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Nicole Kidman: Omega House Opening with Keith Urban!

Nicole Kidman: Omega House Opening with Keith Urban!

Nicole Kidman attends the private opening of Omega House during the 2012 Summer Olympics on Saturday (July 28) at the House of St. Barnabas in London, England.

The 45-year-old actress was joined by her husband Keith Urban, as well as British actor Eddie Redmayne.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

The night before, Nicole attended the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, which were directed by Danny Boyle.

The Olympics are in full swing and the USA already has a gold medal courtesy of swimmer Ryan Lochte!

FYI: Nicole is wearing an Azzedine Alaia dress and Manolo Blahnik shoes.

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Credit: Dave M. Bennet; Photos: Getty
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  • http://kevinredondo KRP

    i love her she is so wonderful

  • anon

    Gotta admit she’s been looking really good lately. Love Keith Urban. A nicce guy.

  • lori

    @TheDudeAbides: She’s probalby afraid someone will ask her about Tom and Katie

  • Moh123

    Gorgeous lady.

  • John

    She looks pretty good for her age that’s for sure.

  • andres

    love her, she looks so nice

  • Little MY

    Nicole looks beautiful! Love her so much!

  • Laura

    She doesn’t look happy at all!

  • Betty

    What a surprise! Great pictures! What a beautiful talented couple …


  • Bob

    Wonder if his parents are there . Seems the E haters think they should be !

    LMAO what losers

  • Dieter

    SHE HAS A BEAUTIFUL ASS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheDudeAbides

    There is something unspoken going on at Just Jared…

  • napoli

    Styrofoam has more brain cells than lori, laura, asha, and the dude.
    I guess fantasizing about being Keith’s mother is on the right track. Some of them are the right age for it! How much longer can the skeptics go on being the biggest joke in town. lol

    Nicole and Keith look great!

  • lori

    @napoli: he’s actually 10 years older than me

  • TheDudeAbides

    The six foot tall Nicole Kidman standing next to her midget look like joker are an Octopussy circus clown act.

  • fanny

    wonderful couple!!!

  • Anna

    I literally gasped when I saw that picture of Eddie Redmayne (I didn’t read the part where it said that he was also there–I actually didn’t read anything)! It’s nice to see him once and awhile. He hasn’t been doing many public appearances in the past year or so (which I guess is a good thing). Anyways, he looks handsome! Can’t wait for Les Miserables! He was a beautiful voice!!! (And I mean it!! Go and listen to some of his singing when he was in Eton–it’s opera-like!)

  • jane

    What do you mean by “something unspoken”?

  • Just Barb

    @Bob . What are you talking about? The E board closed it’s message board, thank the Lord, although I’m sure Leery is out in cyberspace somewhere trying to convince some sucker the pictures of Keith are photoshopped next to Nicole. Baha

  • Julia


    The ones who want to be his mother are right here and on his forum. We know who you are.

  • Julia


    Amusing Bob. LOL. I didn’t see a mention of his parents.

  • http://yahoo JoBeth

    There are some cute pics of Keith and Nicole at the ceremonies last night. But of course JJ would never show those. In the ceremony shots, Keith’s taking pictures for his fans and she’s doing the same for hers. They’re having fun because the security is too tight for the paps to be shoving cameras in their faces. With all camera wh—s dying to have their picture taken, why make life so miserable for those who obviously hate it?

  • @Julia

    @Julia: Go stick it in a sock ’27. You’ll never have Keith Urban.

  • farah94

    YES, that’s you !!!!!!!!!

  • KissThis

    Nicole doesn’t age! it’s amazing. I’m taking a tip from her and staying out of the sun :)

  • Anne

    Despite her movie star status and her being a great actress, she is still unassuming. That’s why I love her. There’s no air of narcissism and arrogance about her. She is so classy and down to earth.

  • Bonnie

    REALLY neat couple! Loving life and having a great time doing it together!

    I enjoy the fun pictures.

  • TheDudeAbides

    The eyes are the window to the soul…

  • 1urbanfan27

    Here’s the stalker talking about me again…That will get you blog time…Stop agreeing with yourself and realize you will never know…

  • bamamom

    @27. We all know you had an affair with him many years ago when you were married and he was using. Get over it. He probably doesn’t even remember who you are.

  • keeli

    Don’t care for the fold of the dress, but otherwise they both look really good.

  • Lauren (BestTrendz)

    Nicole has maintained herself very well it’s no joke looking so beautiful at this age.

  • Bon


    Ha ha you misunderstand. NO ONE CARES what deluded words you have to say.

    You wouldn’t know” class” if you ever saw it. Much less understand it.
    Keep running your mouth, it shows just how ignorant you are. And OLD too. Like the rest of E old hags.

