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Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Pastis Pair!

Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise: Pastis Pair!

Katie Holmes is all smiles as she and her daughter Suri step out together for lunch on Sunday (July 29) in New York City.

The 33-year-old recently separated actress and her 6-year-old little one had a bite to eat at Pastis restaurant before they puddle-jumped their way home.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

The day before, Katie and Suri stopped by the Bronx Zoo, where they fed some giraffes!

Katie also went out to dinner with her attorney, Jonathan Wolfe, on Friday night.

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  • Sarah

    I guess we know who was forcing her to be dressed up all the time. Now that Katie has full custody Suri is actually dressed like a little girl and appears a lot more comfortable.

  • solange

    comfortable, but still with shoes that are not appropriate for a little girl her age. How can she run? Can’t she just wear a pair of sneakers like all the other kids her age? And what about a pair of shorts?
    She is also very pale and skinny like a child who needs to play outdoors.

  • Anna

    I’m really happy for her…It’s refreshing to see her smile again…she deserves to be happy just like every other woman in the world…I hope she will find a man who will make her even happier…

  • Latin Lover

    @solange: Suri does tons of activities that little girls do, so you should step back and stop judging. You don’t know them. Plus, why does she need to run when she’s going out to lunch? Stop bashing a child and her mom and how the f up!.

  • Latin Lover

    Oh… They are too cute together and Suri is starting to be more relaxed. Love them.

  • yawn

    this is getting realy boooooooooring

  • barf

    she’s still parading Suri aka her show pony daughter to drum up attention for herself. It’s pathetic that she’s such an obvious famewh*re.

  • DB

    Perhaps Katie is trying to “normalize” Suri’s life a bit, but it still seems too soon based upon the look on the poor child’s face, for one.

    I’d keep her out of the Paparazzi limelight for a while and perhaps just let the girl find a level emotional footing.

    I’m just expressing a concern.

  • dee

    please reunite with joshua jackson

    suri has a great resemblance

  • QZ

    extremely irritated and fed up with KH…

  • Kley

    Katie esta perdiendo su gusto por la moda… Que son esos trapos que llevas puesto?

  • lucy2

    I think that Suri and Josh need to get to know each other, but it would surprise me if Josh would have anything to do with Katie.

  • dani


    Don’t care for Holmes fashion sense, but what do you mean these are not appropriate “shoes” for Suri? I live in an urban area and in summer the majority of the little girls I see are either wearing sneakers or these sandals/thongs. You obviously don’t have little girls or know very many of them or you would know that in the summer this type of sandal is very very popular.

  • MARY


    QZ - then why the hell did you bother reading an article about KH in the first place. What a dipstick you are!

  • Andamentothat

    They both look great! Suri should watch the USA gymnastics team, she would love it!

  • Anon

    We also know who was behind that closed mouth smirk too. Now that Katie and the midget went bust, she actually smiles with her teeth!

  • lucy2

    Wow! Tom’s folks are out full force tonight! I still believe Josh is Suri’s bio dad, and given everything that Katie did to hurt people over the past few years, I hope Josh doesn’t let Katie back into his life.

  • krix

    Suri looks alot like Tom’s sister Cass in these photos.

  • joel

    something is wrong with Katie’s teeth. Bulimia? Smoking?

  • Sunshine

    Suri completely has Josh’s mouth, nose, and browline. Where do you see any resemblance of Cass in Suri? see attached Part 1:

  • Sunshine

    Katie is wearing a sweater while her daughter is wearing a little tank top? I am so sick of this woman! Tom is better off without this loser!

  • Sunshine

    Sorry.That was a different sister. This is Cass, and still no resemblance to Suri:

  • Crooked dirty teeth

    If you look at Katie’s teeth 4 months ago at the Oscar Vanity Fair Party..
    Her pearly white straight teeth were in great shape… Looks to me like
    Katie had done some major dental work ! Dirty when did she last have
    Her teeth clean one good thing about Tom at least she had clean teeth
    And they were nit crooked! Archive photos will prove that..You make fun of Tom comment page so this better be a low comment,

  • ddd
  • SuriNeedsHelp

    Suri is a pretty even mix of Katie and Josh Jackson. I see no Tom Cruise in her.

  • Clean your teeth Katie

    Moshe is not Joshua ‘s daughter with those blue eyes James Vanderbek.
    Josh is in a serious relationship with Diane Kruger he never dated
    Her back in the day.. Chris Klein is who she was engaged to before
    Tom…no. dawson Creek relationships here..hmm never were any!

  • Just So

    @Crooked dirty teeth:

    Actually you can find pictures of her yellowed teeth with the few that are crooked before the divorce. She must have an insert or something that she wears for special occasions. You can find pictures of her teeth in the archives. You obviously are prejudiced towards Tom and want to blame everything on Holmes. But in this case her teeth are what they are and for whatever reason she doesn’t want to fix them.

  • Hamlet

    She doesn’t have full custody and she’s been dressed like this before and no one can force anybody to dress differently, #1.

    Right, #4.

    How is she ‘parading’ her, #5? They are just walking public.

    Are you actually blaming her ex for how she SMILED, #16?!

    It doesn’t matter what you believe since you are completely wrong, #17.

  • Annie

    Let’s hope now Katie starts feeding Suri some healthier food other than non stop sugar and junk. I noticed recently Suri’s gums are already looking red and puffy and she is only six!

