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Brad Pitt: 'Killing Them Softly' Trailer!

Brad Pitt: 'Killing Them Softly' Trailer!

Check out the trailer for Brad Pitt‘s upcoming film Killing Them Softly!

The 48-year-old actor plays Jackie Cogan, a professional enforcer who investigates a heist that went down during a mob-protected poker game.

Killing Them Softly, which was directed by Andrew Dominik, also stars Richard Jenkins, Ray Liotta, James Gandolfini, and Scoot McNairy.

In case you missed them, check out some new stills from the film!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the trailer for Brad Pitt’s Killing Them Softly?

Brad Pitt – “Killing Them Softly” Trailer
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An Oscar? Loon, he first needs to learn to act. Buying an Oscar campaign is not enough.

Husband? Do you mean JLM or BBT? Speaking of Pitiful as the ho’s “husband” was a stretch even when they used to live together, which clearly is not the case any more. Har har.

Poor loons, the Brand’s imminent dissolution has them hallucinating already. I know I know, it’s a defense mechanism. :)

poor chinmans’ apologists. they know “she” looks like SHITE in that post on set of her “BOMB” movie. wonder who she had to blow to get this stinker.

OMG it’s so funny that loons have such a thin skin that they requested to have my opinion on the trailer removed, even when it’s on topic and not addressed to anybody else. How interesting that Jared claims be neutral but only the positive reviews are kept.

Well no matter. Boring trailer as expected. Pitty once again doesn’t step of his comfort zone and is, as usual, more concerned with looking “cool” and “edgy” instead of disappearing behind a role. No wonder this movie was largely ignored in Cannes, and no wonder Weinstein is already thinking of more relevant work to promote for Oscar season. :)

well im white and i dont get it. gabby is wearing her hair just like her team mates, pulled back in a ponytail.
Well, I’m chinese and I’ve never got Black women’s criticisms over Black hair. As for Gabby’s hair, she’s tied it back. What was she supposed to do with her hair? have corn rows when she’s competing for the Olympics GOLD medal for herself, her team and her country?

Tamsin == tpaul from imdb angie-board.
irrational nut.

OMG! Jenho’s photo. Nipples clearly showing. She’s probably trying to looks sexy. But she merely looks like a middle aged frump who couldn’t be bothered putting on her bra.

JEN THE HAG @ 08/03/2012 at 4:55 am

Passing Through @ 08/03/2012 at 2:20 am

Is that a double chin? Just look at this old cow and remember this – the hens claim she looks half her age. Only if her age is 143 not 43.
BWAHAHHAHHA that so funny ..ANUSton look half her age ..LOL the loonifers are really braindead and BLIND!!

JEN THE HAG @ 08/03/2012 at 4:57 am

yeah Maniston looks like an old h00ker that !! LOL

JEN THE HAG @ 08/03/2012 at 4:58 am

that already losing her clients bwahahhahha

Good morning fans, I see SS showing her nipples to look, her words, “you have to look” to get parts in HW. I see Mr squiggly is still in NY while SS is in NC, why are hens so quiet?, I guess they see the writings on the wall. I see the resident troll is now reading minds. Troll believes because he/she can write a coherent comment that means she/he is sane. Some of us remembers Ken Kaczynski’s manifesto and he was crazy as a loon, his brother had to turn him in. I hope the resident troll have a family member to turn him/ her in. Seven years of writing hate comments is as cray cray as it gets.

I am doing my morning read and ran across a article on daily mail with the SS. Girl friend face has exploded. I’m sure her hens will be calling her out or it’s only Angie who gets the hate. Poor Jen hens their idol is looking ruff. I know the resident troll will be chiming in about the blond seen with mr squiggly soon, cricket, cricket. As I said above, just because someone can put two sentences together does not make you sane. Some of the smartest people I deal with because of my job are cray cray. I just wish the trolls who visits us every day will comply with drs order.

Oh yeah, this looks really good. Brad at his moody, bristling best.

I watched the trailer again.. love love love it

and I love that song playing. But when he blows the smoke out of his nose.. I loved that part.. This is going to be so good..

Brad has hit another one out of the park..

funny stuff @ 08/03/2012 at 8:40 am

Did you see this 2 min Will Ferrell vid jj just put up- SO FUNNY, especially if you’ve ever seen those youtube videos where people cry over all things twilight- even over how good a trailer is! Will was so sweet at the MM red carpet with the JPs (you know the one- where Brad called Angie his superhero!!)

That evening, Will made an appearance on Conan, where he cried over the recent cheating scandal between Kristen Stewart andRobert Pattinson. He even called her a trampire. Watch below!

@busted: Hi Busted, killing Them Softly will be great.
I was laughing when he blow the smoke out of his nose, that was so gangster, looks like KTS is getting good press.
CB has a good thread about what happened with KJackson. If interested, good read. This was sworn statement to the court. This makes her kids look so bad, I guess they who participated should be ashamed of themselves.

lucky guy! If what they other says about a location shoot, we MAY get some new pictures!

Jonathan Planner @JKPlanner Still pumped re a stunning trip round @ Pinewoodstudios yesterday, big thankyou to @ Paulrmaynard really cool 2 see Malificent sets & Angelina

2hPaul Maynard @Paulrmaynard @JKPlanner lucky you came yesterday to catch Maleficent production, I think they’re off on location shoot for a few days now! 21hJonathan Planner @JKPlanner Just been waved at by Angelina Jolie… seriously Oh my

Roger is giving me a heart attack…Playing kind of sh*tty. He just squeezed thru the 2nd set, hopefully he can break delPo in the 3rd.

