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Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Mr. Chow Couple!

Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Mr. Chow Couple!

Diane Kruger and her boyfriend Joshua Jackson head into Mr. Chow restaurant for some dinner on Thursday (August 2) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

It was just announced that the 36-year-old actress is being lined up to play Abraham Lincoln‘s beautiful stepmother in the upcoming film The Green Blade Rises!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Diane Kruger

The film will be shot in full black and white and will be produced by Terrence Malick.

Last weekend, Diane and Joshua went shopping for groceries together at Gelson’s Market.

FYI: Diane is carrying an Ann Taylor Perforated leather bag.

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68 Responses to “Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: Mr. Chow Couple!”

  1. 1
    geri Says:

    they look both stunning!

  2. 2
    CRP Says:

    she’s wearing a wig.

  3. 3
    hm Says:

    everybody ready? 1…2….3….GO!!!!!! let the hate begin!!!!!

  4. 4
    elodie Says:

    always for attirate the spotlight..where is the talent of them?

  5. 5
    rody Says:

    diane looks so young. i cant believe she is already 36 years old.
    and joshua looks, as always, dreamy. what a handsome man

  6. 6
    kel Says:

    josh, i love you on fringe. keep up the good work.

  7. 7
    QS Says:

    He seems like a keeper – attentive and calm. they always look very connected.

  8. 8
    jk Says:

    Two famewh*res totally pointless!

  9. 9
    didi Says:

    joshua est tellement beau. je l’aime beaucoup.

  10. 10
    Johnnier Says:

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  11. 11
    well done Says:

    next up for josh: his latest movie inescapable will be screened at the toronto film festival 2012.

    congratulations, diane kruger: her movie “farewell my queen” got rave reviews, the critics are praising her performance.

  12. 12
    FA Says:

    I don’t think he’s cute,his face is effeminate beyond the more your body is not very hot as Winchester Brothers.

  13. 13
    mmm Says:

    she is not the worst actress in the world but is one of the worst,and now that his face is getting old will be difficult to get film roles,only in low-budget films that she can get something.

  14. 14
    Nessa Says:

    Josh is looking pretty rough here. His face seems bloated and I think he’s starting to lose his hair. Josh and Diane may be competing for who has the worst receding hairline.

  15. 15
    Steffie Says:

    Diane is wearing a J. Crew top (Zigzag sequin tee, item #12349 in “natural”).

  16. 16
    elodie Says:

    where are talent?fake actors

  17. 17
    Jo Says:

    Oh look the trolls are back, making them relevent on this site with their incessant trolling comments. Congrats, it is all your doing.

  18. 18
    Carlo Says:

    she’s even wearing a wig, her hair look long than the last week,even so looks very flimsy.

  19. 19
    mmm Says:

    they are as relevant as the couples famewhore Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish.

  20. 20
    scarjo Says:

    Both are attractive but not stunning in any way. I mean they certainly aren’t trolls but they are not as good looking as some claim. She is a mediocre at best as an actress and even a model and I don’t find him particularly interesting.

  21. 21
    rachel Says:

    i adore them together. they will be seperated again in about a week. poor kids.
    josh has to be back in vancouver and diane kruger has 2 movies in production.
    they have to go months again without seeing each other. that most be so hard on them.
    i hope they enjoy their last days together

  22. 22
    montana woods Says:

    To all these people that’s a list of songs for you guys

    “Trolling all over the world”
    “Pack up your trolling in your old kit bag and TROLL TROLL TROLL!”
    “There’s no business like TROLL-BUSINESS”

    Sorry,you guys should get a freakin’’re worse than pond scum.

  23. 23
    xoxo Says:

    I also ADORE her and Joshua Jackson together.
    They just seem like such a fun and supportive (and fashionable!) couple..and you can really see the love that they have for each other.

    It’s great to see…especially during this time when it feels like every celebrity couple is breaking up.

  24. 24
    monica Says:

    some people are just nasty. why do you leave a comment here, if you dont like them in the first place?

    some wants to see the day diane and josh breake up. they cant stand that this two are so in love and committed to each other.

    they are both lucky to have each other. opposites do attract. he is more laid back and she is the more serious one.
    they are not so famous, but they can still have a normal life and do normal things. some celebrities (like brad bitt) are wishing that they can go anywhere without being bothered.

    josh has no ego, and for an actor that’s really a miracle. even if diane kruger is obviously the more famous one, he cant be bothered. because like he said many times, he loves his personal life together more than his career. he is very supportive of her, he cares and that is VERY sexy.
    he always opens the door for her and is very caring.
    nothing is too much trouble for him.

    they are a happy, good-looking couple and both are talented actors.

