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Kristen Stewart Reads Mean Tweet About Herself

Kristen Stewart Reads Mean Tweet About Herself

Jimmy Kimmel tapped a few of his celebrity friends to read mean tweets about themselves — Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, Justin Bieber, James Van Der Beek, Larry King, David Spade, Matt Leblanc, Snooki, Danny McBride, and Matisyahu.

“Some people really write very harsh things to famous people without even thinking about the fact that they are people,” Jimmy shared. “Tonight, I want to give you a chance to think about it. What you don’t see when you send a nasty tweet is that it can cause pain.” Check it out below – it’s hilarious!

Earlier today, Kristen Stewart issued a public apology for hurting her boyfriend of three years, Robert Pattinson, by having a “momentary indiscretion” with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves
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  • one

    Nasty filthy HOMEWRECKER!!

  • anon

    Can’t say she doesn’t deserve it. She’s not sorry she cheated; she’s sorry she got caught.

  • solecito

    I think she’s feeling the hate pretty good right now. No sympathy for her. TEAM ROB all the way.

  • lauren

    tbh i feel like kristen doesnt even have shame she cheated on rob and most likely ruined a marriage.
    this girl

  • BEAN

    Boooooo you whor3

  • Din

    @anon: So true…both of them actually. These photos were papped last week, meanwhile she went around with Rob like nothing happened. She is not sorry she did it, just because she got caught.

  • Chiara

    Isn´t her and Rob a fake relationship for PR anyway?

  • Agar

    @anon: I wonder how long this has been going on. They seemed pretty cozy for it being just a “momentary indiscretion”.

  • yulia


  • Din

    Matt LeBlanc for thw in btw in this video :D

  • gemma

    what i dont get is if they had the photos last week why not print them when they got them and why wait a week to do it. also why now does kris say she loves rob when before they both didnt acknewledge the relationship.

  • Reese

    Even if the relationship is for PR it still doesn’t mean that she can fool around with a married man with kids. The director is equally responsible becuz he should have known better.

  • Din

    @gemma: The photos were taken last week but magazines usually go into bidding wars to buy them and have the exclusive which takes a few days

  • Gossipgirl

    They can stop with the excuse making already……… There is NO excuse for what this woman did, none!

  • Gh

    Kristen already had a bad reputation as an actress and a lot of people didn’t like her. The recent pics of her and her lover’s will damage her reputation even more. It is Hollywood people! This kind of stuff every second happens there. It is just Kristen could made her fans believe that she is not a typical Hollywood starlet, when she is! But never mind, as mentioned it is Hollywood. B.Pitt also cheated with Jolie that caused him a divorce and look where is Jolie is now! The “robsten” illusions are over. This is the result when you are so obsessed with other people’s romance.

  • Lailah

    @gemma: isn’t it obvious? they had the pics before the tca’s – they obviously wanted to cause a stir and sell magazines. -_- this sh.t is getting so ridiculous. she’s in damage control mode. she’s been found out. of course she’s gonna tell the world (who watches her movies) how sorry she is. get it together people.

  • jamiejayuk

    OMG, this girl cheated on RPAttz. Damn you yank girls really are not that nice!! Guess us brits do still value being faithful , and monogamy more than you guys.

    I dont get it, it really cant be going well between them.
    She cheated on him, and he hangs around her like its nothing??? NO way , hes also cheat , maybe …i say maybe,,,,but come on you have thousands of girls gagging for it, and they are apart alot!! So if he cheated as well that might explain the sullen reaction to it, what else could explain it????anyone??

    If my gf cheated, i would flip, hit the roof, be crushed, i could even look at her for a while….why ?? because im in love…..real love….

    so his actions dont add up either. …

  • allessia

    one word .B.I.T.C.H

  • Christine


    Yeah, she didn’t wreck the home, the guy who made the VOWS wrecked his own home. She was foolish, but she didn’t exchange wedding vows, sweetie.

  • ADAM

    she doesn’t deserve a guy like robert,i never liked this chick

  • Uhmm

    It’s NOT ONLY HER fault. The Guy CHOSE to cheat on his wife. I don’t see anyone calling HIM a wh0re or sl*t.

  • ADAM

    what a filthy w,h.o,r,e

  • veronica


  • keka

    @Gh: her reputation is damaged, but not for long. she has a lot more twihards rooting for her, they’re just hiding til the heat dies down then they’ll be back to worshiping their queen and validating what she did saying that it was just a “mistake”. I’m also sure rob won’t break up with her so basically everything will go back to normal. hollywood is very forgiving, even for pretentious, anti social cheaters like her.

  • Bubbaness

    Kristen has never been likeable- anybody who did was simply camped out in Stephanie Meyer’s a$$.

