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Daniel Craig & Queen Elizabeth's Olympic Arrival - Watch Now!

Daniel Craig & Queen Elizabeth's Olympic Arrival - Watch Now!

Daniel Craig gets into character as James Bond and makes sure Queen Elizabeth arrives safely at the 2012 Summer Olympics on Friday (July 27) in London, England.

The 44-year-old actor and the Queen, who celebrated her Diamond Jubilee this year, perform some exciting stunts in the video – check it out below!

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David Beckham got involved with the Olympic Ceremony as well – he drove a speedboat carrying the Olympic Flame.

Daniel Craig as James Bond Escorts Queen Elizabeth II to the Olympics
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Credit: Ryan Pierse, Alex Livesey; Photos: Getty
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  • Lisa

    Yes, I’m not his/her friend. However I always call them by first name. Don’t take things so seriously anyways! :D

  • Rie

    Hey, don’t you think Daniel and an animal always have good chemistry?
    TGWTDT – Cat
    The Arrival – Corgi

  • ack

    @Lisa: whos taking it seriously? i just asked a question.

  • Clare

    Adore him, he’s flawless in a tux! Maaaaaan!

  • Hanna

    Absolutely loved the Queen & Bond. Daniel looked quite dapper in his tux. He knows how to wear his tux. Genius!!!!!

  • shelley

    OMG!!!! What a snoozefest it was!!!! The most boring ceremony ever!!!!!
    Noone can top the Greeks!!! 2nd best the chinese one!!! But the greek ceremony was epic, i mean it all began there and what a history they have !!!

  • Lee

    Where is the video (Daniel and The Queen) uploaded? PLEASE!

  • lafamepoma

    funny when she jumped from the plane hahaha

  • Sofia

    @shelley: Unfortunately, the Greek economic crisis was everywhere in the news because the profit fell short of their expectations with the Athens Olympics.

  • true

    @shelley: it was at that — it had some good moments but for an opening ceremony it was kind of flat — china was organized as sh*t.. it was a pristine ceremony. maybe money was a problem?? or just unorganized?!

  • Tom

    At least the Queen is frank. We could all see it coming? Who’d have thought this is how the pieces fit?

  • SNP

    I WAS THERE….xxx

  • Elle

    I can’t understand her reaction — Just said, Mr. Bond…. If I were her, I would throw myself at him!! Lol.

  • Filthy Royal Hag


  • …Borrrring

    Could NOT Stay Awake

  • Sunshine Daydream

    There he goes again….making patriotism look so, SO sexy…..WOW! And he definitely rocks a tux like no other.

  • Deb Sullvan

    Can” believe you removed the video. You suck

  • Arie

    @Lisa: This thread made me giggle. We are on not in English class. I’ve met many celebrities and I call them by their first name. In fact, when I heard a man call Andrew Garfield “Mr. Garfield” I thought it sounded strange. We can speak of said celeb any way we want.

  • mary

    Why did Jared remove the video?

  • Guinness

    THAT is a good question Mary.
    I didn’t get to see it. I was working. great. My sister sent me a text exactly when it happened, as if i didnt know already. ahhhhh.
    Mendel–are you there? how much hype has been trickled down to rural UK where you are? did you ring anyone’s bells at 8:12? wow, i definitley wished i was ringin Dan’s bells at that time. whew.
    good luck women’s soccer USA team…go USA! sorry friends across the pond–ho hum.
    I am endorsing another British-character book——Thursday Next mystery–google her, but i envision Dan as her partner…….So, all you friends or fiends accross the pond–
    Happy Olympics!
    Happy Jubeliiiee
    Happy 50th Bond!
    and we will take Dan when we get him in NYC!!!

    (btw–just saw his Rach in Vanity Fair….she is quite wonderful. NOT HOT HOT–but she is cool, i like her for some reason. maybe cuz she looks like me :) ciao

  • mary

    Yes, Guinness, it’s a good question. Especially since the video is all over “you tube” and other sites on the net.

  • Guinness

    ok. so, i went to a few sites and its the “olympic committee”-copywrite. great. so i will find it somewhere else Mary-thx.

    OMFG——–i am going here tuesday this week—got to pick up a relative and spending the day in BOSTON!! love Boston. Dan musta had a fab time—there is great ethnic food and great pubs all in the same walking distance…NYC can be tedious. whatever…its like that in all cities? i dont know what the f I am talking about–i am just so freaking mad i missed him by 2 hours. and a few days….
    damn, what is that P0rno stach doing there again???? he is so delish. so, all i have to do is become a Liverpool futball junkie? nice. maybe someday i will get his autograph on my Rachel (the name of one of my pectoral extensions per MY Dan. funny. follow me Mendel??). damn dan.

