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Angelina Jolie: Cameo in Paolo Sorrentino's 'Great Beauty'?

Angelina Jolie: Cameo in Paolo Sorrentino's 'Great Beauty'?

Angelina Jolie will be making a small appearance in Paolo Sorrentino‘s The Great Beauty, according to the filmmaker himself!

The film will be set in Rome and feature frequent Sorrentino collaborator Toni Servillo, who will play a La Dolce Vita-style reporter, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Angelina, who is currently wrapping up work on Maleficent, will have a cameo role, though details on the part are being kept under wraps.

If the film is finished on time, it will become Sorrentino‘s fifth film in a row to land at the Cannes Film Festival.

ARE YOU EXCITED for Angelina Jolie’s cameo appearance in The Great Beauty?

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Credit: Dan Kitwood; Photos: Getty
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  • Frenchy

    Because she is a Great Beauty!

    Waving to all JP fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • anon

    Yeah I wanna seel her anytime.

  • Pitt the hoe

    just a hoe..

  • Pitt the hoe


  • love angel eyes

    are they using her name for publicity of this movie? I hate when filmakers do that. Your film should stand on it’s own with whoever is in it.

  • diva

    hell yeah…I think this type of movie will showcase her well. she’ll probably play herself. I was disappointed in how she looked in The Tourist. She was beautiful of course but not the way she really is beautiful ya know?

  • congrats

    Congrats to Brad & Angelina!

  • anon

    Yay! Well how about that, a new thread and I caught the beginning. Now I am going to read what it is about. LOL.

  • vool


  • Lara

    Well I am very excited. Can’t enough of Angie on the big screen.
    Thanks Jared.

  • Saffron

    Will be fun to see what they do with this cameo. She’s certainly in demand!

  • as it is

    First pager!!!

  • as it is

    Angelina the Beautiful!

  • jemma

    I”m always interested in how non American directors use Angelina in their movies.

  • Saffron

    I see some of the cockroaches is already here…the other few should be scurrying over here soon.

  • http://Justjarde Jp


  • Saffron

    Wish we could edit typos – should read “are already here”

  • Veinzilla

    Veinzilla will have a cameo too… see pic above.

  • ja

    Awww….. i can see that the jen fans are still hurting from the pics of her posted earlier this week. I’m pretty sure you guys got hurt and were disappointed upon seeing that….it was like dammm….I can’t say she’s pretty here…..I will just post,” Cannot wait to see the movie”.

  • tamsin

    Wow loons, you better thank your lucky stars. 2 non-news in one day, and this one’s about the hor of Babyloon. I mean, a cameo? Really? I guess the studio execs are nervous that she might ruin the movie and turn it into one of those bombs she’s used to make. Where is her career going to?

    And again, no sight of the Brand in London. Both of them living separate lives and can’t even get together for a photo op. Wow, their last fight must have been an ugly one. What happened to their “promise for the future” any way? :D

  • cool

    Most likely she’ll be pllaying herself. The entire cast is Italian and is an Italian film.

    I always thought that she could pass for an Italiana, especially when she was younger.


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    govern urself
    as u were

  • Rose

    I’m happy to see Angie anytime on the big screen. Love her and Brad.

  • anon


    Before you get thumbed down for that comment I just wanted you to know that at least I agree with you. I hated what they did to her. She looked like a caricature OF HER SELF and I wished someone had intervened; maybe even Angie herself. The thing about Angie’s beauty is it is incomplete without the elemental force of her personality being able to shine through. In The Tourist is was like her beauty was a mask hiding the real her which together is much more mesmerizing.

  • Bradley

    There is NOTHING beautiful about her. She is homewrecker, she is maneater, and she is bad actress.

  • http://Justjarde Jp

    Jolie Pitts work all the time . Financial crisis

    Who care for children

  • Saffron

    And, as if on cue…the other cockroaches appear!

  • No name

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…I guess..

  • vickifromtexas

    she is a great beauty. i am glad to see a new thread the old one was quite polluted.

  • Anna

    They always say she’s going to be in something and then it doesn’t happen, so…I’ll believe it when I see it!

  • Rose

    @Saffron: I never worry about typos, fans know what we mean and are talking about. Hoping we see recent photos of Angie, it’s been too long.

