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Matt Bomer: My Three Sons!

Matt Bomer: My Three Sons!

Matt Bomer hugs his three sons Kit, Henry, and Walker while leaving their hotel on Sunday (July 29) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actor’s partner Simon Halls loaded up the car while Matt said goodbye to his adorable boys.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Matt Bomer

Earlier in the weekend, Matt went roaming around the city with his twin boys Henry and Walker after grabbing a cup of coffee to go at Starbucks.

10+ pictures inside of Matt Bomer and his family in the Big Apple…

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75 Responses to “Matt Bomer: My Three Sons!”

  1. 1
    Savannah Says:

    Those are two hot dads!

  2. 2
    MR Says:

    Hey …. don’t run. Hold your brother’s hand. Be good while I am away. The kids are very cute.

  3. 3
    Max Says:

    omg. did i miss something. since when is matt bomer out of the closet and how did he get a husband and three kids?!

  4. 4
    Rome Says:

    Why did they have to adopt boys these kids won’t stand a chance since the two dads are going to program them to be like them.

  5. 5
    WW Says:

    He is the “step father” to the children. Simon had the children through surrogacy long before they became a couple

  6. 6
    an Says:

    I am A CHRISTIAN not that anyone cares but I love gays , lesbian or whatever , and I’m happy that he’s happy with his family .
    They did nothing wrong but expressing love , and happiness . How could it be wrong ?
    I truly think that god does not care whether your gay , or straight , as long as you are good .
    Anyway It’s not because your christian that your opposed to gays . AND IT’S NOT A TREND .

  7. 7
    an Says:

    @Rome: you idiot it’s not because you are gay that your parents were gay ! It has nothing to do with it !

  8. 8
    SG Says:

    Thank you, an! A Christian who’s not also a bigoted idiot.

    Rome & MileyCyrusRocks – I hope you’re proud of your hateful and completely ignorant comments. And Rome – Those “kids won’t stand a chance”? I know! Look how unhappy and unloved they look! It’s a disgrace!

    The children are beautiful, and the family is beautiful, and obviously full of love. This is as good an example of a loving, well functioning family as any I have ever seen. All children should be so lucky.

  9. 9
    Tara Says:

    Ignoring the morons!

    What a beautiful family they are, the boys are so cute!

  10. 10
    Slate interns Says:

    So these kids are new PR for White Collar? ugh

  11. 11
    Lovely kids Says:

    @Rome: They are not adopted children. They are from sarrogate mothers with their father, Simon.

  12. 12
    Lacey Says:

    I really think this is my new favorite celeb family. I’ve come to that conclusion, because whenever we get pictures of them, or whenever Matt mentions or alludes to Simon, Kit, Walker, or Henry in any form, in any sort of interview, I’m left thinking, “I want more, more, more. More Matt, more Simon, more little ones.” I don’t wish for them to be stalked by the paparazzi, but I do want more of this family, so… What can I say? It’s clear as day how much love there is amongst this family, and Simon and Matt seem like such great parents, it just doesn’t get better than that. We need more of that in this world.

    In seriousness, too, you always read about Simon and Matt supporting such great causes, being philanthropic, trying to support betterment of so many things, and shallowly they’re such handsome men, too. They win.

    Now that we’re starting to get pics of Simon a bit more, and of their sons/family as a whole, it’s awesome. Their little ones are the cutest and most adorable little guys. I really cannot think of any celeb children more precious than their three. Random observation: It’s incredible how much the boys like Simon. Wowza. Kids favor parents all of the time, but all three of them look so much like him, I almost did a double take. Their boys are literally too beautiful for words, and their family as a whole is so beautiful, they pretty much defy adjectives.

    In regards to the other set of pics from Friday, where Matt’s holding the Starbucks and with their twins, other sites have posted a couple of pictures of Simon with Matt and the boys when they were getting ready to get in the taxi, so he was there, too, but I won’t mention those sites here, out of respect for JJ.

    Thanks for the coverage of the Bomer-Halls, Just Jared. I know you’re not asking, but… If you want an idea of what readers want more of? More of Simon, Matt, and these three little boys, please!

