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Kristen Stewart Cheats on Rob Pattinson with Rupert Sanders

Kristen Stewart Cheats on Rob Pattinson with Rupert Sanders

Kristen Stewart allegedly cheated on Robert Pattinson on Tuesday (July 17) with another Brit, her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

Us Weekly reports they had a “marathon makeout session.”

Kristen is absolutely devastated,” a source tells People. “It was a mistake and a complete lapse in judgment. She wasn’t having an affair with Rupert. It was just a fleeting moment that shouldn’t have happened. She never meant to hurt anyone. She’s a good person who just made a bad choice.”

Rupert, 41, is married to British Vogue model Liberty Ross, 33, and they have two children, ages 7 and 5.

Rob, 26, and Kristen, 22, were last spotted together at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. They will soon be promoting their upcoming Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2, out November 16.

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Credit: Kevin Winter; Photos: Getty
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  • jiji

    Just saw the pics from inside the magazine. Can’t believe it looks like they have car sex! Gahhhhhhhhh! You Cheap, Cheap Bastard!

  • k poo

    @Meemee: yeah because WE made that choice. I’m sorry that i have no sympathy for her…….. oh wait, i’m not sorry.

  • Whycantipost

    Ok , I take it back, seen the rest of the pics now and it is real, same outfit, and those pics do not look photoshopped, unlike the one on the cover.
    Not a Twilight fan, but feel sad for the guys family and the sparkly vampire dude. I make fun of him all the time, but don’t think anyone deserves to be cheated on.
    @Meemee #296, good call. I remember people laughing hysterically when Charlize was called uglier than Kstew (since she played snow white, who is supposed to be prettier than the queen). People played it off that on the inside Snow white is prettier than the queen, not so much looks. But guess she is not so nice on the inside either. Bad choice Kstew, goodbye career! (people will choose Rob’s side, he has more fans and people will feel sorry for him, and tbh, Kstew is not known for her talent, most fans are twilightfans, and they will hate her now and probably boycot the movies she is gonna be in). What a dumbass!

  • Marina

    You all know that USMagazine already put that article down, right ?!
    THIS thing is all photoshopped. And I hate that some Kristen fans attack her for sth that’s not our business at all ! So if you truly like/love Kristen, let her alone. :)

  • KSlut

    she bangs the janitor when she has a few extra minutes

  • YES


  • Run Fast Rob

    Kristen has filthyhobag written all over her low class nasty face.

  • Whycantipost


    When I only saw the coverphoto I thought that too, but all the other pics? Come on! Same outfit, different locations, photos look real. If someone photoshopped this it would have taken forever to do, and they will get sued big time if it is fake. Magazines don’t take those risks anymore.
    And read someone that Kstew has a very specific and easy to recognize car, and that car is in the pictures also. And she wears one of Rob’s hats.. That can’t all be photoshopped.

    *Why the hell am i reading/commenting on this, I don’t even like these people, but i cant stop watching it all go down*

  • HarryStyles For ChristianGrey

    @wigar sangkarwening: you are so deluded

  • Meca

    It’s curious but it happens that the most boring and sad ones are usually the worst.

  • Michelle101

    For all of you people who don’t believe this story is true.. The photos have can be found on twitter -.-

  • Wahaat?

    Sanders wife tweeted this
    “sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together”
    and deleted her account. Nuff saif?

  • sarra

    omfg this is true rob is much better than this bi***ch he will finde better girl who respect him Gas Pedal.

  • sarra

    omfg this is true rob is much better than this bi***ch he will finde better girl who respect him

  • jess

    Lets be honest if this is all fake, there will be one almighty lawsuit coming US Weekly’s way and the way the media are in the spotlight over phone tapping etc right now. I doubt they’d run a story (not to mention every other media outlet going) if there was no legitimacy to any of this.

  • anne

    smart wife for deleting her twitter account. No use having to read the stupid messages i’m sure the twilight fans will send her.

  • danni

    checked the pics on twitter, thanks for sharing! Still not so sure, her hair is on some pics shorter (in the car) and on some it really looks like his wife.

  • Kelly

    if that’s true, which it very well may be since no denial on her side, the director’s wife deleting her twitter account,plus the photos inside the mag look detailed(not photoshopped),if so,what the hell up is with this pothead of actress, seriously, not trying to judge and it’s not y life, but he’s married with kids and twice her age.and Pattinson always came off as a nice fella in interviews.Hope the scumbag’s wife lawyers up real nice and goes after his money.

