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Zac Efron in 'At Any Price' - First Look!

Zac Efron in 'At Any Price' - First Look!

Check out the first official photo of Zac Efron in At Any Price!

The film is set in the competitive world of modern agriculture, and ambitious Henry Whipple (Dennis Quaid) wants his rebellious son Dean (Efron) to help expand his family’s farming empire.

However, Dean has his sights set on becoming a professional race car driver. When a high-stakes investigation into their business is exposed, father and son are pushed into an unexpected situation that threatens the family’s entire livelihood.

At Any Price, directed by Ramin Bahrani, will play at the Toronto International Film Festival this fall.

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zac efron at any price first look 01
zac efron at any price first look 02

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133 Responses to “Zac Efron in 'At Any Price' - First Look!”

  1. 1
    lou Says:


  2. 2
    Haber Says:

    What a sexy man :))

  3. 3
    Buzzy Says:

    Purdy. He’s grown up very, very nice.

  4. 4
    Chiara Says:

    He won´t come out “At Any Price”

  5. 5
    Randall Says:

    Professional race car driver? Well almost as funny as Marine. Wonder if he sat on a booster seat to drive?

  6. 6
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful Zac!

  7. 7
    Bite Me Says:

    Another Days of Thunder rip off. Already saw the original thank you try coming up with new ideas.

  8. 8
    Tom Says:


  9. 9
    Sheila Says:

    The pretty boy is a mediocre actor

  10. 10
    UGH Says:

    Same old stare, different costume. He’s so generic. He doesn’t do anything different. Another stupid rom- drama-tear jerker. Gettin’ old, Efron. Bet he did need a booster seat.

  11. 11
    Sarah Says:

    oh yes a race car driver and hopefully he comes to the premier in Toronto my home town :)

  12. 12
    My 2 Cents Says:

    @Bite Me: The film is not about racing as a focal point. It’s just part of the plot it’s more about the Father , Son relationship, family busines and the choices you have to make in life that effect that dynamic. It’s just fantastic that it’s showing at The TFF. Zac looks incredible, but he always does to me.

  13. 13
    kiki Says:

    his acting career is really going nowhere.
    the best he can do now is keep winning those teen choice awards.
    looks only go so far.

  14. 14
    Diana Says:

    What I don’t understand is why haters always comment when they claim they don’t care about him. Seriously, no one needs this negativity so leave. Zac is amazingly talented and incredibly handsome. He already has a line of projects he’ll be working on so obviously he’s not mediocre.

  15. 15
    R U sure Says:

    @My 2 Cents you have it down perfect. He is really a hottie here

  16. 16
    Danuuu Says:

    Good cast, sounds interesting, and the first pics look good.

  17. 17
    Whatever Says:

    @My 2 Cents: Yadda, yadda, yadda. By the time the movie comes out, it’ll be all about him taking his shirt off and romancing the farmers’ daughter. Same old sh* t. He is being groomed to be a sex symbol. That’s about it.

  18. 18
    Sue Says:

    I do not understand no matter what he does people have to say something ugly. He really does not deserve it. He is just living his life and not hurting anyone. He is just trying to do what he loves to do. Someone give me one GOOD REASON why he deserve the hate

  19. 19
    dave Franco Says:

    Another FLOP!

  20. 20
    Derpina Says:

    Ramin Bahrani is a little unknow to the general public, but is a well respected director, he’s just doing his first “hollywood” movie, people are pointing the film as a kind of “believe in your dreams” cliché, but this don’t seems the main point, as already said here

    It’s too early to complain

  21. 21
    kami Says:

    sounds like a decent movie to me. but i’m sure the media and tabloids that want to promote zac as getting it on with his love interest on and off screen will make the movie about him and the actress who play his gf in the movie. that’s all they’ll focus on–stuff for the tween girls.

  22. 22
    My 2 Cents Says:

    @Whatever: Well since you know it all and you saw the movie then I will have to say this. If anyone is going to take their shirt off I’d rather they look like Zac than some ugly dude. Also if Box Office is any indication “Magic Mike ” did pretty well with men without shirts. But I think your Cookoo for CocaPuffs. The story is a drama with an actual plot. The director Bahrani is very well respected and that is why it is being presented at the TFF. I guess when it comes out we will have to see if the film is your plotline or mine.

    R U Sure thanks your always so sweet.

