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U.S. Olympian Gabby Douglas Wins Gold Medal in Gymnastics!

U.S. Olympian Gabby Douglas Wins Gold Medal in Gymnastics!

Gabby Douglas beams alongside her gold medal after winning in the Artistic Gymnastics Women’s Individual All-Around final on Day 6 of the 2012 Summer Olympics held at North Greenwich Arena on Thursday (August 2) in London.

The 16-year-old gymnast came in first place, followed by Russian athletes Viktoria Komova and Aliya Mustafina.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics from the 2012 Summer Olympics

Gabby‘s American teammate Aly Raisman came in fourth.

10+ pictures inside of Gabby Douglas posing with her medal, and competing for the top spot at the 2012 Summer Olympics

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76 Responses to “U.S. Olympian Gabby Douglas Wins Gold Medal in Gymnastics!”

  1. 1
    Rio Says:

    She deserves this gold medal so much!!!

  2. 2
    ali Says:

    congrats Gabi !! you sure are amazing !!
    i have a feeling she will win in the next Gymnastics events .
    she is powerfull . good luck :)

  3. 3
    cindy Says:

    Congrats Gabby.

  4. 4
    Kelly Says:

    Jared didn’t ruin it, NBC did. Why can’t we watch this live??? #NBCfail Go Gaby!

  5. 5
    Rocky Says:


    Jared didn’t ruin anything. It was that STUPID NBC channel!! Can’t wait to go home and watch it. HATE NBC!!

  6. 6
    Rocky Says:


    AMEN! She’s been just AMAZING! GO GABBY!!!

  7. 7
    Anon Says:

    Alexandra should have gotten silver! But I’m so happy for Gabrielle. She is SO talented and deserved that gold medal so much! Go Team USA!!!!

  8. 8
    Elle Says:

    Pretty sure, almost everyone has dvr these days, NBC should have been streaming the games live so people could record them and watch them as they please. Congrats to Gabby though!

  9. 9
    Julia Says:

    So happy for Vika and Aliya! Russian team <3
    And, of course, congrats Gabby.

  10. 10
    Villain Says:

    Go, Gabrielle, go!! Such a great, talented young lady :)

  11. 11
    ....So happy for you Gabby Says:

    You rule Gabby!!! I knew you could do it. We missed you Weiber, as I was hoping for a three-peat for the usa — a joy to see the talented USA Gabby win, nonetheless!!! Again Congrats, Gabby. You are such a rock star.

  12. 12
    No name Says:

    USA! USA! USA! :D

  13. 13
    mrst Says:

    So proud of Team USA…Congrats Gabby!!!

  14. 14
    dobbi Says:

    Great job, Gabby!!

  15. 15
    CAP Says:

    She is an awesome young lady. Congratulations Gabrielle!

  16. 16
    DakotaF Says:

    Gaby deserved the gold – winning performance on every apparatus- Stunning performance

  17. 17
    tina Says:

    Congrats , Gabby. Go team USA!!!

  18. 18
    wow Says:

    You know Mustafina was dissapointed in the Bronze

  19. 19
    KissThis Says:

    Gabby is an amazing gymnast!! Proud of her! You go girl

  20. 20
    s Says:

    Very good example for young kids to follow their dreams! Congrats, Gabby! So proud of you!!!

  21. 21
    The rock star Gabby Says:

    Congrats, Gabby. Such a talented young lady. Go USA! Although this is a spoiler for me, I’m happy that Gabby won. I look forward to watching it later.

  22. 22
    CD Says:

    so proud!

    big fail with NBC…like someone else said–most everyone uses a DVR nowadays…and there’s now reports coming out that NBC isn’t showing certain footage at all of athletes from other countries tanking JUST to build up the drama of, “Will the US win?”

    and I despise those jackets the US athletes are wearing for the medal ceremonies–completely NOT patriotic & that USA patch looks like it came from a child’s sticker book
    not as bad as the outdoor events jackets though–they’re ORANGE!!!

  23. 23
    emma Says:

    Please put up a spoiler notice Jared. This is a gossip site – not a news site. You are ruining results for many folks. I avoid major new outlets and wouldn’t expect you to report on this. Don’t give yourself unwarranted power and spoil these events.

    And stop posting about Lana Del Rey and Kate Bosworth. We get it they are your friends – but again, do not deserve credit in the zeitgeist for constant attention.

  24. 24
    Go Gab... Says:

    Just awesome. Go Gabbie!

  25. 25
    Ava Says:

    I’m so glad she won. She is adorable and has such a positive energy. Go Gabby!

  26. 26
    Tracy Says:

    Wooo hoooo! She is fierce! So happy for her, she’s amazing!