    Matt Leblanc kills it with his gray hair so I repeat his sentiment.

  • keka

    @Uhmm: he cheated as well but he’s not a famous hollywood superstar that has millions of fans so no one really cares about him. sad but true

  • BARB

    poor rob :(

  • read this

    stewpid dirty ho

  • ewa

    poore Kris, she doesnt deserve for this.
    Come on people, everyone makes mistakes!!!

  • DanaJ

    I just looove how some people feel soo good about themselves when calling others ‘whores”. Its sooooooooooooo pathetic I can’t even begin to describe…

  • Mari


    The day I start a relationship with a married man who on top of that has children, everyone is invited to call me a whore

    But that will never happen, because I have compassion, dignity and common sense enough to never let that happen. In my books a person who does that to another person and to children is a bad, bad person.

  • Maria

    lol at Katy “I’d pay to see that” and Lary King, Zooey and Matt. This is a fun video.

  • Bubbaness

    ewa- come back when you’ve been cheated on and we’ll see how willing you are to forgive a “mistake”.

  • averagegirl

    @Mari: my dad was married et my mother divorced from the mother of his child and now they’ve just celebrated their 34years anniversary and He is the best dad in the world wonderful AND faithful husband and my half-brother is just this awesome guy who taught me to walk, my mom is not a w**re my dad was her first and will be her last so keep your hate for yourself you never know what cann happen.

  • jb

    this girl is trashy garbage! she didn’t even care to apologize to the wife & kids!

  • Mari


    Good for you! My dad was a lying cheating scumbag who cheated on my mum when I was 9, which nearly drove my mum to suicide. Then he apologized because of the social negativity only to do it again years later. If your mother was the cause of the first marriage of your father to fail, then your mother is a bad person in my books and yes I would call her a whore.

  • mo

    Excuse me but girl you make yourself totally ridiculous.
    So surprised you do not have opinions.

  • Marie

    Shut The Front Door! OMG! Kristen acting like Bella only her “Jacob” is married? LOL Sorry but I’m not about to castrate this girl because she made a stupid decision and got caught in the act. Since I wasn’t there don’t know the circumstances for her “indiscretion” nor do I know that Rob hasn’t engaged in the same only without photos and pap to confirm, all I can say is big damn deal. At least she didn’t shoot up a movie theater full of innocent people. By comparison, Kristen’s “oops” moment is nothing newsworthy. She’s not a hero or a saint but a 22 year old extremely wealthy and well stalked young woman with a good agent, luck and timing on her side. Maybe Rob wasn’t handling his “business” and that’s why she let her head be turned. The married man has more to answer for than Kristen. JMO

  • ewa

    I know that betrayal is painful, but you dont know this is true!!

  • ewa

    i know betrayal is painful but you dont know it is true!! you call her “whore” but you dont know what exactly happend

  • mo

    You are now in times of public and do it this way

  • Ugh

    How do you think she gets her movie roles? In those pics she looks like forcing herself to have sex with him!

  • Jen. B.


    Um, because it makes no sense to post those pictures without doing your homework. Think about it: Us Weekly secured the photos, had to confirm they were legit, ensure their “sources” were being truthful, and probably had to run all of this through their legal department to ensure the story could even be printed. This would all occur before they would have contacted Stewart’s and Sanders’s publicists to give them a heads-up and allow them a day or so to provide a comment. And then there’s the minor issue of actually writing the article and designing the layout, which would take awhile. They likely had a very different cover story already written and designed, so that had to be scrapped or re-designed and placed elsewhere in the mag.

    So why didn’t they just post the photos on their website? Well, that won’t sell magazines and surely won’t bring in advertising revenue.

  • Edge

    This is STUPID!
    What do they expect? Fame without responsibility! All they do is entertain…if you can’t take it, lump it.

  • Edge

    All this hate on Kristen is stupid. Haven’t you ever been attracted to someone who was in a relationship/married etc? Anyway, who cares. There are worse things happening in the world – starving children etc.

  • Danuuu

    Who cares about Kristen? The real question here is, who the F is “Matisyahu”?

  • noprobBOB

    Matt LeBlanc for the WIN!! haha that was hilarious…oh yeah poor david spade too

  • Ev

    Let’s hope she doesn’t read any ‘mean tweets’ today.

  • Alison

    I knew I didn’t like this girl for a reason…… not just because of her poor acting skills and bad atitude. Poor Rob. He deserves better.

  • KissThis

    Sorry if I offend anyone, but whatever hate Stewart now recieves is well deserved. She has done something you should never do. She ruined a family, and broke someone’s heart in the worst way imaginable. I’m sure her list of haters has sky-rocketed and that’s the consequence of the choices she made.