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Kristen Stewart Cheats on Rob Pattinson with Rupert Sanders

Kristen Stewart Cheats on Rob Pattinson with Rupert Sanders

Kristen Stewart allegedly cheated on Robert Pattinson on Tuesday (July 17) with another Brit, her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

Us Weekly reports they had a “marathon makeout session.”

Kristen is absolutely devastated,” a source tells People. “It was a mistake and a complete lapse in judgment. She wasn’t having an affair with Rupert. It was just a fleeting moment that shouldn’t have happened. She never meant to hurt anyone. She’s a good person who just made a bad choice.”

Rupert, 41, is married to British Vogue model Liberty Ross, 33, and they have two children, ages 7 and 5.

Rob, 26, and Kristen, 22, were last spotted together at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. They will soon be promoting their upcoming Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2, out November 16.

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# 1

what is this???

# 2


# 3

holy mother of **** that’s wrong soooooooooo wrong OMG

# 4

if thats true i feel bad for pattinson he just looks like he loves her so much

# 5

that is so embarrassing for her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

# 6

She never cheated on him bc they’re not actually dating. It’s just a PR stunt to promote the movie. How does everyone not know how this works by now?

# 7

quoting things for us weekly now? wow. jared. you’ve reached a new low. most of that crap is false

# 8

She is such a trashy grub and it’s a shame young girls idolize her… SMH!!!

# 9

They weren’t even together for REAL in the first place. That BLIND ITEM was trueee!!

Kristen is a *****! yupi!

Nasty W hore

VanitySmurf @ 07/24/2012 at 9:08 pm

Hahhaha she cheated ON TUESDAY!!

US Weekly is not the most reliable piece of information but this has been all over the news today so :/
Poor Rob if that is true :(

We all know how reliable US Weekly, right? Bogus story.

OMG!!! WTF Kristen!!!

sorry Kristen is a whhore! yey!

I love Kristen, but if this is true then I have lost all my respect for her.

People confirmed it. And didn’t she cheat on her last boyfriend with Rob? I feel bad for Rob & the directors wife & the kids.

Whatever happened Rob seems to have forgiven her

People magazine is reporting it as well

What the hell kind of a post is this, Jared? This isn’t your thing.

notyourfriend @ 07/24/2012 at 9:14 pm

I mean she’s 22 and he’s 44? and what successful 22 year old goes after married a married man, when there are so many yummy yound dudes out there??? Oh Kristen…i hope it’s a lie!

Well, that’s one more nail in her coffin.

Kristen was dirty and ****** anyway.

this is how she landed the role!!

Cheating is disgusting enough, but damn, kids and a wife? Pssh.

Bababa, ahora todos odian a Kristen, esto que paso fue como lo de Pitt y Jolie, la Zorrha Jolie tuvo sexo con un tipo casado, en este caso Kristen tuvo sexo con Rupert, asi que si no odiaron a Jolie, no odien a Kristen! porque las dos son unas puthas. :)

Im shocked , so this is how she got roles??

Kristen’s hair is black in the “picture”, and her hair was not that dark last tuesday. Just go back and look at comic con pictures from the 12th.

Poor Rob! :( He really cares about her. This has got to be sou tough and embarassing…

HarryStyles For ChristianGrey @ 07/24/2012 at 9:22 pm

People confirmed it so i believe it’s true

so even though they’ve never confirmed they’re dating, now she “cheated” on him? This poor married man is gonna get heat because some bored journalists had nothing else to do.

Gossipcop is reporting that too.
Hoping this isn’t true. He has kids. Why even go there?

I’ll NEVER understand why celebs (or anyone else for that matter) cheat. Especially celebs because as a celeb you KNOW its going to come out at some point, you KNOW people are going to find out, and one of those people is going to be your boyfriend/girlfriend. There is just SOOOO much at stake I don’t understand why celebs keep cheating. Is it THAT hard to just keep it in your pants, I mean really?

Doesn’t anyone believe in the sacrament of marriage anymore? No matter what religion you are or aren’t it is still a binding between two people supposed to be devoted to one another. People who cheat in marriage and the people that cheat with them have no loyalty or convictions. I feel sorry for this man’s children, way to set an example, DAD.

speechless @ 07/24/2012 at 9:26 pm

What a sl*t he could her father! and him what a perver..this is disgusting

Kristen had already betrayed Michael Angarano

Really JJ?? @ 07/24/2012 at 9:27 pm

You NEVER post any of the gossip mag covers about Angelina, but you’re posting this? *rolls eyes*

He loves her so much, I can’t believe this happened :(

wtf was she thinking? not only can this ruin her relationship with a guy that is crazy about her, but also a marriage with young children.


no wonder she got the part for snow white

Im wondering what the cast of Snow White and the Hunstman Charlize Theron Chris Hemsworth are thinking now…they are probably like we haven’t seen this coming ..

Some of these twi-hards are so selfish. Think of the pain his wife is going through and his young children who are being affected. Forget Bella and Edward, there is real pain going on right now.

Kristen Stewart reportedly cheated on Robert Pattinson with married director. Do you think this is true or false? Vote at

OMG you people are PATHETIC! i dont even care how much crap i get for this.. seriously if ANYONE had a brain OR LEARNT to google then they would know that, that photo is ruperts wife, they just PHOTOSHOPPED her face,
god all this hate shes constantly getting is not fair and she should be left alone COS THIS IS ALL BULLSxxxx
US Weekly, also reported, that Robsten were married, then split, married again, pregnant, Robert cheated on her, back together, and now this crap..

I never thought she would be this kind of girl…im sorry but i’ve lost all respect for her i was wrong about her i was blind i feel stupid like so many for idolizing those media h*es thinking they are perfect and role models, at the end of the day we are better than all of them.

don't buy US Weekly @ 07/24/2012 at 9:42 pm

Katy Perry hooking up with John Mayer? Emily’s secret night with Arie? and Kristen cheating on Rob?

Wow! What a busy week for US Weekly.

Krusty_Kristen @ 07/24/2012 at 9:43 pm

So this is how the dirty ***** gets movie roles. Trash!!

Publicly released Photos or it didn’t happen

fake story @ 07/24/2012 at 9:45 pm

why would us weekly know something so personal like this?

I don’t believe this at all.

The sad part of this whole mess it that his wife has to find out by some gossip mag and that her children will probably see mummy and daddy fighting with mummy deciding to leave. That’s the sad part…I don’t care about Kristen but she should know better I’m sure she knew he was married. Why do celebs cheat I mean damn the papz are on you 24/7 do they really think no one will see or find out smh.

yes i totally believe this she already cheated her first boyfriend with rob

usmagazine also leaked the leannrimes affair people mag has confirmed this gossipcp confirmed eonline confirmed kristen has NOT denied, what more proof do twifans NEED..give it up. KSTEW is a homewrecker and the married director is a doucche

People and Gossip Cop confirmed this already

I believe it. These rumors are usually true…remember Angie and Brad?! no one believed it and look at them now. I actually don’t remember these scandals being false at all, the truth will come out!

Robert Pattinson is not suffering , it was just a novel for Media.

Yes US Weekly first reported this but Gossip Cop along with People magazine CONFIRMED this. This ain’t some rumor. I feel bad for her boyfriend and the wife and kids.

It’s not true because they love each other and we love them. Leave them alone!!

I always knew there wasn’t something right with this girl

I really hope this isnt true. They’ve both grown on me so much over the last 2 or 3 years. It’s so obvious he loves her a lot.

Fake Twilight Couple @ 07/24/2012 at 10:09 pm

You can stop with all the poor Rob crap, they were never really dating. It was all for pr for fan girls to think that the two vampires from the movies are real life lovers, it keeps the interest and $$$$$’s coming in for the studios. If anything Rob is glad he don’t have to play the game anymore. So I would say Rob is free!!

Glad I was NEVER a fan of hers. I always felt something dodgy was up with her. Glad to know my instincts haven’t failed me. & another note, I don’t feel bad for her bf or ex, whatever he is now, Rob dude, cuz she cheated with her bf at the time with him, so whatever. What goes around, comes around!

how come it took so long for this news to come out? they finished filming a year ago.


The cheating occurred recently.

I want to believe it, but at the same time I don’t trust magazines. HOWEVER, that picture of her and Rupert is what blows my mind.

As much as I dont want to admit it, People is as legit as it gets. 99% of the time the ‘sources’ that break the story are the person’s publicist trying to spin the article to make it not sound as bad, which is what it looks like here. I have a feeling Kristen’s people knew it was coming out (the pictures) and tried to sugar coat it as much as possible. Still, I hope I’m wrong cause I really like them together.

This apparently happened last week,. not while filming SWATH. But her and Rob looked so happy last week??? I’m so confused.

Honestly hope this isn’t true. What a massive mistake for both her and Rupert if it is. Yikes. I just hope it’s some crap and a big misunderstanding. EEK!

US Weekly got legit pics and Gossip Cop confirmed. This is crazy

And Kristen’s rep tells People it wasn’t a big deal and wasn’t serious. WTF? Cheating is always a BIG deal!

Sounds like blackmail to me. Kristen didn’t pay up and they leaked the juice!

poor Rob is heartbroken, i bet Rob was planning to break it off completely after Twilight, how humiliating for him now

i have a pretty good feeling that this is totally fake. first of all, since when we started to believe in those kind of magazines? the same ones that told us a thousand times that aniston was pregnant, that the kardashians was always falling apart and a whole bunch of other stuff that never came true. and second, there’s a big height difference between kristen and rupert. but the difference it’s not as big with him and his wife (here’s one theory i choose not to believe until i see real proves, not those cheap gossip in cheap magazine.

people magazine is a VERY reputable magazine, usmagazine broke the leann rimes affair and had the first pics of brangelina in kenya, her reps have not denied the story, sorry your girl is a homewrecker

Wow….I feel so bad for the wife & kids. Cheating is cheating. There’s no way for her reps to spin this to make it ok.

that’s how Hollywood actresses, untalented, get their roles!

