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LeAnn Rimes: Recovering After Surgery on Teeth!

LeAnn Rimes: Recovering After Surgery on Teeth!

LeAnn Rimes and her husband Eddie Cibrian take his kids Jake and Mason out for some breakfast at Jinky’s Cafe on Wednesday (August 1) in Studio City, Calif.

The 29-year-old singer just underwent an 8-hour surgery following a root canal on her teeth last week!

“Going into an 8 hr surgery tmrw… beyond anxious. Thank goodness for a rocking Anesthesiologist,” LeAnn tweeted over the weekend.

“Out of surgery!!!! All is well. My whole face is numb and I’m starving….bad combo. Thx for all your prayers. Now I heal…til next Monday….more surgery, minor though. :)” LeAnn tweeted as a followup.

We hope you have a speedy recovery, LeAnn!

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  • lori

    SO we’re supposed to believe her face is frozen from dental work? Nice cover LeAnn. Almost as good as her cheating denials a few years back

  • Forrest

    Went with my Dad for his root canal last year to drive him home after. It wasn’t that much over an hour and the doc he went to is one ofthe best. Why did they keep her so long?

  • Dita

    Does she write every single thing in her life on twitter?

  • Homewrecking

    S K A N K

  • dobbi

    she looks worse than ever.

  • karma

    Wonder if Eddie’s talking to the bunny or the waitress? Heard there was some big drama at the ol rimes cibrian home this past weekend. To bad she is so stupid she will stay married to him and make a deal it can be an open marriage as long as he doesn’t leave her. She’s that pathetic. Thankfully for us, cheaters aren’t the brightest and always get caught and he did, AGAIN! Not sure how long we will have to wait to see the proof but i’m sure the timing will be impeccable.

  • Bree

    She would stay with him regardless if he was cheating or not, because she doesn’t want Brandi and all her haters (I don’t like her) to say ‘told you so’ …Eddie can cheat all he wants, he’ll get away with it.


    i follow the lunacy on twitter as well..whoever has the scoop on ed flirting with girls last weekend can you kindly sell the story to tabs, leann needs a taste of her own medicine, notice that ed is not even paying her any mind, KARMA

  • Sherry-Lynne

    What a filthy adultress

  • Jennica Panettiere

    Holy crap… how bad was her teeth? 8 hours for dental surgery? Did the whole dental place have to shut down just for her?

  • Jennica Panettiere

    Holy crap… how bad were her teeth? 8 hours for dental surgery? Did the whole dental place have to shut down just for her?

  • Gigi

    is she holding a pack of gum? one would think that’s the last thing she needs after just having dental work…

  • ha ha

    she’s so ugly i can’t stand it, i swear JJ, where do I send you a check to stop posting her ugly mug on your site? and yea she most def got surgery but not dental………..

  • Yikes

    She’s starting to look like a female Mickey Rourke (post botched plastic surgery). She needs to stop whatever it is she’s doing. She’s ruined herself!

  • betty

    This twit still trying to front.I wonder when were the kids dropped off because Brandi tweeted she couldn’t sleep because her kids were playing gymnastics in her bed. Nice try Leann everyone knows this is another attempt to save face with staged photos body language tells the story.

  • Life of Brian

    I love this trick. Desperate women let you do anything you want with them, God Bless ‘em. Then they starve themselves for your approval, pay your way for everything, put up with cheating- you name it. My kinda woman! She’s a butterface though, I’d put a bag on it and hit it from behind. She’s prob used to that

  • elaine

    can see that Eddie is keeping his distance from that foul smelling breath. that must be why she is holding the gum, her breath reeks.

  • Cam S

    How come her husband NEVER looks at her? Not in any photos I see of them. He is always looking “past her” while she foolishly stares adoringly in his eyes. Never looks at her while they are talking either…. It’d be sad if she wasn’t such a lying, egotistical, hypocritical b*tch

  • Steph

    i’m waiting to see the pics of eddie out with the female friends he was rumored to be with this weekend..divini rae is who i’ve heard it was…

  • betty

    Regardless of what Brandi LOOKS like she not the one having to deal with Eddie cheating Leann is. Brandi can sleep nights and enjoy being with her kids.Leann on the other hand has to keep that watchful eye on the cheater and she is the one looking haggard.

  • gwen


    Wow, so for your 9 pm “haaaaaaa” posts you have selected the names Madelyn and Liza? And who did you steal those names from? You can always tell just how bad things are for Leann when AMEJEAN persists with these posts trashing Brandi as he hides under multiple names posted within min of one another. You must have been temp banned yesterday because for some odd reason all of the “haaaaaaa” posters disappeared. And now just like clockwork, they are back!

    Now didn’t you learn anything when you posted this very same comment in a pervious thread when you were going by the name Dimitri?

