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Vanessa Hudgens: 'I'm Addicted to Changing My Hair!'

Vanessa Hudgens: 'I'm Addicted to Changing My Hair!'

Vanessa Hudgens catches an afternoon movie at a movie theater on Monday (July 30) in Hollywood, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress was accompanied by a pal for her daytime excursion. After the flick ended, Vanessa headed to her car and went about her day!

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This past weekend, Vanessa was spotted getting in her morning workout at the gym.

“I’m addicted to changing my hair. It’s so fun! I got a new cut on Saturday!!!! Like it????” Vanessa wrote on her blog about her new shorter hair.

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  • andrea

    van and kim! they’re so cute.. vanessa i love you !

  • wandalismus

    uhm doesn’t she always have the same weave?

  • anne

    cute <3

  • menna

    I’m into wearing boho chic as well….but why can’t she ever dress a little more subtle for normal, everyday outings?

  • emma

    @menna: I know what you mean. Like it’s too over-the-top some of the time.

  • dana

    all her outfits look the same. and by that i mean.. equally ridiculous and idiotic.

  • Milli

    @dana: i still wonder what u doing here? i mean u have absolutely non sense on coming here, u just come to bother people, you make me laugh at your childish behavior.

  • xo

    Her hair looks much better this length.
    @dana: It’s called experimenting with her look. Sometimes you hit and sometimes you miss.

  • anne

    LOVE her friendship with Kim <3

  • Lydia

    She’s just like Hilary Duff… Constantly being photographed doing absolutely nothing. These women don’t even work.

  • Elendur

    Hate it when they say someone went to the movies and they don’t say which one.

  • Haters Suck!


  • Haters Suck!

    Why does this chick always wear clothes like a sk*nk. her public image is allready on the bin. and she knows it. why dont she atleast wear somthing classy for a change. and cover that fug*y looking body for a change. she acts like a hooker. trash trash trash. i guess she has no talent so she knows calling the paps and famewhoring around and acting slutty is the only way to stay on the news. sad She is going down way low.

  • anne

    she was filming Machete last week…

  • anne

    @Haters Suck!:
    lol you sound like those “i love zac and zanessa” twitter fans… LAME

  • Haters Suck!

    And ofcouse her stupid fans would come to the rescue and say that she is being her self and she is comfatable with her body and what not. of couse she is being her self. self as in a s**t and she is realy comfotable with her body couse she dont wear clothes most of the time. couse it will be hard to spread her legs to every guy that comes in to touch.

  • Haters Suck!

    My doppleganger is back I see well I’d like to say I’m surprised but I’m not. This is like my sixth one and it’s been an efron fan each time. Not sure if I should be insulted or flattered. Least people take time to notice what I gots to say. At any rate, don’t be lazy and come up with your own screen name dipstick.

  • Haters Suck!

    @my doppleganger
    Least she is being herself and not trying to copy and impersonate another person. But I’d guess youd know all about that. Yeah copying someone else’s sceen name isn’t stupid or pathetic at all

  • Haters Suck!

    Yeh just like i said you will say she is just being her self couse there is nothing else you can say. the truth is bitter and nothing can overshadow the truth.

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comy BOJI

    @ the real Haters Suck, I feel for you. Your Doppelgänger obviously has an interest in Vanessa, not of the savoury kind I fear but nonetheless has taken pains to observe her ardent fans’ posts.

    Looks like Vanessa’s real hair has grown out quite a bit. Kim Hidalgo is one of her bffs, always there to support her.

  • tina

    Does this girl ever look in the mirror before she come out of the house wearing garbage. why does she acts so trashy? can any of her diehard fan can answer me please?

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comy BOJI

    @ Doppelgänger , you know you’re the bitter one and the truth is Your Truth, trashing Vanessa and her fans anyway you can, sad……..

  • Haters Suck!

    @my doppleganger
    Well the truth is you are a chicken $hit. Plain and simple. Too dumb, lazy, or too damn slow to come up with your own screen name and ripe off. I get it, you wanna be like me, lots of people do cause I’m awsome. But you can try and copy me but you’ll never in a million lifetimes be half the person I am. That’s the truth and nothing but the truth.

  • Haters Suck!

    It’s a doppelgänger Tina. It’s raining doppelgängers.