Say it ain't so @ 07/24/2012 at 10:30 pm

He’s a sleaze and she’s a *****! I don’t care who she is, you don’t make a “mistake” with a married man. Disgusting both of them. I feel for their supportive mates, especially the wife and the children.

@vanessa: If it was the National Enquirer, I’d agree with you. People, Gossip Cop are confirming this, that’s a pretty big indicator that this is true.

So disappointing... @ 07/24/2012 at 10:35 pm

Just sheds a different light on her. She seems so unpretentious. And with that guy who is so unappealing. Did you see his nose? At least let it be Chris Hemsworth. Nah, kind of kidding. Seriously, disappointed.

REALLY though???? Dear God.

I’m so confused, if this is a PR stunt why choose a married man? This makes Kristen and the director look really bad. Who’s supposed to profit from this?

This would so damaging if it was true for us magazine. Too big of a story for them.

Really??? I dislike this couple, but i don’t think she’d ever do that…right??… Well, i don’t believe the story, but if it’s true: Sorry, man.

There´s go Bella and Edward, Poor Cullen, she use him just to make her vampire

The next Anglina ,,,,,

Always knew this sleazy bum was a loser. An affair with a married man? What kind of human being does that? This guy just got married too..They both went to their wedding & reception. This chick is a loser.

OMG I cant believe you all are this naive and stupid! “People” is not a reliable source NO gossip magazine is a reliable source , this is just GOSSIP you idiots! This is just some made up story and all you retards believe it! WOW!? SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS ARE SLOOOOOW! If you believe this is true, omg are you all stupid?

even if it’s true, those pictures are definitely older. they claim it to be from july 17th but her hair looked much more lighter at this time because that time was the same of comic-con.

Anglina do the same to get roles



okay so who you do you believe, oh magnificent one? People is known to be an ass-kisser to celebs and they wouldn’t say it without talking to their people first. I LIKED her but this truly stupid of her. definitely will hurt her career.

sad for the kids and wife

its called how to end a showmance kids…. i knew it would be done this way

No we’re not being stupid. When it’s being covered by ALL the sites and there are pics. There was no denial on her part also but some people are still in denial over this.

@anon: its nt just that it is also that the cheeck bones look really prominent which his wife has super big cheeck bones looks more like his wife then kristen photoshopping **** ae

She’s a 22 year old kid who has hardly dated anybody. If it did happen, then the man is a predatory scumbag and I hope his wife takes him for every dime he’s got and he gets blacklisted by the industry.

Umm guys she didn’t cheat. This is just another rumour.

anon @ 07/24/2012 at 11:05 pm

Yes it lookalike photoshop . I hope what you say it true

it isn’t true and that picture is obviosly photoshoped. you are all jelous becaus she’s beutifule an amazing acrtress and a super model for belengia..

This is caree suicidal. just now she was starting to look a little more friendly, adult this krap happens!

Truth Squad @ 07/24/2012 at 11:23 pm

Watch out. The loons are going to come after you with a lot of thumbs down. This site is practically OWNED by BRANDgelina and they have the craziest, creepiest fans.

@katie: Yes, I’m super jealous. It’s my life’s goal to be a home wrecker like her.

anon @ 07/24/2012 at 11:05 pm
Yes it lookalike photoshop . I hope what you say it true

anon @ 07/24/2012 at 11:05 pm
Yes it lookalike photoshop . I hope what you say it true

Who snitched on them? One of Rob’s friends who doesn’t like Kristen?

Why do people always blame just the other woman when a married man cheats on his wife? Anyway, we don’t even know if this is true. Also, we don’t know for sure if Robsten’s relationship is exclusive. Kristen is not married. Rob is not married. But, Rupert is married. If this really happened, Rupert is the one who needs to apologize to his wife and never do it again if she doesn’t want a divorce.

@my god:
It surely wasn’t with her top notch acting…

They are both at fault here. It’s not like Kristen didn’t know he was married with kids.

bahha black sheep @ 07/24/2012 at 11:43 pm


to those in denial @ 07/24/2012 at 11:55 pm

@Truth Squad:

Robsten has the creepiest kraziest fanatical fans after reading the comments on here. Don’t bring in unrelated people cause you can’t handle the truth. What is is, LOL.

Maybe a young middle aged older women gave into the charms of an young middle aged older man while she was in a relationship with someone else. It can happen to anyone or anytime. Because humans are humans. Now that is the truth.

Why beat up on those involved if it did happen? Just accept that no one is perfect and that is part of life.

And then move on with your own lives and try to make them the best that you possibly can. You know, deal with reality.

To err is human, to forgive is divine.

@Jen Aniston fan: that is definitly his wifes cheek bones that is photoshopped to the max i cannot believe all the magazines have shamed themselves with this

I’m pretty sure that their reps would’ve quickly denied this rumor if it was false, considering how much is at stake. The fact that both camps have been silent leads me to believe they’re trying to figure out how to do damage control.

So…not one photo of a steamy public makeout session with Rob in all these years, but a pap just happens to “catch” her making out with her married director last week? For someone as notoriously private as Kristen, it is not likely. She has flat out said she will not sell herself, her private life is not up for grabs. Even in heels she is much shorter than Rupert, he would have to be squatting down to whisper in her ear like that, not a very sexy thing to be doing. Anyway, I don’t believe that she would do anything like that. She has men fawning over her and praising her left and right, I HIGHLY doubt she would get “caught”…in public…making out with her director. There are children involved in all of this b.s., these magazines are low pieces of trash just trying to make a buck off of someone else’s pain. I feel bad for them, it is utter crap to have this kind of smack spread about you. These “journalists” (and I use that term VERY loosely) should be ashamed of themselves for the way they spread lies and trash around. And shame on all of you for continuing to spread the garbage around. I am not just talking about Kristen, but anyone in the world. How would you like someone to take a picture of a moment that meant nothing, completely friendly, and post it on facebook and call you a **** to your entire family and friends? Seriously, think about what you are saying and doing. It would break you down and cause so many problems in your life, and for what? For someone to get a payday out of it? Or to do nothing but stir a pot of lies?

@Jen Aniston fan…THANK YOU!!! it is so sad that someone would do this to Kristen and of course Rupert’s family. US Weekly I hope you go broke…you cannot destroy a family like that without serious consequences. His poor children will now have to read that daddy is a low life cheater and that is just not right. As a mother, I would go apes*it on someone if they did this to my family. Just leave the people alone!

bahha black sheep @ 07/25/2012 at 12:09 am

yikes the unlucky wife just deleted her twitter account…coincidence?

Disgusting on both their parts. Her 15 minutes are so over – can they start giving roles to actresses with actual talent who actually enjoy *enjoy* being actresses now?

to those in denial @ 07/25/2012 at 12:10 am


If all you say is true then where are the swift denials? None of the parties involved have said word 1, not one word. And now this is all over the media so they know what is being said. And the director’s wife has just deleted her twitter account.

Why no denials? They all have publicists as does the Twi studio, why no denials?


Really? Then what are those pics?

I always never liked Kristen Stewart–you can be a shy person, but something about her just always seemed fishy to me: like she had a bad attitude or something. Especially now–I don’t care if it was just a kiss, a kiss is still cheating. And cheating is such a deal breaker, because whether or not you can get over it, it’s just a sign that things were not meant to be. If you are TRULY in love and REALLY want to be with that one person, you don’t feel the temptation to have a “lapse in judgment” and cheat, let alone with a MARRIED man!

I hope Robert Pattinson dumps her ass. He seems like such a nice guy, a dedicated boyfriend, who is really talented in acting (unlike Kristen Stewart who, I’m sorry, but has NO talent). He should dump her and find someone who actually is willing to be with him.

No matter how many sorries or how bad the person feels, cheating is still cheating. If he doesn’t dump her, then he’s a total wuss.

HarryStyles For ChristianGrey @ 07/25/2012 at 12:14 am

LOL STOP saying “it’s not true” or “Photoshopped” ..!!! you are in denial….or deluded.. accept it.. she is a cheater that what she did with her ex before Rob………

is there anyone bought the story with a lame pictures angle from the said proof pictures from the paparazzi.

time to move on, boring. looks like someone need to boost something up in the near future, a movie coming out probably?
good news or bad news is still good right….

Oh and of course, the married guy is not off the hook either. He’s a total sleaze too, but I think K. Stew is taking more of the fall because her and Robert Pattinson were such a high profile couple.

And she’s also a total idiot because he was always too good for her. She had such a nasty attitude, whereas he seemed like such a nice guy. She has no talent, while he has a lot. And lookswise–lets face it, he’s freakin gorgeous and she’s just cute, at best. Uusally I never compare couples in terms of their looks but I think Kristen Stewart is just such trash she deserves it lol. Esp she’s trash now

why doubting that KStewpid cheated?! When she cheated likewise w/ her ex Michael Angarano for her Twitard co-star for the heck of more money & hype to bring in at the box-office of that TwiTard franchise!

She's only human @ 07/25/2012 at 12:27 am

Kristen isn’t Bella. She’s not some innocent, devoted, faithful flunky. So all of her fans should get that through your heads. She did something very wrong. Stop trying to sugarcoat it. It’s happening. Just deal with the fact that she is a human being. Get over it and grow up!

And the fact that her English boyfriend left London and moved to LA FOR HER and gifted her a $40,000 vintage Cartier necklace because he’s clearly in love with her? So sad. Us girls due for boyfriends like this

I do hope that its all true… that KChooo would be the new “Leanne Rhimes”
So long KChooo for you’ll now be receiving the’ death wrath’ of the Twitards & your career!