  • mariona
  • mariona

    is photoshopped

  • twiFanNY

    This is not real… its absolutely PHOTOSHOP!!! I believe Kristen would NEVER do such things to hurt ROB or anyone. This is what happens when Journalism is so eager to make money and a magazine whats to makes some bucks… making a headline like this is disgusting. I hope Kristen’s people would get into the bottom of this, and makes those responsible suffer. I believe in ROBSTEN and I don’t think this cheap accusation would destroy their relationship. They have invested too much on their relationship to throw it all away. A TRUE FAN of KRISTEN and ROB should trust them that they would never do such things to hurt each other. COME ON, we can’t hardly see a PDA of them and this… ROBSTEN are not cheap and certainly not stupid either. PEOPLE who believes on this crap certainly makes USMAGAZINE more money coz thats what BAD JOURNALISM is nowadays, credibilty is ancient, what matters now is money and they would do anything to have it. THIS IS JUST ANOTHER TEST OF ROB AND KRISTEN relationship and their stardom. Everybody wants to cut a slack on their popularity because they are the most talk about couple in the world so thats the reason this two are on magazine and since they are so private and so lame, that is why they will always be a VICTIMS of ridiculous journalism.

  • Lauren

    It’s true this girl has the photos on her twitter page:
    His poor wife and children, don’t forget that rob isn’t the only victim here.

  • Carly

    Not surprised. You can see how the fame has slowly gone to her head.

  • http://Justjarde Adam

    Anglina fan will love you Kirsten .
    The cheater for the cheater

  • ack!! — And i just threw up.

  • danni

    @ack!!: That is his wife, not k.s

  • selena

    now i hate her so much she’s so selfish ;i m sorry for his wife and children and poor rob

  • Somebody

    This is fake!!
    This photo was ‘made’ on 17 juli, Kristen was golfing in Malibu with her dad and Rupert was in London!

    Before you do something stupid check the facts!

    Soryy for the bad english, I’m Dutch

  • Wahaat?

    “Suddenly the director appeared starlet and looked up.”They went back to kissing, but he looked nervous, so they left.” says the witness.” A rendez vous in the parking lot. Well they’re not smart are they? And he’s going 2nd base on her. Whoa!

  • ack!!

    @danni: check the black bracelet? on her arm. same as the first pic — denial is a painful jpath. stay off it.

  • Wahaat?

    TMZ is awfully quiet. I think Twilight PR department is gonna go to them for that “this is pure fabrication” plot, like they did with John Travolta.

  • SAW

    i don’t want to believe it, but if this is true. that’s just really sad and wrong.

  • aquarius64

    @jojo: I understand Liberty is trying to protect her children but it isn’t her.

  • danni

    I don’t need to check the bracelet. I checked the face and it is not K.S. it is his wife. Also, the woman in the car has much shorter hair than Kirstin.
    US Weekly must have sold many copies and I guess thats what they wanted. This is all fake (yet again, not fan of K.S at all, I hate her but this is just plain photoshop).

  • honestly2

    in the pictures, she has her “kristen” rings and black bracelet thing. that would be such a great photoshop job if this is false. i mean, she even has the LA hat. this kind of thing happens all the time, it just so happens that they’re in the pubic eye so that ALL can see. sucks.

  • yajaira

    for all the people saying is not true, there are PICS of them KISSING IN HER CAR, see it for yourself, never like her much

  • danni

    Great photoshop work, take two separate picture of two peope in two different countries and make them so they look like a couple

    this again – the hair is shorter, where the woman has no la hat

  • ???

    so many different thoughts about this…. :( if it’s true…then this is really sad that this happened and not ok. if it’ false…US Weekly has a lot of explaining to do and probably will get sued. I saw the pictures and they seem really real. everything. I don’t want to believe it for both the parties involved, but I feel sick seeing the pictures.

  • ack!!

    @danni: do you live in space?

  • wow

    This is making me sick. I don’t even know what to think or say riht now. I would like to hear from Kristen herself and Rupert.

  • lool

    shut up she’s not perfect !!!! stupid fan i hate herrrrrrr!!!!!! selfish!!!

  • sigh..

    @wow: you would? you think she’ll call you up and tell you if it’s true? ((( ….Or you could grow up and realize that she’s a cheater-cheater-dope-dealer!! )))

  • lool

    exactly thanx

  • wow

    @sigh..: no,i dont think she’ll call me up and tell me herself. i meant a statement by her reps from her. gosh, don’t take it literally. i’m not saying she’s a saint and i said this is making me sick as in the pictures.

  • hrmm

    We all don’t know what the truth is yet. It’s fake…it’s not fake… There are bigger problems out there anyway.

  • sigh..

    @wow: making you sick? shes not your family member!!!

  • wow

    @sigh..: i didn’t say she was my family member LOL. it’s making me sick because people cheat. (pictures of people heating) why are you pointing me out? Geez…I’m just here to comment also just like everyone else.Get off my a**.

  • mel2

    @hrmm: indeed there is and yet here u are so either involve urself or go away. whats the point in making a comment on THIS thread if it isn’t abt K.S & R.P ?

  • sigh..

    @wow: you replied to me so i responded hence my comment. And if it’s making you sick — get off your as*s? that’s a visual that makes ME sick.

  • little birdy

    cheat cheat cheat……cheat cheat…
    cheat cheat