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Josh Duhamel: 'Safe Haven' Shirtless with Julianne Hough!

Josh Duhamel: 'Safe Haven' Shirtless with Julianne Hough!

Josh Duhamel shows off his sexy shirtless bod while filming for his upcoming flick Safe Haven on Monday (July 30) in Southport, NC.

The 39-year-old actor was joined on the set by his co-star Julianne Hough!

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“Good night y’all… Crazy week of shooting @safehavenmovie…Good job Mimi, Noah, Dave and @joshduhamel :)” Julianne tweeted last week.

The Nicholas Sparks film has been in production since early July on the sandy beaches of North Carolina. Be sure to check out the flick when it hits theaters on February 8, 2013.

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32 Responses to “Josh Duhamel: 'Safe Haven' Shirtless with Julianne Hough!”

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  1. 1
    Johnny Says:

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  2. 2
    Jody Says:

    He keeps looking at the paps, cuz he knows he’s gonna hook up with julianne sooner or later. She hooked up with Diego. This is why I couldnt be a famous person, dating other famous people. You cheat everyday. Emma roberts was messing with liam but Im not sure if she cheated on that other guy for him. Jared you just confirmed she was dating the new guy who she did that movie with.

  3. 3
    Joy McBride Says:

    Julianne will never hook up with Josh, she is in love with Ryan and would not cheat on him. Also Josh is married to Fergie and He loves her. Just because people are in a movie together does not mean the always hook up,. Jody, you need to grow up! Julianne never would hoop up with a young guy like Diego she like older men and her and Ryan have been together for nearlly 2 and 1/2 years.

  4. 4
    Jody Says:

    @Joy McBride: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You kids dont understand relationships. People get bored with eachother, and do whatever they can get away with. You kids said the same thing about Kstew. Ryan pretended to propose to Julianne, and by the look on her face, she wanted to remain single so she could continue sleeping around with Diego. These girls are young, and Ryan is all in love, and he seems like the kind of guy that will drive a girl away. Girls get bored with geeks like him. She cheated on him with Gerrard Butler, now TELL me she wouldnt choose him over Ryan the little dweeb. Grow up, and understand this is the REAL world. This isnt fantasy land, where young pretty people date for 3 yrs, WITHOUT cheating with other pretty people. Learn about relationships, your only 14.

  5. 5
    Jody Says:

    @Joy McBride: And btw, didnt Josh already cheat with that blond chick? And Fergie pretended like she trusted him, but she really knows he cheated. She just ignored it since she didnt want to have a public divorce after only being married for a short time. And Ludacris slept with Fergie before she was married, THEN she hung out with him after she was married. Now you think she didnt hit it again? People do whatever they can get away with.

  6. 6
    Joy McBride Says:

    Where did yo get yr old! I am a 62 yr old grandmother that has followed Juliannes career for over 6 yrs. You will not find anything that even suggests that she ever cheated on any of her 3 boyfriends! Yes that is all she has had in the last 6 yrs. She is not a cheater and never will be. I don’t know Josh that well, but he can forget it if he wants Julianne,.

  7. 7
    Jody Says:

    @Joy McBride: Didnt she cheat on her last boyfriend, with Max from dancing with the stars? LOL Julianne is a normal girl like any other girl. People get bored, and do whatever they can get away with. She is a normal person who likes sec, just like any other normal person. People dont cheat because they cant be trusted. People cheat because of impulses, spontaniousness. Its the right place, the right time, the right person is around, and you make a mistake. You should know these things if you have been in the world that long. She cheated with her last costar from the dance movie. Ryan cant compete with these pretty boys she is doing movies with, he is in london and she is going to have fun, like normal young people do everyday.

