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Brad Pitt: New 'Killing Them Softly' Stills!

Brad Pitt: New 'Killing Them Softly' Stills!

Check out these new stills of Brad Pitt in his upcoming film Killing Them Softly!

The 48-year-old actor plays Jackie Cogan, a professional enforcer who investigates a heist that went down during a mob-protected poker game.

Killing Them Softly also stars Richard Jenkins, Ray Liotta, James Gandolfini, and Scoot McNairy.

Back in May, Brad attended the premiere of the film at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

Make sure to catch Killing Them Softly in theaters on October 19!

10+ stills inside of Brad Pitt and the cast of Killing Them Softly

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brad pitt new killing them softly stilsl 01
brad pitt new killing them softly stilsl 02
brad pitt new killing them softly stilsl 03
brad pitt new killing them softly stilsl 04
brad pitt new killing them softly stilsl 05
brad pitt new killing them softly stilsl 06
brad pitt new killing them softly stilsl 07
brad pitt new killing them softly stilsl 08
brad pitt new killing them softly stilsl 09
brad pitt new killing them softly stilsl 10

Photos: Cogan's Productions
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  • lurker

    love him

  • lurker

    The movie looks amazing cannot wait

  • Kley

    Old and fugly…and although it’s hard for you to believe that is true, then do not pretend. Pathetic.

  • lurker

    love the fact that brad has a different look in every movie,he is a very fine actor who is underated

  • Lou

    Get out Old Brad, your fuc*k ass of here.

  • Plo

    face full of wrinkles, disgust. You are pathetic Mr. Pitt

  • lurker

    weird when fat tick and her balding dwarf have issues her hens come on here to rant,creepy baldy midget looks gross eww

  • Plo

    another bad movie pitt, you are a looser.

  • bdj

    Thanks for the thread. I am looking forward to the movie, filmed in Nawlins. Who dat, who dat.

  • Selma

    HOT !

  • CArla

    Brad luce espantoso, dios, como le han pegado los años, ni con toda la plata del mundo puede hacer un milagro en ese vegestorio…

  • Ley

    Brad das asco.

  • ño

    Poor Brad so old and fugly…

  • andu

    a question which will be the role of Brad? , in the counselor
    no bad intention, just asked

  • ño

    back out Pitt you are nothing

  • lurker

    baldy dwarf has a turkey neck and looks like brads father lol poor troll name changing and writing rubbish that will soon be hidden

  • Fugly Pitt

    See my name… just saying.. Jajajaja. Fulgy Pitt

  • jess

    Oh look Brad Pitt playing essentially the same character as all his other movies. Johnny Depp must be quivering in his boots.

  • Wonderbust

    hens are mad because ticky and her bf are over

    reposting for the hens
    well well looks like tickys bf is back in NYC not NC
    bwhahha they havent been together in more than a week yikes, and look what we have here justins cousin coattailing Brad as well, wow ticky and her bf and his fam need to keep brad’s name out of their mouth smh

  • bdj

    Where is McGreedy? I guess he got tired of babysitting ole no acting coke and toke. Time for the lousy Acting Coach to earn her keep. Keep trying to to emote Baby Jane with that face full of botox and fillers.

  • lurker

    Its going to be a different role,maybe he will play a baddie i have not read much about the project

  • Pitt the hoe

    48? y luce tan mal? Tom Cruise 50 y esta mas bueno que lo que era Pitt!

  • lurker

    This is why they are mad because her payed baldy dwarf doesnot give a fu*k about her old ugly ass

  • lurker

    Those fillers are not helping she looks 55 and bloated

  • lurker

    repost,brad looks hot damn
    loving the pony and facial hair

  • Wonderbust

    brad looks amazing

  • Passing Through

    ROTFLMAO. There hasn’t been J-P news for the last 18 days…yet as soon as a new thread goes up the trolls scurry out of the woodwork like roaches so they can shite all over it. That’s a level of patheticness even Ticky has never been able to achieve…

  • lurker

    @Passing Through:
    Its just the resident troll she has serious mental issues

  • Nasty Bitch

    Old Fart

  • Rose

    Trolls are losing their minds. Brad looks younger and more sexy than the paid boyfriend..rumor has it there is trouble in JustJen house, and the relationship is on life support. Brad, go on with your sexy self, keep driving the trolls cray cray, love it!!

  • lurker

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  • lurker

    Funny as hell when thre troll is having a meltdown

  • Dc

    Seen these before but always wonderful to see handsome Brad. Can’t wait to see this movie. Another Oscar nom and he will win.

    Love ya Brad!

  • Rose

    Someone really lost it today. Poor troll, Brad looking sexy and SS man is possibly cheating on her, he is Back in NY with the hot blond and she is in NC. Why are they not together? trouble is a brewing. Can’t blame trolls for running around like a chicken without a head, happy times.

  • ashhey

    one of the most overrated actors on earth. He had the looks but he could never play. Now he lost his looks too. And after The (pathetic) Tree of Life I swore I would NEVER watch his s.t.upid and pretentious artsy wannabe movies again.

  • Saffron

    I can’t wait to see KTS – pisses me off that they moved it up a month. It seems like it’s taking forever!!

  • cesar

    Brad is better and better since he come together with beautiful Angie.

    Start a family It was the best thing that Angie and Brad have done in their life.

    I loved to come here, during the day, just to T-down the Jelous-Haters. it´s great to closed the trolls.

    Nobody generate so many passions and are loved in any part of the world then Angie and Brad. it´s amazing. kiss

  • Latin Lover

    Can’t wait to see this movie. He’s such a great actor!

  • groundcontrol

    Very excited to see anther Andrew Dominick film. Kudos to Brad Pitt for helping Andrew get this off the ground.

  • bringing over from last thread

    salima @ 07/30/2012 at 10:13 am
    Brad at Heathrow today

    JPS @ 07/30/2012 at 8:27 am
    Finally a Brad pic
    Credit JPS,
    Brad is sooooo fine :)

  • Dakota

    Looking forward to this movie!!

  • groundcontrol

    Man, even as a thug boy Brad looks gorgeous. He just keeps getting sexier looking as he matures. Plus he is keeping that sexy body as well.
    Angelina is one lucky woman and I am sure she knows it and shows it. ;)

  • Silly people

    @bringing over from last thread:

    Brad is filming TC at Heathrow which is going to be a great film. Love his look for TC as he is playing a shady character who guides Fassy into a get rich quick drug deal.

  • http://Justjarde Jen aniston fan

    Brad hide him self these days

    ANOTHER flops

    Justifer ROCKS

  • lurker

    @Silly people:
    Thanks for the info looking foward to the movie

  • Lara

    Brad looks fabulous for the new fillming. It’s all go for he and Angie, love it.



  • anistonWHORE IS A WHORE


  • http://Justjarde Cheater

    Fugly face