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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Workout Couple!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Workout Couple!

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler leave a gym together after a workout session on Thursday afternoon (July 26) in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress and her 20-year-old beau landed at LAX Airport the day before after taking a quick getaway for a few days.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa made her way to a nail salon after arriving back in Los Angeles. We love her Are You Afraid of the Dark shirt!

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens out and about in Studio City…

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vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 02
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 03
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 04
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 05
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 06
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 07
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 08
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 09
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 10
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 11
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 12
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 13
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 14
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 15

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247 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Workout Couple!”

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  1. 151
    call me french Says:

    @vv: Just like The paperboy reviews were focused in Nicole… This is a never ending discussion, what EVERYONE (and I mean Zac’s AND Vanessa’s fans) should get by now is that none of them is in the a-list yet, so everbody should just shut it.

  2. 152
    tina Says:

    VV read quite enough thank you, you can’t get any better than the only good thing was his boxer briefs, lol. Read the critics, you know the ones who actually know acting. We didn’t bring him to this thread his fans did. We would be happy for you to taje him with you and leave.

  3. 153
    tina Says:

    Sb take him with you

  4. 154
    tina Says:

    @vv you must be fourteen or not understand english well. What I said went over your head, have one of you little friends explain it to you. Why would I care about Zac following her? She’s happy, I’ m happy for her.

  5. 155
    tina Says:

    Vv bye

  6. 156
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Goodbye and good riddance

  7. 157
    YOHO Says:

    Personally,I don’t think reviews matter at all.I don’t understand why you guys make such a fuss about this.What’s the point of good reviews if the film becomes a big flop.Personally I measure an actor’s success with how many box office hits he has and how much attention he is paid in the film( I mean it’s no use being a part of a large cast like zac did in NYE or being shadowed by other actors like v did in j2) and whether or not he is paid big for the film.To me reviews mean nothing.

  8. 158
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I never want to hear zac fans complain about haters again when they are the worst of the worst.

  9. 159
    tina Says:

    @D First it’s a movie about Spring Break, they are at the BEACH, what should they wear? You sent me to rotten tomatoes, thank you never laugh harder. Loved what critics had to say. Is he on some other old guy’s boat this week? We know who using what to get ahead. You and your buddy have pointed out she’s with Austin not gay or old men.

  10. 160
    tina Says:

    I didn’ t say he was gay READ what I said. The truth hurts, he is auditioning for roles on this guy boat. I’ m sure he’ll get them.

  11. 161
    man Says:

    @tina: you didn’t use that word.but that’s what you mean,even in your second comment.Why can’t zac go on a trip with some of his friends?is it that wrong?Zac works hard to land roles as much as vanessa does.This Al turki guy or any other guy isn’t gonna get some loser of an actor for his films just because he likes him or has a crush on him.They invest millions on films.They are not gonna waste millions on a silly crush.Zac is being continuosly used inf films because he has talent and that he is so appealing to the audiences,both young and mature unllike most actors out there .He can bare his undies and can be so apealing to mature the female and male audiences as sex symbol and can voice ted and be apealing to kids and play a rebellious son and be apealing to teens etc.

  12. 162
    Challenge for Maria Says:

    I propose a challenge to you Maria, go to Rotten Tomatoes, choose 2 movies of Vanessa and get the first 10 reviews about Vanessa’s acting abilities, just her acting as a single element from the movie, no reviews about the movie in general, let’s compare with what people say about Zac, just prove to everyone there’s a consensus about Zac being “bad” and Vanessa being “good” actress, and this is not JUST an narrow-minded fan theory, like it sounds
    I was impartial, I just get the first comments that is showed on the site, you’ll see positive, condescending and even NEGATIVE reviews
    What critics say about Zac in “17 Again”:
    1- “The good news is Efron can carry a movie on his own”
    2- “he’s a charismatic actor with solid comedic chops and ability to play the range of this character.”
    3- “Efron’s adequate but completely anonymous work keep this from achieving true liftoff.”
    4- “…with Zac Efron’s tremendously appealing lead performance playing an instrumental role in the movie’s undeniable success.”
    5- “The role of the cool kid recapturing his game is well-suited for Mr. Efron; he’s not asked to stretch his acting skills too far and responds with a charming performance. 6- “Efron is up to such demands. He has an easy way with the comedy and doesn’t seem to be taking himself seriously.”
    7- “And with 17 Again, tweenager poster boy Zac Efron proves that he really can act”
    8- “the kid has a charming screen presence and more than enough talent to carry this lightweight comedy.”
    9- “Efron plays the role well, and certainly had the teenage girls in the audience squealing in delight.”
    10 – “’17 Again’ demonstrates that Effron has rightfully earned some of the rampant adulation that has come his way.”
    What critics say about Zac in “Charlie St. Cloud”.
    1- “Zac Efron tries something a touch more serious with this synthetic weepie. And for those who thought the star could do no wrong, here’s very solid proof to the contrary.”
    2- “He is an actor able to feel emotions as well as portray them, and he’s always likeable.”
    3- “Efron excels, proving he’s leading-man material”
    4- “Zac Efron conspicuously fails to outgrow his teen roots”
    5- “Another solid performance by Zac Efron is flattened by bombastic filmmaking”
    6- “If you liked Happy Zac in High School Musical, why not try Sad Zac? All the chiselled sex appeal of the original, but now with a gloomy face on top! ”
    7- “Zac Efron hasn’t yet arrived as a big-time movie star, although Hollywood is doing its best to make that happen.”
    8- “it’s a decent enough vehicle to flaunt Efron’s acting chops.”
    9- “is a tribute to the acting skills of the ever-improving Efron, who strikes just the right balance between grief and introspective miserabilism.”
    10- “Efron is an extremely likeable screen presence “

  13. 163
    tina Says:

    @man for the last time I DON’T THINK ZAC IS GAY. I think he’s a pretentious user, which allows him to suddenly be ‘friends’ with a guy old enough to be his grandfather. Soon they will be making movies together. He ll, Zac name will even be on it as producer.