  8. 8
    rachel Says:

    At jody – “This isnt fantasy land, where young pretty people date for 3 yrs, WITHOUT cheating with other pretty people. Learn about relationships, your only 14.” – are you serious? that is the dumbest statement i’ve ever heard. you may want to limit it to celebs because not EVERY “pretty young person” cheats on their significant other if they’ve dated for a long time. such an ignorant thing to say. guess YOUVE been dating the wrong kinda people if you think everyone cheats on each other! Again, maybe in Hollywood. but such a stupid generalized thing to say.

  9. 9
    Jody Says:

    @rachel: Its human nature. Julianne is a young, pretty girl. You think she’s not enjoying her life? Its human nature to want to have sex. In relationships, you get bored with sleeping with the same time, and thats when you start sneaking around, doing anything you can get away with. I have no doubt in my mind, that she cheated on Ryan. Ryan cant compete with Gerrard Butler, or any of her co-stars. Ryan seems like a dweeb and he’s all in love. Those types of lovey-dovey guys push girls away. She is young, still growing up, and probably has cheated with allot of guys. Everyone cheats, if their is someone who appeals to them sexually, around. Learn about human nature and relationships. When Kstew was busted, I wasnt even surprised. I think she cheated with Hemsworth and Garrett. Everyone cheats when its no one around to see them doing it. Its just what normal people do.

  10. 10
    mollg Says:

    You people who act like you know celebrities crack me up! First of all, when did Fergie hook up with Ludacris? HUH? And what happened to the woman who accused Josh of cheating? Suddenly she disappears, just like the woman who said Justin Beiber fathered a child. You believe any rumors, which are written by tabloids to sell their crap. One in ten times they hit it right, but most of their stories are pure bull.

  11. 11
    Jody Says:

    @mollg: Everyone behind the scenes in the rap world, has heard of certain entertainer hooking up. People behind the scenes have been talking about Fergie and Ludacris for a while, but thats old news. The woman who accused Josh, stuck to her story. But her 15 minutes is up so its not like we will hear from her again. As far as the woman who accused Justin, I think she lied.

  12. 12
    Joy McBride Says:

    Julianne never cheated on anyone with Max, I have followed Julianne and Derek for over 6 yrs. Have read everything printed about them and as far as I can remember she has never even met Gerard Butler,. You can check all you want but you will never find an aricle that degrades Julianne or even hints that she cheats on her boyfriends. So give up! She is a good persn. Not like Kstew or any of them other Hollywood bad girls.

  13. 13
    Jody Says:

    @Joy McBride: WRONG, Her boyfriend found texts from her and Max on her cellphone. She gave Gerrard Butler Dance lessons. You think Julianne is a wierdo that doesnt like sex? Just because a person cheats does not means she is decietful. People cheat because of impulses and spontaniousness. Its the right place, and the right time, and you make a mistake. Its the same reason Kstew cheated. Julianne was spotted making out with her costar, yet you have no response to that? Every girl is the same. Every human is the same. We all like sex. Its human nature. When ur in a relationship for a long time, you get bored with the person, and someone else comes along and you make a mistake. Julianne is only in her 20′s, she is going to have fun, and I have no doubt in my mind that at some point she is going to mess around with Josh. Not because she is a bad person, but just because she is spending so much time with him, and going to do the same thing she did with Kenny Wolmac, and Diego Boneta.

  14. 14
    Jody Says:

    @Joy McBride: She didnt cheat with Maksim because she is a bad person. She is young and she likes sex just like everyone else. Its human nature to get bored, and do anything you can do to get away with. You think this is a fairytale where people smile and are perfect. People cheat everyday, and no one ever finds out. If everyone was caught, you’d be shocked. Your too mature to have that mindset. Grow up and learn about relationships.

  15. 15
    loveroflife Says:

    I have never seen such a pessimistic, appaling view of relationships! “Everyone cheats”? “Everyone gets bored”?” and you claim that you know about relationships. There are actually some–no quite a number of people in the normal world–who are in monogamous relationships and would prefer to stay that way.

