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Tom Cruise: Disney World with Suri!

Tom Cruise: Disney World with Suri!

Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri walk through the Walt Disney World Park on Monday (July 30) in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

The 6-year-old daughter of Tom and Katie Holmes dressed up like Ariel from The Little Mermaid for her afternoon in the Magic Kingdom!

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Suri looked like she was in heaven,” an onlooker told People. “It was really cute. She was walking around like she owned the place, having the time of her life, and Tom, who looked really handsome was talking to her, was really engaging with her.”

Bigger picture inside…

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tom cruise disney world with suri

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  • Din

    Cute little mermaid girl :)

  • Marie

    Suri “look like she was in heaven”‘ and Tom “looked really handsome”…
    I’m going to guess the onlooker People happened to quote was a Scientologist and or Tom’s PR team. Just a little too perfectly scripted. But if you want buy the Kooklaid…

  • CF98

    @Marie: Same Katie knows this isn’t over hence why she’s also pictured with Suri as well. We’re the audience that decides who Suri is better off with.

    In the end it will end up revealing that Tom isn’t her biological father.

  • crazy

    @CF98: Um, you sound stupid as hell. You think that you (an outsider) gets to decide who Suri is better off with? You people are obviously too invested in the lives of celebrities because now you think you have a say so in who a child is better off with b/c you’re an “audience” member. Suri seems to love her mom and dad equally and they seem to love her. I hope the parents do what is best for Suri and not what is best for their individual selfish needs and “audience” members on the internet.

  • mj

    this kid needs a reality check!

  • CF98

    @crazy: Never underestimate public opinion. Tom cares how the public perceives him right now he’s perceived as this crazy cult follower and not a doting dad.

  • Ergo

    Who is that man behind Tom’s rear?
    His new boyfriend? He looks better than David Beckham.

  • crazy

    @CF98: who gives a crap what he is being perceived as? Like I said, you people are too invested in the lives of celebs, including their religious beliefs. Newsflash, it’s a free country and people can choose to believe what they want to believe. I don’t agree with his beliefs, but guess what? There are millions out there who do not believe in my religion or my beliefs. It hasn’t stopped me from practicing my Christianity.

  • Pepelina

    Why did he dress her like that ? She loks more normal, more childlike when eith Suri. He just seems to be trying to buy her and the media

  • Poop Du Jour

    That poor child is nothing but a photo-op prop. So sad.

  • Rebecca

    Poor kid is so spoiled and will become worse now that they are divorced. I fear she will become like Demi’s kids and live off from her and their father and yet act like the world owes them something. She is heading there.

  • Love The Shoes

    I don’t know why people want to be so quick to believe he’s a bad dad or Suri is reticent about being with him with Katie about. Katie is getting the halo by virtue of assumption. People think she’s the better parent only because they view Tom as weird and he can be, but weird doesn’t’ mean bad parent. It just means weird.

  • Gossipgirl

    She is an adorable little girl; it’s great that she is spending the summer having time with both parents. Haters will hate; my advice to them is get a life. If you hate Tom Cruise then don’t see his movies….he is her real father, you only have to look at her to know that! Some people are so ignorant.

  • CF98

    @Love The Shoes: Probably because of his last divorce and Connor and Isabella didn’t have much contact with Nicole despite agreeing to joint custody

  • Jews negs jokes can come bqxk

    LEE THE AUDIENCE GET TO DECIDE REALLY, are you in the Divorce
    Documents No! The public decides nothing, would you like if the government decided how you live your life by religion ,, lifestyle?

    No thought so! She like to dress up like a lot of other kids Halle’s
    Daughter dresses up Denises daughters dress up all the time.

    He is not freak like the Jews jokes thst the comedians had to say they are sorry and can’t make racist remarks about the negs either!
    So no Tom is not making a media play just taking his daughter to
    Disney land!

  • ugh to both

    He is spending time with his kid. I’m not a Tom fan but really. how is this outing different then all the ones we have seen Katie do. As if being with Tom kept her from taking her daughter to the zoo or museums or catch a cab. Come on people. I think Katie is playing everyone. she learned a lot from Tom. but being the “perfect mommy” will only work for so long. It get boring tying to keep that image up.

    Just love you kid and do the best you can. Just like every other parent in the world. She and Tom both need to stop. Sorry not jumping on the YOU GO KATIE.. she is working the press too. I wonder how many of these people are going to support her project. That will show the truth.

    Enough of both of them.

  • Waaaaaa

    Oh, he gets to spend time with Suri, but NK doesn’t get the same time with Connor and Bella. He’ll push Katie out as soon as he has Suri programmed to chose him over her mother.

  • lucy

    to MF98

    Do you honestly think that either Tom or Katie give a damn what you think. Sorry to break this to you but when it comes to the custody of a child in the State of New York public opinion means nothing. The judges in Family Court, and i’ve come across many of them, pay no attention to those who have no business , no legal connection to the child, during the child custody case at hand. For the record, those with no business are the likes of you. All that matters to the Court is the best interest of the child.