  23. 23
    just saying Says:

    how many movies do this guy have this year and next year LOL with all this movies he wasn’t even at the list of the most paid actors in hollywood i mean he works without getting paid or what ? or he accept any role it offered to him

  24. 24
    danny Says:

    @Diana: Talented? *snort*. That’s funny.

  25. 25
    Kay Says:

    @just saying: He has to take what he can get, which isn’t much by the looks of this.

  26. 26
    handjob Says:

    he might be somewhat pretty but as an actor—meh–he needs to work on that

  27. 27
    Tin tin Says:

    zac’s goal as being an actor is not to be the next box office king or be one of the highest paid actors.
    he wants to do good rolls and prove himself to the people in the industry that he is here for a reason.
    he wants to grow and learn about his craft and be a good actor and thats his goal.
    and he is exactly doing the right thing. and i am proud of him.
    haters will allways hate.
    just wait and see. he will show all of you.
    he is gonna go to big places in his career. your people are just jeAlous.

  28. 28
    Smartphones Says:

    What a good looking man!

  29. 29
    the true Says:

    tin tin
    yea yea of course he isn’t working for money i believed you LOL
    because actually there is someone in hollywood who doesn’t work for money
    i just wanted to tell you that directors call him to start in their movies because he isn’t paid that much not because of his talent even taylor lautner and robert pattinson who they don’t even have 2 movies next year made the list

  30. 30
    crrl Says:

    What is with all this hate? This is another movie of his I can’t wait to see.
    And he does look damn good in this pic. I don’t understand how his. acting career isn’t going anywhere and he is his getting steady roles. @just
    saying you sound stupid.

  31. 31
    kami Says:

    good casting cause zac looks like he could be dennis quaid’s son.

  32. 32
    Spoken Says:

    @the true: You can insult him all you want, you can call him douche, gay, anything, but you can’t say he is not focused and hardworking, Zac is the only one from High School Musical that don’t released a CD as a singer,and it was not for lack of opportunity, he could have made money from it, he just didn’t it because it was not what he wanted

    He does what he believes, he is an actor that came out from a musical from Disney Channel, he is not a BLOCKBUSTER star like Twiligth, Transformers or Harry Potter guys, your comparison is unfair, and frankly a bit futile, we have Dwayne Johnson in this Top 10 but we don’t have Michael Fassbender, is really all about talent, or about “star power”, “make money”? I’m sure not even you haters know, you just try to down Zac.

    He’s smart, he thinks about “tomorrow” and not “today”, the question is not “working for money” or don’t, is he know perhaps the safest way is the most difficult

  33. 33
    Spoken Says:

    By the logic of @Tin tin: , Ryan Gosling should give up his acting career, he is not making money like Will Smith, Adam Sandler or even Miley Cyrus, is a real failure as an actor

  34. 34
    Spoken Says:

    When I say @Tin tin: I mean, @the true:, sorry. lol

  35. 35
    R U sure Says:

    I can’t believe you idiots are complaining about a movie you haven’t enen seen , and most oy you know nothing about. None of you know how much he gts paid for a movie, and you act like he does them all for free . WRONG
    @ My 2 Cents . You seem to be the only one on here , who at least knows what you are talking about.

  36. 36
    R U sure Says:

    That should say haven’t seen yet and of you know nothing

  37. 37
    Dahlia Says:

    @my 2 cents What does coocoo for cocapuff mean?
    does anybody know?

  38. 38
    Rachel Says:

    Haha, can’t believe the haters here! The movie hasn’t even come out and people have already started saying nonsense about it!
    Honestly, the plot seems interesting to me. Bahrani is an acclaimed director. I hope the movie is good. I so want to see it!
    And Zac looks absolutely gorgeous in this picture!
    Keep working hard Zac.
    Hope to see him at TIFF!!

  39. 39
    Rachel Says:


    Great post. I hope that Zac keeps working hard and his hard work pays off.

  40. 40
    Bunnylover Says:

    another film to look forward to. Regardless of what the haters think, he is working well and continually, he has several films to shoot in the coming year. The Lucky One has so far made 4 times it’s costs, so I understand and that is only a flop in fools eyes. He has never said he is in his job for the money, yeah obviously he needs to be paid, but as long as he is comfortable who needs to earn un-spendable amounts of money? He is earning his credibility which is much more important. Wait to see what is still to come, he is early in his career and has plenty of time to get the credit he deserves. And he is still beautiful as well as talented.

