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Vanessa Hudgens: Leopard Leotard in LA!

Vanessa Hudgens: Leopard Leotard in LA!

Vanessa Hudgens lets her hair down while heading to a film set on Wednesday (August 1) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress wore a leopard leotard as she made her to work.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

“Yes, it is true! We can confirm that Vanessa will be in the new Robert Rodriguez movie Machete Kills as Cereza!,” her official site wrote.

Lady Gaga, who sported a leopard leotard last month in Melbourne, also is in the film!

FYI: Vanessa was toting her iPhone in the cool Boostcase Hybrid in Teal.

20+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens in a leopard leotard…

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vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 01
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 02
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 03
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 04
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 05
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 06
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 07
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 08
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 09
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 10
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 11
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 12
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 13
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 14
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 15
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 16
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 17
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 18
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 19
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 20
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 21
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 22
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 23
vanessa hudgens leopard leotard in la 24

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152 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Leopard Leotard in LA!”

  1. 1
    lauren Says:

    i generally dont get why she papped everyday.
    not hating just wondering

  2. 2
    Xo Says:

    It’s a photoshoot for Machete Kills, Jared. She’s not just walking around town in a leotard lol

    @lauren: lol that would be a first.

  3. 3
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I generally don’t get why you care. Mind your business.
    Thought she already filmed her part for this movie, guess not so this works too.

  4. 4
    BOJI Says:

    Frankly, all the celebrities get papped. Sites like JJ have their favourites. She’s on an official engagement it seems.

  5. 5
    M Says:

    She annoying! Enough of her already!

  6. 6
    bree Says:

    @lauren: i’m a fan and am wondering the same thing. she’s really not that interesting (and her relationship isn’t pap worthy either)

  7. 7
    Fluffball Says:

    @Xo: Thanks for clearing that up before i posted a silly comment haha i was seriously thinking WTHeck

  8. 8
    POLO Says:

    who is she??????? those shorts are disgusting.

  9. 9
    sara Says:

    she is doing a photoshoot or she is filming ?

  10. 10
    maria Says:

    @lauren: Why do you wonder? She lives in a part of Hollywood where lots of celebs live, including Miley. She gets papped a lot too, doing everyday things. Here she is on a film set, hello? Of course paps will be hanging around there. I don’t know why it’s such a big deal. Is she committing a crime?? No. If you don’t like it, don’t comment. I just don’t think we have any control over it, nor does she, unless she lives like a monk.

    She looks fabulously sexy, if I may say so. Should fit in really well with the cast of sexy women. Have fun, V!

  11. 11
    Xo Says:

    @sara: Well, her manager is with her so I’m pretty sure it’s a photoshoot. All the actors for the movie have their own character posters, and we have yet to see hers.

  12. 12
    kami Says:

    definitely business because brit her pr person is with her.

  13. 13
    helo Says:

    Robert loves women

  14. 14
    BOJI Says:

    @maria, I think she looks sexy here,too. You know the non fans come here and moan about this girl calling the paps and getting papped all the time and then JJ comes and posts more pics of her. I reckon we are having the last laugh. I’m not complaining. Vanessa herself does n’t like the frequent in your face paps but she’s not about to hide herself or allow them preventing her from going about her business. Good for her.

  15. 15
    BOJI Says:

    Sorry, that was Brit? I thought it was Evan.

  16. 16
    lauren Says:

    @haters suck
    first of all it wasn’t hate, get off everyone back who’s just commenting.
    i’m done dealing with you and your spiteful jumpiness

  17. 17
    tina Says:

    Can’t wait to see her poster.

  18. 18
    tina Says:

    YEAH!!! Lauren’s gone.

  19. 19
    keka Says:

    @BOJI: exactly! i hate when people complain that she’s living her life. celebs get photographed all the time its up to magazines and bloggers to choose which pics to get and jared has a permanent obsession with vanessa hudgens. she shouldn’t be attacked for that.

  20. 20
    Haters Suck! Says:

    And im done dealing with you ya stupid b!tch.

  21. 21
    J Says:

    No one should ever own a leopard leotard. Ever. EVER.

  22. 22
    Renee Says:

    I see some of you are still delirious and think paps are just sitting around waiting for her. The paps are there because she called them, so it’s a joke that she is trying to hide her face. If she didn’t want multiple posts on JJ/JJJ everyday, there wouldn’t be.

    Also, not all celebs are paped on a daily basis the way she is. The last two posts on her ex – Mr. Efron were for work and did not include pap pictures – They were not because he was out and about in LA wanting to be seen. His last set of pap pics were on July 22 – when he attended the TCAs – that’s a very far cry from being paped every single day, multiple times a day.

    It’s a very sad situation what this girl has turned into. She needs good adult guidance to get her head back on straight. And that’s not going to happen until she stops draining her wallet on her loser boyfriend.

  23. 23
    me Says:

    and who cares about that guy here? lol V dumped that guy 2 years ago, no one gives a shiit about him here, we love Vanessa, and im pretty sure a couple of people here like me, were so happy the day she ended the relationship!

    FYI Becoming Cereza: Vanessa Hudgens was spotted today literally running on to the set of Machete Kills clad in a cheeky leopard-print catsuit

    i dont get why some zanessa fans are constantly changing their names…but using the same excuses… like you right now… how old are you? 14??

  24. 24
    caroline Says:

    she looks so pretty

  25. 25
    caroline Says:

    loling at her ex boyfriend fans over here!! hahaha

  26. 26
    caroline Says:

    i dont get why you are so obssesed with Vanessa´s ex boyfriend, and why you are always on her posts.

  27. 27
    as usual Says:

    nessa looks hooker cheap

  28. 28
    Ash Says:

    @lauren: Can you just bugger off to one of Zac’s threads. You are one annoying chick.