  • @


    It’s disneystore many kids wear the costumes when the go.

  • Supernovapoodles

    Divorced fathers start to have quality time with their kids!

  • Lauren (BestTrendz)

    Looks like Suri had a good time in the disney world.

  • KissThis

    I think it’s great he’s spending time with little Suri, but everything these parents do with their girl costs tons of money. It’s like they don’t do anything simple with Suri. All I’m saying is this girl is growing up so accustomed to the finest things in life, she’s like in a little bubble. Hope she has a great job when she’s an adult and can afford this type of lifestyle.

  • mya

    ASOng as school doesn’t start, both parents will enjoy time with Suri. Katie prefers to show simple life thing, while Tom prefers to go expensive places. No so bad at all for Suri who will be able to find her way through those two kind of worlds.

  • Poppie

    @Love The Sh=oes: Cos he’s in a cult! And wants to drag his daughter into it.

  • mamee

    Just Jared are ASS KISSERS & BROWN NOSERS.

  • ry4

    Poppie @ 07/31/2012 at 7:20 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    @Love The Sh=oes: Cos he’s in a cult! And wants to drag his daughter into it.
    All religions are cults of sorts…seems even more so if you’re an atheist

    Public opinion is like saying your neighbour has a say in your life.

  • Butterfly513

    I wonder if he took Suri on a side trip to Clearwater for a little auditing??

  • tsquared

    Photo Op!!!! Although this pic was taken by another disney guest and put on Instagram, People Mag was all over the story first…which means someone from Tom’s camp “leaked” the details to show what a good daddy he is.
    It would be nice if he and Holmes would grow up and quit using Suri to prove who is the better parent!

  • Piper

    Oh lawd!! can this quote be any more of a PR piece?!?!? “…while Tom Cruise looking handsome talking to her…”? this is why people think he’s so fake. who talks like that!?!?!?

  • Ryan

    Spoiled brat

  • Deb

    He’s going to propose to his secret love in Florida


  • pr person

    When Suri learns that her eternity is dependant on being a good little Sci and that living with her SP mother isn’t good for that… at all… she will do the exact same thing that her brother and sister did to their mother. She will drop her mother like a hot potato… and go live in Casa Crazy …where she will live with her Sci relatives.. where she can be homeschooled in the Sci way.. and be watched by Sci minders who will whisper to her that her mother is psychotic, visits psychiatrists and has many, many crimes.

  • Andamentothat

    Suri is just enjoying summer the best she can given her situation. Divorce isn’t easy but she seems to be managing well. Who knows how Tom or Katie parent, but as long as they are fair, guide the child well and love her lots, she will be just fine.

  • Peapo


    All Religions are Faith’s not cults. you can quit when you want.

    Scientology was started in the 50′s by a FAILED SCIENCE FICTION WRITER who decided to start a new psychology. But the medical profession threw him ou the the door. So he started a religion. bonus, tax exempt. I’m not going,to go into details and there are many websites that will tell you that once you go into Scientology it’s very, very, very, hard to gt. out.
    I am not a religious person, by any means but do not insult the people,who believe in true accepted religions by comparing them with the evils of Scientology.
    blink—- Off the soapbox.

  • Hamlet

    Why is every positive comment treated with suspicion, #2?

    You’re a moron, #3.

    Correct, #8.

    Right, #12.

    Don’t believe everything you read, #14.

    Exactly, #33.

  • Melanie

    Suri will never leave Katie. Her father has made sure of that. By law, Katie has Suri. Sorry Tom lovers. He lost this time. P.S. Nicole try to stop laughing baby – hail Katie for putting him through what he did to you. Cruise. Lost. Control.

  • Zay Yar

    I wish they can happy forever.

  • adee girl

    @CF98: I totally agree

  • Erin


    i didn’t realize Christ went around telling people they sound “crazy as hell”…….. maybe we read different Bibles.

  • nancyw

    Tom & Katie need to work together for the sake of Suri! If Katie wants to give her a normal upbringing and Tom wants to spoil her with expensive lavish gifts and no disciline, that’s a problem!

  • julie

    It’s nice he is finally spending some time with her. :(

  • Marzi

    Tom Cruise needs to work on his relationship with his other children and apologize to his kids for disconnecting them from their mother.That was an unspeakable thing to do.Believe in what ever you want to believe in but when scientology stops families from seeing each other then thats unacceptable.Tom cruise must now realize the pain involved so he should try to at least rectify the damage caused ..He didnt give a damn about Nicole’s feelings so he really cannot be such a nice person.? Perhaps he will learn some humility as he experiences the effects of having generous visitations with Suri.?Something that Nicole did not get and she was meant to have joint custody.?

  • tsquared

    I see People has part II of Tom and Suri do Disney! His PR machine is in high drive.

  • John Treadmills

    Tom cares how the public perceives him right now he’s perceived as this crazy cult follower and not a doting dad.