Kathrine Jackson telling the courts what happened: that is, how SHADY her children are.

Passing Through @ 08/03/2012 at 9:33 am

# 127 CLINIQUA @ 08/03/2012 at 2:41 am
Done and done, Dr Smith & Maniston, separated at birth — tell me I’m lying! Tell me! LOLOLOL
BBBBBBBBWWWWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh snap! That’s just all kinds of wrong! Thank God I didn’t see this last night before I went to bed or I would have been awake LMAO all night.
If anyone is ever stupid enough to remake Lost In Space (given some of the crap that’s being remade this is NOT out of the realm of possibility) they don’t need to look for a new Dr. Smith…although Ticky as a doctor of anything is a tough sell…

I saw the Will F thing.. and to be honest I didn’t think it was that funny. I don’t like when other celebrities chime in on each other.. and just to remind the JP fans how upset some people here were about Jamie Foxx.. HEY JUST making the point

but I’m not a twilight fan. I never saw the movies nor read the books so I don’t have a dog in the show. But some of their fanbase is very young and I get how upset they are. We JP fans know we would be upset if this was Brad/Angie… so I’m trying to stay on the fence on this one. But we JP fans have had years of people saying nasty and unfunny shi*t about Brad/Angie.. still do and so I just don’t find that funny at all really but hey if people do fine. Everyone’s funny bone is different.

I did see Katherine Jackson’s retraction. And yeah all of them should be ashamed. Janet has really disappointed in this one. She was standing right there with her brothers. All in.. Just really sad.

African Girl @ 08/03/2012 at 9:50 am

Oh God! Cliniqua this was not a good way to start the morning. Seriously why…how did anyone think this chic was ever a beauty?
Re: Gabby’s hair
Not to be divisive or anything but I have never understood some African American women’s obsession with how one chooses to wear their hair. I used the word choose just to emphasis that it is by their own freewill. If this was something being forced down on any woman, I would understand the outrage. All through primary and secondary school. . .Cornrolls were the order of the day. Went to a boarding school, so to keep everything uniformed (like wearing the same uniforms and housewares and berets and socks and sweaters and pullovers wasn’t being uniformed enough….Lol) every week we were told what kinda hairstyle to do.
I didn’t have chemicals in my hair until I was 21 and that was because I was having a yippee I am finally an adult moment and I swear I regretted it. My hair just fell completely apart. Boy at some point I was giving hairless chickens everywhere a run for their money. It took me years to grow it back and I’ve had my natural hair since then. Sometimes when I get tired of braids I have it in afro puffs. I’ve had a few black women at work tell me I am bold, one of them even went as far as saying it is understandable for me to wear my hair that since I am really African. I swear she thought she was paying me a compliment. . . Lol!
Of course I can’t deny I’ve gotten the “I am so uncomfortable with this in your face Africanness but I can’t show it because I don’t want to come off racist, so I will just be overly praisy of it to the point of being condescending” from some white folks….women. You know what’s funny or ironic….the White guys at work have shown to be more receptive and respectful of my afro hair. It is weird, I have no explanation for it…Lol!!!
Anyway, the point of my long is there a point to this post is that. In many African countries, Gabby is wearing her hair the way every 16yrs old should be wearing their hair. I know some might say we don’t count since we aren’t Americans but until they stop touting her as a good role model for BLACK girls everywhere, I say our opinions matter and we all love her hair the way it is.
There! Majority rules (Lol….just kidding with that. A little…Lol).
I am not picking one type of hair over the other….just supporting everyone’s right to wear their any which way they wanna.

Passing Through @ 08/03/2012 at 10:05 am

# 144 QQQQ @ 08/03/2012 at 9:10 am
Thankfully I’m at work and can’t watch it live! I’m keeping track of the score and saw the match stats. Roger’s 38 winners but also 31 unforced errors – which is way too many…

Will F is making fun of those overly-invested fans who made all those videos and vitriolic posts about K Stew’s cheating, apology, etc. In the positive sense, it’s good that those folks are capable of such passion, too bad it isn’t directed at ending world hunger or something

Passing Through @ 08/03/2012 at 10:14 am

DAMN, 4Q, this score is giving me heart palipations. I saw it was 7-6 DelPo and thought he’d won it in a tie-breaker but it turned out they’re on serve and now it’s 7-all!

Passing Through @ 08/03/2012 at 10:32 am

# 145 QQQQ @ 08/03/2012 at 9:22 am
That’s cold. Janet Jackson ought to be ashamed of herself. She may not have slapped and verbally abused her 14 y.o. niece but colluding with her money-grubbing siblings and niece to maniupulate her elderly mother and keep her away from her young grandchildren is just as bad.
It says a lot that Katherine stated all of this in a legal document that everyone knew would be obtained my the media – and the tabs sites. Asking for TJ to legally become the co-guardian is also a clear message to Randy/Janet/Rebbie/Jermaine not to try that crap again because this time there’s someone else who can protect the children from them. I hope Janet is sufficiently embarrassed to stay out of it from now on. The others being greedy makes sense, but to me at least, she comes off worse than they do because she has money andn her boyfriend has money. So what’s her motivation? If I worked at TMZ or Radar I’d start taking a really close look at Janet’s finances. Maybe she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her career as a Vegas act? LOL!

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