  • Markie

    Are we supposed to believe her hair isn’t 3 inches long? OKAY.
    I hope she keeps dressing like this. She gives me a good laugh. :) She never grows in fashion. Love it!!!! I imagine a smear somewhere bad on her clothes too. looks unwashed.

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comy BOJI

    @doppelganger Tina, you are what you spout.enough said. Yes, she doesn’t always dress the way we like but it doesn’t mean her dressing is trashy by any means. She could have done without that floppy hat but I suspect it is just to hide her face from the persistent annoying paps.

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comy BOJI

    @Markie, and what makes you an expert on whether a person looks washed or unwashed, pray tell?

  • Effy

    Woah, it always confuses me why people come back on here and defend their posts. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Some like V’s look and some don’t. Really, who cares? It seriously shouldn’t effect your life as much as you guys let it.

  • Rise Above Hate

    “treat others as you yourself would want to be treated.” Vanessa has strong faith, good support system, and a positive attitude as such she will always out shine evil and hate. May God be with her and with you all. You are all in my prayers. God bless you all.

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comy BOJI

    @Effy, there is a distinction between having an opinion and being downright nasty and malicious. Constructive criticism is fine and can be debated. But with criticisms like trashy and unwashed, I should say is totally out of line. No confusion here.

    @ Rise Above Hate, very good point and quote indeed.

  • KissThis

    Not hating, but this is a very strange outfit. Kind of bleh

  • lime


  • lily

    YAY, she cut it!

  • Dee

    OoooOooooh interesting!

  • Dee

    That people was sarcasm by the way

  • modine

    forget Vanessa, who is that other girl? I think I’m in love.

  • Bo


  • Bo

    @modine: Exactly.Being with Vanessa makes her look like an angel.Vanessa is so ugly.She is FAT NOT FIT as you people say.She used to look pretty but now she just looks horrible.Look at her knees in the photo ,eewh.

  • http://twitter me

    weird outfit?sorry but she is wearing a t-shirt and shorts and then she has her jacket…how do people dress up really???????

  • Like

    Why does Kim’s name ring a bell?
    Vanessa is in the wrong business, she should be a hair dresser with the amount of times she changes her

    Any more project news, other than the minor part in Machete Kills which no-one seems to talking about. Is there release dates for FG, SB and the one (which name I cannot remember)where she plays the pregnant teen?

  • lol


  • Johnny

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  • maria

    What is wrong with people? What is she wearing that doesn’t look like any other girl her age would wear?? Cute shorts? A black tank? Yeah, the hat and sunglasses are to cover her face, and I think she could lose the boots, but how is any of that “trashy”????? Tons of other celebs wear boots with shorts. You people are N-U-T-S.

    @Like: Frozen ground releases in Nov, Spring Breakers next March, and I’m not sure about Gimme Shelter. Why do people not think it’s ok to have the summer off? I think it’s just fine to have 2, maybe 3 movies out in a year. That’s plenty, people get sick of you and say you’re over exposed if you do more. Plus, Vanessa filmed 3 movies in the last year, being away from home for months at a time. I say she deserves a summer off, just being at home with her family and friends.

  • lol


  • lol

    @maria: It doesn’t matter how many films you do in year if they are gonna be flops.She only had one blockbuster so far out of the so called movies she filmed.I’m sure one or two of the other 4 films she has filmed are gonna go the same way.Why does she need to cover her face,she is not gonna get mobbed at the theatre,people are seeing her face too often these days that they won’t even care seeing her in person out and about.

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comy BOJI

    That was not a jacket. It must’ve been cold at the cinema and tying that cardi around her hips didn’t do justice to her outfit. Her floppy hat was a cover-up. I personally don’t like her booties. You can just say you don’t like what she’s wearing without using words such as trashy, s k a n ky and slu t. None of these descriptions apply.

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comy BOJI

    @lol, then what are you doing here on her thread? Trying to make us see the light, eh ? LOL

  • lol

    @BOJI: What,I don’t understand.

  • lime

    @haters suck
    and the outher two fans of vanessa can go and lick her b*tt.

  • http://Justjare.buzznet.comy BOJI

    @lime,well, well now look who’s talking. You should know shouldn’t you. Been a b*tt licker yourself. Sorry, we don’t lick b*tts, only shoo off the pesky name callers such as you. Be gone , I say. Now where is my pesticide?