  16. 16
    loveroflife Says:

    It seems like cheating is something of a trend nowadays, and I don’t care if everyone is doing it but it’s sick. Okay, so your great-looking. It’s not an excuse. Give your partner the respect that s/he needs and tell his/her face what the hell is wrong. Hurting his/her feelings? You run that risk. I have nothing against following your instincts but if the consequences of that would hurt somebody, you’d have to think twice. Oh, and what do these comments of have to do with the people in the article? I checked the maxim thing and it was DATED 2009. It’s 2012!!

  17. 17
    G Says:

    @Jody: While it is human nature to want to have sex, choosing the right time and right people to have sex with is what makes MEN and not animals.

  18. 18
    school of the watermelon Says:

    Came here for Josh but can’t help to notice that people who post in Julianne’s pages are those either obsessed with her or hate her. how is it that people have the time to unearth the past to throw at someone when they are rumors to begin with? BUT

  19. 19
    school of the watermelon Says:

    Came here for Josh but can’t help to notice that people who post in Julianne’s pages are those either obsessed with her or hate her. how is it that people have the time to unearth the past to throw at someone when they are rumors to begin with? BUT there’s something about this chick that I don’t buy. And yes, during the DWTS, she certainly looks like someone who’s easily smitten over guys. Not saying that rumors are true, but too much flirting can give you that tendency.

  20. 20
    Jody Says:

    @loveroflife: Who cares, I just posted it to show that she cheated before. O’l girl acts like these people on tv are different from regular people. Everyone likes sex, its just that famous people have better options to choose from since everyone is so good looking. I never meant to insult Julianne by saying she cheated. She doesnt cheat because she’s a decietful person. She cheats the same reason everyone else cheats. Impulses and spontaniousness. You get bored with the sleeping with the same person, and the right person comes along at the right time, and you feel the need to do something impulses.

  21. 21
    AT BAY Says:

    Julianne is beautiful. See how she reacts to Philip Phillips IN FRONT of her boyfriend. Spouses/wives/girlfriends of judges who come to Idol keep it low key. Real women have class, wouldn’t talk about someone who flirts with her in front of her boyfriend in public, keep her feelings private. Are these expectations? No, these were the expectations that she gave for herself. These talks of ‘beauty’ and ‘being a good girl’ is at par with her string of promotions for ROA.

  22. 22
    AT BAY Says:

    @Jody: so you’re saying that while you’re waiting for the right one, it’s JUSTIFIED that you sleep around. WOW. Right, point taken. And I respect that, just don’t say the word ‘everyone’ because it’s unfair to everyone. So Julianne cheats and she’s no angel. I didn’t jump on my sofa on that one.

  23. 23
    2-hey Says:

    @Joy McBride: she in fact has taught Gerald Butler how to dance for a movie. and there’s a picture of them at an event. I don’t think anything really happened but yes, they have in fact met.

  24. 24
    Amy Parkes Says:

    Josh is from Transformers but the girl…?

  25. 25
    Jody Says:

    @AT BAY: I never said its justified. This is what I said. Lets say two people get into a relationship. Its all cute and fun in the beginning. But months go by, and your subconsciously bored with eachother. Bored sleeping with the same person. You dont go around LOOkING to cheat. You cheat impulsively. You get caught up in the moment and make a spontaneous mistake. Everyone does it. No one goes around looking to cheat. But once the relationship gets to that point where your bored from sleeping with the same person, you become vulnerable to cheat. Kstew isnt a bad person. She was in London spending all this time with this director, and at some point they made a mistake. I saw Kstew crying at the premier of Rob’s Cosmopolitan movie. She impulsively cheated, then she regretted it that day. But as time went by, she slowly got more bored, and then she began to feel that cheating was okay. Because everyone does whatever they can get away with. This is human nature. every relationship runs it’s course. But I think the only reason Julianne os with Ryan at this point, is to help her career. He’s famous and important. If he wasnt, she would dump him, be single, and enjoy being around Hollywood prettyboys.

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