  13. 13
    meme Says:


    They didn’t adopt the kids, they are Simon’s biological children.

    And you can’t program someone to be gay, people are born with their sexuality.
    Why am I not surprised that people full of hate are also uneducated fools?

    Yes, it’s a beautiful, loving family, and it’s all that matters.

  14. 14
    Josh Says:

    Matt is a hot dad, but the other one is ….lol I can’t lie.

  15. 15
    Larner Says:

    Why are people here talking about christianity? Simon is known to be into Buddhism. I don’t know about Matt but Simon won’t let his children into this stupid mess of confused adults.

  16. 16
    maria Says:

    Perfect modern family !

  17. 17
    an Says:

    @Larner: Dude , I talked about being christian because someone mentionned it ! AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION !

  18. 18
    Obama Says:

    @MileyCyrusRocks: is Romney’s.

  19. 19
    Lily Says:

    @MileyCyrusRocks: But Miley Cyrus showing her bra less self in a gay bar singing to a cross dresser is Christian?

  20. 20
    MileyCyrusRocks Says:

    I will pray for gay people, for they won’t make it to heaven if they don’t repent.

  21. 21
    fan62 Says:

    @ MileyCyrusRocks…crazy bigot…

  22. 22
    fan62 Says:

    it looks like some morons here hate to see happy people,especially if those people are gay! the only thing I’d like to say to these morons is: GET A LIFE and stop criticizing people who don’t live like you…

  23. 23
    Rosario Says:

    They are not adopted children. They are from surrogate mothers with their father, Simon… I´m totally supportive of gay marriage and even of them adopting… What I can´t stand is the fact that just out of pure selfishness someone can deny their children their right to have a mother… I think that those children will be missing that in the future…

  24. 24
    fan62 Says:

    @ rosario…I have no doubt that most of the kids adopted by gay couples have a more normal life than some kids raised by straight couples…

  25. 25
    Yo' Says:

    I don’t get the logic of this likes-dislikes comments. I mean, the comments with most tolerance and love and support for the community have like -20 and the retrograde and conservative and ignorant have like +20. I don’t get this at all. Waddup with your minds, people. Love is love. I don’t care as long as this family stays happy, strong and proud. (:

  26. 26
    Lily Says:

    Those kids look exactly like Matt, eerily so, so I don’t feel that they’re Simon’s children biologically at all. They’re gorgeous little boys and they resemble Matt more and more as they get older. In many cases both men would provide a sample and whichever one “took” would be the child’s biological father. It doesn’t matter, obviously, but clearly a surrogate was involved.

  27. 27
    Rosario Says:

    fan62, I agree with you… I totally support adoption,be it by straight people, gay or even single parents… No doubt, its allways better for children whose mothers gave them up to have a family and someone to love them… What I find hurting and selfish is the use of a surrogate because it denies the children their right to have a mother… and Besides: no doubt these three children were selected for being boys and healthy among other brothers and sisters that were concecuently aborted for not so… Seriously, the level of discrimination and unjustice that this fact shows is amazing… it can only be compared to the nazis…

  28. 28
    Lone Star Says:

    Why is JJ a magnet for fukcing ignorant idiots? This family is perfect in every way!

  29. 29
    LoveISLove Says:

    give me a break with modding my comment

  30. 30
    fullofmischief Says:

    This is what a happy family is all about a lot of smilies and live all around. Such a charming family

  31. 31
    Heady Says:

    Every time I see Matt Bomer I like him more

  32. 32
    iLOVEmykids Says:

    All that matters is the kids are happy and they seem like amazing parents. Who could ask for more?

    They are a truly gorgeous family…and about them being gay…come on get over it. Are we still really that stupid to realise that we are all people. come on its 2012.

  33. 33
    iLOVEmykids Says:

    ^ * to not realise we are all people.

  34. 34
    Banon Says:

    Even kids are a PR tool for Bomer-Halls. Perfect family? lol no.