  29. 29
    Carly Says:

    I am sure that the trailer for a movie came out today, you who are fans of the actors in this movie should be there to support them commenting, not here

  30. 30
    sam Says:


  31. 31
    luna Says:

    she looks pretty

  32. 32
    BOJI Says:

    @carly, I totally agree. His royal hotness demands his fans adulation on his thread not here wasting their time hating on his ex minding her own biz.

  33. 33
    BOJI Says:

    I reckon that leopard outfit is a costume for her role or is it?

  34. 34
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Oh my God she gets her picture taken lets get her to rehab quick before she totally destroys her life and dies young. Please. Vanessas not doing anything wrong and is committing no crime, isn’t out partying all hours of the night, isn’t doing drugs, isn’t stumbling out of clubs drunk, she gets her pic taken big freaking deal there are greater crimes in the world. Who cares about her douchebag ex this isn’t his post. Like someone said he has a post today go over there, or are his fans tired of his same old stick of him taking his shirt off over and over again to sell movies.

  35. 35
    Reality Check! Says:

    Here’s the way I see it; no matter what she does, people are always going to be saying rude and hateful things about her. In their eyes she’s never going to do anything right, no matter what it is.

  36. 36
    KissThis Says:

    Her a$$ is hanging out! Yeah… real classy. I really wish she’d stop calling the paps to take pics of her. Enough already!

  37. 37
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I really wish people would provide proof to back up their accusations. But I’m old fashioned lets not let a silly thing like proof and facts get in the way of a good story.

  38. 38
    tina Says:

    I really can’t understand why people come on her post to praise Zac. I just dont care enough about him to comment on his post, I wish they could do the same.

  39. 39
    Reality Check! Says:

    Some of you really need to get over this whole she needs to stop calling the paps crap; you can’t prove she does and we can’t prove she doesn’t. If you would just stop and use a little common sense you would realize that there can be several scenario’s as to why a celeb gets papped, some have a routine that they stick to and don’t tend to change it often, hence making it kind of easy to be caught out, sometimes a fan or employee can tweet that so and so was spotted where ever and I’m sure the closes pap is bound to show up, sometimes their management or PR may call in a “tip” and I’m sure that some do call the paps themselves. You can speculate till your blue in the face, doesn’t make you right and it doesn’t make your wrong.

  40. 40
    Reality Check! Says:

    @Reality Check!
    Sorry, it should have said “doesn’t make you wrong.”

  41. 41
    KissThis Says:

    @Haters Suck!: If a celebrity is papped every single day doing mundane activities close to home, it means they called the paps. Don’t be so naive.

  42. 42
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @realtiy check
    I have a small problem with that. In most cases I try to apply “innocent until proven guilty” in all things. This is America Vanessa is still an American and if you want to throw accusations at her fine, but she is innocent until proven otherwise. In the real world that would be called slander. Case in point I’m not really a fan of these two but when the Kristen/rob story broke out I didn’t believe it. I gave Kristen the whole benefit of the doubt tip it was proven to me otherwise. Unfortunately it was and we know the rest of the story. But that’s the kind of proof I want, you say Vanessa calls the paps I want Kristen cheating on rob type proof.

  43. 43
    me Says:

    Amazing shoot today with actress Vanessa Hudgens for The Untitled Magazine @ Milk Studios LA! Stay tuned for the photos in the Cinema Issue! @TheUntitledMag

  44. 44
    Bo Says:

    @KissThis: Her outfit is ugly.Her legs are so bulky and out of shape.Man, what has happened to her figure.With all these workout sessions and yoga and gym sessions ,she should have a shapely figure by now.It seems to me as if she still hasn’t lost the extra pounds she gained for gimme shelter.

  45. 45
    Haters Suck! Says:

    @kiss this’s
    This coming from a person who posted a bunch of videos claiming they had “secret” zanessa messages in them. Whatever.

  46. 46
    BOJI Says:

    Kiss this, you believe what you want to but don’t try to convince us fans, ok? I really don’t get why some of you need to come on to a celebrity thread you are not in favour of spend a lot of time posting hate remarks. Why don’t you seek out a celebrity you do like and post positive remarks. Hence good karma and vibes all around.
    We are minding our own ps and qs here and along comes an Efron/Zanessa fan and it is like moths to a flame or bees to honey. Take your pick.

  47. 47
    tina Says:


  48. 48
    BOJI Says:

    And Bo,you are a fitness expert now, is it? My my, you do have a lot under your portfolio, fashion critic, prolific own language dialogue, moral judge and now this. I’m impressed, not.

  49. 49
    Bo Says:

    @tina: I’ll go away when I want to do so.GUYS,THESE POSTS ARE OPEN TO EVERYBOY,HATERS AND FANS BOTH.ME BEING A HATER(remember that there was a time that I used to admire her as much as you did,but now I’m trying to face the reality that I’ve been keeping at bay in my heart for sometime)DOESN’T MEAN THAT I CAN’T COME ON THIS SITE AND COMMENT.

  50. 50
    Wera Says:

    well well it seems like she is playing a hooker or something like that. her dress says it all. that is all she is good at. go vanessa.

  51. 51
    Wera Says:

    I dont know when she will get a role where she can actualy act.

    oh oh wait she can’t act. i forgot that.

  52. 52
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I told you efron fans will cry and cry about people hating on him but they really shouldn’t. They are the worst type of hater there is.

  53. 53
    tina Says:

    Well now, your so busy hating on someone you don’t know you missed your boy in his underwear. Is he some kind of male hooker since he takes ALL his clothes off?

  54. 54
    tina Says:

    If they could spell maybe I’d take what they say seriously. Maybe if they opened a book instead of spending all their time on blogs.