They’ve both confirmed they are a couple. Pay attention.

radio broadcast6 minutes ago

Yes Liberty Ross (The wife of Rupert Sanders) just said on a radio interview on B105 (105.3 fm Brisbane) that it is her in that picture. On a segment called “The Dirt” She said something along the lines of

Charlie (The presenter of the dirt): What of the acusations that your husband is caught up in a bit of a scandal with Kristen Stewart.

Liberty: Oh well if thats true then I need to see what Mr.Patterson is up to (laughs) no no no that is me in the picture. It is a sad part of being in this industry, we try to live our lives and the media feeds of our failures.

how true is this ?! she dont look the type actually

How to capoeira

I remember when they were promoting the film and there was a pic of Kristen and Rupert at a cast dinner at some asian restaurant, but the two of them looked to be really intimate and something about the way he was looking at her made me think there was something going on.

Cant you all believed now that the likes of Miley Cirus & Blakey Lively were classier & decent than this cheating lesbo?!

First of all…the pic is photo shopped and it’s an awful one at that. Her ear is sitting where he cheek bone should be. It’s Rupert’s wife with Kristen’s face. This is a complete lie and I’m really starting to dislike the media as a whole. They are trying to ruin the image of a director and his family, along with a high profile actress. Damn roaches…get a life!!!!!!!!!

wasn’t she at comic-con on july 17 at the twilight panel, the day they are saying she cheated?

aquarius64 @ 07/25/2012 at 12:59 am

@cmac: Sorry, Stewart is equally at fault. Her martial status doesn’t let her off the hook.

Robert Pattinson is gay!

I don’t really care for this couple But if they are basing the story on pic in magazine cover, it kinda seems photoshopped or a scene from twilight. May be they have more proof other than this…to come forward with this news but for now that pic is not enough.

bahha black sheep @ 07/25/2012 at 1:08 am

i don’t think the story is fake, they will break up after twilight is over, no doubt kstew team will pay for the story to go away though, if Rob and Kristen stay together well after Twilight is over i may believe this is fake…where this is smoke there is fire

r u crazy guys? this pic is totally fake! look at the fake ear!!! don’t insult her !!!! they really love each onther!!! we will see it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

those that believe this bs are dipsh*ts looking for attention

@Fake Twilight Couple: it’s not about these two…the main issue is that the man is married and has children! who cares if they really date or not, she’s a homewrecker!

commonsense @ 07/25/2012 at 1:21 am

Of course. It’s all a lie Kristen would NEVER cheat on Rob…but just in case she did, it’s totally not her fault! Crazies.

Just think for a minute. Do you really think US Weekly published the photos without triple checking and quadruple checking that they were legitimate? It’s really interesting how Twi-hard fans are conveniently forgetting all the celebrity news that US Weekly has exclusively, consistently and accurately broken over the last several months.

Newsflash, Kristen Stewart IS NOT Bella Swan.

casting couch… she has many more to come though….

averagegirl @ 07/25/2012 at 1:28 am

photo manip’ look better you’ll see

Comic Con was Thursday, July 12.

US Magazine already pulled their article. Liberty Ross already spoke out that the pic is of her. Why is this bogus article still on-line?

Rupert’s wife already confirmed it was herself in the photograph and NOT Kristen!!! She said it over radio!

seriously??? it’s not enough a magazine has lied through it’s teeth but your site needs to help spread it? and you so called ‘fans’, are you seriously going to believe a gossip magazine???? you lot should be ashamed of yourselves! take a good hard look at the pic, where is ‘kristens’ ear? what is wrong with that picture? her face has CLEARLY been photoshopped onto his wife’s body. the wife who has also come out and said it was her in the pic, not kristen… this website is **** for spreading false rumours, gossip rags have a lot to answer for.

They`re both idiots! No matter how good of a person are you.

Everyone knows it’s true! I’m glad I got over that twi-hard **** because look at you guys making accuses for what you know is the truth! Kristen is a cheater! Once a cheater always a cheater! Whether it’s years months or days!

@julz: Umm yeah this is a GOSSIP site so it posts GOSSIP from GOSSIP magazines. You must be knew.

If People confirms it there is a chance is actually true. Poor Robert deserves better. and he looks like a great guy.

averagegirl @ 07/25/2012 at 1:55 am

@mai: thank you for posting it!!!!!!! those haters shouldn’t believe gossip becaus by assuming you make an A*S of yourself!!!!!

Whatever Twi-hards @ 07/25/2012 at 1:56 am

Please it’s in the wife’s financial best interest to support her husband at this time. I’m sure they’re (the studios) going to make it worth her while. And US Weekly didn’t pull the article, they were getting some seriously vile comments towards them, they just made so that no one (Twi-hards) could comment.

ANISTON IS A BIG W.HORE @ 07/25/2012 at 2:00 am

Awww this is bad. Rob is Free!!! Never liked Kristen anyway.

@averagegirl: US mag says they have photographs of Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart kissing on July 17. They will show them on the inside so people will buy the magazine.

Just on twitter. Someone called the brisbane station and they said Liberty Rose was not on. Oh well.

Say it ain't so @ 07/25/2012 at 2:15 am

Some of you people are in denial. Your good girl has gone bad, way bad. She couldn’t just cheat on her boyfriend, she had to do it with a married man, with children.

Is it true the wife played her mother in her movie, and both the home wrecker and her boyfriend Rob attend their wedding? If so not only is she a slore but one of the worse kind. Smile in your face and sleep with your man behind your back. But yu fans in denial will give this home wrecker a pass because she’s so innocent a precious. Karma is coming her way.

lol she is absolutely devastated, sure but only because she got caught

This is so dumb…

Liberty Ross just confirmed that it is her in that picture.

Radio interview on B105 (105.3 Brisbane).

Case closed.

Liberty: Oh well if thats true then I need to see what Mr.Pattinson is up to (laughs) no no no that is me in the picture. It is a sad part of being in this industry, we try to live our lives and the media feeds off our failures.

alimayala @ 07/25/2012 at 2:38 am


Once a cheater… Always a cheater!

poor Rob and Liberty…expose the b!tch

Lara Morgana @ 07/25/2012 at 2:47 am

I can’t believe that anyone thinks that Rob and Kristen are not a couple. He is obviously head over heels in love with her. As for Kristen cheating – I’m not surprised at all. She’s young and I’ve never really thought that she loved Rob as much as he loved her. It seemed she did care about him but that mostly she cared about being with one of the world’s most eligible bachelors. She didn’t want anyone else to have him.

I feel bad for the wife of Rupert but more than anything I hurt for Rob. This is a no win situation for him. If he stays he will never trust her again, he will look weak and his pride will be shattered. If he leaves he will always wonder if he should have tried to make it work. And he has to endure all this in the public eye.

I know his heart is broken – I hate it that she has hurt him like this.

Это настоящий полный бред сумашедшего. Господи когда же отстанут от них двоих. Почему не дают им жить спокойно счастливо. Отстаньте от них наконец то.!!!!!!!!

That´s a photoshop, you see that? I work with a graphics and that´s absolutely a photoshop picture.

There was not able for betrayal Kristen, of course, fall in love with other, but betrayal not, besides, so, it is necessary be interest people for november for time of premiere time something more, so, now it will be great deal such news. This photo is false. It feels sorry for wife of this producer if she will read this too …ITS FALSE. !!!!!!!

@Sheree: she still cheated with a married man

rupert was with his wife and they photoshoppedkristen’s horrible! kristen has longer brown hair and his wife has the shorter black hair in the photo.
so that pic is fake! don’t u understand?

@sandy: i lost respect for her too. i’ve always stuck up for her, but now no. not only did she hurt a guy who like kisses the ground she walks on, but also two young kids can be effected. as for repurt i hope his wife takes him to the cleaners.

There was also a wedding picture of Angelina and Brad on the cover of People. So what? Who can’t they didn’t photoshop this picture when we are leaving in such a ass world?! Kristen is the last person in Hollywood who would do this kind of stuffs. This is really a shame, first of all for the kids of this director.poor kids.

@bahha black sheep: there is always the chance that he can forgive her, but that trust is damaged. he always praises her, and acts like she is the greatest thing ever. who knows what rob is going to do. will the wife file for divorce now? if she does i hope she takes him to the cleaners. as for kristen and her “lover” i hope karama bites them in the a*s.

What disgusts me the most are THE MAN’S CHILDREN! OMG! How could she! Claiming to promote “being yourself” and what not, I am so sad for Robert and for Liberty, Rupert’s wife. This is so unfair. She NEVER has gone public with Rob even though the guy moved ACROSS THE WORLD for her and left his home but she goes out with a married man after SHE PLAYED WITH HIS CHILDREN which shooting Snow White! Shame on her.

That was so funny I burst out laughing!

Liberty Ross Was NOT On Their Radio Program

poor Liberty, expose Kristen and Rupert!

Well if this is true, I’m not surprised, never though much of the girl anyway. Maybe people will wake up to her now and stop fan girling out over her. And yes I’m well aware you’ll all thumbs down this.

Are you blind people???? This is potoshop and nothing more! this magazine wants to make money and it is all! KRISTEN never cheated and will never cheat ROB! She loves him and He loves her! So shut up HATERS!!!!

its the casting couch, not cheating, it should be expected :) ?

That manky hair sure looks like Kristens to me. It was just a matter of time until she slipped up with something to shatter the worshippers adoration.

Silly People @ 07/25/2012 at 3:46 am

I just do not believe that she would do that, no i do not worship her at all, in fact im not really a fan definitely not of her acting but the girl is soooooo damn private about her life it just seems really odd how she would even risk something this big coming out, if she was going to cheat she would defiantly not risk getting caught at all she is not stupid and knows how to hide well, and one more thing that photo looks majorly Photoshopped even from far away so i just do not believe this rumor and cannot wait till the truth comes out so i can laugh at all use haters that talk like you know her and robs relationship like use are best friends.