  35. 35
    CJ Says:

    @Banon: @Banon – So how do you propose avoiding the ever present paparazzi, especially in NYC? There’s nothing that says these photos were staged in any way to be a PR event. A pap just got lucky and was there at the right time to catch a loving moment between Matt and the kids. Trying to actively avoid photographers would probably be more disruptive to the kids than just teaching them to ignore the intrusions.

  36. 36
    lol Says:

    @CJ: You have NO idea about this buisiness. They are completely staged events in front of their favorite photographer. Get a life.

  37. 37
    fan62 Says:

    @ Yo’…it looks like some stupid and hateful morons hate matt bomer and his happy family…each time there’s a post about him there’s a massive thumb-downing from bigots and hateful people…they’re probably jealous…

  38. 38
    Slate PR Jr Says:

    @Yo’: Do you wanna join the team Bomer? Rob from Canada, Laura H, Fat Kelly, Bible Kelly mom. The biggest Bomer fan team on earth. We need one more. Slate warned.

  39. 39
    Mitch AZ Says:

    Too cheesy but this is what Bomer can do now. Great cause for gay right by showing ‘perfect gay family’ photos on gossip site. Great, really great PR, Simon…

  40. 40
    JAYSON Says:

    YEAH. And what about all the men in the bible that had multiple wives. “One man and One woman” yeah get it right.
    As long as its love and not hate, who cares.

  41. 41
    ddd Says:

    @MileyCyrusRocks: So sad to see a Miley fam spewing such utter rubbish. She would be outraged to see such a disgusting creature as a fan.

  42. 42
    RJ Says:

    @MileyCyrusRocks … Better change your nickname because Miley Cyrus herself supports marriage equality.

  43. 43
    Blake Says:

    Are the comment sections of Just Jared ‘hang outs’ for members of NOM, OMM, AFA, FOF, WBC, etcetera?

  44. 44
    truth Says:

    @an: it’s ok to love the gays, lesbians, or whatever, but not the sin, and yes, according to the Bible (Romans 1:18-28, but the verses 24-28 deal w/the man/man, woman/woman sin specifically) homosexuality and lesbianism are sins. telling lies, gossip, jealousy and envy are sins also, and the Bible also addresses these. The Bible also states that the world is at emnity with God and whoever sides with the world is also at emnity with God. only a lukewarm Christian would embrace what God does not. God created Adam and Eve to be together and to be fruitful and procreate together, not Adam and Steve or Evelyn or Eve. two men nor two women cannot procreate together. the devil has all kinds of lies and deceitfulness.

  45. 45
    Jenn Says:

    I thought Matt Bomer had some class. Nope. What a cheap set up pap photos.

  46. 46
    Bible mom Says:

    I’m so scared Kelly’s greasefire hell curse toward Kit, Henry, Walker by MattBomerfan site. Rob is too stalkish!

  47. 47
    tim Says:

    Why do all the ignorant conservative comments have thumbs up and all the logical liberal comments have thumbs down?

    1. God does not exist… so the joke is on you for wasting your life on religion.
    2. Who cares if they are gay? They seem like wonderful parents and I’m sure they won’t have an influence on their children’s sexual preferences.
    You are born gay… not pressured into it.
    3. You know who shouldn’t have kids? The stupid inbred hillbilly hicks who neglect their kids and pass on the same ignorant beliefs.

    All you close-minded religious frauds should stop bashing on people just for the sake of bashing. There are FARRR worse people in this world than these two happily married men. Not that theres anything wrong with gay marriage anyways.

    AND for those of you who do think there is something wrong with gay marriage, I have 2 questions for you.

    Why do you care? Does it affect your life?

    Again there is no god. When you die you just become dirt.
    Hopefully you religious nuts become dirt that gets shat on by pigs.

  48. 48
    Simon's intern No 13 Says:

    Kit, Henry, Walker become dirt that gets shat on by pigs….wow

  49. 49
    Kelly pig Says:

    I kind of agree that Kelly and her mom were all pggy nuts.

  50. 50
    Bubbles Says:

    As an atheist, I’m not happy that most Christians believe that sexuality is a trend. They deserve those kids more then some straight men and women. Not disgusting at all. What in ANY of these pictures are disgusting? Marriage is for every human. Who are we to decide who can and can’t get married? Does it affect you? No.

