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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Workout Couple!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Workout Couple!

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler leave a gym together after a workout session on Thursday afternoon (July 26) in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress and her 20-year-old beau landed at LAX Airport the day before after taking a quick getaway for a few days.

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Vanessa made her way to a nail salon after arriving back in Los Angeles. We love her Are You Afraid of the Dark shirt!

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens out and about in Studio City…

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vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 01
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 02
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 03
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 04
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 05
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 06
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 07
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 08
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 09
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 10
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 11
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 12
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 13
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 14
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 15

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247 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Workout Couple!”

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  1. 126
    Dahlia Says:

    You people keep calling zac a player and a cheater and what not. but do you have evidence to proove it . no. you keep usking us for proof when we accuse her for calling the paps. do we have proof no.
    but this is just too much.
    its kinda common sence that this kind of paping is obviousley staged. get real here. she or her management is setting the paps up.

  2. 127
    maria Says:

    @D: That’s a lot of trash talkin’. She has more class than most people in Hollywood. She apologized for a stupid TEEN mistake, and never pointed fingers. She was in a 5 yr relationship with your golden boy and supported him in every way. They broke up and has never uttered a bad word, nor aired any dirty secrets about him. That’s class, hate to tell ya. She has just as much talent as the ex, if not more. Her acting is just as good, if not better. She has far more facial expressions than just staring, like he does. And we are not in denial about anything. He is always going to get things handed to him, cause pretty white boys do. He is being groomed to be a sex symbol. Good for him. Whatever. Vanessa will always be able to be proud of what she earns…..she’ll have worked for it.

  3. 128
    maria Says:

    @Dahlia: Yeah, because she has so much to gain from overexposure and hatred from people like you. How stupid.

  4. 129
    Haters Suck! Says:

    No one called zac that. I called him a lying piece of $hit snake in the ground. Hey if no one else has to provide proof why should we?

  5. 130
    big mama Says:

    she will be done. just wait a bit longer. its very soon. she is already pritty much irelevent anyway. talentless trash.
    Cant wait until the day we want be seeing her face anymore.(very soon)

  6. 131
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @big mama
    Gutter trash. Lucky for all of us we don’t have to see your face at all.

  7. 132
    creep Says:

    It’s like they say, haters r gonna hate, and while they keep hating Vanessa will be in Venice with Spring Breakers =^.^=

  8. 133
    vv Says:

    @Haters Suck!: yeah,so happy with her LOSER of a boyfreiend.he is like a puppy following her everywhere trying to garner fame off her and living the time of his life with her money.Eventhough you and the other bunch of idiots fail to see this small piece of truth most of others do and vanessa probably does herself.

  9. 134
    tina Says:

    Read the reviews for Orsen Wells the highest rated movie he has ” a movie with potenial for greatness brought down by Zac efron’s lackluster performance” Ten years ago, she was 13 you need to check your math. What was NYE 7?

  10. 135
    Patt Says:

    Her fans just vership this talentless trash. if they would get a chance i am sure they will lick her as* off well. even eat her cra*.
    she have 5 loyal fans. who thing she is god. sad very sad.

  11. 136
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Damn right. This year Vanessa has been to Florida, Austraila, France, the UK, Spain and in a month Italy. Hey haters how’s your year been?

  12. 137
    Spelling???? Says:

    @big mama, D, and Wg.g
    You 3 really need to go back to school and get an education because your grammar and spelling are atrocious.

  13. 138
    D Says:

    @patt agreed agreed agreed. all the way. soooo true. sad ha.

  14. 139
    lily Says:

    You guys, the haters, should focus on not liking someone based on their careers, not on their personal lifes… It’s just plain stupid to hate someone you don’t even know personally.

  15. 140
    tina Says:

    @vv two years ago you were saying the same about her. She is happy she is working and thank you for sending me to rotten tomatoes, loved read what “grown people” think of his movies.

  16. 141
    creep Says:

    @Haters Suck!: probably spent the year in front of the computer trashing her lol… It’s a really sad thing to see, ya know, people that don’t have lifes trashing a person just cause she do, and its happy with it lol

  17. 142
    D Says:

    @lily: well the same goes for zac also. think before you write.

  18. 143
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Better than a boyfriend who never supported her, was only with because it was “serving him” and was to busy flirting with anything that moved to notice her. Austin treats Vanessa better than zac ever did.

  19. 144
    lily Says:

    @vv: so… what do you have to do with it? Clearly you are not the one affected by the relationship, seem as you are not a fan, a friend of Vanessa or a family member…

  20. 145
    lily Says:

    @D: I don’t hate Zac, I don’t even talk about her in Vanessa’s board, and I think this site would be a loooot better if everyone did the same. Talk about Zac in HIS board and talk about Vanessa in HER board. The end.

  21. 146
    lily Says:

    @lily: i don’t even talk about *HIM
    sorry, i guess it’s pretty clear that english is not my 1st language lol, so… sorry for any grammar mistake

  22. 147
    vv Says:

    @maria: He is not gonna get handed anything to him just because he is a pretty ‘white’ boy.There are so many pretty ‘white ‘ boys out there,he has to compete with all of them to land a role.Vanessa being a non-caucasian is not a disadvantage for her as you think.Actually she has to compete much lesser than zac for her to land role.If it has been such a disadvantage for her how come she has never run out of roles for her,and truly when she turns her hair blonde you can’t really see much difference between her and a caucasian.I don’t even undersatnd why you are so proud of having 118 comments.It doesn’t mean that she is popular or anything.This post got so many comments because we keep fighting.Vanessa is rich,we can’t afford to go to so many countries within a year as much as she does.I don’t even understand why you asked such a stupid question.

  23. 148
    call me french Says:

    I don’t hate Zac, au contraire, I like the guy, and I’m glad he was a part of Vanessa’s life, I really feel like they were good for each other in that period of time, you know, dealing with the sudden fame and all but, man, his fans are such a pain in the a ss…

  24. 149
    tina Says:

    @vv you are completely off your gorde. People of color always have to work twice as hard for roles in Hollywood. It’s just a fact .EVERY ROLE SHE HAS GOTTEN SHE HAS AUDITION FOR AND WON. She’s not pimping herself out to rich producers by going on their boats and kissing their grandchildren. She is working because she is EARNING her jobs.

  25. 150
    vv Says:

    @tina: read reeviews of some other movies he has done.True he has got bad reviews too,that’s natureal.Vanessa has got good reviews too,but in the recent films she did much of the attention didn’t focus on her ,for example j2.IT’S ATTENTION FOCUSED MAINLY ON ROCK AND THE REVIEWS TOO.

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