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Hayden Christensen: Gas Station Stud!

Hayden Christensen: Gas Station Stud!

Hayden Christensen fills up his Audi with a full tank of gas on Wednesday (July 25) in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 31-year-old actor and his girlfriend Rachel Bilson have reportedly been searching for a new home over the past month.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Hayden Christensen

Last week, Hayden and Rachel met up to check out some new homes and earlier in the month visited several furniture stores to find some perfect pieces for the new house.

15+ pictures inside of Hayden Christensen at the gas station…

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hayden christensen gas station stud 01
hayden christensen gas station stud 02
hayden christensen gas station stud 03
hayden christensen gas station stud 04
hayden christensen gas station stud 05
hayden christensen gas station stud 06
hayden christensen gas station stud 07
hayden christensen gas station stud 08
hayden christensen gas station stud 09
hayden christensen gas station stud 10
hayden christensen gas station stud 11
hayden christensen gas station stud 12
hayden christensen gas station stud 13
hayden christensen gas station stud 14
hayden christensen gas station stud 15

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  • Jess

    Thanks for pics of cutie Hayden.

  • phat-ruley

    an ageing unemployed hacktor

  • sloane

    The lifetime bff took some dayS-off from pap-tipping and let his in-significant other to take the paparazzi spotlight, so now its his due time and his i.o. is nowhere to be seen; but wait up for a day or two and the i.o. would take the pap’s centerstage once again – absolutely & nonsensically predictable, as always.

  • KissThis

    Why is this site filled with HC doing the most mundane activities? He must be one of those that calls the paps everyday.

  • Guy

    Hayden is a beautiful dude, I’m so happy JJ took many pic(s) of my boy without the girl, dude has a nice ride, too. Love u Hayden!!

  • unreechy

    Whats this… HC(sic) is “now” smiling at the paps… when he’s alone and/or w/o his little submissive slave girl who walks 5 feet behind him for almost all the time… hmmm?!?!

  • katie

    he looks like he is getting bigger

  • amaranth

    HE couldnt even get a single random budgeted indie flick to get materialized that his pr peeps/ fansite desperately press releasing yet… can always headllining a spot on tabloids blogs/sites just for some errands – and thats just solely from pr’s as talent & box-office appeal were for acting job.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I think it’s a bit of poetic justice that he’s now mooching off Rachel like she did him all those years!
    Why are they finding it so hard to find a house?? Why not have one built??

  • Reese

    I am pretty sure that he has a movie coming out and that he made enough of the Star Wars franchise so I don’t think he’s mooching of Rachel.

  • chauncey

    he might need another -scandal- to get his career back but isnt his acting talent is much scandalous enough?!

  • Olivia

    so he’s unemployed? With a famous girlfirend. Remind me of Eva Mendes. I mean I thought he would be big after Star Wars but I guess he has the same “curse” as Mark Hamill . That’s sad he’s a cute guy

  • aria

    Hayden looks great lately, even wears clothes that match now, I remember a few times he was a little mismatched in his outfits. He has two movies in preproduction now according to IMDB. I hope they get made before too long this time.

  • Whatever

    Rachel has started work on HoD–that should make some of you happy.

    @Lexy hates bilson–have you ever bought a house? or built one? You don’t seem to have much knowledge. Doubt they would build in LA, they would however if the reports are true buy one, they would have something in mind—–part of buying a house is to also look at furniture and fixtures and the size to make sure it would fit into areas.

    Paintng is also a part of that–although in this case I think the paint has more to do with Hayden’s place in LA–it’s going through major work ATM.

  • TK

    @ whatever

    Hayden lives with Rachel in LA, they have been working on that house. He is there all the time. Do you mean Tove’s house is being remodeled, when you say Hayden’s place in LA? Or Rachel’s house?

  • kosher

    Ret@rdchel could only get work under the *casting couch* of Josh Schwarts!

  • AnakinlovesPadme

    What a cutie, still after all these years!! I hope he makes those movies that are in pre-production on before too long also. They have been in that status for awhile now, and he also has 2 other movies in production supposedly. Everyone else is in a movie, like Colin Ferrell in Total Recall, and Jeremy Renner is in the Bourne Legacy, Hayden should’ve tried these roles if he’s waiting for Jumper 2 he’ll be waiting forever. My point is that these guys are working and gotta role that’s similar, Jeremy is up and coming and Colin was up and coming a few years ago and I guess is clean and sober and trying again to make it!! Come on Hayden, it’s your turn for your star to turn!!

  • Ashley

    He’s smileing without Rachel there when she is there with him he looks upset

  • Whatever

    @TK—I meant the house Hayden/Tove has in LA-they have been caught(Rachel and Hayden)going in and out.

    But in order to clear things up Rachel’s house has also undergone some changes–floor and kitchen.

    Either way of looking at things they are doing it together.

  • Just me

    No. 19 it could be his brother house. It do not have to be rachel house all the time. Rachel was seem leaving another man house before that day. Which jared fail to show. When she suppose to been shopping. Still not like her to be with for her pictures to be taken. Hayden is not gping to get a house in la. Like I said no one said anything about that but jared.
    And hayden do not live with her. Couldnt he be tnere to get work? Rachel was too busy being with another guy the day before jared. Wny you show those pics with the other guy? You are right no17.its time for hayden to back to work! And leave la behind him. Rachel have use him enough already. Rachel went and visit a man while he was there. Jared hayden is still rachel ex boyfriend. Rachel had that pic put in star about tnem going to the skating party. That is why hayden is posted here. Tney are not in a lomgterm relationship. Only because he is not working and still aroumd la. Next she be saying he is not working just like she did adam.people still making up things for her. Even if she be seem with another guy. Wonder why star magazine did not show het coming from anotner guy house? That was no house hunting at all stop believeing everything jared write.its not true and it was made up.jared do not know what is going on. Racnel still see other guys too.

  • Whatever

    @ Just me—your reading skills are about as good as your typing skills.

    And your still in denial when it comes to the relationship-you put a spin on things in order to validate your thinking and bring peace to your crazy thoughts. Lois you have been typing the same rubbish for 5 years–time to get over it LOL.

    If the relationship bothers you that much—don’t look at the pictures. I hear R Pat is single and has lots of crazy fans, you would fit in well on those boards.

  • @ just me

    @ just me !

    You think just because Rachel is seen at a house with another guy that it means she is dating that guy?? And she is with Hayden all the time now, and you make up every excuse you can think of to say “they are not a couple” when obviously they have been for over 5 years?! You are really delusional if you believe that.

    Rachel has guy friends, a brother, and guy business associates that she may be seen with, that does not mean she dates every man she is seen on the street or neighborhood with. Do you date every man you pass by on the street, or every man you talk to? I read on here you have a daughter and a grandchild, you must have had a relationship once in order for that to happen. Get real, grow up and enjoy your family. You are too old to think Hayden is going to leave Rachel for you!

  • Please….

    @Just me:
    Go to goddamn English classes! Or buy a new computer or phone or something! Something with spellcheck on it!

    I don’t think you’re a native English speaker…no one who has English as their first language could mangle it in so atrocious a way.

    I can’t make head or tail of your post!

  • AnakinlovesPadme

    Do you guys think that Hayden can get a job in movies or television? Or is he done in Hollywood? Is his career like Mark Hamill’s or can he turn it around and get good roles if he wants to or is he just done?

  • Konstantin

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