  • Little MY

    She looks 33 my lord! I’m not going out in the sun for the rest of my life.

  • Marie

    she looks gorgeous… she’s like good wine… I love her!!! ♥

  • 1urbanfan27

    @bamamom: Oh a name from the near past pops up…Do you enjoy your little lies. bamamom? .You knew nothing then…And you still don’t…

  • 1urbanfan27

    You like to paint with a big brush…You of many names…I DO know class…It isn’t you…

    And Keith…He’s beautiful…As always…

  • julie

    They are back in Nashville..quick trip. Had to get back home to the kids, I guess. :)

  • LMAO

    C’mon guys, give the cynical gal a break. She’s telling you NO ONE understands with all the conviction of a mental patient in a straight jacket.

    Leery is still a lunatic. No liar, the Naples shot at the beach was not photoshopped. There are rocky areas in Naples, just use google. Rocky beaches, rocky coves. Keith did not go out to CA and do a phony shot of him with beach toys and no kids as part of ”the contract”. Yes there’s more beach photos with the family and you can go looking for them. But first I’d ask nomorebrains, Entertainment Tonight’s biggest fan, why she failed to mention the video they showed of Keith & Nicole having a nice time at lunch in Naples. Too hard to explain that away I guess because Nicole was ”never there” even though half the town saw them.

    OldHag, there’s nothing wrong with little Faith. You’re just a sick and twisted b1tch.

    Like I always say – A skeptic typing is a skeptic lying!

  • 1urbanfan27

    You are an obsessed fan…You are the one with the problem…What ALL of your usernames fail to realize…I don’t care what you think…I don’t care what you believe to be true…I don’t care what you or the people from E believe is THE truth…Your truths are not my truths…You have no real insider information…You are just someone who spends way too much time obsessing over three people you don’t know…Or ever will…

  • julie

    Yeah, I love how they analyze all the photos and find reasons they are photoshopped because there is absolutely no way they can actually be hanging out together as a family. LOL Someone said they had pics in an Australian mag of the family. Are they online anywhere?

  • Jackie


    Isn’t it time for lights out on the ward, 27?
    Keith is tucked into bed with his wife Nicole by now. Sweet dreams!

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Jackie: lol…And you know that because you are right there with them…I think we had this discussion a couple of years ago…The truth still eludes you…So just keep making up the stories…They will make a nice book on the way stalkers think…

  • LMAO

    27 you seriously have a warped sense of reality. Some of us tried to get through to you years ago with a sincere hand out of telling you to get help. You threw it back in everyone’s face and methodically continue to tell everyone that no one knows the truth but you. Whatever. No one is trying to change you because you’ve made your own bed and you want to lie in it. Fine, but don’t expect others who live in reality not to tell you you are lying, no matter how much you don’t want to see it. And more than that the fact that you continue to associate with women like Michele, Sue, Cheyenne, Madison, and LynnMarie is the most damning evidence that you can’t accept the truth. They are pathological liars and complete embarrassments to the country music fan community. You can try to distance yourself from them but the baiting, the many screennames, the halftruths, the pretense of being an insider – that’s coming from you as much as from them. You are a skeptic. At least own up to it.

    Btw, I dont need to know your name or your job or anything else. What you’ve posted year after year tells us everything.

  • Botti

    @LMAO: oh shes a skeptic all right. Shes being stalked by info blabbed from her own mouth from only one person who lives here day and nighr. Skeptic to a tee!

    Did entertainment tonight really do a feature on the Urbans in Naples? They tend to leave them alone.

  • we know you

    1urbanfan27 only had an affair with him in her dreams.

  • http://Comcast Marj

    Keith Urban Nicole Kidman. PERFECTION in every way.

  • Mave

    @bamamom 27 never had an affair with Keith. That is just certified psychobabble. She just thinks she did. Bahaha

  • LMAO


    A fan from one of the boards happened to catch it. They stuck the footage which was less than 15 sec in a story about Tom and Katie, as in where is Nicole after Katie left Tom, like it matters The clip showed Keith and Nicole being served lunch and then they jumped to Nicole taking a bite while Keith was smiling and telling her something. I think the only reason that video surfaced publicly was because ET bought it . Nothing special about it but it was nice to see them enjoying themselves. You are right though, magazine shows don’t really show footage of them unless they are at an event.

    Leery is so confused. First Keith is photoshopped in every pic, then Keith is there at Nicole’s bidding for 5 minutes and leaves. If she photoshops everything and digitally alters video with her millions Keith should never have to be there, right? LMAO!

  • shaun

    LMAO, are there other pictures out there other than Keith on the beach?