@Thea: oh so naive..

If you saw pics of Kristen and Rupert together then you’d know how photoshopped this is. He is much taller than her. This is just Kristen’s head on his wife’s body.

this sounds like a joke

US magazine is already taken down taht article !!! all of you can check it !!

Do you live under a rock? They’ve been together since New Moon.

OMFG !!!!! What happened to her ? Is she crazy ? He don’t deserve this, i love him so much. She’s a wh*re, sorry but this is the truth

annoymous @ 07/25/2012 at 4:26 am

Its their lives, people are making it like they are invovled. This could of happened ages ago when they could of broken up or not , she has black hair here she didnt have black hair in comic con, obviously US weekly was saving the pictures for this moment or its photoshopped, I hope this is not true but if it does turn out to be true, people shouldn’t be wasting their time on their lives but rather focus on bigger problems in the world. I’m pretty sure this will be all be cleaned up in a matter of weeks.

@annoymous: if this is true, i just hope she told him well before hand, and not wait till the last minute. rob might forgive her, because he has a big heart and really seems to care about her. the fandom though might be a different story. so many are spilt down the middle, and so many are really hurt that kristen would do this to him.

So where are these EXCLUSIVE pics caught on camera? of her cheating no site has posted them.
I see 1 small pic on us weekly wow thats all sigh

If it’s true there both adults and know right from wrong and should have known better it takes 2 not 1

I hope this is not true. US Weekly usually reports lies.. But magazines like People have published the story too so maybe it is true.. Even E! has published this story. and Kristen’s camp has said nothing till now.
If this is true, it must be so hard for the director’s wife and kids and so hard for Rob too.

Seriously? I honestly can’t believe US Weekly would write bullshit like this. I thought OK! magazine was the only one who would do that. Poor Kristen she had to go through another ridiculous rumours. Just fyi, this is very embarrasssingg for US Weekly okay.

@nikky: open your eyes :) this magazin always wrote bullshits and this is another but BIG bullshit to make money!

You do know that their ‘relationship’ is just a PR’s wet dream, right? he could be sleeping around too. — the most disturbing comments i’ve read on blogs are people defending the cheating. I don’t care who is to blame cheating is fu8ckin wrong. grow up. stop sugar coating it because shes ‘young’ (shes not actually) and we all make mistakes! – she knows right from wrong so i have no sympathy for either of them.

@Thea: adorable.. do you also believe in narnia?

Whycantipost @ 07/25/2012 at 5:36 am

Fake. Directors wife said in an interview it was her in the photo with KSs head photoshopped on it (see Perez Hilton’s article-comments). And i see #215 already posted a link with the original photo. So move along people, nothing to see here!

It’s not true !!
It’s a montage, Rupert’s wife confirmed it !

--------- @ 07/25/2012 at 5:39 am

@Thania: U.S weekly would call kristen stewarts ‘PEOPLE’ before they ran this story because they would be fined a sh*t load of money if it was completly untrue. so what happens is they’ll call and ask if it’s true and then run the story. if k.s wanted she could have paid off the magazine to keep the pics out. my sister runs a pr company in london and this is how it works. most actors pay off mags to keep their extra curricular activities quiet aka cheating/drugs/etcetc

elina pattinson @ 07/25/2012 at 5:41 am

his wife said that the body is hers but the head is kristen’s look at the photo and you will realise that is photoshopped his wife was also at sets would she let him do whatever he wants think it that way!!

@Thea: naive I meant mainly by you writing that she will never cheat on him, she did that before so why not now

just because the photo is fake doesn’t mean they didn’t cheat!!

haha everyone is so upset cause she cheated on Rob, but the truth is that she had cheated before and no one remembers, she cheated on Michael Angarano to be with Rob.

I’m sorry I’m confused as to why Liberty Ross would go onto a little known radio station in Brisbane, Austraila to denounce the rumours. Why not make an official statement to larger news networks or even go on a more famous radio showin the UK. Even make a statement on her twitter (which she has deleted). I haven’t seen any links to the recording of her being on radio station either, the station are denying they’ve had anyone by her name on the any of their shows from what I can gather.
I just went on the US weekly website and it’s still their top story so I don’t know how they could have taken down either.
Grasping at straws people come on.

@nikky: what she did before???? she never cheated to Rob. you know what? people hate kristen because she is beautiful, talanted, amazing, good, kind, she has money but she dosn’t care about it. But we Robstens fans will never believe this bullshit. hatters only wanted this bullshit and now they are talking and talking continuously……..

@Rach: because kristen stewart is a powerful actress right now (no matter how much it makes me want to throw up) and she would have a powerful lawyer. liberty ross probably wasn’t aloud to make a statement yet. (((and all this unfortunately gives twifart more publicity.. uughgh)))

until either her or rob say anything about it,kristen in particular i aint going to believe it

@Thea: uh no dear thats not why people hate her. she’s stoned off her as*s at least 22 hrs a day and is an ungrateful brat that makes more money than half of america does right now. Isn’t there a blog [or your tumblr] where you can kiss her crack??

@izzy: you ain’t? well thats good. we can all sleep better now.!! I’ll be sick!!

Uh……It was US Magazine that started this several hours ago. And the story just got taken down on THEIR website. And the things she allegedly said came from “A source close to” and “an insider” Lets not jump to conclusions just yet………something tells me there’s may be something to this bombshell that hasn’t been revealed yet, maybe US received bad intel and jumped the gun in hopes of sweeping the story.

At the very least we should wait for the official statements from the PEOPLE THAT ARE INVOLVED in this before we start throwng words like “tramp” and “*****” around.

It wouldn’t suprise me if it was true……but it also wouldn’t suprise me if Rob and Stew were sitting down at thier laptops and laughing their asses off at all the build up while thier lawyers and agents prepare to put this whole thing to bed. Just wait till it gets CONFIRMED……otherwise you may just be embarrassing yourselves by being part of the mob mentality

@Thea: she did that before – she cheated before, not on Rob actually with Rob so calm down

I hope this is the end of her career.
And then she might ask herself again why all things are so easy for her.

Summit must be freaking ou, How they are gonna promote the movie now, specially when they spends millions on the image of Robsten only.
And sorry Twilight fans, only because you want to believe the pics are fake, you are gonna get a reality check when all the pics are release.
Kristen made the bigger mistake for her career and her PR are trying to do damage control, saying it was just one mistake and she is devastated. right? bet they have been hooking out for months.

@nikky: you will tell thet she cheated michel angarano with rob???

I have always thought that once Twilight was finished filming the two would break up. It happens a lot in Hollywood land. Two actors fall in love while working together then fall out of love when they stop working together.

Lol!!!! They’re all equal in Hollywood.

And no matter how stupid and can be caught.

@0_o: i never believe anything it says in magazines so aint going to start now

I wishhhhhhhhhhhh kristen cheated on rob i can only dream and this is so not f##king true she would never do that and he’s to old for her don’t you think so?

I currently have this page in one browser tab and the US Weekly story, still up on their website in another tab, so how are people saying this has been taken down. I’m looking at it. Right now. This s at 11.56 am GMT.

@holly: you need a hobbie

@izzy: good. then read a book that has more substance than twilight

LOOL ! I just think that it’s quiet funny sorry … I’m no hater but , I was waiting for something to change ” MRS PERFECT ” image …

averagegirl @ 07/25/2012 at 7:17 am

@holly: delete your cookies and browse again

heidiléa @ 07/25/2012 at 7:20 am

come on!! wake up and smell the coffee!!
they were never a real couple it was part of marketing their lousy film and now the last movie is about the come up they are slowly preparing to “fake” break up this is what all is about
i cant understand how many people shocked over the news i t was obvious from the begining

well if it’s true, then I guess we know why she got the part in snow white and the huntsman lol

I don’t believe this. If Kristen had to cheat..wouldn’t she cheat with Chris Hemsworth or Sam Clafin? I mean c’mon Rupert Sanders?!?!?!

Don’t believe everything you read!! Technology today photos can be made to look very believable!! Not buying it!!

omg i used to love her omfggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel sorry for rob after zanessa and now robsten i dont believe in love anymor!!!! noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Guys calm down the picture is photoshoped and its obvious. By the way Im not a fan

Gossip Cop, a reliable source, has confirmed this, just as reported. It’s sad, especially for Rob. I hope she’s learned something and they can rebuild from here.I think that she takes him for granted. He idolizes her.

I think it is true. But I bet Rob will forgive her mistake after all. Love is blind. Hatred is also blind…

THE PICTURES ARE REAL @ 07/25/2012 at 8:03 am


If that’s photoshopped it’s one of the most detailed photoshops I’ve ever seen. I mean look at her arm, and the rest of her body, it looks like Kristen. And she even flips her hair to one side like that, I mean clearly it’s real. But whatever, her loss, Rob seems like a really good boyfriend. I mean realistically they started dating when he was in his early twenties and she was still a teenager, it was probably going to end eventually anyways. It was a pretty dickish move on her part to do him dirty like that but they’ll both get over it eventually, and I’m sure Rob will have no problem finding another girlfriend.

Any woman in her right mind would cheat on this guy – he’s just so lame!!!

@WTMF: exactly! on one side I don’t like this girl, but on the other I feel sad for Rupert’s wife and their children, if these photos and this story had not been made public, they might try to overcome this crisis and preserve their family, but with the scandal and of the wife’s public humiliation , everything is destroyed .. it’s a shame.

@Mia: picture might be fake but the act could be real. just because they dont have them going at it – back door style – doesnt mean its not true

I see some people are saying that she cheated with pattison on her ex. if true, then I have no sympathy for either. what goes around comes back around :)

@well: Sorry guys yes you are right I just havent seen the other pictures. the smoall pic was like photoshoped

Looking at ALL the pictures from the story inside the magazine, they look real to me. The so called ‘ear’ from the pic on the front cover in the larger pic inside is Ruperts nose by the looks of thing. It all seems legit and pretty undeniable to me.