  55. 55
    minah Says:

    I guess I’m the only one who actually likes what she’s wearing? I kind of want to see what the entire leotard looks like cause at this rate it just looks like a pair of shorts to me.

  56. 56
    tina Says:

    @minah that the same thing I thought, but allbthe things I reaf about it said leotard.

  57. 57
    tina Says:

    Sb all the things. There is a picture out from this shoot and she looks great. Sorry I’ m on my tablet and can’t get the link.

  58. 58
    Bo Says:

    @Wera: Me oya arayage post ekata giyada?Eyage aluth film ekaka poorwa pracharaka pataya eliyata awith.Oya notice kalada,eyage post eke godak angili pahalata dapuwa thiyenawa.Eke ekek kiyanawa eya maha loku fan kenek,ehema kiyala eyata naraka katha tikak kiyanawa.Mata nam hithnne ewa munge weda.Apith demu wedak.

  59. 59
    Bo Says:

    Wera,mun ai danne meyage me role eka me tharam agaya karanna.E genita chithrapatiya gahana thenata yannai,eyage kella karannai ,apahu gedara ennai okkotama giye dawas dekai.E tharam podi kotask eya eke karala thiyenne.Eyata den hambawenne e wage charitha thamai.Ekatath ekka ,kollata hambawena charitha balannako,ela.Eyata honda anagathayak thiyenawa,meyata wage neme.Eya meya wage mole narak kara gaththe ne.Meya karapu eka chithrapatiyakawath meyata loku awadhanayak lebunne,meya nikam loku cast ekaka podi kotasak witharai.Arayage ehema neme.Eya nam niyamai.Me gotha karumen gelawuna ekamai honda kiyala den hithenawa.

  60. 60
    Sean Says:

    The things I would do to that body. So yummy.

  61. 61
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Heres one of the shots from the shoot today I guess.
    Very nice

  62. 62
    Wera Says:

    @bo atta tamai. zac meyawa ataariya ekmai hoda. man nan hitanne na z meyath ekka iddi kawadawath meyath ekka kasada badinna hituwa kiyala. van z ge type neme. ane manda z meyath ekka awurudu pahak hitiye kohomada kiyala. mata eka gana hitatdit nikan pissu wage.
    z ta ona down to earth and laid back kellak. and van ehema kellek neme. eya hari vapid. godak kiyonawa wageth terenawa interview walin. e madiwata van ge katahada hari annoying. mama hitanee z single ma inne eka hodai kiyala. eya taruna kollek ne. ai eyata anith kollo wage joli karanda bari. munta z monawa karath waradi. van kunuharapa patiyank haduwath mun kiyai kawuru hari eka leak kara kiyala. mama kiyanna itin. gon gala. egolloth van wagemai hari modai. oyata hitennada van modai kiyala?

  63. 63
    Bo Says:

    @Wera: Mata meke podi site ekedi comment karanna wenne ekama namakin thamai.Eke comment ekak approve karaganna epe.Oya eke inna thwath nam monada.Man atti helenna kiwwa anith post eke.Ada posts godak thiyena nisa karadaraI neda?maru wewi comment karanna epe wenawa.

  64. 64
    BOJI Says:

    @ Wera and Bo, having a little tet e tet are we? Enjoy yourselves, dearies. Watch out for the abracadabras. You can owe it to JJ and thank Vanessa for bringing you two long lost siblings together.Oh, what a wonderful world we live in!!!

    @Haters Suck, thanks.

  65. 65
    Bo Says:

    @Wera: Mata meka kiyanna,oyata meyage anga lassanata penawada?mata penne nene.Mata penne nikan mahatha kotayak wage.HSM 3 indeddi eyage anga aththatama lassanata thibba.Hebei den nam mata penne eka hedayak nethi mas kandak wage,ukula palala adu nedde?mata penawane e wage.Pata nam lassanai.Kakul wala mahatha balannako.Munta ewa kiyapuwama araganna enawa.

  66. 66
    BOJI Says:

    Vanessa looks gorgeous with her hair down like that.reminds me of Catherine Zeta Jones.

  67. 67
    Wera Says:

    boji ta innda barida koheda api kiyana eka terennati hinda. mama anith site eke yana nam metana leuwoth mun eva danagannawa.
    eka hinda kiyanda widihak nane.
    ane matanan meya lassana ne. issara meya attatama lassanata hitiya. man hitanne meya thama danata holywod wala inna lassanama muna tiyana niliya. ewunata meyata poddak wat ragapanna be. eya hasirenne podi lamayek wage. ehema weddi kauruth eyawa sirious ganne na. meya mole tiyana ganiyek wage hasirunoth aga wahenda redi andoth acting school ehekata gihilla improve wunoth man attatama hitanawa meyata hoda tanakata yannda puluwan. ewunata pena hatiyata eyatama ehema ekak karanda onakamak na wage. talent ekai class ekai natuwa ipadunana nam kauru monawa karandada. balen denda ai.

  68. 68
    BOJI Says:

    Heard that it was a photoshoot and not actual filming.

    @ Wera, and compliments back at ya, sweetie! How’s it going? I reckon you and your sibling Bo are students with lots of idle time on your hands, that or you both are rich spoilt kids bored to tears with personal issues. Venting your frustrations here on Vanessa here is your one and only outlet. Sad……

  69. 69
    Bo Says:

    @Wera: Van modai neme moda gahak.Me Boji yata mokadda api katha karapuwama thiyena prashne.E yaka mata maha amuthu dewal kiwwa eeye,psycho mokadda ekak kiwwa,fashion expert kiwwa kiwwa,thawa monada mandanne pissu dedewwa.Oya kiyapu de hari.Z kiyanne down to earth hari honda kollek.Eya kawadawath meya wage scandals walata ahuwela ne ,eyage character eka aththatama hondai.Eya gena thiyena gay rumours wunath kawruwath oppu karala ne,eka blind gossip ekak.Mata hithenawa Zac meyagen ain una eka hondai kiyala.Hebei me geni eyawa dele daganida danne,dannawane ara apita thiyenawai kiyana mayam.Oya kiwwa wage meyage moona hari lassanai,anga thamai kos kandak wage wela thiyenne.

