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Rupert Sanders Spotted Wearing Wedding Ring

Rupert Sanders Spotted Wearing Wedding Ring

Rupert Sanders has emerged for the first time since news broke of his fling with Snow White and the Huntsman actress Kristen Stewart – and he kept his wedding ring on!

The 41-year-old director, who is married to model/actress Liberty Ross, stepped out in Los Angeles on Monday (July 30) just days after the cheating scandal began.

Kristen, 22, and her boyfriend Robert Pattinson have reportedly both moved out of the home they shared in Los Angeles. The pair are not speaking to each other, according to reports.

Bigger pics inside…

Just Jared on Facebook

Credit: Marianna Massey; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Din


  • TheDudeAbides

    Providentially, the 40 something guy who was cheating on his wife and kids in The Woman in Red, was also the film’s director.

  • Sarah

    He looks disgustingly smug, both in the TMZ pic and in the pic that Jared posted.

    Says it all, really. Self-centered predatory asshole who proudly cheated and is therefore more than capable of doing it again.

  • S

    Damn this society! I knew it, I knew his wife would forgive him and they would work it out ‘for their children’s sake’ but when it comes to women, they don’t take us back. I’m not saying Rob shouldn’t think about it twice and he has the right to end the relationship, but come on!

  • Indiesr

    He can wear his ring all he wants! Anyone can wear a wedding ring, but obviously it dosent mean a think to him.

  • pup

    Not surprised. Douchebag was wearing it when he cheated with that trashy homewrecker!

  • Cyn

    He is a disgusting pig!

  • http://amoral ….Complete douche-bag

    His ring means absolutely nothing to him, just like loyalty to both his wife and children meant nothing to him. What a douche*. The ring did not mean anything to the selfish Kristen either.

  • Kate

    Let me get this straight – he betrays his marriage vows, disgraces his role as a father, abuses his role as a film director, befriends Robert Pattinson whilst calculatingly pursuing his girlfriend, causes a huge scandal…

    Then he has the nerve to be spotted out with a smile on his face?? Huh. So much for him being “devastated” by the hurt his actions caused. Gross.

  • Rena

    The question whether his wife is still wearing her ring. Personally I hope she ditches the ring and him, and she takes him to the cleaners.

  • eav

    I think we’re all being set up!

  • Indiesr

    We probably are. Lol

  • Truth alert

    Why do people hate Rupert but love Brad Pitt?

  • lold

    @Kate: I agree with you, the guy is a scumbag of the highest order, but let’s not pretend here that KStew is not equally guilty.

  • Babe

    RPatz and Stewart are not speaking to each other?? THERE IS A GOD.

  • judsie

    ugh she shouldn’t give him another chance imo. she lost so many time already, scarifying her career for his, all for what? a man who cheats with a very very young girl (and don’t tell me, it was a one time thing, it wasn’t).. and he was sorry to get caught that’s it. they should spare their kids and divorce, i mean kids feel it when their parents are unhappy. and he’s gonna cheat again, so why don’t spare everybody more heartache?

  • AimeeAir

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  • doodle

    Hmm hes kinda cute :p

  • judsie

    @Truth alert:
    bc brad pitt chose angelina over jennifer to start a family. while rupert, already w/ the family, cheated on his wife (and kids too) with a very young girl just for sex.

  • mel

    Next Twilight premier is gonna be aaaawkwaaaard!!

  • aquarius64

    The only public appearance of this putz should be as the main course of a luau.

  • Sayer

    So now he cares about his marriage, wife and children??? please!

  • lolo


    well if he chose angelina and wanted to start a family with her, than maybe he should like …GET A DIVORCE FIRST!!! Pitt is a cheater, a diffrent one than Sanders, but still a cheater!

  • Daisy Kenyon

    Well he had the ring on during the tryst. So what does it prove?

    I hope Rob gets in a good punch to his face soon!

  • hmm

    it just kinda pisses me off that ppl are like so rude on Kstew than him
    they both are equally responsible for all this. It takes two to tango. Both were involved w/someone else
    if ppl call Kstew and hoe than he should be called a man hoe
    both are home-wreckers. Like she shouldn’t have been the only one who should have remembered he was married, he should have too, he was the one married w/a loving wife

  • Hummm

    @judsie same $hit, doesn´t matter the age and blah blah
    If your partner cheat on you for “love”,it would be better?

  • Linda

    @judsie: The kids are not the only thing on whether to cheat or not! What about the vows????

  • Daisy Kenyon

    So whatever you think of Kristen–Sanders owes her and Rob both– an apology. IMO! don’t freak!

