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Rihanna: Bikini in Portofino!

Rihanna: Bikini in Portofino!

Rihanna flaunts her toned figure in a Jungle Gurl bikini while vacationing in Portofino, Italy on Saturday (July 28).

The 24-year-old global pop star was seen snorkeling and then hosing herself off abroad her boat.

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Earlier in the day, Rihanna went on a re-tweeting spree, quoting spiritual truths. Here are two of them:

– “You do not need to learn a thing to become wise, you need to unlearn all those bad habits that keep you far from love!”

– “When you have walked through the hell of your negative thoughts & survived, no pain on this earth will ever again worry you.”

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  • Rihanna Fan

    Go go go rihanna & as always thank you hater for the attention ! enjoye it xx

  • bajan


  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …She’s so disgusting.

  • Dieter

    AMAZING HOT ASS. Instant hard-on !

  • jmho

    Is this how you sell records? What a world.

  • Andy

    She works hard and is enjoying her vacation.

  • Anna

    I love her songs but her behavior is really low…she’s classless, obnoxious and disgusting…

  • ha ha

    anothr day another bikini, YAWN!

  • AH

    This woman has a phenomenal body and I, for one, am glad she wears a bikini.

  • http://aol Patti

    She knows the cameras are there. That pose is not natural.

  • csa

    Then again it’s better than PuertoRican trash!

  • A

    Sadly, these are the only type of black girls that get record deals, contracts and all kinds of attention due to media backing.
    If you are a pretty, modest and shy/reserved black girl with a soft spoken voice and classy demeanor, you will not get the jew bosses attention, they only want trashy people representing black ‘culture’ for their own agenda.

  • keka

    @A: Um not true. I have one name for you… Beyonce.

  • tomas

    Rihanna Is it IN to look and act like a wh*re?

  • @A

    That’s totally false – Beyonce is one example (as keka pointed out), but also Alicia Keys is black AND classy. These women are famous for their talent and not for being cheap and sexy.

  • alexdet

    she’s looks like a pornstar

  • A

    @@A: You’ve GOT to be kidding me…THE Beyonce? As in booty shaking, p*ssy popping, finger licking, ghettolicious Beyonce? Who is dating an ex drug dealer? SHE is supposed to be inspirational to young black girls!? She can’t even speak properly! (Or write I might add, see her letter to the first lady).

    And Alicia…Oh Alicia, the woman who slept with a man who was already spoken for!? And her apple bottom jeans and thug-life uplifting hoodrat!?

    You know what? Spare me the BS. Don’t insult my intelligence by mentioning those names.
    You wake me up when there is a classy, black, slim, well dressed girl who plays her own instrument and who doesn’t resort to booty shaking and dressing like Roxanne form the red light district. And who writes positive lyrics and stays that way!

  • N

    @A: I think you’r totally right.

  • Ava

    @A: Artists like rihanna make me realize how much more lucky I was to have “en vogue” to look up to. Those girls could SANG, kept it classy, and were still sexy all in one! Good messages in their songs too.

  • Gossipgirl

    I guess it is just not possible for a day to go by without a photo of this woman in a bikini. She is definitely bottom heavy.

  • jenfan


  • I agree


    I agree with your assessment. If you are a black woman who is not light, bright or darn near white (Beyonce, Rhianna, Alicia) you don’t get the noticed. What’s even more of a shame you have to be willing to sell raunchyness, sex, and belt out disgusting lyrics and make your audience believe the filthy lyrics are empowering or cool. It’s a shame how limited we are in this day and age on mainstream female black artist in music and film. If you can crossover in race and stick with the format given you, you are limited or all but forgotten.

  • keka

    beyonce may be dancing provocatively on stage but when she’s off stage I don’t see her trying to take erotic pictures with a hose or tweeting half naked pictures of herself or smoking blunts. i also don’t see pictures of her out with sheer tops showing her nipples. same can be said about alicia keys. and if they’re with less than perfect men that doesn’t mean anything because you can’t define a person by who they choose to be with. sex sells and everyone knows that but once you’re off the stage you can choose to act more maturely or choose to be slutty trash.

  • Eh

    @keka: Sorry, but who you choose to date/sleep with/marry reflects on the kind of person you are.
    Same as your friends tell us who you are, same goes for your lover.