  51. 51
    SNEWMAN Says:

    It amazes me that all of the positive comments have a low rating. Hate and discontent seem to be appreciated.
    This is a beautiful family. They all look so happy. It is so sad that people in this world will look down on love. With such a supportive family those boys will do nothing but thrive.
    To all the fire and brimstone people. GOD MADE THEM THE WAY THAT THEY ARE. So if he wont let his creations go to heaven with all the good that they do then i sincerely doubt your judgmental selves will make it either.
    I believe in the bible it says not to judge…

  52. 52
    SNEWMAN Says:


  53. 53
    Andrea Says:

    You’re NOT a Christian, you’re a religious fanatic!
    Ridiculous comment you’ve posted.
    How can a decent, honest, talented, hardworking, loving, caring person, like Matt or Simon, be disgusting?????
    Oh, sure! You, a f*ucked up intolerant with prejudicial beliefs, are not disgusting. Of course…
    I don’t get how people who claim to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, who, btw, must have been such an amazing man, are so judgemental about others. IMO, Jesus must cry when he hears so much crap said on “his behalf”…

  54. 54
    Andrea Says:

    Hey, there!
    The kids are NOT Matt’s, biologically speaking.
    The 3 of them ARE Simon’s through surrogacy.
    As it has been mentioned before by other JJ readers, Simon talked about it on W magazine when Kit, the eldest, was 2 years old and the twins were about to be delivered. At that time, he was a SINGLE dad. No Matt in their lives yet.

  55. 55
    Andrea Says:

    No way, three gay sperm surrogacy kids, Now way they are Christians. Because they’d be sinners by Holy Bible. Kids should be innocent. They are religious not Christians. Bye!

  56. 56
    Sam Says:

    Nothing but utter disgust for the ‘ignorant’ reeking comments on here!If anything,it reveals more about these pathetic homophobic buffoons hiding behind their computers and are obviously lacking some kind of ‘rational’ intellect than about Matt Bomer and his family!Quite frankly,I see nothing wrong with two people of the same sex being in a loving stable relationship and being able to enjoy parenthood.Over half of these NUTJOB posters must be jealous of the fact that Matt is an attractive man who appeals to both sexes whilst these retards appeal to none!Get your heads outta your asses you thick headed idiots!Sincerely,A Straight Person

  57. 57
    Walkie Talkie Says:

    Could you stop talking about Kit’s recent gayness. It’s blessing…

  58. 58
    Walkie Talkie Says:

    @Sam: tim, Bubbles and SNEWMAN. Poor English and totally lacking “rational” “intellect” …… LOL

  59. 59
    Walkie Talkie Says:

    @Sam: tim, Bubbles and SNEWMAN. Poor English and totally lacking “rational” “intellect” …… LOL

  60. 60
    tootaloo Says:

    Nothing but utter disgust for the ‘ignorant’ reeking comments on here!If anything,it reveals more about these pathetic homophobic buffoons hiding behind their computers and are obviously lacking some kind of ‘rational’ intellect than about Matt Bomer and his family!Quite frankly,I see nothing wrong with two people of the same sex being in a loving stable relationship and being able to enjoy parenthood.Over half of these NUTJOB posters must be jealous of the fact that Matt is an attractive man who appeals to both sexes whilst these retards appeal to none!Get your heads outta your asses you thick headed idiots!Sincerely,A Straight Person

  61. 61
    Obese Kelly's bible Says:

    @tootaloo: Thank you for proving how crazy & pathetic you are. The Bilbe is not with you, poor thing.

  62. 62
    Arthur Says:

    @tootaloo: What an idiot and poor English. lol

  63. 63
    PrideIsADeadlySin Says:

    Jesus was liberal, and would support marriage equality. Judge not, lest ye be judged — remember that one? Pray for yourself. Poor, persecuted Christians need to stop foisting their religion on everyone else, and I say that as someone raised Methodist. Live and let live…

  64. 64
    Catherine Says:

    @MileyCyrusRocks: I’m a proud happily married heterosexual Christian too but I believe being a good Christian is about tolerance of the society in which we live, not trying to live by an outdated set of rules. Two loving parents, whatever their gender, is what children need. God only knows, there are enough lousy heterosexual parents out there.

