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Rupert Sanders Apologizes for Cheating with Kristen Stewart

Rupert Sanders Apologizes for Cheating with Kristen Stewart

Director Rupert Sanders has also released a public apology over his cheating scandal with his Snow White and the Huntsman actress Kristen Stewart.

“I am utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family,” Rupert said in a statement Wednesday (via People). “My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world. I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together.”

Hours earlier, Kristen released a public apology to her boyfriend of three years, Robert Pattinson.

Rupert, 41, is married to British model Liberty Ross, 33, and they have two children, ages 7 and 5.

Yesterday, Liberty tweeted a Marilyn Monroe quote — “sometimes bad things fall apart so better things can fall together” — before deleting her Twitter account. She appeared as a young Kristen‘s mother in Huntsman.

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  • Wow!

    I think this is going to be exposed as not just a one-off thing but a full-blown affair that went on for months. There are reports that these two were out to dinner together and cozy on set. Don’t be surprised if this guy leaves his wife for Kristin and they end up together. Kristin and Rob hare history and any relationship salvaged will probably be for the sake of their movie.

  • http://n/a angierocks

    Disgusting!Yuck!You are grown man.

  • Lizzie

    Rob gets over this eventually
    The wife and family do NOT

  • WHAT!?


  • Mid Life Crisis?

    He is more to blame than Stewart. He is the big adult here. It’s almost unlawful what he did. No matter what at her age, she’s gotta be somewhat naive and he took advantage of that. He’s a slime that thinks with his you-know-what.

  • Run, Liberty, Run

    Liberty has to run from this jerk. He will do it AGAIN and AGAIN.. and Kristen may not be the first. He has a roving eye which will never stops. Run, Liberty, run and take $$$$$$.

  • so fake

    There is a picture of the premier in London who shocked me, that shows how much fake and hypocrite Kirsten is, at the premier in London she is smiling and looking at his wife as if nothing happend??? here

  • Myscaloppe

    Going public really???
    This is your personal life what the h are they doing??
    This is so so ridiculous

  • What a jerk statement, Jen

    @bizarre: To bring Brad & Angie in this at this point is stupid. They had feelings for one another but allegedly did not consummate until after the separation. I think they had more discretion than these two. This is alleged of course, because YOU and I don’t really know what happened, do we?

  • dana


    Agree. But, somehow still think is a PR stunt. Like, she managed to be in a relationship with R.Patz for so long and not to be discovered by the papps, no pics of the kissing and now, all of a sudden…Strange.

  • Cuckolded

    Well, well, well. To all those who said she wasn’t good enough for Pattinson, apparently it was the other way around.

  • infair

    I agree about ppl pointing out Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie they cheated like a disgusting pigs, Jolie slept with a married man, yet now they iave them a free pass…worse they treat them like gods!?

  • linda

    I feel so sad for his wife and children…..and Poor Rob…..Shame on them and I hope Rob kicks her to the curb and moves on. Same for the wife and children….

  • Your judgmental

    @infair: You should mind your own business. You don’t know what happened there. Jen is no angel.

  • jann

    THIS SUCKS. Really sad that this happened. Would have never guessed that this would happen at all. I feel really bad for Liberty and this kids and Rob. But then also, there is forgiveness and second chances.

  • kate2

    I have never liked Kristen or Rob but i do feel for Rob.

    as for Kristen once a cheater always a cheater.

    Rob should do the right thing and kick her Ass to the kirb.

  • Barbara

    He’s an idiot. He has a beautiful wife and children and he cheats with a girl half his age? I don’t excuse Kristen, it was a stupid thing to do, especially since the guy is married, but in many respects she’s still a kid and this guy is in his 40′s. This is mostly on him, he’s old enough to know better and he has a wife and two children. He should have kept it in his pants. Having said that I think his wife can do a lot better than him.

  • Barbara

    distraught? It’s that really the word he used?

  • solecito

    Boys will be boys, but Kristen should’ve known better. Karma will get her.

  • j

    I hope Robert dumps her ass. He can do so much better.

  • Chris

    It’s hard to believe that the one and only time they hooked up they got caught. You know what they say about roaches and “for every one you see….” Besides this is not her first time playing the cheater – can you say pattern? Both of them are selfish scum with self serving apologies. It’s called self control and respect…get some.

  • Jenna

    I don’t think we can really compare this to Brad, Angelina and Jennifer. They are two completely different situations. For one, they’re all closer in age then these two. Angelina didn’t cheat on her boyfriend of many years like Kristen did. And there were no children involved. Yes, Angelina may have been the other woman but Brad has stated that his marriage wasn’t blissful when this happened. I’m not condoning cheating, but these are not the same situation. Brad and Angelina were two consenting adults that fell in love on set whle Brad was married. Kristen and Rupert both fooled around on their spouses while the man who is much older than her is married and has children. Angelina and Brad are still together, I doubt Kristen and Rupert really find their relationship to be worth it to endure this kind of press. Not the same situation what-so-ever.