  • Frozoid

    It was 85 degrees in NYC yesterday. Can anyone explain why she’s dressed like it’s October?

  • Frozoid

    @joel: She’s a smoker.

  • Kylie

    Not sure why we have to suffer the constant Katie PR pictures. If she were such a great mom, she never would have had a kid as part of a contract.

    She’s a user and will be famous for nothing more than having married, used and dumped Tom Cruise.

    Let’s move on to people to actually do something with their lives.

  • Amber

    Suri looks like Joshua Jackson, that’s obvious

  • nancyw

    Suri is getting so tall, just like her mom! She is very pretty too!!

  • http://facebook tenzin

    i am a big fan of suri

  • Melody


    Going on outings before school starts is not parading.
    Suri is learning how to cope in the real world.

  • Melody


    A PR rep wrote a strategy they use to kill a story is overexposure.

  • tsquared

    This is a photo op. Pastis is a well known celebrity hang out. In 2008 it was considered one of the top five celeb hot spots. Jennifer Lopez and her boy toy Casper ate there last week.
    If Katie really wanted to escape the paps she wouldn’t take Suri to a KNOWN celeb hang out! Anyone who lives in or is familiar with NYC knows there are literally hundreds of places you can go to eat great food. And there are also dozens of places a celeb can go where the establishment will guarantee privacy with alternate entrances and a staff that knows if they want to keep their jobs they will zip their lips. Katie knows this too.
    So to eat at Pastis is tantamount to saying “PAPS HERE WE ARE!”

  • Cookie Puss


    Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri are living in my condominium apartment building in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City (a few blocks from where this picture was taken) and they have turned life upside down for me and all of the other residents of the building ESPECIALLY the other residents in her hallway.

    The paparazzi have mostly faded into the background but Katie has a five man security detail that trails her through the building at all times including at least two security guards who are stationed in front of her apartment door at all times. Its incredibly rude of her and a clear violation of condominium rules.

    I DO have a lot of sympathy for Katie and her daughter but they belong in a much more private living space than my apartment building where they wouldn’t be so disruptive. They should have rented a “whole floor” apartment with a private elevator bank where their security could wait for them without disturbing other residents.

    Its very selfish of Katie to be living in my building especially since with her $100,000 per month child support she could be living in a much bigger more private space (she is only spending $12,500 on the apartment in my building).

  • rubyz

    For all those who believe “poor Katie” is hunted by the paparazzi and only wishes to be left alone, this aired recently on Inside Edition (national television in the US):

    “Some people wonder why Cruise and ex-wife Katie Holmes are allowing their little girl to be seen in public during their high profile divorce.

    Dr. Nancy Snyderman said on the Today show, “I’ve heard from people who know their entourage. They say they were seen in Central Park, people were notified ahead of time, it was very orchestrated. I don’t think those photos happened accidentally.”

    Dr. Snyderman is a working doctor, an expert often called on by NBC. And NO, I am not a Scientologist.

  • Cookie Puss

    Yeah Rubyz is totally correct.

    I don’t know about Tom but Katie Holmes stages most of the paparazzi shots of herself with her daughter.

    For example when Katie first moved into my apartment building there were a lot of photos of her shopping inside the Whole Foods on the first floor of the building.

    But Whole Foods would NOT let any paparazzi into the supermarket with their cameras. Instead Whole Foods only permitted Katie’s own hand selected photographers into the Whole Foods to take pictures of her with Suri.

    Yesterday Katie arranged for a photographer to take pictures of her with Suri at the Bronx Zoo.

    I don’t mind photographers taking pictures from a distance. But the fact that Katie is permitting — even arranging — for photographers to photograph her daughter Suri up close is very troubling.

    At least Tom plans to buy a private home in a gated community where he can see Suri without the glare of the cameras. I’m not a fan of Tom but he clearly loves his kids all three of them

  • rubyz

    I read that, too, about Holmes arraging staged photos at Whole Foods:…-entrance-to-whole-foods

    The New York Daily News published a photo of Holmes inside the Whole Foods, but Carmen Valdes, the owner of Photo Image Press who was staking out the block, said it was almost certainly arranged. “The newspaper probably called her publicist, to make a set-up shot. They do that,” she explained. “It was definitely arranged. If any of us were to just go inside, we’d get called out.”

  • wes
  • Cindy

    It’s so clear..Katie has her soul back and finally has inner piece.

  • Amber

    Holy cow, Suri really looks like Joshua Jackson. I think it’s the chin, nose and eyes.

  • Love The Shoes

    The more I see Suri, the more I believe Connor is Tom’s biological son. The shared features are just to similar to be coincidental.

  • Love The Shoes

    I’m not buying this “Tom was controlling even how they dressed” ish. I look at his other kids and one is a freaking hip hop DJ and the other one definitely marches to the beat of her own drum. Not a fan of either Tom nor Katie, but I think Katie is a sly one who has been quite successful in making Tom look the fool. Why? I haven’t figured that one out yet but please lets not be so quick to treat Katie like she’s been the captive victim of some mad man. She knew what she was getting into and chose to ride it until the wheels feell of.

  • Alex

    How come Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams never became close friends despite their long years of working together in Dawson’s creek? They were the 2 main female leads in that show, but instead, Michelle found a bestfriend in Busy Phillips and not Holmes. There must be something off or annoying about Katie behind camera.

  • OJa

    katie, it is not the 70s, change yo style