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Robert Pattinson Hiding At Reese Witherspoon's Ranch?

Robert Pattinson Hiding At Reese Witherspoon's Ranch?

Robert Pattinson is reportedly shacking up at his Water for Elephants co-star Reese Witherspoon‘s ranch, according to Us Weekly.

The 26-year-old Twilight star has been in hiding since news broke that his girlfriend Kristen Stewart cheated on him with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

PICTURES: Reese Witherspoon‘s Ojai Ranch in Elle Decor

While Rob is unsure of what to do about the relationship, a source told the mag that Kristen is “dying to save [it]. It’s the only thing she cares about.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Robert Pattinson staying at Reese Witherspoon’s home?

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  • ANDY


    you are crazy

  • pup

    If this dude takes back that skank, he’s truly pathetic. Grow a spine & move on already!

  • Beth

    Ugh, the poor guy should not have to hide! He is not the one that was caught with someone that was married. All he did was trust the wrong person.

  • Not A Fan

    The paparazzi are probably heading over there right Now. very sad. Im sure the first photo of rob and kristen post scandal will sale for alot of $$$

  • kora

    is she cared about him that much she wouldn’t have cheated in the first place. And the director’s brother in law says it had been going on for months. I hope he doesn’t fall for that “we only kissed” story of hers

  • Halie

    Pattinson and Stewart are laughing their behinds off at how gullible people have been for 3 years. This was the best way to end this facade of a showmance. Now both get so much media attention that will skyrocket their careers.

  • balir

    Whoa he goes in hiding while KStew MagdalenE still going to the gym – at least we knows whos really the one who’s sleazy, tacky & got a stone-thick face.

  • Sadie

    “Kristen is “dying to save [it]. It’s the only thing she cares about.”
    Sorry – if they weren’t caught, they would have kept up with their affair. If she REALLY cared about Robert, then the affair wouldn’t have happened.

  • Din

    @Sadie: Seems like it yea, she looked like she had no care in the world while out with Rob the day before this story broke.

  • Sheigh

    It looks like like everybody is overreacted in this love triangle!
    When somebody will tell us the truth! Pat & Stew never were together!

  • SophiaB

    “Kristen is “dying to save [it]. It’s the only thing she cares about.”


  • boombaby


    Those reports were shot down if you know, were keeping up with this bogus story.

  • boombaby

    If this was for PR, that will be even worse. But honestly if you look at any robert or kristen interview on Youtube, you can tell that they really don’t give a two craps about what anyone says about them. Seriously.

  • Ana

    Really? First Katy Perry, then Emilie de Ravin and now Reese? what are they going to say tomorrow? Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Shannon Woodward? This is stupid. Stop throwing lies!! They (magazines, tabloids, a.k.a stupid people) dont even know what to say anymore. Tomorrow we are going to hear that Kristen is in love with Rob’s sister or something wayyy more stupid. Nobody knows whats going on except the two of them. Leave them alone. It is none of our business.

  • jkbk

    Why is he in hiding? He’s not the one who is a scumbag cheating w.h.o.r.e.

  • Wow!

    OMG!! I’m LMAO here , I can’t even type right …. All of you are believing this sh!t .. Apart from “nugget ” here all of you are a bunch of fools … Can’t stop laughing …… minute he’s in London , the next he’s at Reese’s ranch …and all of you gullible morons are buying it those gossip mongrels sure got you by the balls !!!!! This stories are so fascinating I can’t wait for the next chapter , it’s like a bad soap opera…….layers suckers !

  • Hamlet

    Is the brother-in-law a really credible source, #5?

  • -a

    doing what exactly? — and i think the studio are probably telling him to hide out. it will make for good publicity for the movie (and yeah it happens, his ‘people’ will tell him to not go public until they can profit from it)!@Wow!: uh who the fu*ck are you to be calling people morons? its their opinion.. –oh yeah and its a celebrity blog site not CNN, calm down!!!

  • TMI

    patz hotz nah c dis—— herez S1 2G2BT, B/C, E1 knowz, :-i haha —-

  • don’t take the skank back…

    don’t take her back — she does not care about you. She would have lied for as long as possible if she and that dirty director were not caught. What a selfish, cheating duo. A cheat is a cheat. I feel sorry for the children too.

  • R

    @pup: indeed!

  • Danuuu

    I thought he was photographed in London?

  • xoxo

    Sorry for the TwiTards, KStew’s brain is not inside her head anymore but had slipped down to her new implanted yet still flat & little boobsies!

  • Sean

    People cheat for all kinds of reasons. They still need friends afterwards. And people are unfaithful a lot more often than we care to admit publicly. Maybe we put unrealistic expectations on relationships?