    Leann did have plastic surgery because you wouldn’t have came back making yet another post trashing Brandi! Thanks for confirming that Leann has plastic surgery!

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LEANN wrong for trillionth time!! Where’s Leann’s face huh (Le’s nose is smashed to right side or and her bloated cheeks, hence why she has her hair down to hide what she did to her face)? The big injected lips? Leann is the plastic surgery junkie

    @LIZA If it was wishful BB thinking and delusion, you would be back to using two different names to make the “haaaaaaaa” posts. Seriously, you are your own worst enemy!

  • ijijoiqdwn

    Who cares!

  • KissThis

    Can’t believe Jensen Ackles dated this chick! YES, you read that correctly. Jensen Ackles and Leann Rimes…

  • KissThis

    @Jennica Panettiere: She’s obviously using “dental work” as an excuse for another type of work she’s had done.

  • Liza

    Old hag Brandi fakes illness to SWF Le!! Needs Zlist attention

  • betty

    @Liza That old hag Brandi despite illness is fulfilling her professional obligations like most mature adults and not use illness as an excuse like that immature phony Leann. Why is that you Leann phonies bring Brandi into the mix … because people criticize Leann. Brandi has a life and living it. PLEEZ!! no one is desperate enough to SWF Leann.

  • gwen


    He is dragging Brandi into this to deflect from the fact that Leann Rimes is single white femaling SMJ with the Femme Fatale shirt (SMJ was on a show called Femme Fatale in May). I thought Eddie had stopped seeing SMJ, but based on the fact that Leann set up this staged photo-op just so that she could be seen in this shirt, Eddie must still be sleeping with SMJ.

  • Rach

    Whether or not she puts up with his cheating – you know it eats her up inside. And I personally love it.

  • amira

    at least brandy looks better than skank

  • amira

    she looks worse than ever

  • T

    She looks baaaaad. Whatever she’s doing to her face, she needs to stop pronto. There was nothing wrong with her looks prior to this transformation of the last 3 years. She wasn’t the most beautiful woman, but she was cute enough. It’s really too bad that she is only surrounded by paid friends and family, and weird twitter fans who bless everything she does – no one is there to speak up and tell her the truth about how nutty she’s gotten.

  • Anonymous

    “Brandi G. was caught with the gentleman’s hand up her dress. The leggy single mom played dumb and just ignored the other patrons when they complained about her inappropriate table manners in the restaraunt!”

    God, she is a skank. First in a friends toilet, now this. The skank stories just keep coming! I hope they have disenfectant spray for the herp!

  • Tony

    Sheesh, she looks like a mask from Planet of the Aoes!! She needs to stop witth the bad plastic surgery. No wonder the guy never looks at her.

  • Annie

    @Tony: He looks at her all the time. He likes her on top.

  • Annie

    I see Brandi is at it again. SWF’ing LeAnn. LeAnn has pain form dentistry, Brandi has to get sick, too. Swollen glands are from the herp!

  • Anon

    google Leann Rimes and charity…you get the pic. She is a great lady who unfortunately fell in love with the wrong guy. He isn’t good enough for her.

  • Sheryl

    Leann is a PR person’s nightmare. She’s being called out EVERYWHERE for her melodramatic and probably exaggerated whining about her dental issues and then just a day or two later, is staging yet another photo op. It makes her look like she’s a liar. It also gives credence to the people who suggest that she’s only cancelling to keep an eye on her husband and using her “dental work” as an excuse. Since he’s a proven serial cheater, she must panic at the thought of leaving him to his own devices for any length of time. I have to admit that I used to think that people were way over the top in their criticism of her, but now, I get why so much negativity is directed at her. She’s completely responsible for all of it. She’s basically shown herself to not only be narcissistic but also someone who lies whenever it suits her. Her extreme cognitive dissonence is probably a side effect of having so many people around her who are on her payroll and who therefore would never dare to tell her that she is making herself look horribly unstable and desperate for attention. The whole mess is really kind of sad considering the potential she had as a kid. People seem to be forgetting that she ever was a child prodigy and now rather than resurrecting her career as a country singer, she has become a fame w h 0 r e. This isn’t going to end well.

  • Famousa

    Screw the dental surgery she keeps claiming to have – somebody needs to just sew this bitch’s mouth shut and be done with it. Oh, and sew her fingers together too so she can’t tweet all mother effing day long!

  • Janz

    Funny how so many people hate LeAnn and love Brandi, or hate Brandi and love LeAnn. It’s like it has to be one or the other. Personally, I think they’re both tacky, brainless skanks who need to p*ss off forever.

  • Anonymous

    Ain’t it the truth!