  65. 65
    Desdemona Says:

    I’m not happy that being gay is becoming a trend. These two disgusting men do not deserve those kids. Marriage is between a man and a woman. God bless.

  66. 66
    mary Says:

    Why so much hate in some messages against Matt?.Thousands of people like this man because beyond is physical beauty, is a man of great values ​​with many qualitys.Matt has a big heart, he is generous, humble available, respectful, honest, sincere. Matt, Simon and their childrens do not deserve this onslaught of hatred.I’ am outraged when I read hateful comments against this family, these childrens seems to be balanced and happy, many children family normal” are probably less happy than those three little guys with their2 dads. I like Matt, I love this family and many could take their example.

  67. 67
    mary Says:

    Being hateful toward Matt and Simon is already obnoxious, but when it comes to take their childrens, who are unable to defend themselves, who are innocent like all childrens, then I can not find words. I hope that these three little guys are preserved maximum of all this hatred towards their two dads..Can you think what might happen if relatives of the couple, or even Matt and Simon read these messages, it would certainly broken their hearts,, We love Matt so we do not want only one thing for him: he is still very happy with the person he loves and who love him.

  68. 68
    mary Says:

    @Desdemona: I’m not happy That Being gay is Becoming a trend. These two men do not deserve disgusting Those Kids. Marriage is Between a man and a woman. God bless.

    Marriage united two people who love it all and I do not doubt for a second that Matt and Simon love. I do not find it disgusting, I find it very moving . Their childrens are probably very happy, and all much, if not more than the children of a family ‘normal’ and why these people do not deserve these beautiful children?

    I do not understand your intolerance, many people like Matt and see what he is;. an human being with hugely qualities , father family apparently very happy, and a wonderful actor Matt Happinesst is the only thing that counts for all those who love him.,God bless Matt,Simon and theirs three little boys.

  69. 69
    claudiafulgeanu Says:

    Nu e bine sa judeci pe cineva din prisma orientarii sale sexsuale.Este foarte adevarat ca nu imi vine sa cred, ca un actor care te lasa MuT SAU MUTA din toate punctele de vedere, care are pe acel VINO-INCOACE te lasa fara replica.Mi-l doream sa-l vad in “50 de vicii ale domnului Grey” si sper sa-l vad jucandul pe CHRISTIAN GREY.Nustiu ce sa spun pentru ca sunt multe lucruri de comentat si bune si rele.
    O mica rugaminte as avea daca m-ati putea ajuta:mi-as dorii sa stiu *** as putea afla unde i se poate scrie lui MATT BOMER, CU MII DE MULTUMIRI

  70. 70
    mary Says:


    You can find adress for send a letter to Matt on site:FANMAIL.BIZ.

  71. 71
    Marianne Janis Says:

    @Rosario: ever heard of grand mothers and aunts

  72. 72
    Marianne Janis Says:

    I’m pretty sure that Matt an Simon both had straight parents and they are both gay so why should the boys be gay

  73. 73
    Marianne Says:

    @Josh: you might not find Simon attractive but Matt does and his is the only that counts

  74. 74
    Marianne Says:

    That should be the only opinion thatcounts

  75. 75
    Dianna Masterson Says:

    For all those that are making negative remarks about Matt Bomer and Simon Halls and their children. If you do your research before you make these remarks you will find that somethings you are saying aren’t true. I don’t live their lives so I don’t know what goes on in their life. For whatever the reason we are fortunate to see the photos we do, the photos show 2 men with their children. Everyone has their past life and these photos show normal acting children with men of the public eye. No matter where the children come from (I read that simon is the bio father) Matt Bomer is in their lives now and he is as much of a father as any step-parent. I don’t know if he Matt, actually adopted the kids but the kids don’t care he is there and acting a parenteral role. Give these two men a chance to love their family such as it is. I don’t care if they are gay fathers with children that can’t tell one way or another if they will be gay or not. Those that judge be judged yourself.

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