  41. 41
    Oh please Says:

    I agree that he probably isn’t being paid that much these days. In fact, no one on the PaperBoy including Nicole were paid anything…Efron less as he was a replacement for Pettyfer who dropped out to make the Magic Mike movie. Neither good nor bad but it’s true. He changed his publicity team which is good. For his own sake, hopefully he will part ways with his manager (good terms) and get a new agent. A few years ago I would put him in the same realm as Pattinson and Shia for career trajectory burt not now. Efron has slipped down considerably.

  42. 42
    kami Says:

    i’m not sure that zac changing to a new pr firm (viewpoint) with melissa kates will help his career in any way. i’ve always thought the pr person only does things after the fact, like put out fires and squelch rumors. btw, melissa kates is josh hutcherson’s pr rep too. what zac needs is a really good agent and manager. i have a feeling that zac gets all his work without much help from either. he needs someone who sees how good he is now, and with the right work, how great he can become.

  43. 43
    amanda Says:

    whats it rated?

  44. 44
    Aria Says:

    Zac is so pretty its really a pity he stopped growing. He looks so tiny.

  45. 45
    R U sure Says:

    Zac how nice ! At any Price and Spring Breakers will both premiere at the Venice Film Festival!!!!

  46. 46
    tina Says:

    @Spoken: You do know he was the only one that had his voice duped in (Drew Seely sang on HSM).

  47. 47
    Spoken Says:

    @tina: Yeah I know, this is so obvious when we listen the songs from the first HSM, his voice starts very bad and childish, and turns more mature in a second
    But he tried to improve his voice a little, so that he could actually sing in films like Hairspray, High School Musical 2 and 3, and Me and Orson Welles. =)
    Anyway, sing badly isn’t an obstacle to record an album today
    Disney Channel was never a factory of Adeles and Josh Grobans

  48. 48
    NBTT Says:

    @ comments # 46, 47: Well I hope you 2 also know why Drew Seely sang in HSM 1. Well there were more reasons. Drew was first casted for the movie. The songs were written for the pitch of the voice: TENOR and all the songs were already recorded before Zac disappeared on the scene. Next one Zac’s pitch of the voice is BARITONE, which means is deeper and also a reason why they decided to take the songs that Drew has recorded was the fact that Zac’s voice was changing. And each boy/guy/man/father whatever you call it knows and also all girls / women and mothers out there know that they don’t sound good at this time. With a changing voice to sing would be more than stupid.
    He recorded the songs for Hairspray, HSM 2 + 3.
    Some people here really hate him for everything. Do it better than him. He is on the big screen. He’s doing a great job and he’s still learning and because of that he’s going to be better and better. He is someone who wants to learn as much as possible and to do whatever it takes to get better. He’s not afraid to take risks, doing stuff where he doesn’t feel comfortable. He said it often enough he’s going the hard path and the easy one can everyone go but the least people take the hard one.
    He’s a great role model.
    It would be really finally time if people would stop to hate him. He’s one of the 7 billion people out there nothing more and nothing less, the only difference between him and the most other people out there is, that he doesn’t have a banal job like the rest out there.
    And the price that he has to pay for that is more than enough.

  49. 49
    D Says:

    @tina well if we goes by @spoken’s logic Which is true eventhough vanessa did sing in the movies she got a record deal becouse she was a disney kid . everybody knows her voice is annoying as hell. even miley’s voice is better than hers. say whatever you want but zacs singing voice is great. he never went down the disney road and record a cd like everybody else does he consentrated on what actualy worth for him. which is acting.
    I cant wait until the day we want be seeng vanessa’s face anymore. count the days it isnt that far.

  50. 50

    Beautiful man.

  51. 51
    R U sure Says:

    Tina is always the bearer of good news

  52. 52
    kami Says:

    don’t know when this happened, but i just noticed that jj has removed both zac and vanessa from the top celeb list over on the right. and i think katie holmes and gerard butler are new? rob pattinson moved up a few slots.

  53. 53
    Wera Says:


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    mokada kiyanne nawattamuda?