  27. 27
    Lady G Says:

    Congrats Gabby. Job well done.

  28. 28
    gina Says:

    So proud of is talented young lady!

  29. 29
    mickki muhammad Says:

    God Bless you Gabby, I am so very happy for you and proud of you. Stank…to the haters, you are a beautiful Black young woman, big UPS 2U :) go gurrrl!!!

  30. 30
    Oh Yeah!!! Says:

    So Proud of you Gabby!

  31. 31
    African Girl Says:

    Emma…Chill, you are on the www, there was NO WAY you coulda missed. I can’t believe people are still fighting the spoilers.

    If NBC didn’t decide to eff the broadcasting, we won’t have this problem. Epic Fail on their part.

  32. 32
    Alexa Says:

    She’s utterly fabulous. Congrats!

  33. 33
    Maria Says:

    Gabby is a great champion!
    Congrats to the Golden Girl who not only has 2 GOLD but also made history!

  34. 34
    Zoe Moon Says:

    She is so charming, sweet, and gorgeous. Gabby has that extra something that makes her stand out in a crowd. You want to know who she is. I am so happy and proud of her and for her success. Congratulations Gabby on a job well done. Your hard work paid off.

  35. 35
    gracie Says:

    One of my fav gymnasts. She is awesome to watch, very calm and confident. Congrats Gabby – you’re amazing.

  36. 36
    josh Says:

    did you guys catch the commercial that aired after NBC finished reporting about Gabby Douglas being the 1st African-American to win gold in individual all -around? It was of a monkey with scattered teeth doing gymnastics. Look it up on YouTube! I was shocked and upset. Wow NBC, you will always be a coward! Racist!

  37. 37
    Athena Says:

    She is the first African-American woman to do this. History was made by her!

  38. 38
    cindy Says:

    Congrat’s Gabby!! You made and history and you rocked it at all rounds!! Well deserved!! Much more success to you girl!! Such a inspiration you are!!

  39. 39 Says:

    This young lady is a true inspiration. Congrats to Gabby, she’s truly amazing! So proud of her & Team USA!!

  40. 40
    DouglasisUSAGold Says:

    Yay!! You go girl!! Gabby you we’re amazing in your routine. Congrats to you, definitely deserved the gold!!

  41. 41
    Agnes Says:

    Congratulations Gabby, she deserves the Goldmedal!

  42. 42
    Oh Yeah!!! Says:

    So So Happy for you Gabby! Team USA!

  43. 43
    realist Says:

    It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving young lady. I am SO proud of her.

  44. 44
    realist Says:

    @emma: #23

    I agree. I wish JJ would put up a spoiler warning.

  45. 45
    denise Says:

    @Julia: #9


  46. 46
    denise Says:

    @African Girl: #31

    Emme is right. There is nothing wrong people wanting JJ to put up a spoiler alert.

  47. 47
    denise Says:

    @wow: #18

    Aliya Musatifina has a bad attitude, always has. She is ugly inside, and puts off negative vibes.

  48. 48
    denise Says:

    @Maria: #33

    Yep, she made history, the first Black to win the top gold in gymnastics.

  49. 49
    Hilary Says:

    @Julia: #9

    This thread is about our Gabby.
    Besides Aliyah gives off negative energy. She did not deserve any medal.

  50. 50
    anon Says:


    As is usually the case criticizing a soulless machine for not having a soul seems rather pointless. Everything is formula and images of sensitivity do not happen because the corporation is sensitive. I chose to see these images as rare glimpses of truth of it all.

  51. 51
    James Says:

    josh #36
    You should be reported. I can’t believe others thumbs up your nasty racist comment. They just proved that they re as big an illiterate class-less idiot as you are.

  52. 52
    James Says:

    Yes, a spoiler alert would be considerate.

  53. 53
    James Says:

    Gabby, you made history baby. We are SO proud of you. You are Americas Sweetheart.

  54. 54
    kami Says:

    congrats to gabby. glad she won. such a bubbly happy person.

    btw, nbc coverage of the olympics sucks.

  55. 55
    anon Says:


    Olympics coverage in Canada is great! We get CTV, TSN (Canadian version of ESPN) AND NBC! Guess which one we watch least?

  56. 56
    Jasmine Says:

    I’m so proud of her.

  57. 57
    Alexa Says:

    What a talent. She’s one of those rare people who is so beautiful inside and out you can’t help but smile when you look at her.

  58. 58
    D.Scott Says:

    Congrats #TeamUSA!

  59. 59
    Oh Yeah!!! Says:

    Congrats Gabby! Love you!
    Please stop calling her the Flying Squirrel i don’t see you naming any others with an animal nickname.
    She is the flying because she is the Best! Gold well deserved!

