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Brad Pitt: 'Killing Them Softly' Trailer!

Brad Pitt: 'Killing Them Softly' Trailer!

Check out the trailer for Brad Pitt‘s upcoming film Killing Them Softly!

The 48-year-old actor plays Jackie Cogan, a professional enforcer who investigates a heist that went down during a mob-protected poker game.

Killing Them Softly, which was directed by Andrew Dominik, also stars Richard Jenkins, Ray Liotta, James Gandolfini, and Scoot McNairy.

In case you missed them, check out some new stills from the film!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the trailer for Brad Pitt’s Killing Them Softly?

Brad Pitt – “Killing Them Softly” Trailer
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    I didn’t know that site came from a nasty blogger. Sorry PT and the rest. I just saw the article at JPS and since it is a positive article. My bad. Won’t happen again.

  • Rose

    Good Saturday Morning Jolie Pitt fans. Thank you PT for the info on the hate site. I must say, talking for myself, I would never post on or visit a site I was told hates on Brad and Angelina. I will never give them a hit. To be honest, I heard FF is a JP hate site, I’ve never visit it one time even out of curiosity, just don’t want to read hate and lies. We have a few haters who visits us daily, thats enough for me. And trolls get a red thumb down from me every day, so why visit a hate site? just a waste of time, IMO.

  • Rose

    @TRUTH REALLY HURTS: I can understand you did not know it was a hate site, I did not know. Whenever I hear fans talk about a site that hates on BA I never even look at that site. Just avoids them. I remember when Matt Lauer tried to read something negative to Brad he told him, “don’t.”

  • busted

    @PT.. LOL

    you know that Jenny Paul chick has a new site or Mel one of them anyway. The trolls are pissed about that article. It is too positive towards The Jolie-Pitts.. so according to them Angie called that Paul woman and made a deal for a positive story. Not to mention that book that nobody is able to find. Seriously these fools are beyond insane.

    thing is Mel had how many different sites over the years. Look you can’t devote a site to hating 2 people It doesn’t work. The PIG learned that. His site is just a trough for his piglets to spend time. never any news on anyone or anything. Just a dumb riddle to keep the crazies on the site so he can earn a couple of bucks. The thing is most people are not buying all those dumb stories about Brad/Angie anymore. The trolls say that means the JPs are over. That nobody cares.. WRONG.. it just means that those stupid lies have run their course. You can’t throw those stories out and get the kind of hits you did a few years ago. People are finally waking up and seeing that all those lies have been just that lies.

    I won’t post the site’s name, but I have no doubt it will not make it past a year. The trolls don’t support anything if it is not all hate on the JPs all day. and anyone wanting to have a gossip site that draws various people knows they can’t do that and make it. Look again at the PIG. Those idiots actually made him think they were a big group and could make his books a success. NOPE didn’t happen. So he basically went on TV and begged.. begged Brad and Angie to read it and acknowledge him.. that was the funniest and best part of the entire thing. Now he is writing some crap for Celebuzz and promoting it so the Piglets will go there and give him hits. Such a loser.

    But despite all this crap over the years.. Brad and Angie are still together and the troll are still making fools of themselves following these idiots that know squat about this couple.

  • briseis

    Thank you for keeping us on our toes, PT. I had completely forgotten that bohomoth is owned or rather ran by that lying piece of shite and her cohort. Thank God I was too lazy to click on the link and thus didn’t give them a hit!

  • anustin

    P.T #246

    is this the JPS with the HQ pix poster ??? never been to that site.

  • Rose

    Anyone wants to have a good laugh from The Superficial on SS thread. This is from, Diss infection: “yes she show skin, and nipples, but what good are they when your face looks like Dustin Hoffman’s tootsie. I always assume those saying she’s hot, are her legion of gay hairdressers or women who are unfortunate enough to look like her facially.”
    From Jennyjenjen:
    “she look so bad. Trying to hard with a young wardrobe and an old hairstyle with too much technology trying to hold that age back. And wear a bra you moron.”
    From TomFrank:
    “I think she is wearing a bra. Multiple layers cannot contain the Aniston nipples of steel.”

  • try-hard manny

    Rose those are funny comments- manny has ALWAYS been a desperate try-hard, it’s just more obvious than ever now. I’d ALMOST feel sorry for her being so obsessed with getting attention IF she wasn’t such a nasty, narcissistic nincompoop. Old manny is so shallow, she talks about crying over one gray hair- yikes- by now, she must have had all the mirrors removed from her house.

  • Fugly

    You just know when Manny looks so bad is that JJ never bothers to put Manny’s fugly mug thread on top.