  71. 71
    Wera Says:

    Me madiwata ara intricaya dan ahanawa u kotanada van ge jatiya gana waradi kiuwe kiyala. evata saakki tiyanawanan evata link dendalu. eda u ehema ewa kiyapu dawase namalayamai uta raciest kiyala kiuwe. than ahanawa koheda ehema kiuwe kiyala. un sure yaluwo. ekai aruge waradi namala ta pennatte. penunath kiyanda bane. etakota unne paradinne. man danna kohomada link danne kiyala. nattan man pennanawa unta. man nan kiyanne nawattamu kiyala. tan meke raha nati una. man ape rate nama kiuwe nattan hoda wadak denna tibba. man kiyapu hinda mun ratai jatiyai allagana dangalanawa. samawenna appa. mata kee sarayak kiuwath madi wage. man rate nama kiyala oyage wade anala damma. man rata gana kiyapu hinda mun danagatta api kauda kiyala. nattan oyata mehe hamadama awilla mun ekka randu wenna tibba. nan wenas karala hari.

  72. 72
    Wera Says:

    Bo un kiyana eka hari. boruwata unta hit denne mokatada.

  73. 73
    Bo Says:

    man hitha hada gaththa wenas nam walin enna, hebei me nam walinuth ekak dekak danawa, eaka nemei oya me site ekata enne phone ekenda , ane mage phone eken enna bene ,page has no visible content kiyanawa, e madiwata comment karannath be , me pc eken ena eka hari wadayak , signal weda karanne, eka nemei oya hithanne ara number ekakin ena miniha lankawe ekek kiyalada, wede del ehenam , man oyagen ahannama kiyala hitiye oyage amma weda karanne caa eke neda eka neda zacge agency eka, ara eeye post eke anthimata anthimata apita support karala katha kale oyama nede , oya eather kiyala liyana widiyen eka hoyanna puluwan, oya liyanna hadanne either kiyalada?

  74. 74
    Bo Says:

    WERA, ARA intricaya van ge jatiya gene kiwwe koi post ekeda? mata link eke danna puluwan , copy paste karanna thiyenne

  75. 75
    Wera Says:

    Bo ehema eva kiyala tibbe vanue austanue yoga walata gihilla ena eke. man nan danna unta monawa kiyandada kiyala dannan. eka hinda puluwan nan ataarala danna. un monawa kiyaida danne. oyata puluwan nan fight ekak denna. me namalaya ammek lu. man iye ra nan wenas karala kiyala damma hodawain dekak ai intricaya kiyapu ewa apita wadiya wenas tha kiyala uta vishesha salakili dakwanne. ou e api gana hoda kiuweth mama. ape rate kiyala arun denna kohodada itchouther wa danne kiyala ahuweth mama. oyata pc ekak tiyanawa nan namalayawa trace karannda nadda widihak hoyaganna?

  76. 76
    Wera Says:

    Man etana wenas nan walin awilla un gana kodak waradi kiuwa mama tama ara komant ekath damme paluwata giya rataka api innawa ati kiyala namalaya galak yata jeewath wenne kiyala. tawa etana mage komant tiyenawa. apita supot wena widihata ungen prashna karala komant dala tiyane mama.

  77. 77
    Wera Says:

    Eka tama wenas nan walin gihilla poddak wenas widihata liyanawa nan unta ape jatiya gana mukuth kiyanna bane. api kauda kiyala danaganne apiwa track karanawanan witarai.
    ilaga sare idala man komant deka tunak dala nikan innawa. dan un ekka randu wena eka kammali wadak una. attamai ara namalayata nan wikara. attatama e ammek nan mata suwar lamai dala yanda ati e holmanawa oya karana wikara hinda. pissu watayak. lamaintath epa wenda ati meyawa karagahagena indala. oya ganige tiyana napuru kame hatiyata oki mareddi higanec wagema mariyan kiyala man prartana karanawa. mata suwar api lankawe hinda oya gani api occhara akamati. eki kochchara kiuwath ehema ekak neme kiyala eka tama atta hetuwa. attamai man nan hitanne oya gani jeewath wenne kale mada tama.
    ou z ge agency eka tama caa.