  70. 70
    Wera Says:

    @Boji dont you do the same thing 24/7 your here on vanessa’s post if you dont understand what we Are talking the stay the hell out of it. its not like vanessa is your private property. we have th right to come here.

  71. 71
    mags Says:

    Oh! yeah! im interested now to see MACHETE 2, GO VANESSA HUDGENS, im rooting for u, SOL! LOL!

  72. 72
    BOJI Says:

    @Wera, oh but she is, I’m one of her ardent fans. You’ll be surprised if you knew more about me, dearie. Morally and ethically speaking I have more right to be on her threads than you, me dear. I post positive comments, give constructive criticisms and support her unlike you and your cohort.
    . I wonder what your religion teaches you, respect others as you would them respect you or hate and vengeance is the way to go, which?

  73. 73
    Wera Says:

    @boji i do not want to know anything about you nor i want to talk about anybody’s countrys,values and religions. Do not pull those stuff into this convesation. there is no need. we never said anything about your country and religion nor did we ever talked about vanessa’s values or religion. so dont go there.
    again we do not want to fight over those things that doesnt matter in these posts. and you know i am right.

  74. 74
    :) Says:

    I Think This Was For The Photo Shoot She Had …

  75. 75
    Bo Says:

    @BOJI: OUR RELIGION TEACHES US TO SEE THE REALITY PAST THE FACADE.So now you are trying to make us believe that you know her personally.Wera, moo Austinwathda danne.BOJI, as far as I am concerned no being can be the personal property of another.Anyway,we here are also doing the same thing you are doing.In fact I ‘ll say we are doing a far better job than you do.You are always praising her whereas we are pointing out her mistakes,so that she can learn her mistakes and correct them,that is if she ever read the comments on this site.

  76. 76
    BOJI Says:

    Well, then respect Vanessa and do not judge her morally nor condemn her by the clothes she wears. She is a filial child and has very good family values and treasures her friendships. She is a hardworking girl trying to make a decent living in the entertainment world. You should know that her very private account was hacked into many years ago, hence those pics posted on the sites. So why must you choose to persecute her like a harlot and a sinner when it was not her fault. I have very good reasons for saying the things I have said. If you will not persist in posting jibberish on her threads, likewise, I will not persist in being a burr in your panties.

  77. 77
    :) Says:

    BTW, Im Loving The New Cut. She Looks Nice & Fresh W/ It :)

  78. 78
    BOJI Says:

    Yep, love her new do.

    Now you are playing God is it?Bo, who are you to teach her and point out her mistakes? Firstly, you are from a country with very different social,moral and cultural values. Hence, what you term as a mistake in your country may not be seen in the same light in the U.S.

  79. 79
    Bo Says:


  80. 80
    Wera Says:

    @bo oya z ge aluth post ekata yanndako. ethana man oyagen prshnayak ahala tiyanawa. tawa ekkak magey waraddha man ape rate nama kiuwe nattan munta hoda padayak kiyanna tibba. api van ge ewa wala ape basawen katakaranda gattoth munta terennati hinda ape jatiya gana dodawannda gani eka hinda api z ge post eke kata karumuda?

  81. 81
    BOJI Says:

    I know in your country marriages are arranged by your families and that dowries are made from the bride to the groom or is it vice versa? It is a lot about materialism. Love is seldom in the equation. So how can you impose your values and judge Vanessa accordingly?

  82. 82
    Wera Says:

    @boji i told you to not go there but you are. you dont have anything to say so you are envolving the countries and values. your showing us how smart you are ha. we never tryed to teach anything to vanessa she is gonna do what she wants. do you think she reads this. she dont care what we say or for that matter will never know you and i exist. And we are not the only people judging her lot of people out there are. so why dont you calm down there. we were talking about van and zac getting back together couse thats what we want. you cant say us to not to wish for it. you never know. we loved them together and still do. just as you die over vanessa we die over zanessa.

  83. 83
    Bo Says:

    @BOJI: But you must agree that even in your country it is considered wrong to take your nude photos of oneself with cellphone .When the photos came out everyone bashed her not praised her for doing something of the sort.Yes I know her phone was hacked and the hacker should be blamed for poking his nose in to others affairs.What I’m saying is that she was wrong to have taken those photos in the first place .If she had the slightest bit of class in her she wouldn’t have done the same mistake again,she wouldn’t have taken nude photos again.Anyway,I’m trying to figure out who you are.You can’t be Stella Hudgens because I believe she is going to school and you seem to have lot of free time.So you can’t be her.You should either be Vanessa herself or Austin ,because they seem to be doing nothing at all in their lives and are bound to have free time as you do.So which out of them are you?

  84. 84
    Bo Says:


  85. 85
    Wera Says:

    @bo oya neda me dan mage namin anith site eke post ekak gahuwe? mekata uttara denna mam bayawela inne. e oyada wena kauruhari da?

