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Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: 'Bourne Legacy' Premiere Pair!

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: 'Bourne Legacy' Premiere Pair!

Daniel Craig and wife Rachel Weisz hold hands as they leave the Four Seasons Hotel following a reception on Monday (July 30) in New York City.

Earlier in the evening, the married couple attended the premiere of Rachel‘s latest film, The Bourne Legacy.

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The 42-year-old actress walked the red carpet with her co-stars Jeremy Renner and Edward Norton, but Daniel, 44, decided to skip out on the photo opp.

FYI: Rachel is wearing a Dior dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Bulgari jewels.

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Credit: JosiahW; Larry Busacca; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Getty
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  • aimee

    what a beautiful pair!

  • Saara

    Talented,private, beautiful pair

  • brenda

    They may be talented an beautiful, but they do not look happy.

  • somali girl

    Fake boobs alert.

  • Alice

    Love them both!

  • Jeff

    Rachel looks happy but Daniel looks like a abusive douch bag. It’s her night but he has to ruin it for her in being an A-Hole.

  • BB

    Rachel looks tired.

  • Marcy

    @somali girl:

    Do you know what fake boobs look like dimwit ? Those are not fake.

  • Headmaster


    Daniel looks like a selfish S.O.B. Word is that he was Cranky and rude at the premiere. Rachel deserves better.

  • Headmaster

    Here is a first person account of Daniel Craig’s behavior.

    “Weisz brought along second husband Daniel Craig, who proved to be cranky and rude while she was her usual gracious self.”

  • Mike

    @Jeff: Daniel didn’t escort her if he was a abusive douche bag. He arrived in NY yesterday afternoon, then he escorted her last night.

  • Stern

    Rachel looks embarrassed by Daniel. He looks like a real bastard with an ego.

  • Sara

    Daniel isn’t ‘second husband’.

  • Lisa

    What a dirt bag Daniel is. He does not have the class or decency to at least be happy for his wife. Yet he makes a fool out of himself with his attitude. I love Rachel but he has to dump this idiot.

  • Lisa


    And I mean she has to dump this idiot.

  • WOW

    Rachel fanboys going mad! LOL

  • Tom

    I’ve never heard Daniel Craig is cranky and rude, maybe Friedman asked a silly question to him.

  • Julia

    @Headmaster: Rachel is a strong-minded/smart woman. If she felt her night was ruined by Daniel, and she was angry, she would have not held hands with him.

  • Bernice


    I don’t think it has anything to do about being a fan but Daniel treating her with respect which it seems like he does not do. If we are going to talk about fan boys, The Daniel Craig fans seem like they would defend him no matter what. Even if he beats her.

  • Julia

    But Roger Friedman shows nothing. Be more specific.

  • M

    They look great together! Glad DC came to support her behind the scenes. If it’s not his event, I can see why he didn’t want the attention or to answer random questions. We weren’t there and it’s nuts that hater are saying that they are unhappy; she’s embarrassed? or that he’s abusive!?! Ridiculous!

  • grounded

    He has just spent 5/4 years of his life with a women who’s whole world revolved around him and his career, she was there 24/7 taking care of his needs. Now he’s with a women who has a child and a career, so he’s not number one anymore, she has other priorities. I think Rachel is better for Daniel than the ex ever was. I think Rachel will keep him grounded and his ego under control. Maybe he was just tired or having a bad day, he is only human after all.

  • to headmaster #10

    well, read this and you get a completely other impression of Daniel and his attitude

    “We saw Daniel Craig, courtesy of Rachel Weisz, and in the five seconds we saw him he was a lot friendlier than a lot of the celebs we’d seen all day.
    Cause he waved. Yes, a celeb just waving at you and acknowledging your presence apparently goes a long way, especially if so many of them just ignore you. ”

    there are haters and lovers around and as long as you are not there yourself you’ll never know what is true ans what is not true.

  • Julia

    @to headmaster #10: Very true.

  • Will

    @to headmaster #10:

    For one, i never take the word of autograph seeks on anything. If you don’t give them the attention they feel like they are deserve, they would trash you. Even if you give them an autograph. So their word on anything is suspect.

    I was at an event at MOMA a few years back and i saw Rachel Weisz of all people rushing to her car. A couple of autograph seekers started to ask her for one but she decline in a nice and apologetic way because she was rushing to get somewhere. They then started trashing her on the web like “How dare she” . Which was wrong because i have seen Rachel around town and she is about the nicest and most generous person i have seen as a celebrity and a few friends who have talked to her has confirmed it.

    Autographs seekers are the most spoiled and self entitled group of fans and their word on anything is suspect. i don’t know whether if the reports of Daniel’s behavior are right but anything from an autograph seeker is suspect to me.