  • s

    “She’s DYING to save it. It’s the only thing she cares about.” Of course! They have another Twilight Saga coming out. They can’t promote it separately, can they? I bet they will stick with each other for the sake of the movie. It’s predictable! Ugh!

  • hmmm

    edward and jesus would forgive her.

  • hmmm


    are you as good as jesus or are you more like satan the vampire?
    be honest.

  • hmmm


    “Kristen is “dying to save [it]. It’s the only thing she cares about.”
    Sorry – if they weren’t caught, they would have kept up with their affair. If she REALLY cared about Robert, then the affair wouldn’t have happened.

    Sadie there’s only a slight problem with your reasoning. she and rob were only living together. they weren’t married and money would not have been an obstacle for either of them. they were basically sleeping together presumably.
    if i was living with a man and having sex with him and there was no marriage, i would feel a bit resentful, i would probalby cheat on him. i don’t feel i as a woman owe a man sex if he isn’t married to me. i don’t him a commitment under those circumstances.

    as a single woman, kristen is a free to do what she wants to do and that includes cheating and seeing other men. she is 22 and has the right to see other men and to cheat on all of them until she is married. that’s her right. that’s every woman’s right.

    you don’t owe a vampire sexual faithfulness. you lie and cheat and stab in the back or the heart. that is what you are supposed to do to a vampire.

  • Annie

    @hmmm: Great. I hope some 22 year old wrecks a relationship for u in the future and u can gallantly tell her…”its ur right”

    Seriously, where do these idiots surface from?

  • hmmm

    this isn’t about the married man for me. its about women’s right to cheat.

  • hmmm

    i don’t feel sorry for the wife. i don’t particularly like her. i think she isn’t a good person. even if she is married. just because you are married doesn’t make you hoiyier than someone who isn’t married.

  • hmmm

    that should say “holi-er ”
    the full word without the dash is on comment moderation.

  • Theresa

    Leave the poor guy alone already!!! he is definatly sufferning

  • hmmm

    anyway annie, you are a stupid girl if you have sex outside of marriage. you don’t owe anyone a sexual commitment when you aren’t married to them.

    a real girl/boy would stab a vampire in the heart.

  • Are you serious?

    @hmmm: When you are committed to a relationship, whether married or not, you do NOT have a “right” to cheat. If you feel the NEED to cheat, you should end the relationship, and THEN you have the right to sleep around. Why bother to be in a monagamous or exclusive relationship, if all you want to do is sleep around? There’s NO point in hurting someone or pretending you want to be with that one person only.

  • hmmm

    he can end his suffering by forgiving her

  • hmmm

    why bother making a sexual commitment to someone you are not married to.

    you don’t have a right to tell people that they HAVE To sleep with you. it is an unfair expectation and it will result in you being cheated on.

    guys cheat all the time. they sleep around all the time. women have the right to do it too. they have the right to cheat and lie to guys like this.

  • xoxo

    Y’ know y’all TwiTards, even if its all just a fauxmance w/ RP, does KStew makes a “lesser evil” when she’s still boinking in broad daylight that married w/ children ultra dirty scumbag – NAAAH!

  • hmmm

    the real villain her is ru-pervert. not kristen.

  • to Are you serious?

    robert, if he wanted to be with other women then he should not have moved in with kristen in the first place. he should not have been in committed relationship or pretended to be in one with her if what he wanted was to date around.

    they are both at the age where they probably both want to date around.

  • xoxo

    And K-Stew is a ‘s-e-x ManiaC’ – totally match.

  • to annie

    if liberty can forgive rupervert then robert can certainly forgive kristen.


  • to annie

    heck guys forgive each other for this all the time
    they even slap them on the back and say good job.
    certainly men should be able to forgive women for the same behavior.

  • tena

    @hmmm: No one should ever cheat on anyone if there together its wrong and hurtful and should never be done if you truly love someone you shouldnt even be thinking about and if people are having problem they should talk it out not cheat.

  • to tena

    you’re right, if men were more honest to women with their feelings and their motives there wouldn’t be cheating. there would be dumping.

  • to tena

    men are emotional cowards.

  • Henny

    Reese is the best ever and those who hate her are fat, lonely retards!

  • sicksister

    Rob isn’t ‘hiding’. He just wants to be left alone to think about what he will do going forward.

    I hope he makes the choice to kick Kristen to the curb. She is a liar and a cheat. She is clearly not mature enough for a committed relationship. This is her loss, not his.

    Rob won’t have to look far for another girlfriend who IS willing to treat him right.

  • *

    Rob must love long pointed chins

  • hohoho

    Let K-Ho grovel. She likes being on her knees.