  • Say it ain’t so


  • WAlterBisho[

    The only thing I don’t get about this mess is how come anyone who’s been on set of SWTH can actually pay any attention to Kristen Stewart when there is the always gorgeous Charlize Theron???How can he be reportedly infatuated with someone with waif-like b*** face aka KStew when there is Charlize Theron???I do not approve of cheating but I can still get this thing about a man falling in love/or liking/ or admiring a worldly acknowledged beautiful/gorgeous and sexy woman (refer to Brangelina) but this I simply refuse and simply can’t understand. Perhaps, the only explanation is that Charlize has more class and is way out of his league so he never had a chance with her in million years
    And I have a new found respect for Rob

  • solecito

    You know what? If Rupert and his wife can work the trust issues and salvage their marriage, good for them! As someone mentioned before, he is no different than Brad Pitt (a cheater), but at least he chose his wife over the mistress.

  • to solecita

    the difference between kristen and angie is that angie made the married man break up with his wife FIRST.

    if a married man isn’t willing to sacrifice his wife, then don’t get involved with him.

    it helped that brad didn’t have kids.

    i don’t approve of rupert’s behavior. i feel he disrespected kristen. . that is another difference between brad and rupert. brad actually respected angie. rupert didn’t respect kristen as you can tell from the pics.

    to me he intentionally disrespected kristen. to me he is the one behind them getting caught.

  • to solecita

    its rupert’s fault that they get caught.

  • Gossipgirl

    I am afraid that R-Pat will forgive her; I will have total respect for him if he does not and refuses to walk the carpet with her for the Breaking Dawn finale.

  • to solecita

    the thing about angie and brad is that they were meant to be together. you can tell by looking at the pictures of them together when they were filming mr and mrs smith. i approve of their relationship. sorry jennifer got hurt but they weren’t right for each other.

    there is no way rupert respected her. if he did he wouldn’t have been standing behind her the way he was out in public or touching her the way he was out in public.

    any man who touches a woman out in public the way he did doesn’t respect the woman he is doing that too. even if its his own wife or girlfriend. its disrespectful.

    those kind of pda’s are disrespectful to women.

    liberty is married to a man who doesn’t respect women. i get the feeling she doesn’t respect women either from her little snow white cartoon stunt.

  • to gossipgirl

    i feel the opposite. i will have respect for him if he does forgive her.

  • to gossipgirl

    its not ok for a married man to cheat. its ok for a single girl to cheat.

  • to gossipgirl

    and she wasn’t engaged. robert is not that innocent anyway.

  • to gossipgirl

    it would be ok for robert to forgive her without rekindling the relationship. which is what will ultimately happen anyway.

  • tracy

    Jeez, lay off them and let them sort it out themselves.

  • solecito

    @to solecita: Are you saying that Brad and Angelina didn’t have s e x until he broke up with his wife? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Brad is no better than Rupert, both are CHEATERS, regardless of the circumstances. As for Angelina and Kristen, a woman who doesn’t respect another woman’s marriage is a low human being.

  • to gossipgirl

    after all its not like he and kristen were married. they were living together. they weren’t married. that’s not really a true commitment. that’s a maybe i will maybe i wont situation.

    if rupert really cared about kristen he would have treated her better.

  • Yes

    He’s probably still banging K-Ho

  • to gossipgirl

    brad is better than rupert. he respects angelina. rupert doesn’t respect either liberty or kristen.

    yes its ok to end an unhappy marriage. have you heard of divorce?

  • isa

    Kristen should have own this scandal, hold her head high and say hell to everyone and say I was seduced and that’s it!!!, instead of apologizing later on. She’ll come out stronger that way. Such a loser attitude to apologize later after the fact and so say she loves Robert Pattinson.

  • to solecito


    brad is better than rupert. he respects angelina. rupert doesn’t respect either liberty or kristen.

    yes its ok to end an unhappy marriage. have you heard of divorce?

  • to solecito

    the reason people approve of brad and angie’s relationship is because its real. its not fake. they have real chemistry and they belong together. he ended the relationship with jen maybe not perfectly but it was along the lines of the right way.

  • to solecito

    if brad didn’t end his relationship with angie then he couldn’t have her. its that simple. he had to sacrifice his wife who he didn’t love to be with the woman who he did love. and that’s not saying he hated jennifer. he just didn’t love her as much as he loved angie. he loved angie more.

  • solecito

    @to solecito: Have you heard of honoring, respecting, and being faithful to your spouse?

  • Teri

    lol Charlize is is good friends w/his wife (or than wife)
    plus she is smart
    Kstew is kinda younger (dumber I suppose)