  • mary
  • Mendel

    Also here:

    Hi Guinness

    “Mendel–are you there? how much hype has been trickled down to rural UK where you are?”

    Total hype :)

    I so loved Dan and the Bond Queen! Very cute corgis, too! It was so funny when the Queen was pushing past Bond to jump out of the plane first, lol!

    Also, it was great that the ceremony featured the NHS *grin* (did you hear about the Tory MP ranting on Twitter about the ‘lefty multicultural’ carp?)

    “did you ring anyone’s bells at 8:12?”

    Sadly, no. But I had Dan to oogle…

    ” we will take Dan when we get him in NYC!!!”

    He’s OURS! OURS!!!

    “follow me Mendel??”

    Yes ;)

  • Kathryn

    Thanks for the link! Holy ****! What a woman! What a guy! Corgis wins Best Actor Award!!!!!!!!

  • Kathryn

    Thanks again!

  • sam

    Gold — the queen jumps off a helicopter with daniel
    Silver — rolling corgis
    Bronze — mr. bean plays foul in chariots of fire
    4th place — becks bond wannabe

  • Virgin

    I’ve enjoyed the most was the Queen + Daniel Craig. Daniel is such a fine piece of unf!

  • Guinness

    sweet. thanks for the link mendel–and his cute smirk at the doggies. he is so cute. I remember a jab he made toward the cat in TGWTGT in just playing with it….the cat said “scuze me?” and went to play with him. so cute he recognizes animals too. ~night….sweet Bond dreams….

  • PNiel

    My grandma still believes the Queen did the parachuting stunt herself.

  • Alex

    Well done Daniel! Nobody has been co-starring with the Queen. I think the event will be talked about even by later generations.

  • honey starr

    @<a href="/2012/07/27/daniel-craig-queen-elizabeths-olympic-arrival-watci@Sky Fall: h-now/comment-page-1/#comment-24132832″>Jean:
    THIS WAS FABULOUS. Queen Elizabeth has a great sense of humor, the best to all in the most special olymipics.

  • Lynn

    The reason why the Queen was grumpy at while Arctic Monkeys played.


    Corgis are so gosh-darned cute! those adorably stubbular legs, those big black soft eyes, how can anyone who is breathing resist them? The team – the corgis and Daniel, is the cutest thing in the world!!!!!!!!

  • Her Majesty
    “It was a bit of a laugh”: The Queen tells of her delight after acting debut alongside Daniel Craig

    Her majesty acclaimed as a natural after she filmed her James Bond scenes in just one take.
    By Nick Owens 3 Comments 28 Jul 2012 23:20
    “It was a bit of a laugh”: The Queen tells of her delight after acting debut alongside Daniel Craig

    Her majesty acclaimed as a natural after she filmed her James Bond scenes in just one take

    Good evening Mr Bond: The Queen slips effortlessly into her role
    The Queen has told of her ­delight ­at her starring role in Danny Boyle’s ­opening ceremony Bond ­spoof… saying it was “a bit of a laugh”.

    In her first acting role, Her Majesty appeared with 007 star Daniel Craig during one of the highlights of Friday night’s extravaganza.

    The Queen was hiding backstage at the stadium when the pre-­recorded scenes in which she flies in a helicopter with the spy were shown. After the clip a stuntman playing her parachuted down to the stadium – stunning billions of viewers worldwide.

    On a tour of the Olympic Park yesterday Her Majesty told London Mayor Boris Johnson: ­“It all seemed to go very well last night. But I didn’t see my bit.” Boris told her: “You were ­brilliant Ma’am,” and she responded: “It was a bit of a laugh.” ­Buckingham Palace said she was ­“delighted” to be in the show, which she called “exceptional”.

    We can reveal today that the Queen performed her part in one take and her own corgis Monty, ­Willow and Holly were used in the film.
    After Slumdog Millionaire director Danny came up with the Bond sequence idea, Locog chairman Lord Coe made a formal approach to Buckingham Palace – and Her Majesty loved the idea.

    “It was not a case of having to persuade the Queen to take part,” an official said.