@hahaha: his name is michael angarano and he played Elliot on will & grace… — the fact that she cheated on him wasn’t covered up at all.. also heard she was into ladies 2.

lol i’ve just seen ALL pictures and it’s so not her! so fake

Wow Kristen what the heck were you thinking ? Do u just want more dirt on you than u already have?

The picture is photoshopped, it’s his wife’s bodyk, if you look closely you can see that she doesn’t have her right ear!!

If it had been the one questionable picture on the cover I would have questioned it but seeing the others inside seals the deal for me. I say real.

k a r m a @ 07/25/2012 at 8:55 am

:O I agree with those who say this pic alone is not enough. Are there other pics?
Anyway if it’s true she cheated on her ex Michael Angarano with Rob it’s only fair she cheats on Rob now. If they do it WITH you they’ll do it TO you.
As for the wife and kids, there are no words… But with him being an Hollyweird director I doubt it was his first time. Those people just don’t care about anything, that’s the way it is.

that is a misunderstanding…i believe that kristen loved robbert so much..!!

There are clearly SOME indisputable photos of Kristen on those pages, so are people saying they’re fake too? I don’t understand, the alleged ‘fake’ ones, is it just a coincidence that Kristen & Liberty would be wearing the same vest and yellow bra then? If they’re all photoshopped then someone has done one hell of a job.

that was misunderstanding…i believe that kristen very love robbert so much…they plant to married..!!

Should just say that SWATH was Ruperts first full length movie. Not really a good start to go hooking up with your leading lady on your first ever movie either.

Her fans are all like “Robsten is so in love and she would never do that to Rob he’s such a babe *sobs*” Do you guys know her personally or something? Because this story is legit. Maybe the girl you idolized isn’t perfect. Maybe the man who plays your beloved Edward ain’t so interesting in RL. K-Stew ain’t no angel Twi-hards. She isn’t Bella. She hooked up with a married man. You can sprinkle glitter on a plate of sh*t but at the end of the day…it’s still a stinking pile of sh!t. There – I said it.

Pictures are real and the Twilight PR people are going nuts.

What a poor b.itch and what a big pig!!

Poor Robert, Liberty, Skyla and Tennyson.

For all the people asking for more pics check out and there are more pics from inside the magazine

@Lailah: PREACH IT!!! (I agree 100% – ppl are so blinded by celebrity it almost scares me)

ahhhhhhhh @ 07/25/2012 at 9:11 am

@Meemee: its making me laugh. they’re so fu*ckin delusional

good luck to both those cheating morons. as her relationship with r.p is a pr stunt im sure he doesnt give a sh*t. also, she knows paparazzi follow her everywhere so if she even tries to act surprised im leaving this planet.

OMG they had sex in the car. His head is down there……..

I don’t want to believe it, but can you photoshop these? It’s pretty convincing…and the details the photographer gives in the article are kinda detailed too…i dunno, for someone who is as private, cautious, and talks so highly of her boyfriend…this just seems so careless, heartless and irresponsible of her. She has to know the type of backlash she is going to get with this and her career is gonna take a turn downhill…I just find it hard to believe that she would make a mistake like this and with paparazzi that constantly follow her and hound her, how she would this doing something like this in the wide open would be smart…you decide.

@itsm0i: What?!
What were they doing at 3rd pic? That could be embarrassing if made public.


@Bianca: LOL!!! i hear Pluto is looking for a leader, you should apply for the job.

Having an older, taken man whisper sweet nothings in her hears made her wet. Simple as that, since the dawn of time.

jesus take the wheel @ 07/25/2012 at 9:25 am

@tsoli001: its real dude. grow up

Always wondered why she was cast opposite drop dead gorgeous Charlize in the film. Now I know. It’s a shame for the young Twihards who think the world of her. But being a celeb is a *****. All your screw-ups come to light eventually.

@Meemee: or you could be a decent person and not have to worry about such things.

she’s devasted? how devastated was she when she cheated on robert?…..not so much. and if she is devastated, tell it to your face and let us see some emotion for crying out loud!!!!!!

‘Having an older, taken man whisper sweet nothings in her hears made her wet. Simple as that, since the dawn of time.’

BEST thing written so far!

Sad but glad it is out so people can move on aka Rob & the wife.

not a fan o k-stew but I this pic looks very photoshopped to me. sorry, it just does not look like the papparazzo’s doing.

@k poo:

Kristen is a young woman whos’ been working in Hollywood for ages. I’m not gonna defend her behaviour, but…she’s not the first 20 year old to be involved with a married, older man. Cheating happens directly, or indirectly, in all our lives. But our lives aren’t public fodder for the press. Thank god.

Just saw the pics from inside the magazine. Can’t believe it looks like they have car sex! Gahhhhhhhhh! You Cheap, Cheap *******!

@Meemee: yeah because WE made that choice. I’m sorry that i have no sympathy for her…….. oh wait, i’m not sorry.

Whycantipost @ 07/25/2012 at 9:40 am

Ok , I take it back, seen the rest of the pics now and it is real, same outfit, and those pics do not look photoshopped, unlike the one on the cover.
Not a Twilight fan, but feel sad for the guys family and the sparkly vampire dude. I make fun of him all the time, but don’t think anyone deserves to be cheated on.
@Meemee #296, good call. I remember people laughing hysterically when Charlize was called uglier than Kstew (since she played snow white, who is supposed to be prettier than the queen). People played it off that on the inside Snow white is prettier than the queen, not so much looks. But guess she is not so nice on the inside either. Bad choice Kstew, goodbye career! (people will choose Rob’s side, he has more fans and people will feel sorry for him, and tbh, Kstew is not known for her talent, most fans are twilightfans, and they will hate her now and probably boycot the movies she is gonna be in). What a dumbass!

You all know that USMagazine already put that article down, right ?!
THIS thing is all photoshopped. And I hate that some Kristen fans attack her for sth that’s not our business at all ! So if you truly like/love Kristen, let her alone. :)

she bangs the janitor when she has a few extra minutes


Run Fast Rob @ 07/25/2012 at 9:51 am

Kristen has filthyhobag written all over her low class nasty face.

Whycantipost @ 07/25/2012 at 9:54 am


When I only saw the coverphoto I thought that too, but all the other pics? Come on! Same outfit, different locations, photos look real. If someone photoshopped this it would have taken forever to do, and they will get sued big time if it is fake. Magazines don’t take those risks anymore.
And read someone that Kstew has a very specific and easy to recognize car, and that car is in the pictures also. And she wears one of Rob’s hats.. That can’t all be photoshopped.

*Why the hell am i reading/commenting on this, I don’t even like these people, but i cant stop watching it all go down*

HarryStyles For ChristianGrey @ 07/25/2012 at 9:55 am

@wigar sangkarwening: you are so deluded

It’s curious but it happens that the most boring and sad ones are usually the worst.

Michelle101 @ 07/25/2012 at 9:56 am

For all of you people who don’t believe this story is true.. The photos have can be found on twitter -.-

Sanders wife tweeted this
“sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together”
and deleted her account. Nuff saif?

omfg this is true rob is much better than this bi***ch he will finde better girl who respect him Gas Pedal.

omfg this is true rob is much better than this bi***ch he will finde better girl who respect him

Lets be honest if this is all fake, there will be one almighty lawsuit coming US Weekly’s way and the way the media are in the spotlight over phone tapping etc right now. I doubt they’d run a story (not to mention every other media outlet going) if there was no legitimacy to any of this.

smart wife for deleting her twitter account. No use having to read the stupid messages i’m sure the twilight fans will send her.

checked the pics on twitter, thanks for sharing! Still not so sure, her hair is on some pics shorter (in the car) and on some it really looks like his wife.

if that’s true, which it very well may be since no denial on her side, the director’s wife deleting her twitter account,plus the photos inside the mag look detailed(not photoshopped),if so,what the hell up is with this pothead of actress, seriously, not trying to judge and it’s not y life, but he’s married with kids and twice her age.and Pattinson always came off as a nice fella in interviews.Hope the scumbag’s wife lawyers up real nice and goes after his money.

is photoshopped

This is not real… its absolutely PHOTOSHOP!!! I believe Kristen would NEVER do such things to hurt ROB or anyone. This is what happens when Journalism is so eager to make money and a magazine whats to makes some bucks… making a headline like this is disgusting. I hope Kristen’s people would get into the bottom of this, and makes those responsible suffer. I believe in ROBSTEN and I don’t think this cheap accusation would destroy their relationship. They have invested too much on their relationship to throw it all away. A TRUE FAN of KRISTEN and ROB should trust them that they would never do such things to hurt each other. COME ON, we can’t hardly see a PDA of them and this… ROBSTEN are not cheap and certainly not stupid either. PEOPLE who believes on this crap certainly makes USMAGAZINE more money coz thats what BAD JOURNALISM is nowadays, credibilty is ancient, what matters now is money and they would do anything to have it. THIS IS JUST ANOTHER TEST OF ROB AND KRISTEN relationship and their stardom. Everybody wants to cut a slack on their popularity because they are the most talk about couple in the world so thats the reason this two are on magazine and since they are so private and so lame, that is why they will always be a VICTIMS of ridiculous journalism.

It’s true this girl has the photos on her twitter page:
His poor wife and children, don’t forget that rob isn’t the only victim here.

Not surprised. You can see how the fame has slowly gone to her head.

Anglina fan will love you Kirsten .
The cheater for the cheater

@ack!!: That is his wife, not k.s

now i hate her so much she’s so selfish ;i m sorry for his wife and children and poor rob

This is fake!!
This photo was ‘made’ on 17 juli, Kristen was golfing in Malibu with her dad and Rupert was in London!