  78. 78
    Bo Says:

    ehema trace karana widiyak thiyenawada? man nam hithanne e miniha ammek kiyala, eka geniyek neme therennadda kiyana dewal walin uu minihek, ara mariath rewatilada koheda inne, ekko mariai namalayai ekek

  79. 79
    Wera Says:

    Bo ehema wennath puluwan. ochchara minissu eya amma kenek welath ai ara wage intricayath ekka agree wenne kiyala ahuwama eya mukuth kiuwe na. apitath samanya danima tiyanawane. eken ma terenawa namalaya attatama amma keneck nemei hindai uta ewage komant gana ganak natte. ehenan namaluemariayaeintricayai ekek tama. man hitanne eka hodata pariganaka gana danna ekek. mokak hari wela uta hoda job ekak hoyaganna baruwa yanna eti. eka hinda dan cyber buling karanawada koheda. ehema tama matanan hitenne. oya dan nawattanawa nan arunta proof denna onna. ohommama nawattala dala wena namakin yanna. oyata onemanan tawa Unwa awussanna. wena namakin gihama jatiya gana kiyana eka hari nawatine. me nan walin giyoth etana enna hama ekama dannawa api lankawe aya kiyala. parissamen.

  80. 80
    Wera Says:

    Mama nan danne na ehema trace karana widihak tiyanawada kiyala. tibbath phone eken trace karanna kohomath baruwa ati. mage eka e taran hoda ehekuth neme.

  81. 81
    Wera Says:

    man #79 namaye kiyapu widihata u attatama ochchara hoda ammek nan ewage dewal ahaddi uta ridenna ona. uta ganak natte u pirimiyek hinda ne. neda.

  82. 82
    Wera Says:

    Oya apahu un ekka randu wenna yanawanan parissamen harida. un monawa kiyaida danna. oyatath kiyanda eva natuwa yai. man udau karannan e wunata attamai mata nan dan unta kiyanda deyak ituru wela ne. tibba okkoma kiyala damma. kiyagu ewama apahu kiuwoth upsat ne.

  83. 83
    Bo Says:

    wow! oyata ethakota eya gena mara info hambawenawa athine, eya ge aluth projects gena aranchi un nedda? eya butler eke innawada?

  84. 84
    Wera Says:

    Bo mage amma etana inna eka secretary kenekuge asistant keneck eka hinda ehema wistara gana mage amma danne na. etana eka eka position tiyanawane. loku tanwala aya tama owa dannawa atte. man ammagen ahala tiyanawa eyata wistara hoyaganna puluwanda kiyala. eya wada karanne wena dipartment eheka. eka hinda ehema wistara eyata hoyaganna widihak nahallu ane.

    Oya dan atana komant karanawada nadda. mokada karanna hitan enne. nawattanawada nattan wena nan walin yanawada?

  85. 85
    Bo Says:

    man den ethana wena namakin inne , eka nemei ara intricaya ehema monathkiyala nene,anith una thama uuwa bite karala thiyenne ara apita wage, oya kohomada phone eken jj yanne? gihin comment karanne kohomada? mata yannath amarui, giyath comen tkaranna be

  86. 86
    Bo Says:

    Man nan meka keeyatawath nawaththanne, mata mewage dewal karanna wenne wedima unoth thwa masayai, ethanin passe ithin poth wala moona obagenama thamai inna wenne, eka hinda den puluwan tharam jolly karanawa

  87. 87
    Wera Says:

    Oyage phone eka mokadda. mage eka e taran hoda na. ewunta poddak hodai. nokia ekak. ara nikan bittara gediya wage tiyanne. ekak. oya etana ena nama mata kiyanda ona ne. mat eka eka nam walin enawa. randuwak daganna onnan witarak eka namakin witarak yanawa. hetuwak natuwa nan randu adaganne na. man tama ara kament ekath damme. ara kiyala tiyanne ape rate wenas sirith tiyana hinda apita vanva judge karandabe kiyana eka waradi kiyala. oya metana kament karana eka nawattanawanan mata kiyanda hode. mama nan van ge post walata awath natath z ge anith site eke ara ok miniha inna eke innawamai. e miniha etana uttara denakan maat etenta enawa. man dannawa oya etenta enne v ge namin ne. mama tama oyata eda kiuwe e bracelet eka love bracelet ekak unath me dawas wala hama ekkenama ewa danawa kiyala.

  88. 88
    Wera Says:

    Hari ehenan. maath van ge post walata enne me mase witarai. oya nawattadi kiyanna maath etakota nawattannan.

  89. 89
    Wera Says:

    Mata duka ape joliya hinda api munta nikan hit denawa. etakota tawa post wadi wenawane. ane attamai appa joliya pattakata damuko. v mehema hamadama post weddi eya nikan wihiluwak wena eka witarai wenne. attamai eyage career ekata eka hoda na. z wage hangila indala eka paratama eliyata awama minissu tawa e kena dihata adenawa. hama dama muna dakiddi epawenawa.