  25. 25
    lilly Says:

    diane kruger is a great beauty and actress.
    josh is a good too if he only good fix his hair and catch up on some goodnight sleep.
    since he started on fringe, he looks so hydrated, tired and sometimes even bloated. he is such a beautiful man , but sometimes he can let himself go.
    and dont get me startes on his red flip flops……
    diane kruger control your man! please!
    love you, joshy! it’s tough love!

  26. 26
    Betty Says:

    All I keep thinking is…..CUCUMBER.

    I love them together. Feel free to hit the “thumbs down” button now.

  27. 27
    cucumber Says:


    they love the dirty things and she is european. perfect combination.
    imagine the heat/the passion when diane and josh are making love!
    oh to be the fly on their wall….

  28. 28
    Supla Says:

    these two losers let them go both are mediocre actors , she is old , ugly, thin, and bald.

  29. 29
    Eth Says:

    they should participate in a reality show, so they can make money by overexposure!

  30. 30
    Eth Says:


    to imagine someone making love to a corpse should not be very good!

  31. 31
    Eth Says:

    he has sex with a skeleton,is hard to imagine about this .

  32. 32
    denise Says:

    they are so mysterious. okay, you see them out and about or at some events.
    but really, they dont do interviews together or talk much about each other.
    other then that they never really going to marry each other, what do they really share about their relationship.
    i really hate some celebrity couple dong photoshoots together for a magazine and declairing their ‘love’ for each other and a weeks later they are broken up (adrien brody and elsa pataky , i’m looking at you)

  33. 33
    cucumber Says:


    but earopean especially are known for “being into everything”, if you know what i mean. and that makes up for the fact she is too skinny. but she looks fine to me, she was always this size.

  34. 34
    CF98 Says:

    @denise: Its a good thing they don’t share too much it always comes back to haunt you

  35. 35
    FA Says:

    the guy for settling in Hollywood have to be very talented, or be handsome as is Ian Somerhalder Ian has more natural talent that he

  36. 36
    young george clooney Says:

    i love you, josh! always have always will!
    i wish i could have you or at least have a boyfriend with the same quality as you. i love the way you treat the ladies in your life. both on-screen and off.
    so much chemistry!

  37. 37
    Bella Says:

    look it’s Suri’s biological father and her future step-mother.

  38. 38
    CF98 Says:

    @Bella: Yeah I doubt that these two will get married not that it matters in Hollywood better to just be together without the paper.

  39. 39
    trailer:Inescapable Says:

    EXCLUSIVE: TIFF thriller Inescapable gets first trailer:

  40. 40
    bona Says:


    OMG, it looks so good. joshua jackson, that’s it. this is the kind of movies you should do after fringe.
    he looks so good in this movie. TALENTED ACTOR!!!!!!

  41. 41
    YAY Says:

    so glad, fringe is coming to an end. f*cking wasting joshua jackson talent on that damn show.
    it was always about the other two leads, never really about josh.
    this movie trailer looks really good and i hope josh will continue to do this kind of political/thriller movies, such like george clooney.

  42. 42
    Geesh Says:

    His face looks so bloated and oily. He is so hit and miss, he doesn’t look so good here.

  43. 43
    GABI Says:

    girls, fringe is the only thing that gives him a little dignity and visibility, this film has almost the same budget episode fringe, to be sure the box office will sink as much or worse than his last film.

  44. 44
    GABI Says:

    He is a supporting actor because he never showed any talent in the series, Aaron Paul was supposed to come out in the first season of Breaking Bad more he became the protagonist along with Bryan Cranston by reason of his talent.

  45. 45
    PWinston Says:


    Wow, I never knew a person’s talent is based on being a “lead” or a “supporting” actor. I mean, last time I checked Jasika Nicole, Blair Brown, Lance reddick were all supporting actors so I suppose they are talentless, too right?

    You must be a complete moron NOT to understand how plots work. Plots have a LEAD, SUPPORTING AND BACKGROUND CHARACTERS. The writers decided to make OLIVIA DUNHAM the LEAD CHARACTER on this show and WALTER AND PETER, HER SUPPORTING CHARACTERS. TALENT has nothing to do with who gets lead or supporting.

    So shut up Gabi, you are an idiot. You also criticize Josh’s new movie Inescapable? It doesn’t matter anymore. Josh can make 10 films and you idiots on this idiotic site will find SOMETHING to complain about.

  46. 46
    beki Says:

    this movie looks so good!!!!! he really shines in it !! love it!!!!