  86. 86
    BOJI Says:

    @ Bo, why be ashamed of the body you were born with. Sorry, but there is nothing wrong in taking photos of oneself in the buff in private for private viewing only. The danger here, is it can fall into the wrong hands. It was once thought that your computer account, your cellphone and your hardware discs were safe havens from prying eyes but with the latest wizardry and technology know how nothing is safe these days. There are enough examples out there. Even people’s online banking accounts have been hacked. One reason why I still prefer to do my transactions physically. Vanessa was a minor when she took those pics out of curiosity. Don’t hold it like a noose over her head, she apologised. What more do you want, imprisonment? Yous should be going after the perpetrator. Evidently he was caught but the Internet is viral and there is nothing much she can do to remove those pics. I suggest you do not be so unforgiving and judge her by your high standards. Evidently you do seem to have judging from your cultural background. At least be a bit moe sympathetic and understanding. We all make mistakes,but what is so heinous about hers?she has not cheated, physically hurt or killed any one. If Efron and Ashley tTisdale stood by her amongst others there must be something to her as a person don’t you think. Again, I say judge not others as you would like others not to judge you.

  87. 87
    malu Says:

    @ Bo and Wera


    Go find a ZANESSA article where you can have an unlimited discussion and exchange of views about them.Thank you.

  88. 88
    Bo Says:

    @Wera: NE .MAN NEME.OYA MONA GENADA KIYAWANNE?@BOJI: This is the first time I ever heard anyone justifying taking nude photos of oneself.I’ve been to many sites before where YOUR people have commented and never once I saw anyone justifying taking nude photos,Do you think she didn’t know that having those photos in her phone was not safe.She did know just like anyone else.But still she did it and sent them to a guy.What kind of an excuse was that saying that she was a minor when she took them,and she didn’t take them out of curiosity to observe her figure,she took them for a guy and she said it herself.And I’m not judging this by my cultural background.I am saying almost the same thing what your people told of her scandal

  89. 89
    Wera Says:

    @bo hari hari eka wadaka na e manussaya wena mokadda gana kiyala tiyanne. mata hariyata teruneth na. ataarala damu.

  90. 90
    BOJI Says:

    Bo, there many pics of celebrities and non celebrities out there in more compromising situations/positions shall we say. I don’t need to point out who they are unless I deem it necessary. Where is the proof that she sent anyone the pics? Those pics were taken around more than 6 yrs ago and you are harping on it like she committed them yesterday. You know what, all you’re doing is selective reading and you reinforce your prejudices by nitpicking. You are one self righteous prude out to point out mistakes made oh so long ago. You say your country is modern but your views are really narrow-minded and discriminate the female gender. I don’t see equality by your very statements.

  91. 91
    12bbd Says:

    Oh god people just stop. nobody knows the truth eather she does the things she did and does by intention or not we will never know. fan or a hater keep your views to yourself. she dont care you support her or bash her. she is gonna live her life the way she wants give it a break. all of you ever realize you dont have a life. please go and get one. specialy @bo and @boji

  92. 92
    Bo Says:

    @BOJI: Hey!I don’t selective read.She said in an interview that they were for a guy.She admitted in front of the whole world and here you are denying it.You are pathetic, you really are and stop making references to my country and my culture here and there.

  93. 93
    BOJI Says:

    Wrong, she did not say it was for a guy. It was just speculation on the part of tabloids and bloggers. Sometimes you need to discern what is the truth and what is pure speculation.

  94. 94
    BOJI Says:

    Even if it was meant for a guy for the matter so what about it. It does not make you a bad person. I fear your perception of a bad person is kind of warped.

  95. 95
    Bo Says:

    WERA,mata udaw karanna! Oya ehema interview ekak dekala nedda,man dekala thiyenawa.Ekedi eya kiyanawa eya ewa gaththe guy kenekuta kiyalammathaka nedda? @BOJI: No I can remember ,in that interview she says that ”silly,they were for a guy”.Anyway it’s like what you doesn’t make you a bad person sending nude photos to a guy.You are absolutely correct.Silly me,how in the world did I ever think that sending such photos to a guy makes a person bad.Dear,dear, I am so stupid.

  96. 96
    yets Says:

    what a beautiful and sexy lady.

  97. 97
    maria Says:

    @Bo: @Wera: I don’t usually say anything to people who are obviously from another country, out of respect and decency, about their spelling and awful grammar. But you are BOTH rude, judgemental, AND disrespectful to a person AND a culture you know NOTHING about.
    You claim to know everything about Vanessa. So where have you been since HSM started? We’ve been here for years, through their early careers, zanessa, and the years since then. You stroll in here like a big know-it-all. What a joke. Would you like me to post all the ugly rumors and articles about your idol? I doubt it, cause there were and continue to be far more about him. Just sayin’.
    You are vicious in your attacks on her, her clothes, her life. Well, you know NOTHING, except the obvious crap you read on the internet. There is a saying in America,”don’t believe everything you read”. Those items you posted…well ONE was a rumor that was NOT true, and the lawsuit was real, because a creepy guy tried to extort money from her when she was a teen. She sued him and WON. Case closed. Nothing unusual about those kinds of things in Hollywood. As far as her clothes, well you obviously don’t live here and see what women wear. There is nothing wrong with her clothes, and it says NOTHING about her character.
    Vanessa has been in TWO long relationships up to this point, and has been a loyal, supportive GF to both men. She doesn’t sleep with directors, cheat on her relationships, or say anything disrespectful about her ex. How is that hateful? I choose to support a nice young woman, who is working, has loyal friends and family about her, is generous, kind, FAITHFUL, admits mistakes and learns from them, and who has a joy for life and adventure. She doesn’t have anything to hide and lives the way she wants. I don’t see anything that is hateful. You just hate because she isn’t with your little golden boy anymore. There were GOOD reasons for that break-up, and if it was that perfect, they’d still be together. I will say no more about that. Both are happy. Life goes on.
    You need to learn some respect for other cultures by not commenting on things you know nothing about. Your ignorance shows. Go salivate over your boy, his s*x filled movies, and his prancing in underwear. That’s what he wants to do. We here support Vanessa. You’re in the wrong place.