  • Rodriguez

    If you are not a Latina who is not light, bright or darn near white (Sofia, JLO, Demi) you don’t get noticed. It works just as much for Latina women

  • keka

    @Eh: thats a group of people, not just one person. and besides, how does jay z’s past define beyonce presently? people make mistakes or do things they need to do at hte moment, you can’t define someone for it or their lover. that’s just ridiculous

  • Asuncion

    @Rodriguez: I agree with you! No one shakes and gyrates and dresses more inappropriate than Jennifer Lopez and she’s a middle aged mom. Hollwood would never give black Puerto Ricans like Lala Vasquez, Joseline Hernadez a chance they all have to be very light.

  • Reese

    How long has she been on vacation for?

  • Jeremy


    you want one? here’s one — one of the most successful and iconic black female singers OF ALL TIME.

    Whitney Houston

    she never relied on dancing, on dressing sexy, on selling herself in any lewd manner. yeah – we all know about what went on in her personal life during the later years .. but for the first 10-15 years or her INCOMPARABLE career — she set the bar for what it meant to be a pop vocalist. and without her achievements, Beyonce, Mariah, Alicia or Rihanna wouldn’t have had open doors to walk through into their careers.

    with Whitney it was only ever about her VOICE and her PRESENCE and her classy gorgeous BEAUTY.

  • Liz

    all you idiots are going on and on about how black and latina women have it so hard. do you not realize thet there are some ethnicities that are MISSING ENTIRELY from the industry? and it’s not because they are any less talented. trust me. how many asian or middle eastern pop stars can you name from the US? that’s what i thought. please don’t even b*tch about things like this because it sounds ridiculous.

  • vanessa

    yeah clean your ass

  • Laura

    @A: Here’s a few black female artists within the popculture who are recognized mainly for their talent and who go against your/a smallminded world where sex sells regardless of ethnicity:
    Jill Scott, India Arie, Erykah Badu(!!), Esperanza Spalding, Sade, Lauryn Hill, Mary J Blige, Monica, Leela James, Estelle, Natalie Cole, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Nina Simone (RIP), Whitney Houston (RIP), Jennifer Hudson (!), Beyone (showing some skin does not equal being classless or not given recognition for talent- even old Hollywood stars who were considered talented showed skin), Janelle Monae(!!).

    Now, your somewhat conspirational theory might be interesting to develop but the above proves my point. What do you have to say about all the white talentless celebrities who show skin (and who are frequently on e.g. Just Jared), do you have a conspiracy theory about the majority of skin-showing white gals in popculture as well?

  • Nic

    I never held anything against Rihanna but, I have to admit: almost everytime I see her she’s dressing or acting kinda trashy or slutty. She definitely gives off a whore-vibe. No surprise considering the industry she’s in.

  • A

    @Jeremy: Thanks, Jeremy. I love Whitney Houston but I was mainly talking about a young black singer/entertainer *today*.
    We never see a young black starlet do we? Not one that is slim anyways…I mean yes, there is that Glee girl (Sorry, i forget her name, wonderful voice btw!) but I don’t understand why Hollywood doesn’t want to show healthy looking young black girls.

  • Mr. Fenty

    This makes me wish my father was a scientist, and he built a machine to shrink things but it didn’t work, it only blows things up, and one day when he left to go to work I would be in the garage playing with a baseball and accidentally turn the machine on and the ray would go through the baseball to decrease the strengths of the shrinking ray and it would hit me and shrink me and then he would come home and get mad at the machine because he thinks it still doesn’t work and he would hit it with a baseball bat and then he would sweep up the mess and as fast as I try to run I couldn’t escape being swept into the dust pan and being thrown in the trash. And then a little ant would carry me through the yard and we would find a oatmeal cream pie and eat some it and then a kid would come over to cut the grass and the lawn mower would kill the ant and send me flying over the neighbors fence through their daughter Rihanna’s bedroom window onto her bed while she was packing her luggage for this trip and I would seek refuge in the bottoms of all her bathing suits.