  90. 90
    Bo Says:


  91. 91
    Wera Says:

    Well i graduated two years ago. you dont do a/l right. i mean oya yanna inne vishwavidyale ne. baye be me sareth arun exam ekata wadak deida danne.

  92. 92
    Wera Says:

    Bo v ge post wala ape ratata adala dewal danna epa harida. ape basawen katakarannath epa. un rata gana kiuwoth mata nan kiyanda ewa na.

    oyata tiyanawanan kiyanda ewa etana sinhala liyala awussagattat kamak ne.
    E wunata unuth kiyanne atta. api wena basawakin kata karana eka hari nane. unta terennati hinda un hitanawa ati api unta bainawa kiyala.

  93. 93
    Bo Says:

    Munta pissu, man vange posts walata mula indala gihin hoyala beluwa, van’s and vaustin posts on jj walata mula kaledi comments sehena hambawela thiyenawa, e kiyanne eka post ekkata aruond 150 withara, eeta passe apu posts walata – e kiyanne from end of feb to till around early may , eyage posts walata comments mara adui, e kiyanne 40 k withara ,eeta passe thama ayeth me widihata wedi wune, ehema wedi wela thiyenne fans lai haters lai randu wena nisa ,nethuwa wena mokak nisa wath neme, v ge posts walata coments hambunath nethath hemadama posts eka digata awith thiyaenawa, mun hithan inne coments wedi unama posts wedi wenawa kiyala ,munta pissu,man dawasaka kiyanawa ooka unta un kiyanna awoth coments wedi nisa posts hemadama enne kiyala

  94. 94
    Wera Says:

    Api wagema unuth nan wenas karala awith z ge post wala z gana waradi kiyanawa. ara hsuck minihawa liyana widihen hoyaganna lesi. u goda welawata yanne whatever kiyana namin. namalayath otana ati. Oya apahu z ge post ekak awahama note karala balandako.
    tawa ekak man unta baya na rata gana kiyanda gattan e wuntata ape rata gana narakak kiyaddi apitamane paachchal.

  95. 95
    Wera Says:

    Bo coment 93. i agree. i have noticed it too. sooo true.

  96. 96
    Bo Says:

    aiyo ,man maha gonek ,man anikatath dala ara a/l kathawa ,honda welawata eka wetila thiyenne me namin , mage anik namin wetuna nam mata waha kannai wenne,deiiyo balala wage eka man type karala thiyenne me nama yatin, man tabs godak eka digata thiyagena thmai comment karanne,eth man meke check karaddi eka thibunne , man hithuwe coment eka miss wela kyala, den un ekath allaganida danne, ogollange rate a/l thiyenawada? a/l thiyala neme neda graduate karanne?mara bite

  97. 97
    Bo Says:

    Mage phone eka nokia c2-05 , ekath echchara honda ekek neme , rs.10,000 k withara, eka hinda echchara honda ne, eka hinda wennethi yanna beri, eka thamai ane, mun me parath a/l walata awulak karaida danne,thama ithin hari kramayak nene campus ganna, mokak hari percentage ekak hada gena thiyaganna epe, den thiyenne maths first paper eka ,it;s 3 hours , hawasa thiyenne bio first eka,giyaparath me wage, mata mathak weddi harima dukak denenawa, apith ekka liyapu kee denekge uiversity heene bonda unada, api paw

  98. 98
    Wera Says:

    Ape rate ewata a level kiyanna. highschool graduation eka kiyalai kiyanne. api eka denneth 18n mai. ekath a/l wage tama. dekama eka widiha tama.

  99. 99
    Wera Says:

    man oyage phone eka gogle kara. pena widihata eka mage ekata wadiya hoda eka. oya internet yanne. phone eke tiyana internet aplication ekenda nattan opera mini ekak install karala nanda. ehema nattan ekak downlod karaganna. etakota wadakarai.

    e kiyanne e denna pass welath e gollanta pass wenna dunna kiyala neda. ane pau appa. duppath lamai mahansi wela padan karala ohoma unhama egollan ge atma vishwase kadenawane. etakota egollanta apahu oluwa hadaganna amarui. loku ayanan itin salli tiyana hinda kiyak hari dila pale unath rassawak hoyagannawa. e wunata duppat ayata. ane manda mewa kawada hariyai da kiyaka. janadipatituma rata kanawa appa. pitaratin salli genalla rata hadanawa kiyala egollo bagayak bedagena anith ewa walin colama parawal hadanawa. ara kadila tiyana game parawal hadanna. mona rata nagumat da e. api itin monawahari karanda kiyala ya. balagena inawa misak.