  98. 98
    BOJI Says:

    Especially if they were meant for a loved one. Well, you said it abt your stupidity.I don’t know which interview you are referring because none of them has what you claim.

  99. 99
    Bo Says:

    WERA,Mun api kiyana dewalwalata e tharam awissennene.Eeye tharam fun ekak neneda ada?

  100. 100
    Wera Says:


  101. 101
    oscar Says:

    She called paps or not, I have no complaints seeing Vanessa’s pics. She’s hot!
    If you have problem seeing her, easy people, if you’re smart enough, then don’t waste your time here because no one forces You!
    If you’re stupid enough, then continue commenting. Let’s give more reason for paps to follow her

  102. 102
    Wera Says:

    @bo atta tama dan mun kiyana ewa valata kisima validity ekakna. un kiyanda ewa nati hinda ohe dodonawa. oya bojiyawa humbawunoth man okawa hari okiwa hari hukonawa man. unta ochchara iwasagannada barinan pattakata wela innatuwa apita apahu anippattata liyanne. ayi. unne meka patangatte. dan idanagana apita wada denawa. me bojiyata tama wadak natte eye adai dawas dekema mekemai wade. un okkotama holman.

  103. 103
    tina Says:

    I think I have heard the most ridiculous reason for hate in my life, but you know bigots come in all forms and from all countries. To say the reason you are here is to POINT OUT things she did, so she might improve herself, is just laughable. I will pray for you, because only God can judge and to set yourself above God is a sin.

  104. 104
    Bo Says:

    @maria: WERA,MATA UDAW KARANNAKO!@maria: If you think Wera’s and mine comments on Vanessa’s clothes are an insult to your country and your culture I APOLOGIZE from you and all those other Americans on this site on behalf of both of us.We did not in any way mean any disrespect to your country and your culture.We here are doing exactly the same thing you are doing.We are commenting on the girl who once used to be our idol.While your comments seem constructive and supportive ,ours fall in the opposite category.You are asking where we were when HSM came out.We were still in Sri Lanka then ,as we are now.You quite don’t seem to understand the amount of appeal gained by HSM in my country when it came out and how to this very day remains in the hearts of the many kids,teens and youths.It’s appeal relied mainly on 2 facts ,one was that it was a musical consisting of many songs and dance items much like a Bollywood movie which are very appealing to our culture and background.The second reason was …..yes,it was your dear old Vanessa.Do you have any idea how much she looks like one of US?, a Sri Lankan, a South Asian.Yes she does look like one of us,with her black eyes ,black hair ,her complexion etc.we felt as if she was one of us.You really will have no idea how frantically we collected her photos,bookmarks,pencilcases bags rulers etc. carrying her photo.Do you have any idea what my bedroom wall was covered with.Yes, you guessed right.It goes for most other girls and guys of my age.Trust me,even Twilight didn’t create this much of sensation when it came out .What you should understand is this.We weren’t born hating her, we loved her every bit as you do.But when her true colours came out ,most of us turned against her.It’s her classless acts that lost her many fans here in my land and around the world.

  105. 105
    BOJI Says:

    @ Bo, you worshipped an image that’s what. Don’t take it out on Vanessa, she has always been the person she is and does not pretend to be anything other. You got a reality check, live with it, grow out of it and move on. I think you would have still Accepted her by your own admission if she had not split from Efron. I can’t believe you still hold her responsible and accountable for bursting your fantasy bubble. This is too absurd.

  106. 106
    Bo Says:

    @Wera: Mona karannada kiyala mata therenne.Mun kiyana dewal maha pissu katha appa.Elo vikaren dodawanawada manda.Ai ara maria kiyana eki ahanawa api me gollo gena thorathuru hoya ganne internet eken neda kiyala.Me gollo kohenda danne ethakota wisthara hoya ganne.Man ara bojiyawa bite karanna heduwa u stellada ,vanessada anam manam ahala.Eka ekata uththara dunne.Ane ammapa mata ookath ekka tharam tharhak ne wena kath ekkawath.Api denna munwa awussannath ekka eye wage sinhalen katha karamu honde.

  107. 107
    BOJI Says:

    You should in fact blame the Disney Franchise and hold them accountable for selling you an image not Vanessa.( I find this revelation incredible, shakes head)

  108. 108
    intric8 Says:

    HAHA i need to comment earlier next time. For all those who wonder why regular posts of vanessa keep coming here, its because many people in the philippines pounce on to defend vanessa and it drives traffic for justjared. Its that simple.

    She is not THIS pap-worthy, but filipinos from the philippines drive traffic here – simple as that.
    Vanessa is lame.

  109. 109
    tina Says:

    Neither fililpino or from the Philippines, you racist bigot.

  110. 110
    BOJI Says:

    Intric8, You are so so wrong. You forget she is half Caucasian or should I say white. She has fans from all walks of life and across the globe. Your remarks are truly racist.

  111. 111
    Wera Says:

    @bo man oyata ilaga sare udau karannan dan munta mata kiyanda deyak ituru wela na. un onakaminma apiwa aussanawa. than munta kiuwata wadakuth na. than munwa awussana eka nawattamu. mun ape rata gannai ape jatiya ganai jatake dennai patanganne.
    sheh man wage moda eldenak nan me lokema na. man haraka wage gihilla ape rate nama kiuwane. man ehema kiuwe nattan mun ratai jatiyai gana kiyawanna. ane sorry appa. man hinda meka une. man eka kiuwe nattan munta hoda wadak denna tibba. api danata nawattamu. ilagata ena aluth post eken apahu awussanna patangamu.