  • A

    @Laura: Wow, Laura, you seem really upset. There is a balance when it comes to white entertainers; For example, You have Taylor Swift and then you have people like Kesha etc. There is a fair balance which I think is great.
    I don’t think people like Beyonce should be excluded, I just would like to see some balance and variation, is that too much to ask?
    And all the black entertainers you mentioned are old(er), I’m talking about teens to early twenties who don’t fit the image that people such as Rihanna present to the world and who are just as famous as the likes of Taylor Swift, i.e., singers most people have heard of.
    As for Beyonce, it’s not just about her showing skin, it’s about the whole package that is her image I have a problem with, same with Rihanna.

  • Justathought

    I just find it really bizarre how she said she was mourning her grandma, and distraught over her grandma, but the minute the funeral is over, she hops on a plane and goes on a vacation, where she’s smiling and having fun 24/7. I’m sorry, but that’s not mourning. People in mourning are not living it up, they don’t look carefree, and they usually want privacy to reflect on things, not have cameras in their face 24/7, including her own camera, where she’s non-stop tweeting pictures of herself. Only sociopaths start partying it up after someone they love dies. That’s not a normal reaction. I don’t think she gave 2 hoots about her grandma. She just pretended she did.

  • brenda

    She sure does love herself doesn’t she.

  • Laura

    How do I seem upset? When I mention that there’s a smallminded (and sexist) world..? I agree with your point but there are alot of black and talented young women who are recognized for their talent: Esperanza Spalding and Janelle Monae are clear examples;they’re both in their 20′s… I quote your initial post that I’ve just proven to be wrong:
    “Sadly, these are the only type of black girls that get record deals, contracts and all kinds of attention due to media backing.
    If you are a pretty, modest and shy/reserved black girl with a soft spoken voice and classy demeanor, you will not get the jew bosses attention, they only want trashy people representing black ‘culture’ for their own agenda.” Do you get my point now? These are just examples but there are in fact many talented black women, if one expands the horizon and stay away from a big part of the popculture where sex still sells- regardless of ethnicity…

  • Nic


    Nothing wrong with loving yourself and knowing you’re Grade A.

    And actually, Rihanna doesn’t love herself at all. If she did, she wouldn’t go back to a man who viciously beat her. I think she hates herself which is why she carries herself in a vulgar, undignified way. I’d say young women like Raven Simone and Taylor Swift love themselves because they carry themselves in a lady-like way.

  • -

    @@A: uh alicia keys is not CLASSY.. swizz beatz was married when she hooked up with him.. in the real world we call that cheating

  • anon

    dude shes just on a vacation like damn…i didnt know her washing off her body with a smile on her face makes her a ghetto whore…lol

  • A

    @Laura: I understand what you are saying but I am mainly talking about mainstream black young singers in their teens-late teens-to early twenties like Rihanna (who is 23-24?) who don’t fit the stereotypes of black entertainers.
    I know about Esperanza and Janelle already.
    And tbh, if mainstream is where sex sells how come the likes of Taylor Swift are so big? She doesn’t use sex to sell her records, she has a wholesome image which is my point, I would like to see a wholesome young black singer/musician who doesn’t use sex to sell her records. That is really my main point.

    Sure, you can say we all should stay away from all of that and I don’t disagree with you i’m just trying to be a little more realistic.
    Most young black girls when they see images in popular media what type of young black girls do they see? Rihanna, Azelia and Beyonce (although she is older she attracts a young audience) etc because they get the most attention and backing.

  • Laura

    I hear ya A :) Hopefully this will change…

  • James

    Jealous white twits. I love the beautiful pigment of women of color.

  • James

    Beautiful women of color. I love you. White women are SO jealous of you.

  • Camille

    I’ve NEVER met a classy white woman (non white trash) who was jealous of a black woman. Ever. Ever.

  • Diane

    With people like Britney Spears, Madonna, Lady GaGa, Paris Hilton, The Kardashians and Jenner’s, and all the other talentless, trashy white women famous for being famous, you white girls can’t talk about anybody.

  • Vivvy

    PORNO POSES for the paps. Her image is just sex, sex, sex. She’s like the black version of Britney back in the day. She’s only days away from having her own breakdown.

  • Laura

    You should go out and meet new people more often ;-) There’s also a reason why many white classy women like to get tanned- for that reason many of them are jealous of black girls- who by the way come in many different shades. I don’t think tanned skin is anything to be jealous about, I tend to get jealous of smooth and even skin haha, have a nice evening :) (Trying to spread some positivity among all the negative, hateful and/or racist remarks over here.)