  • T

    @Janz: I’d say there’s a ton of people that hate Leann, that really don’t care about Brandi, or know much about her. But, Leann’s fans don’t generally offer any sort of logical factual defenses to the criticism of Leann, they just go straight to trashing Brandi, and, hilariously, accusing Brandi of things that Leann isn’t necessarily innocent of either. Therefore, people find themselves defending Brandi just to point out the hypocrisy. Not that Brandi doesn’t have tons of fans, she does, but the attacks on her, are usually pretty silly. Apparently, d-list country singers are held in pretty high regard by some.

    Brandi had her world rocked, overdrank one night, and got a DUI, and now takes drivers or cabs, to be responsible. Leann has had 3-4 hit and runs, and left the scene, and her and Eddie are very often pictured with drinks in their hands, or she is often talking about drinking on twitter. However, Brandi is the alcoholic, Leann just likes to have fun.

    Brandi gets asked questions about her life and answers. And even though she has numerously said nice things about Leann as a stepmom, she should just shut up, and stop exploiting the affair. Leann interjects comments about the affair in interviews where it’s not even addressed, but if Leann talks, it’s ok, because it’s “her story” and she should be able to share. Cause it’s the “#truth.”

    Brandi gets caught kissing a guy in a bathroom, whom she’s now dating. Leann gets caught sucking a married guy’s fingers, uses her friends’ homes and hotels to sleep with a married guy, and was notoriously promiscuous as a teen, sleeping with older guys in her mother’s home. However, Brandi is the slut and a bad mother. Leann, again, a total angel and just so in love she couldn’t help herself and those boys are lucky to have her!

    Brandi is shown on TV without a bra at a party on the RHWBH show and Kyle keeps pointing out her nipples. Brandi is a huge slut and has no class, according to Leann’s fan/friends on twitter. Leann is often pictured not wearing a bra, with her wonky boobs all for show, with her butt cheeks, and a little more, hanging out of her bikinis or cut-off shorts. Leann is just being sexy.

    It’s all quite stupid. People should just defend whomever they’re defending outright, because the comparison defense doesn’t hold up.

  • betty

    @T You told it like it is!! Leann fans are so phony I guess they think people don’t know the details of Leann life. One thing about Brandi she admits her faults and mistakes but the saintly Leann lies,denies and try to cover up her bad behavior. Leann has developed a reputation she can’t live down and because of this they compare. There are no saints on either side but bashing Brandi won’t change Leann bad reputation she brought it on herself.

  • dan

    STOP sucking up to this terrible human being! She is manipulative, degrading and a terrible step-mother! She may be nice to the kids, but the way she exploits them on sites such as this one and twitter is ridiculous. She wishes so badly she could be their real mother. She has terrible issues. Once you help break up a family, how are you EVER a victim? I cannot for the life of me believe the crap she’s done to Brandi, AFTER she cheated with Brandi’s husband. She is NO victim.

  • dansmokescrack

    enuff said.

  • dansmokescrack

    google leann rimes and charity, then google brandi and charity

  • Dolly

    @dansmokescrack: Leann Rimes has been in the public eye for years and has made millions of dollars where as Brandi was a stay at home mother until the affair broke up her family. I would certainly hope that LeAnn is charitable. Other than that all she does is vacation, get dental work , tweet and cancel performances. Comparing the two in that category is ridiculous. One is a millionaire and the other is a working Mother who’s out of work ex had his child support lowered due to his chronic unemployment.

  • dollysmokescrack

    @Dolly: You don’t have to be rich to be charitable. Just giving.
    You know why she take so many vacations? Because she can.

  • dollysmokescrack

    If Brandi WERE a good wife and mom, she wouldn’t be in bathrooms doing other strange men and in restaraunts grossing out patrons getting felt up under the table by yet another strange man. Please, this girl is trash. She hasn’t changed since she was married.

  • T

    @dollysmokescrack: See, you’re a classic example. If Leann were such a good person, she wouldn’t be sucking married men’s fingers in restaurants. She wouldn’t be bending over and showing her hoo-hay to strange men on the beach. She wouldn’t be shoving her privates in little children’s faces.

    I mean, c’mon. Get real. Doesn’t hold up. Leann is not an angel.

    In other news, if the rumors are true, and Eddie’s cheating is about to get publicized, maybe the public will be kinder to Leann than she was to Brandi. It would be a good example for her of what human decency and grace looks like.

  • betty

    @Dollysmokescrack are you related to Dansmokescrack You need to stop with all the phony names we are not being fooled one person is commenting. You Leann enablers must be desperate.You sound jealous that Brandi is getting attention something Leann has to pay for . Your repetitive comments about Brandi confirms your desperation. Brandi has just launch a new clothing line,on a TV show,writes a fashion column and has a new booking coming out. So regardless of all the STORIES being written about her and your comments she is still achieving. Maybe if you and all the other Leann losers spend the time trying to repair her tarnished image it might help her record and concert ticket sales. Let Leann worry about being the GOOD WIFE I’m sure Brandi boys thinks she is a terrific mother.