  112. 112
    Scarlett Says:

    @intric8: I’m not filipino and live in the U.S. …I think you are grasping at straws. Vanessa has a large fanbase worldwide. You are the one that is lame making inept assumptions.

  113. 113
    Tom mcgro Says:

    Vanessa’s nude pics were released three times over the years. in the first set she was very young in the second and third you can clearly see she is older than the first set. so her fans are telling us to believe that the 2 and 3 sets were done by her becouse she didnt know and that she was a kid. is that the excuse you have. oh please i am not calling her a bad person or a **** like everybody does but she is realy immature and her behavior with her boyfriend and the way she acts in public the atention seeking personalety she has says it all. her fans can vorship her dirty ass but she is allready sinking to the bottom. mark my words she is going nowhere. she isnt getting work already. so she has to do what ever that comes her way so she will have money to keep livin the lifestyle she lives. opening a fashion line will help her to keep it going couse she knows she isnt gonna go far with the acting career so she is trying to finda way to make money. her fans are total buttlickers..

  114. 114
    intric8 Says:

    Fact is, many of the comments associated with a VH post are of people trying to figure out why she is getting so much attention on this site, and i am spelling it out for you. Check traffic on a VH post here and i guarantee you most of those sources are from the Phils, UAE, Singapore or other areas that Pinays are working as OFW’s. The woman who quickly retorted to me in tagalog a few comments up can quickly attest to this fact.

    Now, look at a post featuring dicaprio, pitt, katy perry, the goddess Keira knightley or any other highly followed, regarded or accomplished celebrities and you will usually find a paltry 5, 10 or 20 comments. Not the kind of out of control thumb upping and downing you see on a Hudgens post, nor will you find fanatics dwelling pages back waiting to defend their honor like you do with hudgens. You guys are a freaking riot, i tell u.

  115. 115
    Haters Suck! Says:

    I’m an American you racist ass.

  116. 116
    intric8 Says:

    Boji, i have no probs with any of your assertions about me other than the racist part. I like Pacquiao, i understand nicole sherzinger or whatever her name is filipino also and shes alright, but Hudgens is overrated and overexposed on this site and its pretty irking to many here, though i doubt they would want me expressing that sentiment for them.. I wouldnt mind banging Van however, shes sort of sexy i suppose…

  117. 117
    tina Says:

    @ tom learned to spell at the same place you learned to hate ? The second and third were a combination of the first and photo shop you stupid idiot. Notice she didn’ t even bother to say anything when they came out because she had nothing to defend.She’s happy I’ m happy . Go back under the rock you came from.

  118. 118
    tina Says:

    The sad thing about most racist, is the don’t think they are.

  119. 119
    intric8 Says:

    @Haters Suck!: So you are an american miss whoever you are, good for you. What does that fact have to do with this discussion? Were you referring to my referring to the source of a Hudgens post on this site as primarily originating from out of the country as a sign of racism? Please try to make sense before u decide to call anyone a racist.

  120. 120
    Tom mcgro Says:

    Ofcouse she didnt bother to say anthing couse she didnt have anything to say. and the photoshop stuff is just crap. it was taken later after the first set was taken. that was a lame excuse.

  121. 121
    dj Says:

    that isn’t a leopard leotard? they’re the high waisted leopard unif shorts.

  122. 122
    charlie Says:

    Oh my god guys. Who cares, stop fighting. Look at her pictures and call it a day. Some people like to see her and some don’t. If you don’t, then don’t comment, don’t look there’s other celeb news. WHO CARES, you guys!

  123. 123
    CJ Says:

    @Tom mcgro: @intric8: Honestly, why do people like you bother? If you don’t like Vanessa, do everyone a favor including yourselves and skip over her posts. This girl has a very loyal fanbase…you are wasting your time and pissing in the wind. We get don’t like her but many do…sorry to break it to ya. But if you want to keep posting do so, it’s going to push up the comments which ensures that she gets posted. But’s it all good to me and people who like her.

  124. 124
    tina Says:

    Tom, you are the reason the guy went thru the trouble to make the photoshopped ones . I bet you opened everything you could find. Did your computer crash? The fakers were known for putting viruses in with the pictures. Hope your Idenity wasn’t stolen.

  125. 125
    CJ Says:

    @intric8: And just so you know..I’m not filipino and an American. You really should stop stereotyping who you think are fans.

  126. 126
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Haters are like a bunch of high school girls. Thy name call, they tease, they spread lies and gossip, don’t have to prove its true people think it just automatically is.

  127. 127
    jr Says:

    people are awfuly brav from behind a computer. Thatss all I have to say

  128. 128
    Intric8 Says:

    Bet i would crack up to find out how many of u here are samefags. We r all anon here, the bravado goes both ways and there is no moral high ground when it comes to celebrity likes and dislikes.

  129. 129
    tina Says:

    But RACISM is always a sign of a low IQ.

  130. 130
    Danielle Says:

    I think this movie looks too crazy, but hope the best for Vanessa

  131. 131
    ella Says:

    I’m excited to see this shoot since I love what they did with her hair. And I can’t wait to see her character poster- she was carrying it with her at LAX.

    Also, all these people claiming to hate her are hysterical. They spend their whole life looking at her pictures and generating all these comments that make her pictures worth more money. Thanks, guys.

  132. 132
    Intric8 Says:

    @ella: You’re welcome, Stella. Wait till the next Hudgens post, we’ll push that puppy to 200+ comments because everyone knows that more comments means better actress, yes? lol! Btw, i must say that ass shot of van is growing on me, i hope shes nude in that upcoming flick

  133. 133
    tina Says:

    Intric8, from a racist to a sexist you gave an incredible range.

