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Kevin Zegers: Alec in 'Mortal Instruments' (Exclusive)

Kevin Zegers: Alec in 'Mortal Instruments' (Exclusive)

Kevin Zegers has booked a leading role in the highly anticipated film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, can exclusively reveal!

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is based on the first book in the best-selling series by Cassandra Clare. The story follows Clary Fray (Lily Collins), a seemingly ordinary teenage girl, who finds out the truths about her past and bloodline after her mom is attacked and taken from their home in New York City by a demon. Her entire life is changed on her quest to get her mom back.

Kevin, 27, will play Alec Lightwood, the gay brother of Isabelle (Jemima West). He is in love with Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower) and dislikes Clary because Jace is in love with her and not him. The film is scheduled to be released on August 23, 2013.

Kevin most recently starred in the ABC mini-series Titanic: Blood and Steel. He has had a recurring role on Gossip Girl and also starred in the films Transamerica and The Jane Austen Book Club.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kevin Zegers playing Alec in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones?

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  • Haber

    He is so hot

  • Ro

    Hot, but SOOOOOO not Alec …. #sad …

  • milena

    I do not know who he is, but very beautiful! XD

  • Kirsten

    OMG I cant believe it!!! I can see a good ALEC on him!! I hope SOO! I wanna know who’s playing LUKE and VALENTINE!! I picture JOSH LUCAS as LUKE!!!! IDK

  • Rachel

    ahhh yes this makes me so happy, he is one of my favorite actors, he can actually act. Yay I can’t wait (:

  • LOL

    lol at all these nobodies in this flop movie.

  • anon

    I thought Cassie said the actor was dark-haired and British??

  • jackie

    He is not in love with Jace…. he views jace as a brother… which is very evident in all of the books where they refer to Jace as his brother

  • Leslie

    OMG!! I’m soo happy, he’s very very HOT. I see Alec on him xD I hope Cassandra Clare say YES now xD

  • yass

    He’s is not in love with Jace!! You should read the books before saying something about it, because now there’s a bunch of people who’re going to think that and it’s all wrong.
    That said, although Kevin is hot, I just can’t picture him as Alec, is not the kind of acotr I had in mind for him.

  • junior

    he is not alec. is hot, but is not alec. just sad.

  • tinamarie

    I love Josh Lucas but I never thought of him as Luke. That would be awesome. I always pictured the guy from Gilmore Girls (Luke). Lol. As for Valentine, I’ve always pictured him as Liam Neeson.

  • Courtney

    What do I think? I think, at the moment, this isn’t true. Not until the author of the books herself confirms it. How did you even come to this conclusion? I don’t see anything in here showing how you found this out. Did he tell you that himself? Sorry if I sound snippy. He is gorgeous and I wouldn’t have a problem with him being Alec at all…I just want Cassie to confirm or deny it.

  • janel

    yeah he’s a good actor but he is way too old to play alec

  • .

    this movie is going to be a flop.

  • shadowhunters italia

    SORRY, but what is your source?

  • Sam

    I imagined him more broody and mysterious

  • YUi

    No. Just no.

  • Buzz

    he’s so short, idk if he fits the role

  • dino

    Is this for real? coz even Cassandra Clare herself hasn’t announced the actor for Alec yet except that he’s a well-known BRITISH actor & Kevin is Canadian. But if it’s true he really will play Alec, I guess I won’t have any complain except that he LOOKS a bit too old to play a 17 year old. I mean yeah the other actors/actresses for TMI main characters aren’t exactly teenagers either but I think they can pull off looking like teenagers.

  • Amy

    I’m holding out on my opinion until I see a legitimate source. I believe he’s too old, but I can’t approve or complain until I know the actuality of this news.

    Other than that, people need to realize that in City of Bones, Alec originally was jealous of Clary because of Jace’s attention towards her. He hadn’t come out yet and only knew his feelings for Jace since he had never been close with any other male his age – he believed he was in love because he knew nothing else. In *later* books, then he sees Jace as just his brother with no other feelings.

  • Amy


    Cassie stated that the front-runner is hot and British – but they couldn’t announce him because he might have scheduling conflicts. For all we know, our British hottie had to turn down the role… we’ll see what Cassie says

  • Julia Lane


    He is said several times throughout the books to be in love with Jace. I suggest you re-read them more carefully.