  100. 100
    Bo Says:

    Aiyo! mama andanawa , mata harima heartbreaking news ekak me den lebuna, mage cousin horen bendala, , eyai mai podi kale indan hedune sahodariyo wage , we’re devastated

  101. 101
    Wera Says:

    Oya dakkada ara z ge jr post eke manussayek dala tiyanawa eya z wa kellak ekka dakka kiyala car eheka. eka echchara pahadili na. ane manda appa. eyata ara ok kiyanawa wage eyata danatama kellak innawada danna. kohe hari hangagana. mama samaharak welawata convesation ekak tiyaganna ona hinda unge pattatath adinawa. etakota man z gana waradi kiyanawa. kohoma kiuwath man z tai v tai dennatama hari adarei. boring hinda karanda deyak tiyennath epai. ane manda ochchara rumurs tiyana eke mata hitenawa oya z hamadama eka eka kelloth ekka yalu wena eka attakdo kiyalath. minissu wenas wenawane. mama z ge pattata wadiyen adinne tama actual proof ekak nati hindai. eya attatama ehema nan holywod wala ewa hanganna amarui. eth ewa hangana widihaluth tiyanawada danne na. ane manda appa. confusing.

  102. 102
    Bo Says:

    meki mawa rewettuwa,mata honda moona pennala,mawa kewa, ane ai eehma kale

  103. 103
    Wera Says:

    Bo monawada oya kiyanne. mokkada oyage cousin oyata kale?

  104. 104
    Bo Says:

    sorry ane, mage sihiya wenas una, maha puduma dasawak labala thiyenne ,eka neme oya ara zac kellek ekka innwai dekka kiyala kiwwe mona post ekeda?

  105. 105
    Wera Says:

    Ara jr site eke ok kiyala ekkeneck z gana uttara denne. eke gihilla balandako comants wala antima page deka tune etana lauren kiyala manussayek e pintureta link eka dala tiyanawa.

  106. 106
    Bo Says:

    kawada post ekeda? paperboy ekeda?

  107. 107
    Bo Says:

    oyage phone eke java thiyenawada? java thiyenna ooneda opera mini download karanna? mage phone ekata opera mini eka install wennene , internet connection failure kiyanawa hemawelema

  108. 108
    Wera Says:

    E post eke neme. ara oya bracelet eka gana prashna ehuwe. st tropez eke.
    mage eke java tiyanawa. oyage tiyanne mona sim ekak da kiyandako? mage eka dialog. oyata gprs setting daganna ona companiyata kiyala. etakota tama internet yana puluwan. man hitane oyage phone eket java ati. oya dialog eken settings ellagatte nadda? oyata tiyanne dialog da nattan wena wargayakda?

  109. 109
    Wera Says:

    oyada ara v ge post eke antima kament tuna dala tiyanne? oya nemenan anit minissut kamati na eyawa hamadama dakinna.

  110. 110
    Bo Says:


  111. 111
    Bo Says:

    mage eka mobitel , man settings illagena thiyenne, mage eken net yanna puluwan, man yanne nokia browser eken,

  112. 112
    Wera Says:

    Ane manda appa ehenan mokada kiyala araka download karanna bari. owa hadanatanakata gihilla pennanna balanda. etakotawath hadai.

    mata terenna. mona balcony katawada?

  113. 113
    Wera Says:

    Ara lauren ta pissu. matanan okiwa pennanna be. holman.

  114. 114
    Wera Says:

    E kiyanne ara v ge post eke tiyana antima koment tuna oyage nemene?

  115. 115
    Bo Says:

    anthima eka liwwe man, man hithuwe oya kiyala anikwa liyala thiyenne, oya dekkada ara ok kiyana miniha kiyala thibba widiya, eya kiyanne hemadama van paps lata call karanne nethuwa athi kiyala ,eyage routine eka dena gena papsla enawa kiyala, hebei eyata penna inna oone neththan ehema inna puluwan kiyala, eyath kiyanne me taram mehema meya pap wenne eyage pr team eka papslata katha karana hinda kiyala,man hithanawa eya hari kiyala

  116. 116
    Bo Says:

    oyata mathakada ara man namalayata challenge kale kawada post ekeda kiyala? sathiyakata withara udaine

  117. 117
    Wera Says:

    Mata matakai. eka post karala tibbe giya mase wisi haya wenida. v ge post wala hoyala balandako. nattan oyata e Post eke nama onada.