  134. 134
    Naya Says:

    The bottom half of her outfit is hideous. It looks like a leopard print diaper. Yuck!

  135. 135
    Haters Suck! Says:

    ***$??? You stay classy bro, stay clasy.

  136. 136
    ella Says:


    If you’re trying to guess my full name, you’re wrong lol. By the way, I said more comments, more pictures. You brought up talent all on your own. Cheers :D

  137. 137
    maria Says:

    @Bo: I understand why what Vanessa did, as a naive inexperienced teenager, disappointed you. It also disappointed us, as well as herself. She was deeply sorry, and felt terrible about letting her fans down. She apologized for this mistake. And how did she handle it? With humility, grace, and courage, and never blamed anyone but herself. Ever. I have no idea how a human being can not forgive and hate the way you do. God has forgiven her and she has a strong faith. Why can’t you?

    I think what I am most puzzled by, is why on earth would you ever want her to get back with the ex if you hate her so much?? It also bothers me that you judge her by YOUR cultural norms. This is NOT Sri Lanka, and our culture is far different. I would never judge your traditions or norms, though they are strange to us. Another thing that puzzles me, is your idolizing a guy, who used a girl to “serve him”, bed her, but then turned around to say he doesn’t want marriage, children, or a commitment. Don’t you see why that is a problem for a Catholic girl and her parents?

  138. 138
    Ava Says:

    @lauren: She probably called them. She looks pretty here but it screams unnatural. She probably had a good hair and outfit day and practiced how she would “pose” in her pictures.
    Vannessa (in her head): “Okay, they’re on my left. Pretend like you don’t see them and gently play with your hair…run your fingers through it. Make sure you’re not looking into the flash.” I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she did this.

  139. 139
    Hortense Says:


    Zac is still very young and I think it’s understandable that he wasn’t ready or didn’t want to be married at the time. I don’t think he “used” her, they were too young, for a life long commitment (in my opinion of course).

    I hope Vanessa start to get better role in studio movie, I can’t wait for frozen ground or Gimme Shelter !

    Not @Maria, but I think it’s silly to talk about the photos scandal, it was a long time ago and it was a private matter.

    Sorry for my bad english (I’m french and first comment here)

  140. 140
    Hortense Says:


    She was ready for a photoshoot. I don’t think she called the paps

  141. 141
    eww Says:

    Thats not a leotard, they are shorts, her shirts tucked in her shorts. Duh

  142. 142
    kelly martineau Says:

    It’s about time that she gets a movie role. She looks cute. But don’t care for her sweather (brown) or jacket or what ever you guys want to call it.

    Getting tired of seeing her go to the gym everyday and with big lips most days.

  143. 143
    kelly martineau Says:

    That’s vanessa manager with her at the photo shoot or where ever she went too.

  144. 144
    nika Says:

    she has a great legs!!! I want her legs badly…

  145. 145
    ics Says:

    @those who believe she’s just on JJ/JJJ: check out the daily mail website, she’s on that website almost daily and that’s the biggest newspaper website in the world.

  146. 146
    Bo Says:

    @BOJI: I was merely trying to make you understand the level of appeal garnered by vanessa in our society and how she later lost it,otherwise you’d think that we are being racists.Anyway Boji, so you worship her on a daily basis and not her image .That means you either live pretty close to vanesssa’s house or live inside it.I heard that Austin is kind of living in her house these days, so you could be him ,except that your name sounds female.So I believe you are either Stella,Gina or some next door neighbour of her.

  147. 147
    Bo Says:

    Maria,Why in the name of merlin’s pants would you say this repeatedly.I’ve told you earlier too.I never want her back with her ex ,ever.All I’ve said all along is that she can’t get back with her ex even if she wants to due to the immature behavioural patterns she has been displaying.I told you this earlier some other day too.I don’t know which part of the aforesaid words you didn’t understand that day.

  148. 148
    ella Says:


    You have no idea what Zac would say if she said she wanted to get back together lol. You don’t know either of them. Either way, neither of them seem too eager to get back together any time soon. For everyone that said Austin was a fling, they’ve been together nearly a year and they both seem very happy.

  149. 149
    maria Says:

    @Bo: You posted this in response to Kylie. Saying you agree with her, and she clearly wantsnthem back together. Maybe you need to make up your mind.

    # 51 Kylie @ 08/01/2012 at 4:50 am
    Still waiting for the day when Just Jared announces that these two have split up and she’s back with Zac. A love like theirs definitely beats out this fling. Nothing beats Zanessa. They are perfect for each other :) And before you click “reply” to b*tch me out, remind yourself that this is an opinion. You aren’t her bodyguards who need to say something to every little comment you don’t like so get over yourselves. Thanks.

    Bo @ 08/01/2012 at 4:59 am

    There is nothing immature about her behavior. Nothing. She lives her life, loves her family, is faithful to her BF, goes to church, owns her own home, and isn’t like most of the girls in Hollywood who sleep around. I’d say that’s all pretty mature.

  150. 150
    Awesome Says:

    gosh I love Vanessa’s new hair! looks great on her! love it!

  151. 151
    sofronia sheehan Says:

    Vanessa is a beautiful girl and a good actress and I don’ t why some people are critical of her actions Keep your head up vanessa and go for it.

  152. 152
    punkin Says:

    Renee, I agree with you completely, I do not know what hasw happened to her she has fell off the band wagon…that dork that she has is draining her dry and she can’t see it…I do not understand why her mother does not step in and talk to her, you are completely right that she needs some adult guidance….Vanessa looks like a tramp and I hate to say that, because all the time with Zac she looked so great and was so sweet and nice…VANESSA YOU NEED HELP!!!!!THAT DORK IS A BIG TIME LOSER!!!!

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