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Kennedys Talk Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy Relationship

Kennedys Talk Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy Relationship

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy‘s relationship seems to be heating up and she already has the approval of his family!

“She’s awesome,” Conor‘s aunt Rory Kennedy said on Wednesday (August 1) at the TCA summer tour in Beverly Hills (via People). “She’s a great friend of all of ours.”

Rory went to a concert with her two little girls, and that’s what started it all: her children,” revealed Ethel Kennedy, Conor‘s grandmother.

In response to a question asking how they would feel if Taylor joined the family, Ethel said, “we should be so lucky.”

In case you missed them, check out the pics of Taylor and Conor‘s romantic weekend at the Kennedy family compound in Hyannis Port, Mass.

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  • Asha

    What on earth is a 22 year old doing with someone who literally just became a legal adult a few weeks ago??? Come on Taylor, you write about wanting your fairy tale but your’re not going to get your fairy tale with a teenager.

  • ijijoiqdwn

    I think she still thinks she’s eighteen….

  • Lujisa

    What are the Kennedys going to say when Taylor writes a break up song trashing Connor if things don’t work out? Just like she did to John Meyer, Joe Jonas and even Camilla Bell. According to Swift’s previous relationships she hasn’t kept a boyfriend for more than a couple months.

  • sweetness

    Someone in TAylor’s family needs to do an intervention. The Kennedy’s are nothing but trouble. That family is just nothing but scandal and misery for those trying get in with that clan.
    she’s 22…meet a dude her age far away from them.

  • miss infamous

    She sure gets around!

  • lola

    How many men has this b***h dated in the last four years? she changes boyfriends like diapers, yet she paints herself as the innocent victim in her music. I am so over his wh**e. If you have to change boyfriends every month, the problem is clearly YOU and not the men.

  • Buttercream Delight

    I think it’s funny that when Taylor dates someone the world goes NUTS! They look cute by the way.

  • Alex

    @lola: She hasn’t dated anyone since 2010. THe girl has been living like a nun and playing dress up with her friends for the past year and half. Let the girl live a little. Besides your not in the relationship and you don’t know her. Don’t believe everything you read.

  • creed


  • Sugar

    They look happy! Good for them.

  • ace11

    MUCH better than Jake Gyllenhaal

  • KissThis

    They don’t make a good-looking couple in my humble opinion. They don’t go together.


    Cutie pies, if you ask my opinion. Whatever makes them happy. TACO all the way!

  • natasha

    she’s so boring ..i hope she get pregnant and write a song about her pregnancy hahaha LOT !

  • Dooley

    His he still in High School??She’s raking up numbers like a Rock Star…She got more Game than Kid Rock and Tommy Lee.LOL!!!

  • Michael Knight

    She just needed a new guy for her next song I think the name is “robbing the cradle”.

  • Marta

    Thanks for this news.I coudn’t sleep because I was worried about Taylor Swift’s relationship status!! :P

  • jes

    Taylor is such a d umbass for dating a Kennedy. Oh, well, can’t wait to hear the songs about cheating, lying, drugs and alcohol provided if you’re still alive in a couple of years.

    I thought you were smart but obviously not.

    And it’s gross that he’s just turned 18. you’re almost 23, something not right.

    You’re doing awesome on your own why mess it up? You don’t need the Kennedy’s… they are bad news. What more proof do you need considering Conor’s mom hanged herself 2 months ago?

  • jes

    “Taylor Swift is looking to buy the sprawling $4.9 million mansion for sale next door to her beau, Conor Kennedy, 18, and new best friend — his grandmother, Ethel.”

    Dear God! Taylor please DON”T do it!

    This link is from the NY Post.

  • Teri

    If shes happy w/him,great
    If they break up in a couple days, months woman you need to get ur head straight
    I kinda started to dislike her after the “revenge” song on Camila Bell, it pissed me off how she dissed calling her a sl*t her when that girl did nothing. Just cuz Joe dumped her, but its not Camila’s fault. n than that doll video was like wtf
    I hope she grew up a bit, she needs to get her head straight and stop being so man crazy.Shes beautiful, seems sweet, nice voice. but way to into fairy-tale land. Life sadly isn’t a Disney movie,

  • Hannah

    She is such a loser! I bet that slut is a Democrat to. Goodness we need some good ole Republicans these days.

  • Effy

    I’ve always thought the problem was her. I bet she’s clingy. I mean, how can you have practically THREE albums FULL of songs about failed relationships. Her cat obsession scares me too.

  • TayTwitt

    Taylor apears to orchestrate each of her romances for her own financial gains. This time around however, she apparently wants to add what some say as “American Royalty” to her resume or bedpost. Taylor is shamless.

  • Adri


    She’s shamless? Does she need to go buy a ShamWow or something?

  • get out NOW!

    Taylor, you’re a sweetheart. I love you and I want you to be happy but you’re not going to get your fairy tale ending from dating a Kennedy. If a lot more people telling you to get out of the relationship NOW, you.better listen.

    Another link from NY Post 8-6-12.

  • concerned fan

    I don’t understand why Taylor want to be associated with that drugged up drunk Kennedy family considering she have a squeaky clean image. I can understand if it’s JFK Jr. (RIP) you’re dating but Conor is no John John. Is Conor even out of high school?

    Kennedy men are cheaters. I don’t see happy ending.

  • TayTwitt

    Sham | Define Sham at


    noun 1. something that is not what it purports to be; a spurious imitation; fraud or hoax. 2. a person who shams; shammer . 3. a cover or the like for giving a thing …

  • Sun


    I could not have said it better. Her romances are a sham and WOW.
    Looks like she is a ShamWOW or something!!!

  • kyle

    Wow! Taylor Swift dating a barely legal Kennedy…definitely NOT impressed. And for someone who admitted in many interviews that she read a lot of books about the Kennedy’s, Taylor should have known better than hooked-up/mixed-up with that awful family. A bunch of cheaters,liars, druggies, alcoholics…and God knows what else.

    Why stake your squeaky clean rep for that? Seriously, why get involved? You just lost a fan.

  • kk

    Knowing what we know now about the Kennedy men, you have to be absolutely crazy to do this. It’s like Taylor have a death wish or something. You’re practically asking for a lifetime of misery. Future heartache which can easily be avoided. I thought Taylor is smart, at least that’s what her people would like us to believe. Well, obviously not.

  • Swiftie

    Why are you all getting so serious about this? I think it’s Taylor who makes the decision and even if you don’t like it- It’s her who decides whether to date a Kennedy or not. You barely know him right? So don’t judge others. Taylor likes him and is happy, for me that’s enough.

  • mary


    And for Taylor’s sake, i hope she doesn’t end up dead.

  • Clair

    Tay should just STOP dating him before ending up with drug or alcohol addiction
    What the hell does she think????dating a KENNEDY?!
    The guy makes me sick!

  • Winderman

    @concerned fan: “Birds Of A Feather (Flock Together)”(similar people go to the same places and do the same things together…)

  • senseless

    Meow! People can fall in love at any age, it’s just a shame that Taylor will have to wait so long for Conor to finish college but….who’s to say it won’t last and besides the only reason the Kennedy’s appear so ruthless has a lot to do with media attention and being rich and powerful. Conor doesn’t appear to fit that category. He seems more down to earth and more mature than his 18 years so…..good luck you two, I hope it works out. You make a very cute couple. You seem to be very unaffected by all this new attention – that’s a good sign.
    love ya, like my own grand kids