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Zac Efron & Nicole Kidman: 'Paperboy' Trailer!

Zac Efron & Nicole Kidman: 'Paperboy' Trailer!

Zac Efron goes shirtless in his tighty whities while dancing in the rain with Nicole Kidman in this official trailer for their upcoming flick The Paperboy!

The film, which also stars Matthew McConaughey and John Cusack, premiered earlier this year to favorable reviews at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

The Lee Daniels-directed thriller is expected to hit theaters later this year. We can’t wait!

Check out a bunch of recently released stills from the movie in case you missed them!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of The Paperboy trailer?

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129 Responses to “Zac Efron & Nicole Kidman: 'Paperboy' Trailer!”

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  1. 1
    Subby Says:

    The thriller aspect begins with that terrifying wig she has on her head.

  2. 2
    vale Says:

    I just died.

  3. 3
    Little MY Says:

    The film comes out in October 5th 2012 ( this year)and Nicole looks like a mess of a beast in this film. Blanche Dubois on acid!

  4. 4
    kary Says:

    I can’t wait… I’m gonna love this movie

  5. 5
    Roger Says:

    Nicole Kidman is such a great actress. She can play anything. Her characters in “The Paperboy” and last year’s “Rabbit Hole” are polar opposites. And she’s amazing in both.

  6. 6
    Kylie Says:

    Hot d@mn, that man (Zac) is gorgeous. xD

  7. 7
    Derpina Says:

    Zac in underwear is too much for my heart

  8. 8
    Tara Says:

    Looks like a great epic mess, but wow Kidman stealing the show just from little we see her in this trailer, what a woman! She plays this crazy role to perfection ti seems.

  9. 9
    steg Says:

    WTF was this are you all blinde if the trailer looks awful what about the movie?

  10. 10
    BARB Says:

    @Derpina: yes with his skinny legs that don’t fit his upper body wow you got good taste.LOL ,he is way short to be wearing those underwears in public

  11. 11
    Derpina Says:

    @BARB: In TLO he have fantastic legs, and an a*s to die for

  12. 12
    jimma Says:

    LOL zac efron looks ridiculous in this movie.i am not hating i actually like the guy but he should stop doing these kind of movies.they type casting him for the same role all over again

  13. 13
    adam Says:

    is it supposed to be funny?none of them looks credible not even nicole.what a shame who the F does the casting,and wow zac efron is very short dude

  14. 14
    Scarjo Says:

    I love Nicole…think she is an absolutely brilliant actress but she looks like a drag queen in this movie. The whole movie looks like a hot mess perhaps a watchable hot mess but a hot mess nonetheless.

  15. 15
    R U sure Says:

    Who say’s dreams don’t come true? I’ve been dreaming of this moment for years. Thank you. He gives me fever.

  16. 16
    mlllllllllllle Says:

    The picture choice is probably a total coincidence Jaaareeeed ?

  17. 17
    catania Says:

    funny how zac efron fans will pretend that everything that zac does is work of art,i can understand you are his fans but come on be real,you really think this movie judging by the trailer is good movie?

  18. 18
    KRP Says:

    that going to be the movie of the year nicole and zac are just perfect on her characters

  19. 19
    david Says:

    what was that? it for real ,or is a funny or die god this movie looks awful .i kinda feel sorry for nicole and john cusack,WTF happened to their careers now they are doing movies with efron and McConaughey?

  20. 20
    allie Says:

    Typical Zac. Even when he is trying to be “serious” he has to be shirtless to get any attention.

  21. 21
    tonio Says:


    nicole was just nominated for an oscar for rabbit hole in 2011. her career is fine if you ask me.

    and she looks great in this movie. looks like a scene stealer. reminiscent of “to die for”.

  22. 22
    Bunnylover Says:

    @catania: lets be honest here. when it comes to fans we all say that our favourite is amazing, it is all down to taste. just because you find him talentless, doesn’t mean that everyone does. Likewise, just because you, or anyone else finds an actor or actress amazing doesn’t mean that we all do. I am looking forward to this big time. But then that is because I am a fan and I will enjoy it!!!

  23. 23
    Greta Says:

    @david: at least McConaughey can transform himself into different characters. Efron is flat and boring in everything he does.

  24. 24
    Carly Says:

    so Gay.

  25. 25
    Little MY Says:


    What are you talking about? she is getting an automatic Oscar nomination from the trailer alone!

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