  47. 47
    nadya Says:


    it was never attended to be a boxoffice hit. her previous movie “cairo time” (2009) (same director/same lead actor) has recieved rave reviews, but was not a box office hit.
    good movie does not mean box office hit immediatelly. for example;” my week with marlyn” did very bad at the box office, but michelle williams earned a oscar nomination.

    and about fringe given him visibility and dignity:
    haha! if that was the case then his two other lead castmembers would be famous too, but they are NOT. because nobody knows they even exist. why? because nobody watches the show other then those obsessed liitle group.
    the show fringe did nothing to his popularity, he was already famous and he was already with diane for years.

  48. 48
    nadya Says:


    oily? put your glasses back on, honey.

  49. 49
    nadya Says:


    which takes away his credibility is, making a fool of himself in fashion events, behave like puppy , be exposed on gossip sites, be called of pacey in matters of futility.

    mafing a fool in fashion shows:
    his girlfriend gets invited to the most prestigious fashion events in the world and she wants him to be with her. she wants to share her passion with him. and she goes camping, hicking and travelling with him, because that’s his passion. they share each other passions, that’s what you do if your in a committed and loving relationship. never been in love?

    behave like a puppy:
    you got to hand it to him, she is more famous than him, but he doesnt care about that stuff, he just wants to be with her. being a gentleman, and taking care of her.
    what did you rather he did, act like sandra bullock ex-husband? he was so jealous of her succes and he cheated on her. i rather want josh to be a cute puppy than a cheating, insecure ash*le.

    be exposed in gossip sites:
    like i said before, he is famous and his girlfriend is more famous than him. he was getting papped before the show began. that’s what you get for being famous, you got to deal with paparazzi.

    being called pacey:
    DC was a massive hit. of course people remember him as pacey. even michelle williams cant do an interview without being asked about DC.
    fringe can NEVER EVER compare with the ratings or popularity of DC.
    like i said before, the majority of the people never even heard of fringe.

    why did the hate on joshua jackson begin when he started on fringe?

    why do i have a feeling that this negative comments come from jealous fringe fans who rather see a certain someone have the spotlight on them instead of josh?


  50. 50
    nadya Says:


    He is a supporting actor because he never showed any talent in the series, Aaron Paul was supposed to come out in the first season of Breaking Bad more he became the protagonist along with Bryan Cranston by reason of his talent.

    bryan cranston and aaron paul are not the same.
    bryan cranston gets nominated (emmy) as the lead actor and aaron paul gets nomitated as the supporting actor (emmy).

    and correct me if i’m wrong but did fringe or the other two actors on fringe, playing lead actress and supporting actor ever get nominated for a awards that really matters like an emmy? NO!!!
    because they are not talented enough?

  51. 51
    PoorPatty Says:

    Patty keeps on making them relevent by posting over 20 comments so far lol

  52. 52
    re Says:

    they look cute

  53. 53
    nadya Says:


    you f*cking, ignorant b*tch, you think that patty is the only person in the world who has a comment on this matter.

    there are other people, you know! idiot!

  54. 54
    nadya Says:


    idiot, dont you see i just defended joshua jackson? dont you get it?
    just read my previous comments here. they were saying bad things about him.
    that’s what fans do, they defend their idol.

  55. 55
    timoty Says:

    joshua should always wear blue. he has beautiful eyes

  56. 56
    danielle Says:

    They’re a cute couple, but it’s Hollywood. They won’t last.

  57. 57
    carly Says:

    Do their publicity people come on here to thumb down comments so they will be hidden? Half of the comments are hidden. People really just don’t like this couple.

  58. 58
    shellay Says:

    Diane gets Pacey, all grown up, in Josh. Lucky lucky lady!!

  59. 59
    jade Says:


    Wow! Looks like a great film, whit a lot of action! Josh is in a few scenes, at least in this trailer, but his character seems very interesting!

  60. 60
    R Says:

    they are so beautiful! i love them!

  61. 61
    Charlie Says:

    Did you hear that Diane was named a fashion icon by Cirque de l’Atelier
    Well deserved!!

  62. 62
    yep Says:

    adorable couple!

  63. 63
    laura Says:

    What do you expect, her being a clothes hanger is all she’s really known for. You can bet Diane will never be recognized for her stiff acting skills.

  64. 64
    angela Says:

    i love my favourite canadian actor! you can ignore all the horrible people on here saying you have no talent, they’re all busy watching jersey shore….
    cant wait for the new season of fringe!!

  65. 65
    bonnie Says:

    They are both untalented twits who will do anything to be in the spotlight.

  66. 66
    hana Says:

    love your new movie josh!

  67. 67
    Mass Effect Says:

    If Anne Hathaway wasn’t dating that Schulman guy, Joshua should hook up wth her.

  68. 68
    CF98 Says:

    Anne and Schulman are engaged.

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