Before you do something stupid check the facts!

Soryy for the bad english, I’m Dutch

“Suddenly the director appeared starlet and looked up.”They went back to kissing, but he looked nervous, so they left.” says the witness.” A rendez vous in the parking lot. Well they’re not smart are they? And he’s going 2nd base on her. Whoa!

@danni: check the black bracelet? on her arm. same as the first pic — denial is a painful jpath. stay off it.

TMZ is awfully quiet. I think Twilight PR department is gonna go to them for that “this is pure fabrication” plot, like they did with John Travolta.

i don’t want to believe it, but if this is true. that’s just really sad and wrong.

aquarius64 @ 07/25/2012 at 10:36 am

@jojo: I understand Liberty is trying to protect her children but it isn’t her.

I don’t need to check the bracelet. I checked the face and it is not K.S. it is his wife. Also, the woman in the car has much shorter hair than Kirstin.
US Weekly must have sold many copies and I guess thats what they wanted. This is all fake (yet again, not fan of K.S at all, I hate her but this is just plain photoshop).

in the pictures, she has her “kristen” rings and black bracelet thing. that would be such a great photoshop job if this is false. i mean, she even has the LA hat. this kind of thing happens all the time, it just so happens that they’re in the pubic eye so that ALL can see. sucks.

for all the people saying is not true, there are PICS of them KISSING IN HER CAR, see it for yourself, never like her much

Great photoshop work, take two separate picture of two peope in two different countries and make them so they look like a couple

this again – the hair is shorter, where the woman has no la hat

so many different thoughts about this…. :( if it’s true…then this is really sad that this happened and not ok. if it’ false…US Weekly has a lot of explaining to do and probably will get sued. I saw the pictures and they seem really real. everything. I don’t want to believe it for both the parties involved, but I feel sick seeing the pictures.

@danni: do you live in space?

This is making me sick. I don’t even know what to think or say riht now. I would like to hear from Kristen herself and Rupert.

shut up she’s not perfect !!!! stupid fan i hate herrrrrrr!!!!!! selfish!!!

@wow: you would? you think she’ll call you up and tell you if it’s true? ((( ….Or you could grow up and realize that she’s a cheater-cheater-dope-dealer!! )))

exactly thanx

@sigh..: no,i dont think she’ll call me up and tell me herself. i meant a statement by her reps from her. gosh, don’t take it literally. i’m not saying she’s a saint and i said this is making me sick as in the pictures.

We all don’t know what the truth is yet. It’s fake…it’s not fake… There are bigger problems out there anyway.

@wow: making you sick? shes not your family member!!!

@sigh..: i didn’t say she was my family member LOL. it’s making me sick because people cheat. (pictures of people heating) why are you pointing me out? Geez…I’m just here to comment also just like everyone else.Get off my a**.

@hrmm: indeed there is and yet here u are so either involve urself or go away. whats the point in making a comment on THIS thread if it isn’t abt K.S & R.P ?

@wow: you replied to me so i responded hence my comment. And if it’s making you sick — get off your as*s? that’s a visual that makes ME sick.

little birdy @ 07/25/2012 at 11:03 am

cheat cheat cheat……cheat cheat…
cheat cheat

just in case – proof is on spunk-ransom dot com
i feel sorry for rob.. this is coming from a huge Kristen Stewart fan too :(

I didnt believe the story first (just to say I’m no where near a twilight fan), but the fact that 1)People who are very reliable brought this story up 2)gossip cop confirmed it 3) his wife deleted ber twitter and most importantly 4)not ONE person from either camp has came out and denied this story has led me to believe this is true.
I’m not surprised she was cheating sad as it is (she did it on her last boyfriend with Robert if many of you remember), but I am surprised at how open it is and blatantly out there in public. These pictures seem like they came from a PI because she is not that open in front of the paps.

I feel for the family and Robert for this coming out. I never cared for her and now I see why I wasn’t a fan of hers. Something about her was always fishy to me.

@sigh..: I did stop looking at them. I saw the picture and I X’d out of it. Just because I said it was making me sick (the pictures) doesn’t mean I’m constantly staring at them. Anyway, it’s sick no matter what. True or false. Both.

Most worrying thing about all of this is her fans justifying her behavior in comments and on twitter. What a bunch of immoral girls they’re going to grow up to be if they think what she has done is ok. If they’re fake then let the relevant parties issue denials and lawsuits, we’ll find out soon enough.

This went out on the wire, people. The AP doesn’t deal in gossip. I know it’s hard for all the Robsten fans to accept but, the truth is the truth. Is it really all that shocking? Hollywood is a dark and corrupted place, stuff like this happens all the time, that it involves such a high profile couple is rare though. People magazine is one of the greatest celebrity butt kissing rags out there, they wouldn’t have run the story unless they were sure. If the people involved have yet to respond then it’s a strong indication that the article and photos are real. I feel bad for the Twilight fans that are no doubt devastated by this news, it’s rough when someone you admire wholeheartedly turns out to be just another human being.

Rob should really check himself for diseases.

This people need to stop being in denial and face the facts that she cheated with a married man. The proof is there and that is no way photoshop. US Weekly could have a major lawsuit against them if they were false too so I wouldn’t expect them to photoshop pictures and put one on the cover.

Also they’re both wrong period. He broke his vows and she knowing he was married (hell the wife played her mom in the movie) went along with it.


On the People part that you because even while putting the story out they went into butt kissing mode trying to garner up sympathy for her.

if she was such a ‘private’ person with her personal life…why would she do that out and about in broad daylight? I don’t even know what to think. she’s done something wrong if this is true.


OMG..He is married Kristen.Have a clihdran you must be shame.
Rob dont be sorry lets go to bar :)

openyoureyes @ 07/25/2012 at 11:26 am


your blind? the woman hes hugging is not kristen geez peope

I’m sure Breaking dawn will lose BIG money so I bet the studio is going mad now!

what i want to know is what he’s doing to her in that car #50shadesofgreymind

OMG. the world is ending. AHHHH. *sarcasm* Let’s just hope that for both parties involved, this is false.

The80sRule @ 07/25/2012 at 11:32 am

Rob had no problem hooking up with Kristen when she had a girlfriend, hard to feel sorry for the guy, Michael Angarano must be laughing!

i guess we know how she got the part in snow white. this actually explains why she was even chosen for the part, when she gave such a crappy performance.

The80sRule @ 07/25/2012 at 11:33 am

I meant ‘boyfriend’ LMFAO!

Even if Rob and Kristen weren’t truly together, its very bad for Rupert, his wife and family. He is just as guilty as she is. He’s older and should be a bit more smart not to hook up with someone when married, especially with someone is constantly followed by pappz. It’s heartbreaking for his wife and if with Rob, for him too. He’s not saint, I’m sure, but really? That’s not cool Kstew and RuRu. Let’s see how PR will clean this up before the release of BD2 in November. Summit must be shi*ting bricks.


The director is married with two small kids. The RP thing is irrelevant.

@Toni: yeah, agree about the pig husband as well – his wife is a smart woman for deleting her account in time.

Ist true

Shame on her, and on him. He is married, with kids. I feel bad for the wife. Shes a ****, not the first time she cheats.

She even has the same hat in her hand when they’re hugging as she’s wearing in the car. The SAME car as they’re kissing in. I’d say that was definitive.

YES!!! FINALLY He will get rid of that robot he has as a gf. You deserve much better Robert! FYI I dont like twilight (it is stupid) but I like Robert when he was Cedric Diggory :)

Probably made up story as usual, dont believe everything you read.

I saw the pictures on Perez. SHAME ON HER. This is so shocking, i hope Rob will dump her.

Seriously Robstalkers? @ 07/25/2012 at 12:06 pm

US Weekly is tabloid, yes. But they would never publish photographic evidence that was photoshopped. Some stalker paparazzo got extremely lucky and sold the pics to US and they informed her reps before running it. Obviously it’s true so her PR team ran to People to claim it was a one time thing, which is obviously a LIE. They were intimate. You fans need to get your head out of Kstew’s ass and breath some dress air. Because all the “evidence” your so desperate to find is in your face. -_-

@Shauna: please go read the other 300+ comments that prove you wrong. Even if they did a floor show in front of your face you wouldn’t believe it. TWILIGHT IS NOT REAL. MOVE ON.

I haven’t read any of the comments here. Not sure I want to, but there was a National Enquirer blind item on 7/18 and the US Weekly pap photos of Kristen and director dude are from 7/17. Most people guessed it was Kristen Stewart, thus her name in italics at the end.
WHICH super-famous young star was recently spotted making a late-night drugstore run for condoms, booze and a disposable camera? The 22-year-old actress is supposedly dating her equally famous film co-star, but he was nowhere in sight. Kristen Stewart

First of all, cheating in general is wrong and very sick. It seems like people are just bashing on Kristen. But what about Ruper???? He’s the married one with kids also. He should also be blamed. Not just Kristen…it’s only because she gets more press than her.

him* … get’s more press than him*

The fact that her people i.e. publicists, managers, etc., are not denying it but spinning it as a one time thing, pretty much denotes that it is true. They can’t deny it because there are pictures. US mag broke the story (goldmine for them) and although I think US is pretty much a rag…they were adamant that there is a story here. Also…People Mag would not go with it unless they were sure. Color me not surprised. Didn’t ever seem to be much passion at least superficially between Kristen and Rob. I do think he is the one more vested in the relationship although it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the relationship is actually an open one. The victims in all this mess, are the director’s wife and two children. Trust me, Pattison, Stewart and the sleazy director will survive. Not a fan of Stewart’s but I will say I was extremely surprised how well she came off in SWATH. Must have been a labor of love from the director as she really pulled it off and she looked stunning on film in that movie. Not surprised these two were getting it on while making the movie.