  14. 164
    man Says:

    @Challenge for Maria: You should have chosen TLO or Paperboy.These are old reviews when he was still playing the character of a silly teenager.The reviews from TLO and Paperboy may not be good as these,but they show that he is doing a great job moving in to adult roles.

  15. 165
    BOJI Says:

    There is no need to challenge Maria. She has her opinions on the matter. I re iterate, this is Vanessa thread period, plain and simple. And we get Efron Fans doing the dirty here, so why the hell can’t we defend Vanessa on HER Threads.

    @ Maria, you don’t need to explain your self or take up poster171′s challenge. Just not worth the E F word(.effort, haha my pun)
    @ 171 please take this to his thread

  16. 166
    Celestine Says:

    @maria: So if a person gets a good review from a critic he/she must have had sex with them?? LOL!! So ridiculous!

  17. 167
    tina Says:

    @Challenge We didn’t start this ‘go to rotten tomatoes’ thing Zac’s fans did. Of course, while he was filming HSM they thought he was the second coming , nice, polite little boy who showed promise. Now he has become a one trick pony. You went to his FIRST reviews I went to his last.

  18. 168
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I dont believe that is our regular Maria. I believe it is yet another what we like to call doppleganger. Someone posing as Maria by stealing her screen name.

  19. 169
    KissThis Says:

    Please… If Vanessa’s fans knew her personality… And I know what I’m talking about. She’s completely stuck up with herself. She treats others horribly. But whatever. Her fans can keep thinking she’s amazing. Just know that she doesn’t give a crap about you. She’s in the business purely for fame and money. TRUTH.

  20. 170
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Right you know what you’re talking about and I’m just supposed to believe you just like that because you say so. That’s not gonna happen. I’ve yet to hear from anyone from people whove worked with Vanessa to fans who take pics and post them on twitter and tweet about meeting her never in all these years have I ever heard one bad thing about her. I’ll take their word over yours any day of the week.

  21. 171
    tina Says:

    You know her personally, right. Lol

  22. 172
    man Says:

    @maria: What about the challenge?

  23. 173
    BOJI Says:

    @Kiss This, you can kiss my ass ! Sorry, just feeling nasty .

  24. 174
    Challenge for Maria Says:

    @man: If you want, there it is, from The Paperboy there’s no much about Zac only, have to get some references about the entire cast

    The Lucky One
    1- Efron puts in his best movie performance yet
    2- While impossible to prove with this effort, Efron can act (see “Hairspray” and “17 Again”)
    3- The acting isn’t dreadful. Zac Efron is fine as Logan
    4- His Logan is stoic, but perhaps too much so, as his acting at times comes off as expressionless and one-dimensional.
    5- Scott Hicks’s film is the first where Zac Efron is fairly convincing as a full-fledged adult
    6- Former teen idol Zac Efron is all grown up but keeps the boyish charm
    7- After this performance no further evidence is needed of Efron’s ability to do vulnerability and puppy love — we’re ready now to see whether he can show any bite.
    8- Efron and Schilling are appealing but get little chance to come alive
    9 – I never really bought the notion of Zac Efron as a traumatised marine veteran trying to overcome his demons after three tours of duty. He isn’t a man who’s been through hell; he’s a nice-looking boy who’s been through a makeover. I’ve admired his work in the past, but when he attempts to show inner conflict here he looks like a male model who’s a martyr to haemorrhoids.
    10- And Efron the actor is Tom Cruise-lite. Beyond the blue eyes and man-scaped stubble, you are left with an actor who simply pauses on screen when he is not speaking
    The Paperboy
    1- Zac Efron himself, who accepts his rather inflexible role as Vexed Ken Doll with markedly good grace.
    2- The young actor delivers a far more measured and layered performance than in the Nicholas Sparks’ luckless The Lucky One.
    3- The 24-year-old Efron, as the young man who loves her, finally gets the chance to prove that he is more than a pair of pretty blue eyes and a set of rock-hard abs; he rises to the occasion, digging up a note-perfect performance
    4- Zac Efron does his part too, but he is rather hamstrung by the fact that he isn’t the biggest presence in his own story, undermined by the pressing, and not altogether welcome omnipotent presence of Macy Gray’s narrator.
    5- despite its plot holes The Paperboy is a surprisingly involving film with solid performances from its cast
    6- Zac Efron, who arguably is the only cast member credibly cast.
    7- Efron – whose hard body is extensively lingered on by Daniels’ camera – does a nice job as the lovestruck youngster
    8- it’s the first big-screen part Efron has handled with skill and conviction; he’s quite good in it.
    9- Zac Efron is very good as the sad, motherless boy, whose only friend is the family’s stoical maid Anita
    10- It feels like clips from around 20 other films, none of them good, sandwiched back to back, and the talented cast can only grit their teeth.

  25. 175
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Wow boji, never heard you go at someone like that. Damn I’m proud of you.

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