  • esra

    he’s old :)

  • Chelsea

    So glad that everyone cast in this movie ACTUALLY makes sense. Not a single person I’m bummed about. And I’m also glad that it’s not going to be Ed Westwick as originally rumored.

  • Fahad

    i dont believe in this, not until cassandra clare posts it her self. she posted everyone, even pangborn and blackwells way before half of the blogs. no way this is real. #denial :P :(

  • Katie

    I like the cast members they’ve picked so far but am I the only one thinking they’re all a little old? The characters are 16, 17, 18 yet the actors are all into their 20s! If they intend on making more of the series into films then these guys are gonna be in their 30s!

  • ella

    Cassandra Clare is the AUTHOR. She is not in charge of the casting of the film, no matter how much she tries to be. The studio may have given her the okay to announce passed casting announcements, but now they’ve probably decided to go the more traditional route. Maybe they want to finally draw more attention to the project since it is finally moving forward.

    “Exclusive” tends to mean that someone has given you the correct information and you’re the first one to report it. Jared, from passed experiences, usually holds off on posting rumors until stuff is confirmed.

  • Fahad

    check this out, its been posted on clare’s tumblr, this is all very weird, she usually does report the castings first, and honestly speaking, she has the right to do so. but yeah its all very confusing.

  • Joi


    Where are you guys getting this stuff??? Ella is spot on. Cassie has no control over casting. She has influence and at times strong input, but she does not make the final decisions on casting. If the studio cast him then he was cast. Cassie confirmation is not whats makes casting information true. The studio let her release casting information. It’s not her right to do so. Traditionally casting information is release by the media outlet, not the authors tumblr account.

    In regards to Kevin’s potential casting, I don’t like it. I like Kevin. I think he’s good looking and I actually can see him looking like Alec, but he just isn’t Alec for me. If he was a little younger, maybe. I really don’t know what they were thinking with this one. The fact that Cassie has been pretty much mute on the subject speaks volumes to me. If this is true, which I pretty sure it is, then I believe Cassie was blindsided by it. She said last week that she knew who the top contenders were, and I don’t think Kevin was on the list they gave her. If he was, she wouldn’t have said that Gaspard Ulliel was too old to play Alec, because Gaspard is the same age as Kevin. In the past she said Alec was hot and british, but I knew based on her comments last week they were having serious issues with his contract and that they were probably looking at other options. I did not expect them to cast Alec with a 28 year old. That’s what Kevin will be in less than two months, a 28 year old, playing 18.

  • Joi


    I just want to add that I think someone jump the gun releasing this information. It’s clear the studio did not want it released when it was, because if they did they would have let Cassie address the issue or issued a statement themselves. Right now, they are letting this sit up in the air for whatever reason. I’m thinking either his contract or the decision wasn’t set in stone before the announcement. They may be rethinking things. Who knows, but with less than 20 days to go before the cast needs to be in Toronto I don’t know what all the secrecy is about. If the cats out the bag, then just say so. Kevin’s people must likely released the information and I believe that twitter account that re posted the information is Kevins account based on all the personal pics. He’s obviously on-board so where is the hesitation to confirm coming from?

  • Shannon

    This must be false. Not only is he too old, but also not British which was a requirement for all being cast as shadow hunters. Just another stupid rumor.

  • ella

    That’s why Cassie shouldn’t have said anything about Alec’s casting. Telling everyone he’s British and hot when people are still in negotiations. Everything changes very quickly in the movie making industry and she should have just stayed mum on the subject until the contract was signed. If this is true, than the hot British guy ended up not taking the project for any number of reasons.

    Thanks, Joi. Psst, you sound like someone on the imdb boards. Have you been active recently?

  • Christopher King

    I don’t feel that he’s right for the part.

  • dino

    Apparently Kevin retweeted this news but deleted it later? But looking at Kevin’s profile on imdb, he’s got so many projects lined up for this year till 2013 so how it’s even possible for him to do TMI? Hmm I dunno what to think lol

  • Joi


    Your right, she shouldn’t have said anything because now everyone’s quoting her like what she says is law. I can’t believe all the people saying they wont believe until Cassie says. I’m sorry but all the evidence points to this being true. At the very least, it’s not a baseless rumor like many want to believe. If it were, Cassie could have easily said it was untrue. The fact that she didn’t deny it means there is some truth to the story. They may be finalizing contracts or they may be reconsidering. I hope it’s the latter.