    “Her Majesty said ‘yes’ to it straight away. She thought it was such brilliant fun. And when the idea for the format was explained to her she was happy with that, too. When we came to filming it the Queen was a natural. Did it take long? No. Let’s just say we only had to film it once.

    “And yes they were the Queen’s corgis. We had others on stand-by if it was required but we never needed to use them.”

    A senior royal aide added: “The Queen was very impressed by the opening ceremony. She said it went rather well, which it most certainly did. It is typical of the Queen to be understated but make no mistake she was very impressed. It was breathtaking.”

    Danny yesterday praised the Queen’s acting skills and she was “very helpful and very sharp”. “You don’t have to tell her something twice,” he said. “She picks it up straight away, about ­cameras and ­angles.

    “And she was very gracious in giving us access really, and that’s what we wanted, that feeling to be throughout the whole ceremony. She is a good actor, she is good at it. Her and Daniel (Craig) got on very well, her and James Bond got on very well so that was all tickety-boo, and the corgis were fine.”

    Her Majesty has never acted before but Prince Charles made a cameo appearance in an episode of Coronation Street and the ­Duchess of ­Cornwall has been on The Archers.

    In the film – watched by thousands of guests at the stadium on Friday and billions of TV viewers around the world – Bond calls on her at ­Buckingham Palace then they fly by helicopter through London to the Olympic site in Stratford.

    As the sequence finished a helicopter hovered above the stadium and two people dressed as the Queen and Bond jumped out and ­parachuted towards the stadium before landing outside.

    Her Majesty then took her seat at the ceremony wearing the same dress as in the film sequence. The stunt shocked and delighted the billions who saw it. The parachute jump was performed by ­stuntman and base jumper Gary Connery and Mark Sutton, a former officer in the Royal Gurkha Rifles. Gary, who played the Queen, said of the experience: “It will hang in my memory until I become senile and can’t remember it any more.

    “What an occasion, what a thing to be involved in, absolutely stunning.”

    The Queen, who chose her outfit for the filming, was played by Miss Marple actress Julia ­McKenzie for the scene where she boards the helicopter.

    During TV coverage of the opening ceremony she was seen looking pensive before her brief speech to signify the start of the Games.

    But yesterday royal insiders said she had repeatedly laughed during the ceremony, particularly during Rowan Atkinson’s hilarious keyboard-playing sketch. “The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall and the younger royals loved the Mr Bean sketch and so did the Queen,” the source said. “The entire family was thrilled by the Bond film.”

    A spokeswoman said the Queen was approached last year asking if she would take part.

    Check out all the royals at the Olympics

  • Nora

    I still can’t get over his new found hotness! New Bond movie is gonna be sick as fuuuuck!

  • Meg

    Is there anything better than Daniel in a tuxedo? I think not.

  • Mike

    @Her Majesty:
    Her and Daniel (Craig) got on very well, her and James Bond got on very well so that was all tickety-boo
    I want to know what they were chatting together!

  • Heidi

    Dude, did you see that babe? Daniel was so totally suave!! *Pure Bond*

  • Heidi

    @mary: @Mendel: Thank you for sharing the link!

  • Mari


    You are obviously not from an English speaking country. Otherwise you would have realized that people are nearly always addressed with their first names at least in a setting like this. It would be awkward for people to call him Mr. Craig.

  • ack

    @Mari: why are you taking it so seriously? and theres no need to be nasty. it was a question. i got an answer. move on. (and im from australia btw)

  • Tom

    According to CNN, 1 billion people watched an opening ceremony on TV worldwide. Smart move, got highly favorable publicity and praise!!!!

  • csa

    It was a really boring ceremony!I was expecting more form the Brits and their medieval history!

  • pinay

    it was actually a very impressive, unique and very british. you have to understand the history of the country to appreciate it. :) coming from your part of the world, (u.s of a**) of course, you wouldn’t understand. it makes you proud to be british ( i am not, of course)!
    congratulations, brits!!! You’ve done yourselves proud!!

  • dc


  • mary

    I guess Jared has taken the hint; the video is back

  • Go! USA Swim Team!

    EVERYONE says Ryan Lochte looks like Daniel Craig!! WOW!

  • Natalia

    Ryan Lochte is an illegitimate child between Daniel and me….. (kidding…
    well, I just hope) :D

  • Daniel as Honorary Ambassador

    Compassion and empathy are measure of our humanity – Daniel Craig
    — Honorary Ambassador, Everyone Matters