I do believe Pattinson worshipped the ground that Kristen walked on although the relationship is strange.

funny that the woman in the car has straight hair in one, curly hair in the other picture ^^

lmao at all your Twihards in denial. Can’t you tell this girl was no good? There were signs everywhere from this girl’s behavior. This is not surprising to me at least. This girl has no morals. A married man with children? wow she sunk herself to an all time low..Kristen Stewart just crucified her own self!

Kristen and Rob make a great pair, then why all this to ruin a beautiful relationship.

@Jaded: whoever broke the story must be creaming themselves. this is going to be a shi*t storm for all.. and they’re rich.. couldnt they find a freakin hotel to go to???

REALLY!!! a married man

Kristen Stewart YOU, just F***ed UP. You HAD a boyfriend that was crazy about u and you act like an A**.

Kristen & Rupert = SCUM

Nikki = kARMA

If this is true, this isn’t just Kristen’s fault, but also the DIRECTOR for he is married and has 2 kids. C’MON people. It takes 2 people to cheat.

Kristen Stewart congratulations….you f****ed up everything!!Robert should’ve of known..Once a cheater,Always a cheater!!

but anyway…i’m sorry for the director’s wife and her kids!!

The director Rupert Whatever is a lowlife. A wife and two kids and a family life he clearly has no respect for. Disgusting. As for Kristen Stewart, well the blinders are off now. I always wondered why this brat was so popular. The Twi-hards are in meltdown and denial mode but that’s what happens when you invest so heavily in other people’s lives. They screw up and you can’t deal. Pathetic. Kristen has shown that she’s a cruel, callous and cold-hearted person who has no qualms not only cheating on her boyfriend but also KNOWINGLY ******** around with a married man with children who will one day grow up and see all these gross pictures. If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about your “idol” then I don’t know what does.

@poli: The photog that got the pictures hit the jackpot. I hate to say it because these types of pictures are what make the paparazzi so relentless. They all want to get the pictures that will thrust them into another tax bracket.

I love how all Robsten stans keep denying it when her PR team acknowledged it
“Kristen is absolutely devastated. It was a mistake and a complete lapse in judgment. She wasn’t having an affair with Rupert. It was just a fleeting moment that shouldn’t have happened. She never meant to hurt anyone. She’s a good person who just made a bad choice.”


well JJ has pictures to prove it. you can also find the news on

your momma @ 07/25/2012 at 12:46 pm

You people are pathetic, you don’t even know if this rumour is true and you’re already judging and insulting her.

Get a life and stop haiting.

your momma @ 07/25/2012 at 12:47 pm

here is a proof that it’s only a photoshop

How is she devastated? She’s the ***** who let him put his winky inside her.

Rob sould just take his money he earned and return back to his native London,and I wouldn’t blame Liberty for beating the crap out of both Rupert and Kristen and to think she had so many fans.Well she as lost me as a fan and all she is nowis nothing but a homewrecking ***** who screwed a married man with small kids.Wat a shame and now BD2 will be a flop at the theaters thanks alot!

@your momma: Her people acknowledged. Face it…it is true. The problem with this whole scandal is not Rob Pattinson…it’s the fact that the guy that she had the affair with is married with kids and twice her age at that. He also directed her in a movie so he was essentially her boss. His wife was in the movie with Kristin. Those are the details that are going to resonate and bring KS down. She will forever be known as the homewrecker who not only wrecked her own relationship but destroyed the Rupert’s marriage. Trust me, a divorce will come out of this. I guess when you lead a charmed life as Kristin Stewart does…details like a wife and children who may be hurt do not really resonate. She is young and by her own admittance has never had to suffer as things have always been easy for her.

@I did it: none of her reps said that. that’s just what a “source” says.

For everyone saying this is a lie do you not have EYES. there’s photographic PROOF right there. Hello?! I mean did you Twihard nerds actually think they were gonna get married & have babies? She’s like 21 years old.

Silly Cam @ 07/25/2012 at 1:04 pm

This is true…sorry Twihards…except it and she is no good!

Ok before an hour I think that this is bullshit….. but right now I see the scan from US weekly and It is sad but thrue………… go to perez hilton and you will see …………. I dont undestand older maried guy with 2 litlle kids…. I am speechless and disapoiting ………

Yes, she cheated on Michael with Rob. She trades up, goes for the next better thing. From actor now to director. She’s devastated because she “got caught” not because of a lapse in judgement. And she knows fans are going to be pissed. This could mess with her career. Not only did she cheat on Rob whom everbody likes (he seems like a really nice guy), but also with a married man with children. Nice fubar.I wouldn’t of believed US Weekly, but People comfirmed…..Such a shame, so many people invloved. I feel most for the children.

Well here’s your proof. Not photo shopped, very real. Sorry if it makes you little heads explode, you daft people who thought these were fake. She is actually a ****** *****.,,20614722,00.html

Kristen just apologized to Rob in People magazine. So, go ahead fans, are you going to not believe her statement now? Say that she’s making it up? As a side note, she should apologize To Liberty & the kids.

It disappoints me that the only person she acknowledges is Robert. What about Lulu and her two kids? I’ve lost all respect for her. She’s a ****.

An actress purportedly having an affair with her [older] married director? How shocking! Not! If this rumor is true, Kristen won’t be the first and certainly not the last to do this. What does surprise me is the reaction the public is having to this rumor. Kristen is 22 years old and I doubt she (or Robert) is ready to commit to a monogamous relationship. That fact that she purportedly got involved with a married man with children shows poor judgment on her part. Meanwhile Rupert Sanders walks away with his reputation undamaged, albeit with a few congratulatory slaps on the back from male colleagues for scoring someone so young.

your momma @ 07/25/2012 at 1:26 pm

@Oh please:

then why are you only insulting her? HE is the one with a family and should’ve known better, but all the hate concentrates on Kristen.

Just like Kate bosworth @ 07/25/2012 at 1:26 pm

And no doubt we will see pics of rob and kstew out and about pretending everything is all right and all is forgiven.
It will amaze me if rob gives up kstew or they split up

ONCE a cheater always a cheater just like KATE BOSWORTH


Not a rumor, Kristen just issued a statement confirming.

So SAD..Well now we see the true colors of Kristen.. my heart goes out to rob and the director”s family:(

The rumor turned out true @ 07/25/2012 at 1:50 pm

Kristen Stewart’s Apology to Robert Pattinson for Cheating,,20614722,00.html

totally disgusting you filthy home wrecker

Not Surprised @ 07/25/2012 at 2:06 pm

Dump the **** Rob!

Kristen just apologized to Rob. She said, “I’m deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I’ve caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected. This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry,”
What an egotist she is! Why does not she apologize to Rupert Sanders’s wife and kids? She is desperate to defend her reputation.

OMG i knew it she’s such a dirty girl

OMG i knew it she is such a dirty girl

Kiss my ass @ 07/25/2012 at 2:32 pm

he’s 44 and MARRIED!!! What a stupid ****!…

i'msoawkward @ 07/25/2012 at 2:56 pm

She thinks she is so cool. Acting awkward and sheeit. Whatever girl. You suck at acting. Dear Director whoever you are, you are an idiot.

Nataliemoscow @ 07/25/2012 at 4:14 pm

nooooooooooooo nooooooooooooo nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Which one is really gay?

I’m sure the wife deserved to be cheated on – she was probably boring, and after all, KS is younger and prettier – so in the loons world that makes it ok. It is the wife’s fault. LOL LOL

At least now we know how she gets all her roles.. cus for sure it isn’t talent! :D

She cheated on her boyfriend with her boss? That kind of cancels all of her attempts to establish herself as a ‘proper’ actress, since it makes her casting in Snow White look shady. I never got why this girl kept getting scripts sent her way, when she’s talentless, but man does this explain everything. The awkward, supposedly artsy girl turned out to be the biggest hypocrite in hollywood

@Sheree: hahahahaa omg you’re so blind.

Monogamy is not natural. Get over it lunatics!

i am not sure what to think now, she came out and admitted it but it could still be a publisity stunt. she has also said she will get rob to love her again and he won’t leave her… she seemed pretty certain of that. he does seem to love her uncondionally. with her shopping for wedding rings and both talking about having kids (SOON IT SEEMED) and the wedding plans themselves makes this story so hard to believe. she is always so careful with her and rob in public that it makes no sense she would have done this out in the open where anyone could see them! she knows she is always being followed so why? but why would these magazines hold onto these pics for a week before showing them? just that right there makes me wonder more than anything.
i would love to know where rob is. why neither he or any of his people are saying anything? as much as they are watched, did anyone see rob leave her?

She is followed everywhere. Does this not seem sort of staged? I don’t buy it. I bet there was a meeting with the lot of them saying ok we’ll do this and this and this and we’ll be in the news again for infinity.

gross… she is going to regret this for life.. i mean hes rob pattinson wtf !cheating is so wrong too but look at what she had!! was she drugged???

I’m in shock, completely in shock! did not have these pictures that I never could believe … but I love those 2 and it is they have to solve!

i hate cheaters….feel sorry for robert……

i hate cheaters……feel sorry for rob….and this is tr
ue..becoz if it wasnt then she must have sued us weekly…

let’s be honest, there is no real straight girl in a world who would stand living with this faag Robert… she needed a real man, and she found him…

“allegedly cheated”…
Waiting for the real thing here…
this is just the climax …go on posting …

How can You do İt howww!!

