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Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Katsuya Couple!

Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Katsuya Couple!

Diane Kruger and her boyfriend Joshua Jackson share a romantic evening together at Katsuya on Thursday (July 26) in Hollywood.

The 36-year-old actress wore a pair of light pink pants and Current/Elliott‘s The Freshman Tee in Grey Leopard with Bally “Rouleaux Stredas” heels.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Diane Kruger

Joshua has been busy promoting the final season of his Fox series Fringe this past month. He made stops at the Summer TCA Tour to chat with the press and Comic-Con to see the diehard fans.

10+ pictures inside of Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson out for dinner…

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diane kruger joshua jackson katsuya couple 01
diane kruger joshua jackson katsuya couple 02
diane kruger joshua jackson katsuya couple 03
diane kruger joshua jackson katsuya couple 04
diane kruger joshua jackson katsuya couple 05
diane kruger joshua jackson katsuya couple 06
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diane kruger joshua jackson katsuya couple 09
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diane kruger joshua jackson katsuya couple 11

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • jenny

    diane is the most gorgeous thing on earth

  • suriiii

    pacey is a hottie

  • Nicole

    Holy Smokes Batman!!! Diane looks like a man. She should never ever ever pull her bad in a ponytail.

  • steph

    her forehead is HUGE

  • Tanya

    Holy forehead!!

  • I did it

    who cares these two losers!!

  • painful

    I like her and usually find her beautiful but she is way too skinny here! looks emaciated with a huge deformed head. Why?! She was perfect in Troy.

  • lori


  • notyourfriend

    it’s not her forehead, it’s her hairline, it’s like a man’s…no wonder she settled with that loser…when a so called beautiful woman is with a regular dude = she has flaws

  • POQ

    awful–this is what anorexia does to your body..she looks older than she is and HER HAIR IS FALLING OUT!!he at least has some fans!!

  • timmy


    LOL, you mean this story:

    i knew it! these two are so kinky!

  • GABI

    my God wish those famewhores would just go away This bitch is a irrelevant:she is awful actress ,anorexia,who to see ugly face !! she has zero talent. Just another wannabe starlet who’s career just seems to being photographed !!

  • angel

    congratulations diane kruger on your latest role

    your movie farewell, my queen, got praised by the critics.

    i saw it and loved, loved you performance.

  • g

    i like katie holmes better

  • lori

    @timmy: that’s my guess, the fringe and diane what’s-her-pickle! LOL

  • Nane

    he is a loser in five years Anna Torv and John Noble received several indications of prizes in nightly pasada she won her third saturn awards, while he was never nominated for anything.

  • diane kruger french actress


    diane got rave reviews, indeed.
    i too saw the movie and she didnt let me down. what a performance.
    lovely couple!

  • mich

    josh is getting a tan, looking good.
    now that the production on fringe is delayed, he can get more sweet time with diane. i think it’s wonderful.
    love him on fringe, great actor!

  • Ajn

    the truth is few people are interested in her
    his latest film at the box office was very low if not for the relationship with josh and appear in these gossip sites, few people would know she is.more because it appears that Joshua has a strong fan base because dawson’s creek

  • Ajn

    the truth is few people are interested in her
    his latest film at the box office was very low if not for the relationship with josh and appear in these gossip sites, few people would know she is.more because it appears that Joshua has a strong fan base because dawson’s creek

  • Celina

    Two losers who are perfect for each other.

  • ashley

    diane kruger has two movie coming out : fly me to the moon and the host.
    and on top of that , she is working on two other movies:

    Les garçons et Guillaume à table (2013) and red wing (2013).

    she is a busy bee!!!!

  • Lauren

    She looks like a damn Klingon in this photo.

  • Am I missing something?

    You could land a 747 jet on her forehead. I’m not a fan of his but I’ll say this…he could do much better than bride of Frankstein.

  • lola

    i’m so in love with this couple. they always look so in love and into each other. they are made for each other

  • Danilo

    She looks awful and looks so old!!! She Has aged terribly over the last years.

  • aw, so cute

    they both look beautiful and happy

  • Bel

    I do not know who they are, but I feel sorry for him She is HORRIBLE!

  • ahley

    everybody has had some bad days.
    diane kruger just looks tired here.

    do you wnat to see some recent beautiful pictures of her?

    it’s from a photocall taken in hollywood (25 juillet):

    see? she IS a beautiful woman

  • Simone

    @steph: Yeah I’ve never noticed that before…but you’re right. Almost looks like her hairline is receding…

  • jamiejayuk

    holy crap!!!!!!
    that looks like nicholas cages hairline,

    not sure if it poor diet and anorexia or genetics,
    Alot of european women from germany and around there have thin hair , but that really looks like male pattern baldness…
    I know , im a balding young man !!

  • JM

    she is a Kristen Stewart did not work ,she must have done the same as kristen to get roles in his early films even married a director only his films didn’t have same as successful as twilight. Troy was a huge failure.

  • Pammy12


    No nane, YOU are the loser. Are you that insecure about Anna’s accomplishments that you need to use it to bash Josh with it?

    BTW, JOHN NOBLE was nominated as well and HE DIDN’T WIN a damn thing and last time I checked, neither Lance, Jasika, Blair and seth gabel were EVER nominated for awards. so why the hell aren’t you bashing them?

    I have no respect for anna Torv. All they do is bash Josh.

  • ahley


    totally agree, joshua jackson never knew so much hate, until those mean anna torv game along.

    i mean, i get it , you love anna torv, but do you have to destoy everything and everyone along the way?

    joshua used to be loved. i never ever came across to so much hate towards josh, until he started on fringe.

    so it’s very simple; do you love anna torv? good for you, i wish her all the best, but leave joshua out of it.

    stop spreading the hate!

  • ahley

    and to those obviously jealous anna torv fans; relax, one day (maybe after fringe) anna torv will appear also on this gossip site with her own story line.

    to each his time!

  • Pammy12

    Also, Josh has no control over who gets nominated for what and he has been in this business for over 20 years and wasn’t an oscar nominated actor. it doesn’t make him any less an actor. winning awards is not what acting is all about.

  • Amber

    Holy cow, Diane really is balding!! Why is he with such a hideous woman when there are actually talented, beautiful and warm women available to him. He could do so much better.

  • Pammy12


    I totally agree but to be honest, Josh wasn’t hated as much until the writers gave anna a double to play and did that stupid love triangle. That’s when all the hate started. Josh was loved when he was on Dawson’s creek and now in 2012, he is hated. FOR WHAT? What the hell did he do to anybody? He has no control what the writers give him to do. People criticize Josh’s career, for what exactly? While some actors are waiting for their next role to come, Josh has been steady working on a TV show that has lasted LONGER than any of the newer shows nowadays. I mean, Anna, John, Jasika, Lance, Blair, and seth gabel haven’t been doing much during fringe either but its JOSH people want to pick on. I mean Josh is ONE OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS which means that Josh is on a TIGHT SCHEDULE.

    Too bad people also don’t get it through their heads that Josh is also HUMAN. Josh has family and friends outside of acting and wants to spend as much time with them but Josh gets bashed for that, too. In fact, if there were pictures of Josh with his younger sister shopping, i’m sure people would hate him for that, too. They would complain that Josh is “exploiting” his sister and that nonsense.

    Josh and his costars on fringe works 16 hour days, 7 days a week for 9 months and people STILL bitch about the fact that Josh doesn’t do much? “sigh”.

  • Nomi


    Ha-ha, I just knew it had to be these two pervs.

  • Oh-no

    What’s happened to Diane, she used to be so beautiful. She’s gotten to thin, is losing her hair and she looks slightly unsteady here. She actually looks horrible. I didn’t think airbrushing and movie makeup could make such a huge difference, but she proves it does.

  • Tina

    I CALLED IT FIRST: These two are headed for splitsville….Diane has seemed fed up for a whileeeee.

  • Daddy’s-girl

    I have to wonder what Diane thinks of the whole paternity issue with Suri. She probably has no idea he might be Suri’s dad.

  • Bella


    I think they’ve both looked pretty fed up lately. I don’t think he’s looked as happy with her since he stopped wearing his commitment ring. She hardly ever wore hers, maybe she isn’t as committed to him as he would like. She’s got a reputation for ‘spreading’ the joy around, maybe she doesn’t want to give up that life style.

  • Xiolablu

    Dreamy josh. Lucky lady!

  • Pammy12

    or maybe Josh is worried about his best friend John Noble?

    I am so sick of people acting like Josh is Suri’s dad, SHE IS NOT JOSH’S. Are you people too stupid to understand that?

  • ahley


    you are right. but nevertheless, those anna torv fan are hardcore. if you would believe them, you would think that anna is the next meryl streep.

    but time will tell. they make fun of josh being called pacey, but anna torv will face the same thing after fringe. the name’ oliva dunham’ will haunt her also.
    In every magazine or interview or on the street by fans (after fringe) , she WILL be called olivia. that’s what’s happens with tv-actors.

    just let them be, if they think that hollywood is waiting with open arms for anna, then they have another thing coming.

    after fringe, anna will have to fight hard for roles, because as an actress especially ,there are a lot more younger, beautiful and talented actresses than her, believe me.

    let her have her moment to shine ,while she is on fringe, let her and her fans think that she IS the one and only.

    like i said , time will tell……

  • R

    @angel: she’s amazing in this movie, and Léa Saydoux too, big fan!

  • Joey

    I thought the Beek/Dawson had a huge forehead, but I think she has surpassed him. Maybe every time he sees her huge forehead he is reminded of his time on Dawson’s Creek. Maybe Diane should look into hair plugs.

  • Dan

    I think this guy must be blind to dating a woman so ugly.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Too late, Suri wants to live with her Daddy, Tommy Gurl.