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Katie Holmes: Solo Coffee Break!

Katie Holmes: Solo Coffee Break!

Katie Holmes is cute and casual in jeans and a yellow sweater as she steps out on Tuesday (July 31) in New York City.

The 33-year-old recently separated actress chatted on her cell phone while she enjoyed her coffee.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Katie‘s daughter Suri is spending some time with her dad Tom Cruise today – the pair was spotted out at Disney World, where Suri dressed up like Princess Ariel. How cute!

Katie spent some time with Suri before her daughter left town – the duo stopped in at Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company on Monday.

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  • tsquared

    Oh dear. She is back to looking like a fashion disaster!

  • Gigi

    If I saw her on the street I would give her a doolar

  • Odd

    What happened to her booobs?

  • http://justjared POLO

    ewwww….. what’s wrong with these celebrities? does it really take so much time to put on a freakin’ bra?????? katie, you’re getting so much money from the divorce, go buy yourself a bra first.

  • DB

    I don’t want to be mean. I really don’t.

    But I find her incredibly unattractive. Her body does not look feminine like Salma Hayek or Eva Longoria or Katy Perry.

    She also does not seem interested in keeping up appearances even though she is a public figure.

    Why can’t she take a little time to make herself up. Sharon Stone almost always looks fantastic every time she’s seen in public. She’s an actress and beauty is part of her persona.

    Again, I’m not trying to be a jerk. But I’m just really disappointed.

  • DT

    She and the pregnant chin witherspoon have horrible posture.


    Boobs are depressed because Tom carted Suri off to Scientology mother ship in Clearwater , FL..

  • LG

    @DB: Perhaps because it might be very pleasant to ANY human being, famous or unknown, to grab the first thing in the closet and not give a damn about the public opinion on frivolous issues.

  • DB


    It may well have to do with all the body changes she did in training for and running marathons.

    I don’t know why people waste time complaining about Scientology. It has nothing to do with her life any more.

    She is re-enrolled in the equally restrictive and indoctrinational Roman Catholic church. :)

  • @

    Some one needs to put on a bra.

  • DB

    @LG: But she’s an ACTRESS. She trades on her beauty. She’s on magazine covers all of the time. I don’t get why she won’t put 15 minutes into making herself look better, given that is part of what being a public figure who trades on their looks.

  • DB

    @@: Perhaps a lift is in order? I’ve known women who after giving birth face that issue and it seems to really upset some of them, so they get a lift. Not implants, just a lift. It seems to make them feel better about themselves, so no harm, no foul.


    Even JLo with her million jobs and family manages to look decent when dressed down.

  • joel

    She looks ANGRY. Tom took Suri to disneyland

  • an opinion

    Please get the Afflecks, the Albas and now Katie Holmes coffee machines. The look at me group would then have to find another reason to be seen.

  • tsquared


    I wouldn’t comment on her awful fashion sense if she wasn’t pushing a high end, albeit horribly uninspired fashion line (Holmes/Yang). When interviewed she talks constantly about how much she loves fashion, clothes, color, texture, tailoring etc.

    And then she walks out of the house looking like this? If this is her idea of loving fashion, clothes, color, texture, and tailoring–maybe she should keep her opinions to herself.

  • Gossipgirl

    She looks like a mess! She is supposed to be a fashion designer?? really?

  • DB

    @joel: I don’t get it. Does she HATE Tom so much that she does not want him to be a good father?

  • Kylie

    even though she is supposedly “free,” she still doesn’t have any friends. maybe she’s just not a decent person to be around – she seems so dull and simple-minded.

  • http://@serliSRL syabiran

    She is not SOLO!! See the bodyguard too XD

  • Ghost

    Talentless dope.

  • rubyz

    Fashion designer? Dear God!

  • Pullup

    cut the lady some slack, it takes time to get your self identity back, especially after being a dwarf star married to a superstar. She will get around, and if she doesn’t this is how she chooses to live her life…live yours. Plus, yea she should have at lease wear a bra, besides that she looks comfortable with herself.


    Wtf! She looks like such a slob. Is this her way of saying “Look at me! I’m so normal now” Oh please. Tom is soooo much better off without her.

  • Andamentothat

    She needs a makeover!

  • Peapo

    DAMMMNN, give the girl some air. First she’s Tommy’s She-bot let the girl breath some fresh xenu-less air. And are you trying to tell all designers are well dresses. Look at Mark Jacobs. he showed up at the Met ball in a dress that showed his boxers and pilgrim shoes, and Isacc Mizrahi who wears a bandana on his head at all times. She looks HAPPIER, FREER. Ain’t that what’s really important? Just having some downtime in NYC. I wish her luck. And I don’t ever care for her much. Never watched Dawson’s Creek or whatever. It takes time, friends, let’s give our girl Katie some time. Tom’s got all the world’s aliens on his.

  • rubyz

    Holmes’ PR team needs to scale WAY back on the photo ops of this chick. Far too much of a mediocre (at best) thing. As for her public pout face here … grow up, sweetheart. And get over yourself.

  • Kristee

    Divorce probably isn’t as easy as she thought. She looks confused or mad whenever Tom takes Suri with him. Katie needs to get a life and some friends to spend time with and lawyers don’t count. She can’t control what Tom teaches Suri when she’s with him, but all divorced parents have to deal with that. Next, Tom will find his next wife and Katie will have to cope with Suri having a step “mom”.

  •!/bionicglamour Twinkle

    I actually saw her today. We were both in Benjamin Moore. She bought something. She was very low key. She’s tall and actually much prettier in person. She looked fairly pulled together, but she looks like a wreck in these photos.

  • Hamlet

    Because she doesn’t care about what other people think, #5. And that’s a good trait.

    Then she gets made up on magazine covers and in the movies, #11. She isn’t your toy.

  • anya

    th worst of this??????: this ugly sh… she wears costs more than i earn in a month!!!!! and i dress better!!!!!!!

  • Maria Silveira

    She knows she’s followed by a hundred paps…why the hell sh does NOT wear a bra!!!

  • tsquared

    A fashion question? If she is just out for a stroll, why does she need a fanny pack and a purse? And, regarding her bag, she has a body guard, so she could wear the strap on her shoulder instead of across her body (which is a mugger/purse snatching deterrent). That way she wouldn’t be parading her braless booby to the world.

  • Janine Marie

    I’m going to take up a collection to buy Katie a half decent bra. She has the floppiest ta-ta’s I’ve ever seen. Obviously, since leaving Cruise, she doesn’t have the money to buy her bra’s, or new shoes, or half decent clothes, or a brush. Hell, she looks like she’s been dumpster diving. This is a fashion designeer?? Yea. Ok.

  • Nymeria

    She did wear bras before either, not even to that marathon she supposedly ran. The bra thing and her lack of fashion sense are the only things I can criticize her for. If she became a bit depressed when marrying Tiny tom, I understand how it takes a while to gain back what she lost in those years, including the will to look better.

  • izzy

    i hate her even before tom cruise

  • JA

    She is an embarrassment to Tom Cruise. She can’t dress. Fashion designer, not. She calls the photographers herself. Boring. She wears the most tacky outfits and looks like she doesn’t bathe or comb her hair.

  • John Treadmills

    Her body does not look feminine like Salma Hayek or Eva Longoria or Katy Perry. She also does not seem interested in keeping up appearances even though she is a public figure.