  • Jenna


    Boys will be boys? Ugh what a double standard

  • solecito

    @Jenna: It’s not double standard, men will only get as far as the woman is willing to and that’s the truth.

  • rose

    Rob is going take the pain from this and turn into the biggest, womanizing douche bag ever! Another good man bites the dust. Awesome!

  • Jenna


    WHAT? How bout the man should respect his wife and never go there in the first place. Respect the family he created with his wife and not blame the little girl that “seduced” him. Don’t give me that crap. “A man will only go as far as the woman is willing to go” THAT’S HORSE SHIT! they are both to blame here and it’s not her fault any more than it’s his.

  • solecito

    @Jenna: There is truth in what you say. I guess I’m talking from my point of view, I would never put myself in a dangerous situation that could end up in me being unfaithful.

  • reeven

    Brad and Jennifer were separated before Angie, and they had problems.

    Rupert and his wife were recently married, have children together, and were a happy couple.
    Angelina and Brad fell in love, this was just lust or a stupidity from both
    so nop, no the same.

  • zach

    Brangelina fan’s are like a cult.

  • Bohiko

    I don’t buy that! Publicity stunt!

  • truth hurt

    Brad and Jennifer were not seperated before the wh*re Jolie came in, and Jolie t(he twice divorced) already cheated on her 1st husband with Mike Jagger she slept with him than left while she was married, he wrote it on his book, and he is not twice her age he is 1000 her age, heck she slept with her mom’s boyfriend when she was only 14 yo, i think no one can get into the level of whorness and trashiness that Jolie did.

  • African Girl

    Lmaoooo @ people bringing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie into this.
    Some people are obsessed!!

  • Kandaise

    Kristen really never deserved Rob Pattinson in the first place.

    I knew something was going to happen.

    Rob you deserve better. Next time get a NORMAL girl. Kristen is weird and immature.

  • sequel?

    weren’t they already talking sequel? guess one of them will be out now.

  • Lynne

    I’m just waiting for someone (either Kristen or Rupert) to pop out and say “gotcha !!! In your face assholes.” but idk … Seems pretty f”Ed up between the two of them. Poor kids, caught in the middle of their embarrassment.

  • Agnes

    @Barbara: come on! Kristen is an adult of 22 years! not a kid in any way.

  • Agnes

    @Barbara: I’m 19 years old and I know very well which would be the consequences of getting involved with a married guy with children, cheating on my boyfriend.

  • judsie

    kristen may not be a kid but she’s young and apparently don’t give a f**** about ppl emotions, while sanders is 41 (he could clearly be her dad, age wise i mean) and is married and father of 2.. cheating is a choice, it was both their choice, and it doesn’t make them great ppl.

  • ugh

    take your kids, punch him in the face, get your $$$ and run woman!! (in that order). not sure why people are more worried about R.P when it comes to this because i doubt their relationship was real but what was real is this guys marriage. Seriously the sh*t storm that is going to follow will be hard to defuse with a meaningless apology as*shole!! — i feel so sorry for his kids. his 7 year old will understand and that’s so incredibly sad. those twilight idiots defending her need to shut the fu*ck up or grow up.

  • block my eyes plese

    ugh already with the angelina junk isnt it bad enough those ppl attack a thread like its a mCrib? go awayyyy……… you have a tumblr to worship her; use it

  • Um

    So….this isn’t a publicity stunt? Or…? Who actually admits to this stuff? I’m so confused…

  • Blip

    I don’t know what’s worse. The whorish cheating or playing out the fake
    contrition in the public arena.

  • HeyMa

    Sooooo…the Twilight premiere in November is going to be a bit awkward, no?

  • Bianca

    @judsie: ” kristen may not be a kid but she’s young” — are you kidding? MAY not be a kid? she is a grown woman, hello! she is f-cking 22 years old!!

  • Ginger

    If he made a public apology than OMG, this is too true!!! I’m so shock that Kristen would so such a thing. Even if they didn’t sleep together just them being affectionate like that is still WRONG!!

  • Sophie

    @Ginger:” Even if they didn’t sleep together” so naive! lol

  • Annie


    Best comment ever. People worship Brangelina and they just did the exact same thing! Worse: they did not even have the honesty to confirm the rumor was true and apologize. They kept lying, denying it and 1000 ” humanitarian” missions and 5 kids later people treat them like the “creme de la creme”, the “A list of the A list”, “Saint Angie and Brad the Holy Ghost”…please give me a break, just like Angie, Kristen will just get more fame and more money! Period!

  • Annie

    Not true. Jennifer Aniston refered to Angelina’s act as “uncool” because Brad and her were still together, living under the same roof. Don’t even make up fake stories about them being separated. Why do you think people were so outraged. Angelina is a homewrecker as much as Kristen. The truth hurts but it is what it is.

  • KissThis


  • KateZ

    She was so arrogant with people and fans. Time to take a bow.