two need to meet up , your conversation would be great think of all the married men you could talk about and like to sleep with
    There is now somebody in your category faux, Cheater bad actress, casting couch, likes married or taken men.

    I say perfect

  12. 37
    ladybug Says:

    JJ’s got a new thread, she’s been papped shopping, of course.

    And the troll’s on the previous thread, talking to itself using different names.

  13. 38
    lily Says:

    @Next!: That’s true. He never called her his girlfriend, at least not publicly. I think Alex is a good guy, and if he actually was a boyfriend to her, it would have looked alot different. She probably wanted to be his girlfriend really badly, and followed him around everywhere, but it never got her what she wanted.

  14. 39
    Whycantipost Says:


    From what I’ve read in interviews Alex comes off as someone who is afraid to stand up for himself sometimes, and maybe that made him afraid to hurt her/break off the relationship. In the beginning they seemed into eachother, later on he was more into looking at his cellphone, reading scripts etc while she begged for attention. I think emotionally he already was out of the relationship after a year, but she wouldn’t let go. Some photos make it look like she followed him around like a puppy and he was like ‘I don’t care, I’l have another beer’. Think she is someone who is insecure and in constant need of approval and ‘proof’ of their love:acknowlegding the relationship in public, saying I love you’s all day long, holding hands, having lifepartnerrings etc etc. Alex just doesn’t seem like that type, he seems like someone who wants to take it slow.
    Seeing KB’s relationship now, and how fast it went from just meeting to I love you’s and lifepartner-stuff, I think she was moving waaaaaaay too fast. That scares guys off (except Polish I guess :P). Alex seems like a guy who is hard to get to know ‘for real’, but if you do know him and he opens himself up to you it is gonna be forever- he will be your friend for life. If someone is moving way too fast and talks about lifepartnerstuff and being together forever, I would also run like hell. And of course his need for privacy and her need for attention don’t work well together xD If she needed the rest of the world to know of their relationship as proof of his love for her, they were just not right for eachother.

  15. 40
    Macy Says:

    He looked out of it way before a year. I’d say 6 months into the relationship he was done. You start looking at photos of them in June/July of that year, just after her first trip to Sweden and he was already pulling away from her and looking over things. I’d say that he looked less than happy for about a year of their 14-15 month “relationship”.

  16. 41
    ladybug Says:

    @Whycantipost: Don’t forget the Enquirer stories at the end of 2010/beginning of 2011, where they were saying they were living together/getting engaged, etc. I still wouldn’t be surprised if she was responsible for those stories, because that’s what she wanted, or thought she wanted (Probably freaked out AS, though).

    But as you write, MP seems fine with that sort of thing-to move really quickly in terms of the seriousness of their relationship, to do pap walks with her, make her feel like the star she wants to be, etc.

  17. 42
    Whycantipost Says:


    She probably demanded attention on that trip, but he usually goes there to see his family and friends, who he barely sees because he is working on the other side of the world. My guess is that she got clingy and demanded attention in Sweden, while Alex wanted to hang with his friends and family. (Don’t know this for sure of course, but this is the idea I get)

    @Ladybug; forgot about those stories, but you are right, probably planted by her. Maybe he didn’t pop the question soon enough or didn’t ask her to move him, so she decided to speed things up a bit by involving the press. Maybe she thought ‘if it is in the press, he will feel obliged to ask me, since EVERYONE believes the press and we look like fools if the rumors turn out to be false/it will be painful to deny the rumors because that basically says: we are not that serious, we aren’t even talking about marriage/living together yet. (trying to think like KB now xD)’ Too bad that kinda backfired xD

  18. 43
    ladybug Says:

    @Whycantipost: I think the Sweden trip for her indicated he was Serious, which he probably was, but not in the way that she wanted.

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