    Lol, yes I frequent Imdb. I’m tjhester on there. Now I feel like I post too much, but I swear this production is making want to scream. It’s all so ridicules. Media sites are picking the story up like crazy and the studio won’t confirm by letting Cassie address it. If it’s true I just think it’s real silly of them to play coy at this point. Also, the fact that no body will believe movie news unless Cassie states it as true is trouble to me.

  • ella


    No, no, it’s cool. I’m domenici7 on there haha. That’s why it all sounded so familiar :) Either way, I’m still hoping for a good film even though this production all seems so unorganized.

  • Joi


    There are screen caps on tumblr of the post, that is no longer there. I really think someone released the information before they were supposed too. Kevin deleted the tweet pretty quick.

  • Lela


    Um….actually he did believe that he loved Jace and it wasn’t brotherly in the least.

  • Joi


    They have been soooooo unorganized. I’m actually surprised the movie made it to this point. Like you, I’m hoping they can make a good movie, despite everything. If Kevin has been cast I will support him, but man do I think this was a bad call.

  • donks


    Maybe the movie isn’t exactly like the book. HP, Twilight, The hunger games all had little alterations here and there. Eragon (which I really hate them for ruining) was practically a different thin altogether.

  • donks

    If Wikipedia is anything to go by (and I’m aware they might not be) he really was in love with Jace.

  • Angel

    This is JUST a rumor !! There have been no confirmation from Cassandra Clare OR Sony… Usually Cassie reveals the casting on her twitter when she gets the approval from the producers and stuff – so therefor i dont believe this UNTIL its confirmed in the “right way”

  • Shannon


    Yes he is. It’s a known fact that Alec was in love with Jace until Jace himself confronts him about it, saying he only thinks he’s in love with him because he knows he’s straight and will never have to put in the effort of making a relationship work, like has to with Magnus. Once he realizes Jace is right, he is able to move on with Magnus, but he was definitely in love with him for a very long time.

  • Fahad

    @Joi, i know that, Clare does mess up sometimes in her excitement, its just that, i find it weird that she still cant report the thing, when its already confirmed by a thousand other sites, especially after the fact that Clare herself reported the castings first and foremost, before.

    i dont mind Kevin zegers, but when you look at the fact that he’s supposed to be a 18 year old, who looks like his sister in some ways, you really cant see zegers pulling that off, even make up and effects can do so much, why cast a person like that when they can cast someone who’ll fit the bill pretty easily

    also, Clare mentioned that Alec was going to be played by a british actor, this is stupid, honestly. clare should’ve kept her mouth shut. im looking forward to the movie, but this is just ridiculous

  • Joi

    The fans got used to having Cassie announced everything, but that’s just not how it’s normally done. I understand why people want to hear from Cassie, but it the long run it’s not so good to have her releasing all movie information. They want media coverage and buzz. The movie needs it, if it”s going to be successful. I’m waiting for Cassie’s report on this as well, but I know she isn’t the one making the final decision.

    I’m not sure who released the info to Just Jared. If the studio released the info, then it makes no sense for them to tell Cassie to hold comment. Kevin’s people most likely released it. Kevin re-tweeted the info, so he must have thought it was a done deal. He quickly deleted the tweet. My thoughts are he was probably told the studio wasn’t ready for the announcement or the decision wasn’t set in stone. Either way, the info wasn’t supposed to be released when it was. I’ll be really irritated if at the end of all this they come out and say Kevin was cast. Multiple sites are reporting it, so why leave the fans hanging, if all you plan to do is release the same information.

    Based on the information she had, I really think Cassie thought they were going British and younger. I don’t know what happened within a weeks time, because Kevin is not British nor in the age range they were supposedly looking. I can’t understand where he came from. Cassie said just last week that she knew who the top contenders were, and I’m almost positive Kevin wasn’t on the list. Did all there options fall through??? Did they make a quick decision because they are almost out of time??? Maybe they decided to age Alec do to his relationship with Magnus. I don’t know. I do plan on seeing the movie regardless, and just hope they do a good job. Pre-production has been damn near terrible in my opinion.

  • http://facebook/farahkhaledamer farah


  • hmm

    I guess this is true after all. City of Bones has already been listed in Kevin’s Filmography page on imdb. i just don’t understand why Cassandra can’t just confirmed about this herself already.

  • British Latin American

    Kevin is so beautiful. I want to see more of him!

  • Cat

    NOW it is officially confirmed: