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Katie Holmes & Suri Feed Giraffes at the Bronx Zoo

Katie Holmes & Suri Feed Giraffes at the Bronx Zoo

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri feed giraffes while spending the afternoon at the Bronx Zoo on Saturday (July 28) in New York City.

The 33-year-old actress took some photos of the animals on her cell phone while Suri held out a branch with leaves.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Katie was supposed to attend an event for the Dizzy Feet Foundation this weekend in Los Angeles, but canceled on her obligations.

Earlier in the weekend, Katie met up with her lawyer Jonathan W. Wolfe for dinner.

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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Diane

    I can’t remember the last time Katie looked this young and happy. It’s like she gained back 10 years.

  • Nicole

    Tom must have really did a number on her….I’ve never seen her smile so much. He must be some sort of psychopath.

  • DB

    Looks like she has gained some healthy weight and a glow to her skin again. Her eyes still look very puffy, so catching up on her sleep might be good to see too. I would imagine it would be hard to get good consistent sleep with all the stress.

    I’m beginning to think that one of the big things Katie was looking forward to was simply having a lower-profile, much more normal life.

    Taking cabs, walking around without security. Maybe the life of a Superstar like Tom was just too overwhelming for her.

    I hope it all works out and they can be good co-parents.

  • jmho

    Good for you Katie! Keep up the good work.

  • Amelia

    She looks happy and healthy, not to mention 10 years younger. Good for her.

  • me II

    she looks sooooo happy!!

  • Kirsten

    I know everyone keeps saying it but she looks so young and carefree. She was like a cold robot when she was with Tom. Good for you Katie.

  • miapocca

    go away!!!

  • villedeville

    She looks like a young Suri Cruise!!! Hopefully, Katie will start dressing Suri in normal 6-yr-old get-ups regularly and not just like a contestant to Little Miss America all the time. Then maybe, Suri will begin to re-discover her almost lost childhood.

  • Janine Marie

    I know everyone is saying it, but I can’t resist…..SHE LOOKS AWESOME! Tom Cruise must have made her life miserable because I haven’t seen her looking this happy since before she met him. How sad is that? She lived with that creep for like 7 years and let him make her miserable. He’s a creep 10 times over, not to mention a freak. I hope Katie is able to keep Cruise a million miles from her daughter.

  • tara

    She does look really young and happy…but I don’t think it’s because Tom was some kind of monster.

    I think she felt a lot of pressure to be the perfect movie star’s wife and now that pressure is off. Also she’s gained a little weight that suits her.

  • Looselipz

    Actually, she lost 150 pounds…The best thing she ever done did!

  • Markie

    So happy for her. Maybe she didn’t want her daughter to be raised under his scrutiny and controlling ways.

  • David

    she’s smiling more and more now. yay for for freedom!

  • barf

    Seriously GO AWAY..she’s boring.

  • yes

    good for her… This is so great… she beaming and she’s single and on her own… a good example to women everywhere!

  • Be careful

    Enjoying ny and being single. Take care Katie. Tom will seize opportunities with Suri you may not want. Those fender benders may not be coincidence. It wasn’t for Diana.

  • Elsa

    She is beaming and also soooo ugly! What the bleep happened to her
    Y not show her new Beau we all saw them leaving a restuarant and get close in a cab ..maybe that is who she is beaming at! What is with her tee teeth..take a look..where are her perfect teeth pearly white. See how
    Crooked this are and Ugly.. See Tom is the next one No he unloaded
    A unsuccessful actress who has to go to a lousy play.. Tom had nothing
    To do with Katie pulling her implants teeth! No he is happy to unload
    A piece of crap..who can’t act ! He is not controlling !

  • Oink!

    Step away from the carbs.

  • Kristee

    Her eyes are puffy and she looks like the stress is slowly going away. But she has a ways to go. I still don’t feel bad for her because she knew what she was getting into when she married Tom. That fake marriage just became to exhausting for her. She got rid of Tom, but still gets to spend his money. I’d be smilling big too.

  • Lily

    She looks great. Positive changes do wonders for a person.

  • Eesh!
  • African Girl

    When you marry someone older, you tend to act and dress older. The youthful carefreeness is tucked away for a more “mature” carriage, this is what happened with Katie Holmes.

  • nika

    she looks amazing like she hasn’t aged a day in past 10 years. Divorce does her well!

  • KissThis

    Wow, Katie looks very child-like in these photos. Such a difference!

  • DB


    Oh my goodness. Those pants are way, way, way too tight in that link you provided. Holy Cow!

  • DB

    @Elsa: I don’t get the vibe you are putting out.

    She used to look pretty good, and already, she’s starting to get rid of some of that gauntness and her face is filling out again. Just give her some time. She’ll probably get back to being close to what she was before she got married.

    I personally do not find her attractive in any way shape or form, but that is personal preference. But even I can see she’s much improved already.

  • Micky

    Suri is wearing shorts!! And she’s super happy! So is Katie.

  • Pepelina

    LOVE HERRRR ¡¡¡ Bye Cruise, bye the cult

  • mya

    having girafes so close in front of me and be able to feed them in my hands will make me smile just as her. Can’t people see that Katie is normal and that she’s far away of thinking about spending Tom’s money and all the feud that the press is suggesting?
    As it seems by all the pictures, way before the divroce arrangement, Katie is trying to show Suri, simple life things like any normal people would like to show to their kids.

  • yes

    @ at Elsa… that was her Lawyer… he was wearing a wedding ring and his wife joined them… that’s what ppl do… kiss each other good bye, shake hands and all that.

  • Stacy

    Glad to see Katie’s looking happy…but I’m sure she’d be even happier if the paparazzi didn’t stalk her and Suri around 24/7.

  • EuropeGirl

    The famous Joe Potter smile is back :)

  • nancyw

    I cannot get over how much younger and happier Katie looks!!
    She looks like she is in her twenties. I think that she has the weight of the world off of her shoulders!!

  • nancyw

    I also want to say that I am very happy for Katie & Suri! I hope that everything works out for Katie! I never thought that she had that kind of inner strength to leave Tom and start a new life without him. I wish Katie & Suri all the best!!

  • rubyz

    Another day, another photo op with her meal ticket. Disgusting.

  • Elizabeth

    She looks so happy and content….

  • rubyz

    For all those who believe “poor Katie” is hunted by the paparazzi and only wishes to be left alone, this aired recently on Inside Edition (national television in the US):

    “Some people wonder why Cruise and ex-wife Katie Holmes are allowing their little girl to be seen in public during their high profile divorce.

    Dr. Nancy Snyderman said on the Today show, “I’ve heard from people who know their entourage. They say they were seen in Central Park, people were notified ahead of time, it was very orchestrated. I don’t think those photos happened accidentally.”

  • miapocca


    I personally do not find her attractive in any way shape or form, but that is personal preference. But even I can see she’s much improved already.

    I agree!!!

    I am also sick of her parading that child all over this stinky hot city

  • KateZ

    Is she… smiling ? As good as unexpected for years.

  • mary

    just as an aside

    Joshua Jackson has revealed that he’s started thinking about having kids with partner Diane Kruger, because he’s ‘at that age’.

  • Sam

    She looks great. It’s nice to see her really smile, she looks happy.

  • Morgan

    Katie looks fantastic and looks so much more relaxed. I guess that’s what happens when you lose about 170 pounds. ( I guess that’s about what Tom weighs) =D

  • Effy

    I love this. Katie is a great parent by taking Suri to the zoo, a normal child activity. Unlike Tom, who takes his 6 year old to the Hamptons…

  • Violina

    She paid the $5000 to the gay latino to go out with her on her first date.

  • miapocca


    A normal child activity that includes paparazzi….hmmm…people pls stop the propaganda

  • dee

    I want her to be with Mr. Joshua Jackson so bad

  • Hamlet

    I wish I had a ‘lost childhood’ like hers, #9! Mind your own kids!

    Right, #11. It is always the most negative and wildest theories with his critics.

    That assumes he scrutinied and controlled her at all, #13!

    How was she not free, #14?

    How is she a good example to women everywhere, #16?

    Another good and rational likelihood, #23.

    Right, #30.

    I don’t get what they mean by allow, #38. They are out in broad daylight in public where the paparazzi can find them. Simple as that.

    You’re an idiot, #44.

  • DP

    Yay the old Katie is back! She looks genuinely happy again!

  • Gale Forcewinds

    My opinion, Kaite Holmes is a plain Jane, average looking at best and she is not a fahsion plate. She looks likes Sears catalog, and worst.

    I work with Spe. Needs people so I am noit making fun, but the Hollywood new trend of smiling and clinching your teedth is really foolish and makes one look at biut Special Men atally. Jessica Simposon, at one npoint, was doing that too.

    Kaite Holmes is as phony as Tom Cruise in their deal marriage. She palyed hard ball and won easily. Tom Cruise got what he gave in trying to train her and calling her kate and the whole thing, their interviews of amazing and how amzing it is to nbe Suri’s mother, enuff!!!

    Kaite needs to leave her pr handbag , Suri, at home. put that child in a normal school. Take her to teh Hamptons to live for the summer insterad of parading her out . When Tom Cruise had the child in the Hamptons, there was no footage of her. Tom and Kaite need to reverse the 6 years of having that child paraded out like a freak show. Give her privacy at all cost.
    How many times does seh take her to the zoo? Weekly. Seems to be their new thing to do. There is a zoo in CT. Ohio. NJ.