  • Saffron

    @ Rose

    I know but typos drive me crazy…lol

  • Wonderbust

    once again this is why the hens are spamming the board:
    Justin was spotted with a blonde in NYC last week, he went to LA for two days and came to….NYC..not NC where ticky is, hens are nervous that ticky is about to get dumped AGAIN so they are taking their anger out on Angie and Brad, what else is new

  • tamsin


    Thanks for the laughs. That always gets me! :D

  • groundcontrol

    Hey Vicki. Great to see you here. Hope all is well withyou and your family. ;S

  • Wonderbust

    midget boy spotted with blonde

    Justin Theroux dining with a blonde (not Jennifer Aniston) at ABC Kitchen,

    Read more:

    and yesterday BACK in NYC, not NC

    HENS are screaming at the ocean

  • Wonderbust

    also please remember to not respond especially to tampax, who works at an IT dept and is probably feeding his Jolie-Pitt addiction even though it is suppose to be at work, thumb it down(it hates when we do that lmao)

  • Rose

    Trolls are sounding like a broken record, saying the same old nonsense every day. Brad and Angie don’t read blogs, stop wasting your time here. Fans don’t care what trolls think. Go find a thread with someone you like and give them your time. Btw, SS man is cheating on her with a blond in NY while SS is working in NC mr squiggly is in NY with the blond, Another one bites the dust.

  • Huvane

    That cunt Jolie must be faxing out this crappola.

  • tamsin


    Mommie Dearest swore and promised that they would never work at the same time. With Pitty owing the WWZ investors a ton of money, and his renovation projects stalled, well I guess desperate times call for desperate measures, eh?

    The kids will be fine though. They are used to being raised by their nannies and body guards any way.

  • Saffron

    Wonderbust @ 07/30/2012 at 4:44 pm

    midget boy spotted with blonde
    Justin Theroux dining with a blonde (not Jennifer Aniston) at ABC Kitchen,
    Read more:
    and yesterday BACK in NYC, not NC
    HENS are screaming at the ocean


    Ha ha…glad you reposted. Look at those jeans! I know we’ve seen them a thousand times but it never fails to make me laugh. I KNOW he has a mirror – he can’t look in it & be pleased with what he sees.

  • um

    That movie won’t be out till 2015!

  • wwz

    bringing it from the old thread,drew goddard says there is nothing wrong with wwz

  • eek

    The vein says hi!

  • vickifromtexas

    groundcontrol @ 07/30/2012 at 4:42 pm

    Hey Vicki. Great to see you here. Hope all is well withyou and your family. ;S

    groundcontrol, i am doing very well. my family is great, we are trying to stay cool. it is 105 degrees here today. how are you and yours? i lurk a lot and always enjoy your posts. hugs.

  • tamsin


    No Rosey-poo, it’s horshippers like you who sound like a freaking broken record. “Ticky this ticky that, huvane, gigolo, haters, bwaaaak bwaaaak bwaaaaak…. JPs beautiful, god bless em” . There, I summed you up well, loon.

    I bet Jen’s doing great now that she shook all those leeches offs, like that good for nothing, self absorbed ex husband who thrived off her fame and fortune, as he did with others before her. Does it hurt that the biggest hit of Pitty’s career happened while they were still married?

    Oh but I bet you don’t care because you are hardly a fan; what makes your heart beat is one more chance to hate on Aniston and attack people for no reason, including other loons. Why don’t you educate yourself a little and do something with your life? . :D

  • MJ

    This movie should be good for Angie, she’s the great beauty herself. Wow! Angie is still in the top of every director’s lists while Anuston had a hard time finding a job. Anuston even begged for a jobs from her friends in the industry. Poor woman. I’m sure, Angie’s cameo in this movie gets paid more than Anuston’s lead movie role. Poor, poor Anuston.

  • PJ

    When it comes to beauty Angelina is the most beautiful woman on earth.

  • Rose

    I’m hoping PT or another fan will bring over the twitter pic from this morning #2505 of Brad at the airport today. Fans coming on line later today will appreciate it.

  • megatit

    eek @ 07/30/2012 at 5:03 pm
    The vein says hi!
    Haahahaha! The vein is out in it’s full glory! How nice there’s finally a new post about Our Heroin. The previous one could have been boiled down yo 125 comments had the loons not f arted out 2000+ comments about Ticky this and Ticky that and those darn “trolls”. I loved all of the in-fighting, though. I laughed and laughed and laughed…As for this carcass, she and Brad seem to be working a lot lately. I assume the kids are with her (the 400 nannies) so when does Brad ever see them? He’s slowly letting go…