  • Elle

    I can’t believe why people are so naive. I have seen the twitter said Rachel was rude to fans on twitter twice, but I never believe it. So I cannot accept it just on reporter’s say so.

  • Will


    Twitter? a place that you can say almost anything and not back it up? I was on twitter once and someone said that she saw big foot in her back yard. Twitter and athe word of a reporter are two different things. As for this reporter, i don’t believe him as well considering that he was probably looking for information on Daniel and Rachel’s marriage. If their are any more reports of Daniel’s behavior last night, then their is truth to it. If not, then you know that its the reporter who is lying. that’s how you will get to the truth.

  • Elle

    @Will: So? There is no report there. Only Showbiz.

  • Truth is

    When most celebs are coming out of an event to a sea of paps and reporters flashing high volume flashes in their faces (especially at night) as soon as the doors open, most are not smiling and putting on a show. They are trying to get to their awaiting car and get the hell up out of there because they have done their job, which is show up, smile for the cameras on the red carpet, sign a few autographs, and premiere their latest flick to their peers. i don’t understand why people assume from a one nano second shot of a person that ths person is miserable, sad, fighting or whatever crazed idea. No one can be on all the time a camera is shoved in their face.

    Daniel & Rachel have been traveling and probably was tired, who knows?? Or they may have been in a hurry to go home and have hot s#x because they missed each other due to their traveling schedules this week?? I sure don’t and neither do any of you.

  • Will


    You’re right but the day is still young. Like i said, i don’t think its true at all and the tone of the article sounds like this reporter wanted to get information about their marriage. We will know more letter on.

  • hello

    She is unbelievably gorgeous

  • Elle

    @Will: Daniel didn’t attend at the premiere. He just attended the after party. Why did this reporter want to get information about their marriage? His private interest to them?

  • Jew

    The reporter asked them about R-patz and K-stew. Rachel cheated on Darren with Daniel.

  • Will


    Because they have not told the press about their marriage and their relationship. If you read interviews with both Rachel and Daniel, you can see how guarded they are about themselves. Anybody who gets them to open up will get a circulation bonanza.


    From what i have heard from people in the know, it was the other way around.

  • Will


    If Daniel did not attend the premiere, then the person who owns this blog: is lying. Because She said that he waved to her at the premiere.

    Like i said before, the word of an autograph seeker is always suspect.

  • Elle

    I know it. Daniel said ”I want to protect Rachel, so I don’t want to open up and talk about our marriage”.

  • Elle

    @Will: I mean, Daniel was at the premiere, but he didn’t attend photo call with Rachel at the premiere. Daniel spotted outside the theater with Jeremy.

  • Elle

    I know you don’t believe a twitter. But….
    Caroline ‏@apartysong
    Stood outside this and saw Daniel Craig and Jeremy Renner.

    Martha Peck ‏@MarthaVader
    Saw Daniel Craig and Jeremy Renner. Woot
    Alice ‏@aalicestyless
    Just saw Daniel Craig and Jeremy Renner.. DYING xx
    Backdoor Bitch ‏@followbdb
    Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner attended the nyc premiere of “The Bourne Legacy.” Daniel Craig and Renee Russo also there that night.

  • Will


    I don’t believe twitter and finding an accurate post from someone with a picture does not change my opinion of it. Its like saying that what this reporter wrote about Daniel is true judging by an accurate article from someone else about something else..

  • Will


    And that picture does not prove anything thing ( Where is a picture of the both of them?), it could be B.S. Like i said before, i don’t believe in the article but i don’t hold twitter as a beacon of truth ether.

  • Tom

    Daniel had the new James Bond perfume campaign yesterday, but he chose to support Rachel.

  • Elle

    @Will: I don’t care whether you believe them, or not.

  • Will


    You seen to care if you are getting upset over my opinion, which is silly.

  • Elle

    @Will: I respect your opinion. So I don’t care you don’t believe those twitter.

  • to Jeff

    Someone claimed on her thread Rachel moved on Daniel because she was abused by Darren. She is abused by Daniel, too? Don’t be stupid!

  • competition

    He could have been upset because he had some serious competition from Jeremy Renner for looking damn hot in a suit?!?! ;)

  • Jew

    Rachel never was abused. She is not a victim. Just cheated on Darren.

  • Tara

    @to Jeff:

    I work with battered women and yes they do go to one abusive relationship after another. So you statement is not only inaccurate but ignorant, because it reflex’s the mentality of some of the Daniel Craig’s fans that he could do no wrong. Do i think he abuses his wife? No, they both look very tired after a very long day. However, the mentality some of you have of attacking Rachel personally and defending him is scary and down right sad. Like you would blame her not him for any abuse.

  • to Tara

    Who attacks Rachel? I didn’t attack Rachel!

  • Jew

    Daniel and Rachel both are cheaters.