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Vanessa Lachey Shows Off Bare Baby Bump!

Vanessa Lachey Shows Off Bare Baby Bump!

Vanessa Lachey proudly shows off her baby bump with her husband Nick Lachey standing by her side in this new photo posted on Twitter.

“My Happiness… My Family! Ahhh, My Boys! (Wookie included) ;-),” the 31-year-old Wipeout co-host tweeted.

Vanessa and Nick are expecting a baby boy in the late summer or early Fall.

“We’ve been yelling it around the house. Nick and I love it,” Vanessa told People about the name they picked out for their baby. “We’re going to tell him first, and then introduce him to the world after he knows his name.”

Bigger pic inside…

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vanessa lachey shows off bare baby bump

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# 1

Hmmm… is that a fake belly? It looks odd, as if the color is off. Beats me.

# 2

These people haven’t the faintest clue what a private life means, and will complain when they face what they consider an intrusion of it. Some things are best left PRIVATE. Jesus motherfreaking christ

# 3

EEWWW some things should be kept private.

# 4

I’m sorry — I’m happy for them and all, but that picture is just straight up gross. Why can’t they just rub the belly privately?

# 5

This is not appropriate.

# 6
Jefferydgy @ 07/25/2012 at 8:29 pm

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# 7

If this was Jessica and Nick you all would be ooooing and coooing over how cute they are. Get over it!

# 8

He’s so doofy looking.

# 9
Iffy Miffy @ 07/25/2012 at 9:11 pm

There is nothing ew or gross about a pregnant woman or her belly. It’s a great thing that soon they’ll have a child. The problem is that these celebrities keep whining about privacy and then do things like these. What even?! Celebrate with your friends and family. This just screams PR!

no need to lift the shirt, idiot. we could already tell you are pregnant

awkward family photo dot com is awaiting this pic

His Facial expression is classic. He looks grossed out touching the belly

Vanessa looks beautiful, pregnancy definitely agrees with her! She is all baby, just belly. I think pregnancy is beautiful!

She’s a thousand time hotter pregnant than the enormous
Jabba The Hut Jessica

Whateva! @ 07/25/2012 at 8:31 pm #7

Thumb up Thumb down -7

If this was Jessica and Nick you all would be ooooing and coooing over how cute they are. Get over it!

Vanessa looks pretty pregnant, nice size and weight. She has kept herself up,

The opposite of Jessica who looked like a beached whale, an elephant, and a hyppo, who has no self-control.


The opposite of Jessica who looked like a beached whale, an elephant, and a ”hippo”, who has no self-control.

What is gross about his?? Seriously people, grow up! Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, there is nothing more natural or primal in this world, it’s a miracle.

Sure, they may be publicity whores – but it seems she was most likely ecstatic and wanted to share it.

@Jillian: yeah if this was 2001 people would care… do you live in narnia because no one gives a fu*ck about those two anymore. your argument is invalid and out of date.. tryyyy again

I think this is a very special time in their lives and if she wanted to share this with her twitter followers then she can. Her fans most likely WANT to see. No need to judge.

I think it’s beautiful and i don’t think she has stress mark… Which I know I wouldn’t be able to stop if I was pregnant.

only name you would be yelling around the house is GERONIMO!
poor kid…
and EASY GUESS on the ”secret” name part


“conrrection”??????? hahahaha


FYI–it’s “stretch” marks ;)

Vanessa looks great. I don’t think she will have any problem getting back in shape after giving birth.

How is this inappropriate web Jessica, Christina and Demi bared all in a magazine for$$ and this is just sharing. Shut up stupid people. You’ve never taken photos of pregnancy and shared? Cause you’re ugly ..inside and out. God people are so stupid. Don’t look of you dont like. Its a preg belly so what. Fat asses bare all with no baby all the time…at least she preg.

Why, for the love of all things non-beachball related, would they want to share that kind of image with the masses?

Is there NO level of modesty left on this planet?

Just like she would be bothered if I ran up to her on the street and asked to rub her belly, I think I’m kind of irked by a Fly-by belly ball as I surf the web…

Oh lordy….

im going to guess that vanessa lachey’s friends are here kissing her as*s.. calm down.. no one has said anything cruel. read what they say about other pregnant celebrites first before you have a tantrum. ive been on a thread where they called a musician a “pregnant slu*t ” — so unless they’re throwing that around i think u can crawl back into the hole you live in.

She has fans? What exactly would she have fans for?

They are imposing that big gross belly on us. Just wrong.
Pregnant women are beautiful in artistic pictures, that one is not cute at all.

omg is it supposed to look that way

She has fans for stealing Jessica Simpson’s husband. Vanessa is a goldigging Filipino bargirl and a drunk.

Artistic? You mean photoshopped dumbass. This isn’t photoshopped, and that’s why its beautiful.

Your mother is a bargirl.

she’s beeeautiful! it makes me think she’s having a baby girl – all smiles, proud and beauuutifuul!

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