  118. 118
    Bo Says:

    mata oya lauren genath maha amuththak hihila thiyenawa, eya depeththatama kiyanawa neda? ooka namalayawathda danne, eya nikan kiyanne eya zacta support wage , e wunata eya ehema kiyala awussannema zacge kunumai, you know, nikan zacta apahasa wena dewal .

  119. 119
    Bo Says:

    Eka wela thiyenne juli wisihaya wenida post eke , eke thiyenawa video links wagayak post karala, toward the end of the comments , ewa oya beluwada?

  120. 120
    Bo Says:

    Oya ewa belwe nedda? puluwan nam balannako

  121. 121
    Wera Says:

    Bo atta tama. eya ehema tama kata karanne. ewunata eya z ta pissu watila inne. man danna taramin oya kellak. namalayanan wenna ba. mokada lauren hari modai. mama dan awuruddaka witara indala tama me site ekata awila z gei v gei post kiyawanna gatte. e dawas wala edalama lauren kament karanawa. eya z ta kamati unata samaharak welawata kiyana ewa hariyata terenne. mata matakai parana post eheka meya kiyala tibba eyata hitenawa kiyala z hamadama eka eka kelloth ekka budiyala apahu egollo dihawath balannati kollek kiyala eyata hitenawa kiyala. waradi kiuwata kamanne. ewunata eyage coment wala atatiude eka mata terenna. amutu kellak. okige twiter ehekuth tiyenawa. eketh hama welawema z ganamai kiyanne. wikaara.

  122. 122
    Wera Says:

    Bo man e video baluwa. man hituwe oya nama wenas karala ewa post kara kiyala. oya eva baluwe nadda?

  123. 123
    Wera Says:

    Oya ara balkaniak gana mokak da kiuwe?

  124. 124
    Bo Says:

    Ewa post kale man thama. ewa hondada ,? man heduwe ewa

  125. 125
    Wera Says:

    Ane attada. Oyada haduwe. eka tama man baluwe hindi sinduwak damme kauda kiyala.

  126. 126
    Bo Says:

    ow ane dawas ganak giya, palaweni eka thama mage palawenima video upload eka, deweni eka hadanna sathiyak wthara giya , ai couples dekema photos compare karakara eka wage photos hoyanna wunane, e wunath ewage quality poor, mage computer eken 9MB walata wada wediyen upload karanna be, ewa loku files around 50 MB, eka hinda ewa godak shrink karanna wuna , mata hari dukai

  127. 127
    Wera Says:

    An v gei a gei photo wagayak tiyanawa tumblr wala. e denna dawal kama kala enawada koheda. ane manda mata hitenawa v hari asai kiyala eyata hambena atenshan ekata. eya a laga iddi act karanne lajjaawen wage. aruge ange ellenawai. hari amutui. hamawelawema. taniyama iddi wadiya ehema na. man hitanne z ekka iddi meyata me vidihata loketama penna imbaganna karanna baruwa giya hinda mekath ekka ara relashanship eken labunnati okkoma labaganna hadanawa kiyala.
    mata hamadama mun denna podi un wage hasirenawa dakiddi hina yanawa. dennatama wikara.eka eka jatiye pisso. namalayata tama number one.

  128. 128
    Bo Says:

    me ara photo eke oyata penawada issaraha seat eke kollek innawa kiyala, mata pennene

  129. 129
    Wera Says:

    Mata nan melo deyak penna. Ok kiyanne e z nemei kiyala.

  130. 130
    Bo Says:

    oya ekkada zacge aluth post eka? sweet ane. mmm mata nam penne ada nam honda dawasak wage!

  131. 131
    Bo Says:

    api denna den zacge wena post ekakata yamuda? aduwen comments lebila thiyena ekakata , den mekata comments ekasiya wisi ganak hoyala beluwa , ara stanley stud kiyala thiyena eke comment karana eka newatila , ekata yamuda?

  132. 132
    Wera Says:

    Hari oya etenta enna.

  133. 133
    Tom Says:


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