  60. 60
    Victoria Says:


  61. 61
    Nymeria Says:

    I do not think you should be so petty about other athletes. I googled Aliya and she is also an accomplished young woman in her own right. Gabby being an African American winner, the third place, Aliya being also a minority in her country, with a religion that in many countries opresses women, she is a winner too. Viktoria cried more bacause she lost this medal than Aliya, who tooked it well.
    Great victory of the 3 best in a beautiful sport!

  62. 62
    Sunflower22 Says:

    This girl is fantastic! So happy that she won the gold. : D

  63. 63
    Longo Says:

    Congrats Gabby! Way to make your country proud….and making history at the same time.
    Congrats USA – I admire the way your country support its athletes.

  64. 64
    toaahh Says:

    Gabby did such an amazing job! Made the US proud! <3

  65. 65
    NYC Says:

    Love this girl.
    An amazing champion.
    I’m so happy for her, her family, her 2nd family and the US Gymnastics team. G-d Bless Gabby.
    Excellent role model for all girls out there.

  66. 66
    N.J. Says:

    This girl rocked it.
    Strong body, great ability, talented, focused, disciplined, determined….
    The epitome of why the Olympics are so meaningful to all of us.

  67. 67
    Linda J. Says:

    Gabby, I adopted you as my daughter! I am so proud of you! You are so adorable.

  68. 68
    Oh Yeah!!! Says:


  69. 69
    Gale Forcewinds Says:


    She is Not African American.
    She is Black American if we must say so.
    First and foremost ,she is an AMERICAN and that is why the American Nat. Athem was palyed and that of the Congo, Liberia, Ivory Coast.
    There is no such thing as African American. This is a racists term pushed by racist Jesse jackson during the 1980′s and people, esp. Black Americans took it up. Very sad.
    It is really an insult to call someone an African American , in my opinion.
    You , anyone can call yourself whatever you want.
    Shet on a stick is cool if want to call yourself that.

    I don’t like and don’t use the term African American and I am against it.

  70. 70
    anon Says:

    @Gale Forcewinds:

    You don’t call someone a Caucasian American because the perception is that most of the time to say so would be an act of redundancy. People will stop calling other people Asian Americans or African Americans when the PERCEPTION is that it is redundant to say so. Until that time it is perfectly legitimate and as the grand man of Reggae, Winston Rodney, would tell you, no matter where you come from, if you are a black man, you are an African.

  71. 71
    lucy Says:

    to Kelly

    you could have watched this live; we did.

  72. 72
    lucy Says:


    spoiler alert? please, the event was televised live on satellite. also, the news was all over the net and twitter.

  73. 73
    Gale Forcewinds Says:

    I disagree anon. Caucasion is not a continent . Africa is. Asia is. Europe is. We don’t call White Americans, Euroepan Americans. If so, one would think.”Oh , where are you from?” Ireland? Scotland? Bosina?
    Afraican Americans? So where are you from in Africa?
    So. Africa. Nigeria? Congo? Liberia? Sudan?
    I think Charlize Theron is African American. She is from South Africa. She is South Africanl I think, I am not sure if she is an American citizen. Nah, she probably never changed her citizenship.
    She is South African.
    I really do not like or agree with the term, African American. I think it is stupid. Racists set by racist. An injustice to Black Americans to call themselves something that makes no sense, and of course,they all jumped to it during the 1980′s and made this change
    I use the term Balck American.mI stracth otu the term when I see it.

    Oh, I am Black American. Mixed generationally mixed. I cannot say I am a French American. My ancestors were French. I cannpot claim to be French . I cannot claim to be African either.
    I ahve Spainish ancestors. Not those Aztec , Maya mutts of Mex’ico. Mine came from Spain.
    I am not and cannot call myself a Spainish American.
    I look and can pass for any mutty Puerto Rican or mutty Mexican. Actually, many of these wihs they were my shade. I am tens times lighter than many ,many of them. I have bad hair. A good perm takes care of that.
    Mutts where I come from look White and go as White or mixed and others have gone Back to Black, I like to say.

  74. 74
    lemone Says:

    Viktoria Komova and Aliya Mustafina the most beautiful and talented girls! They are the best!

  75. 75
    ngo Says:

    @anon: Thank You for that comment. I don’t usually reply to posts but I just had to reply yours.

  76. 76
    ngo Says:

    @Gale Forcewinds: You have serious issues. May God help you. I can understand with you coming from multiple cultures. That must not be easy. My Advise to you: Concentrate less on race and be the best you can be cause we only have one life to live.

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