RememberingSumthings @ 07/26/2012 at 4:07 am

I’ve been on the receiving end of a cheating man. I felt lost, alone, betrayed, worthless, a loser, unlovable, & useless. I was fortunate that I had trusted friends who didn’t leave me alone, made sure I ate & held my hair when I puked up all the tequila I put away & stood by me during & after the divorce. Does Rob have those friends around him now? Is he okay? Yes, I k.ow they weren’t married but together for 2-3 years is still a lot invested. No one has heard one word or spotted him since Sun night, when he was first told by his PR team about the cheating, from what I read. Wwe know his views on cheating, and a recent interview hinted at possible proposal but noww….hope he dumps her a$$ quick & gets to a clinic. Karma is a *****…the ***** my ex cheated with cheated on him giving him an uncurable disease! I love karma & I’m sure she’ll bite both RuPerv & KSlut in their respectivly ****** a$$es. Get to a doctor because if he cheated with her no telling who else he’s been with (c’mon, oral sneex ina car..) & same for her cheating vajay & tongue.

I really had no idea at how young this fanbase is. Reading the comments I can see that most of you are barely out of you teens if that.

Kristen and this man didn’t just all of a sudden happen. They have been talking or in contact for some time. You don’t just meet up with someone in an alley and start kissing. They planned the meeting.She looked very taken with him. Very passionate. Something she has never shown with her “boyfriend” that she would not even kiss in public. But she felt so attracted to this man that she was all over him and he her in a public setting. This has been going on for sometime. This was not the first time. looking at the picture of him standing behind her kissing her shoulder.. well you all will understand when you are older

Bella is a character in book. Kristen Stewart is a real person that did a real bad thing.

@Dr. MIK: You’re absolutely right. I’m not a teen anymore but I must admit, I liked the vision of them – this hollywood love and friendship and everything. But fans created this bubble and it’s good for everyone to find out what is life :)

who knew KStew had so many Lezbo fans? Their comments are telling, they are clearly in love with her and will defend her with all manner of nonsense.

hahhahahahah this is FALSE!!!!!!!!!!!! since when we trust in a **** like uswekly?

Just a thought… Why is everyone blaming her? She’s 22, young and going to make foolish mistakes. Admittedly it’s not an excuse, but what about the other guy? He’s forty something, should have a bit of sense, and he’s married with kids. He’s at least equally responsible. No one knows the true situation but for all anyone knows it could be more his fault than hers. Lay off her. The only people who have a right to be disappointed or angry is her boyfriend and possibly Sanders’ family- but again, Sanders was responsible for his own actions. It’s their own business.

That sucks! Too bad she acknowledged the whole thing on a Social Network, otherwise it might not have blown up as it did!! They had such a fairy tale romance from ‘Twilight’ but trust issues will now break Kristen & Rob apart! She’s gonna pay either way, EITHER he’ll break up with her OR if not, she will be trying extra hard to redeem herself in his eyes til forever. Awww, the price of cheating is never good. My heart goes out to both of them!!

RememberingSumthings @ 07/26/2012 at 1:17 pm

@Dr Mik. I agree with you. I am not a teen nor near my teens…I am 25 yrs old, nearly 26 & was married @ 23, divorced @ 24 1/2. Happy, loving people don’t cheat. Cheaters are pigs, liars & never again to be trusted. I will always have trust issues with men & I’m sure Rob will have those same issues when he surfaces & ultimately moves on. I’ve never been a KSlut fan, always thought there was something kind of skeezy about her demeanor in public..never looking anyone in the face for example. I like Rob the actor, not the Twilight Edward-Rob, but the guy in Little Ashes, Haunted Airman, etc. I was raised in LA so celebs are no big thing but cheating is a big deal to me. A young actress f-ing her director is nothing new. This is by no means a one-off..they are very comfortable with each other, and have been together, possibly many times, before. Oral is not something you do with a casual, just this once, fling…it takes a great deal of trust & familiarity. KSlut’s statement is just a pack of lies…she’s only sorry she/they got caught out & they never gave any thought to the people they we’re hurting…his wife who played her mother for gosh sakes in SWATH…his young kids, who were extras in the film so she KNEW them… many hurt so much pain. Still hoping Rob’s okay, at least physically although I know he must be an emotional wreck. With me, I did contemplate ending it…thank heavens for my friends & family…they literally saved my life. I hope & pray he’s with his true loved ones and not alone drowning his pain or worse. Here’s to hoping that both KSlut & RuPerv get everything they deserved. Like no more movie deals & Bellagio (however its spelled) pulls her contract & finds someone else for their new perfume campaign & he doesn’t even get any commercials to direct. Pee on both of them.

I agree , I don’t believe they were ever dating this is just to ramp up publicity for the next Twilight…duh!!!

This is sooo wrong.


When you have a relationship woith the guy that many women would give their right arm to be with, you are a fool. When you know you are a “star”, or at least a celebrity and being followed, to have an affair is just asking to be caught. How much can you REALLY love someone when you are locking lips and hips wiht someone else? The apology only goes so far. She will do it again if Rob Pattinson does not leave her. Remmeber she left her rboyfriend, MIchael Angarano to be with RFob after she met Rob filming the Twilight movies. She is a serial cheater and won’t stop. She si also very young and not ready for a mature relationshiop. he needs to play the field for a while to get it out of her system. Meanwhile, Rob should not have to put up wiht her indiscretions.

to susie q @ 07/28/2012 at 6:22 pm

a serial cheater is someone who cheats repeatedly with different people. breaking up with a prior boyfriend is not cheating.

i think its ok to cheat. she doesn’t qualify as a serial cheater.

to susie q @ 07/28/2012 at 7:13 pm

i don’t think dumping a boyfriend because you met someone better or you are more interested in can be considered cheating. especially at such a young age. getting dumped happens a lot. just make sure you do the dumping first if you don’t want to get hurt.

you youngsters shouldn’t be having sex with people you aren’t married to. so its ludicrous to accuse youngsters of cheating.

@to susie q: I respect you opinion, but I dont think it’s ok to cheat, no matter how young or old one is. Plus, what she did does qualifies as cheating because Pattinson was not an one night stand or some guy she hooked up with a few times or some friend with benefits. He is/was her steady boyfriend for more than 3 years now, they were living together, sharing a life. They were not legally married, but so what? Pretty sure emotionally speaking they felt married. Plus, they were not in some kind of “open relationship”, she did this behind his back, so yeah, sorry to say this, you may think “it is ok to cheat” but you cannot say that what she did cant qualify as cheating. She betrayed his feelings and his trust, if that’s not cheating then I don’t know what it is.

it you’re not a virgin anymore it means you are a cheater. you shouldn’t be having sex outside of marriage. i don’t care if you or others feel insulted by this. everyone who is not a virgin is technically a cheater. you are all whores and *****. rob is a ***** and a **** because he was living with a woman he wasn’t married to.

you can’t throw stones at ‘cheaters’ because you all cheat. you aren’t married, you’re not virgins anymore. give me a break. if you’re not married you have no business telling others what a commitment is. you are ***** and whores if you aren’t married and are having sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend. you are stupid idiots. that is the truth. you can’t say she cheated when she isn’t married to the guy. about all that can be said is that since you aren’t married you have the right to cheat.

this will really insult you but the only smart ones are virgins, prostitutes, and married people. the rest of you are stupid idiotic ***** and whores.

let me rephrase that the only people who aren’t cheating sl-uts and whores are virgins, prostitutes, and married people who don’t cheat.

if you don’t fall into those three categories you are a lying cheating ***** and sl-ut. if you don’t fall into those three categories you are not smart. you are dumb and you are a cheater.

mormons are liars and cheaters. their founder was a thief and their sole purpose is to make a buck even if they have to beg borrow or steal. joseph smith chose to lie.
you have all been had you bought the lie hook line and sinker.
never trust a vampire or a mormon.

what benefit would she be getting from living with a guy who has just as much mo-ney as she does but doesn’t want to marry her?

its not a friends with benefits relationship if they aren’t going out on dates in public. they are either just roommates or f-ck buddies. they make the same amount of mo-ney. he might make a little more but it doesn’t matter. they aren’t married. they are just sleeping together or roommates.

its a relationship for show…its only temporary and will/was going to end after the film showed. its a farce, a pseudo relationship. not real. just like many of the other living in sin relationships are farces. but this one has a purpose. to make money. so they are lying to the tweeens.

this will teach you….never trust a vampire. or a mormon.

where was the romance? where was the sweeping her off her feet? where were the dinner dates out in public?
where was the romance?

she didn’t get any of the benefit of being in a ‘love’ relationship. he can’t give her money because she has it. all he could give her was love and romance and he didn’t. he failed.

no romance is even more reason to cheat.
there was no benefit to her to staying in the relationship except for money at the box office.

they aren’t married so its not cheating. where is the love? i demand to know! why should you stay with someone who you don’t love or the other person doesn’t love you? i demand to know!

they aren’t even married and they don’t love each other so why should they stay together? just to please the tweens and the studios? give me a break. so she should **** herself out or give the appearance of slutting herself out just for publicity?

i don’t know….in a way…i kinda like her bug f-ck you to the world with this stunt. the apology is the f-cking cherry on the top.

she outsmarted everyone by getting caught and then the real doozy….apologizing. what a grand f-ck you.

she should spill the beans more often.

or better yet people should compromise her ever again.

that should say…people shouldn’t ever compromise her again.

OMFG! ***** hahaha

what happen to Kristen Stewart was done on purpose by Rupert Sanders. He did this because his movie SWATH, did not make the millions the Twi-Saga did. .HE hates Kristen and wants to ruin the last Twilight..and also her life…….He is a villian……..Hey Mr. Pattinson.. don’t blame her………blame also yourself…she is young and ignorante……and where were you….?????

Thats so sad,I wonder how it will goes when they will have to promote breaking dawn part 2 and all the interviews they will have to work things out between them.

Most people who have affairs don’t have it splashed around for people to judge us. It must be tough being Rob or Liberty in this situation. It probably doesn’t help that other people are vilifying their partners. They chose these people after all. And probably still love them.

i feel sooooo bead for rob kristen is such a b***h She didn’t!!

In these photo she has no ear.. WTF?
And Rupert is waaayy more taller than this… You can se the differnce in the premiere photos
Please people

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