    The thing with Maniston and her nippelage…..
    Nippelage: It’s just like Tim Gunn once said, just shows her to be so calculatingly “desperate.” Like the old-timer version of the no panties stunts that cokehead starlets like Britney or Blohan were doing 5 years ago.
    Nippelage: It’s like the iphone nudie shots for the ageds.
    Nippelage: Shows how ultra lame and sad you are, pulling the same simple asss’d shit at 43, that you told Nancy Balberi (that roomie you fcked over), to do more than 22 years ago.
    Nippelage: What kind of sad desperation goes into your calculated bra shopping…where she says to herself….hmmm, me no like my grandma uniform, will show nipples tomorrow, buys sheer underwire bra, wears under a tee. She’s officially become that old bald fat 50 yr old dude in the club who goes commando in his sansabelt pants (no pockets) who pads his bikini briefs with a couple socks to make his bulge bigger hoping to get girls 30 years his junior checking him out, totally oblivious to the fact they’re sticking their fingers down their throat and laughing at his asss.
    Just the fact that she NEEDS to do this…it’s bizarre and sad on so many levels. Like if Charlize in Monster, had taken a break from filming as a fat serial killer, put on some daisy dukes and bent over in front of the papz. Like if Angelina having shaved her hair off in GIA, in between filming, had run out and gotten a wig with bouncing curls down to her asss and posed naked in a window like an x-rated Rapunzel. The triple-y sad pathetic part is that this bish Maniston is not making any critically praised dramatic esteemed showing and going thru some brave physical transformation, lolol, she’s JUST playing a suburban middleaged woman who has an adult daughter in a cheesey stupid comedy that once again no one will see, that she isn’t even carrying (per her usual)…yet that fact, in and of itself, makes her want to put her huge eraser nipples (by Firestone) on display coupled with tattered cutoffs….ugh…she’s so gross, lolol. Oh, Maniston you’re so old, weird and ‘fckable’ (NOT!!) lmao

  • Rose

    @try-hard manny: Isn’t it funny she and mr squiggly have not been seen together or in the same state for about a three weeks, and her hens have been so quiet about the separation. We know Brad and Angie are together and her hens are saying they have split up, I’m wondering why he has not visited her on the set, did not give her an engagement ring on the romentic vacation with the two bodyguards and no one recognizing them. I’m saying trouble in JustJen world. Poor trolls have to come up with a good excuse for this one. Im glad you ALMOST felt sorry for her. I’m hoping her fans will leave us alone today. They are having a ruff week.

  • tweets

    These tweets are from today, but Paul doesn’t actually say that Brad was on set while he was there.
    Stopped by set to say Hi to @RidScott directing movie “Counselor” with Brad Pitt, co-pro Nick Wechsler script Cormac McCarthy…now Tennis! — Paul Allen (@PaulGAllen)
    .@PaulGAllen just gets to hang out with Ridley Scott and Brad Pitt and own awesome football teams… Yeah, I’m jealous. #seahawks — DKSB17

  • Frenchy

    OT Watching the match between Maria & Serena (who is looking cute as a button lately) and they showed Chelsea handjob in the stands. I just lost my appetite for my breakfast.

  • Rose

    @CLINIQUA: Plain and simple, desperation. She is the laughing stock on the Internet. Remember when she always went to Mexico and pose for the Pazz with her butt in the air hoping to get a call from Brad, that did not happened, these nipples reminds me of those desperate days.

  • plez

    @Frenchy: I am loving the Serena is destroying Handler bff.

  • nbc fails again

    yeah, fat tick manny has always been desperate & gross- she’s a horrid abyss of narcissism & neediness- well, at least she’s consistent. NBC must have given Chelsea H tickets before they realized what a huge failure her tv show would be. Yet another terrible example of NBC’s bad coverage- giving camera time to z-listers- ugh.

  • Rose

    New Brad thread.

  • plez

    @nbc fails again: The commentators said Handler was in Maria’s box and was her guest.

  • Passing Through

    Can you patent your strut? Cuz Brad needs to look into that. There’s a scene in TOL where he’s walking across a catwalk and owning that shite. I can’t think of any actor right now who moves the way Brad does. Actually, Angie’s got a great walk and movement as well. IIRC Denzel said she “moves like water”. I think that’s one reason why they always own a red carpet – you can’t buy or fake/act “presence”. You either have it or you don’t and they’ve got “it” in spades.

  • cesar

    yesterday i saw a new Bio of Angie life. I was made by a French reporter to “M6″(art,cine, music tv). It was a interesting report with many new clips and some interviews with people from cinema, works from UN, photographs, school friend and with Billy Day.

    I enjoy but there are some nasty and negative parts that i was surprised to see, like the interview with the liar A. Morton, because we see that he is in love with Angie but he still repeat the untrue stupid story that Marcheline have abandon her when she was a baby, leaving Angie with the babysitter in other part of the house.

    He call that the “tower of glass”. what idiot. He talk like he knows all about Angie. He says that she don´t remember cause she was format by her mother to think that Marcheline was the good and his father was the bad. It is a lie because Jamie was there too, the Marcheline family was there too, her friends too and besides all the bad things her father was there too. So how it is possible this terrible story. He said that he have talk with the babysitter chief, but don´t say the name of this person. i think it is just to sell drama and to provoke some reaction especial after the death of her mother. only lies.

    Then there are one part about the time when Angie was living in New York, after do “Gia”. where they talk with the dealer that have sell drugs to Angie and they show some new pics and clips from that time. This part it will be explore by the haters and jealous, but we don´t see Angie do nothing. It was a bad period, like any person, she live the life. she have experiment and have play with the darker and danger side of life, like any young and immature person in that time. I remember River Phenix and other young actors who have not survived.

    The rest of the Bio is nice, they talk with Billy Day and he show a new clip with Angie pretending his a guy, with a fake mustache. it´s funny and show the artistic genes coming out. There are others interesting persons that talk with admiration about Angie. The college professor, where we see Angie showing the first signs of passion to help others. Interesting too, is the UN director and the photographer that meet Angie in her first trip to Sierra Leone where they all saw with shock the civil war, the children with members cut of and others atrocities that have change Angie forever. This is the transformation period when Angie start to choose what she really want to do in her life and the kind of life she want to live.

    Well, you can see and then tell me what you think about this Bio. It is in french language but i think you will understand the majority of the report. enjoy. by by

    thanks to ” LynnJPS “. …… the music it´s very good. kiss

  • uiuy
  • senavirtual

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