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Will Ferrell Cries Over 'Trampire' Kristen Stewart

Will Ferrell Cries Over 'Trampire' Kristen Stewart

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis hold hands while Dylan McDermott lets out a laugh at the premiere of their film The Campaign on Thursday (August 2) at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Here’s the film’s synopsis: In order to gain influence over their North Carolina district, two CEOs seize an opportunity to oust long-term congressman Cam Brady (Ferrell) by putting up a rival candidate. Their man: naive Marty Huggins (Galifianakis), director of the local Tourism Center.

Also pictured inside: Lizzy Caplan checking out the film, which hits theaters August 10.

That evening, Will made an appearance on Conan, where he cried over the recent cheating scandal between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. He even called her a trampire. Watch below!

Will Ferrell Is All Busted Up Over Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

10+ pictures inside of Will Ferrell and Zach Galifiankis at the premiere of The Campaign

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Credit: Kevin Winter, Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • Alexis

    Omg that’s me.

  • Asha

    LOL…Beyond the fact that Kristen lost a really good guy in her life she should be really embarrassed that all of her peers know what a tramp she is.

  • Not A Fan

    Hahaha Trampire so mean but so so FUNNY!

  • Koree

    This.Is.Gold. I love him for this, this is what all those Twihards looked like when the news broke. Hahahahaa, Trampire, that is just too funny.

  • hmmm

    OMG LMAO I love you Will!!!!!!

  • Kendra

    Saw “Trampire” as headlines on front pages of New York Times, News Daily, New York Post, and even on CNN/ABC News. Kristen really embarassed herself.

  • jamie

    Hahahahahaha! TRAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chica

    Trampire! I’m dying omg so hilarious!

  • s

    fu*ckin will ferrell LOLLLLLLL!! love that man!

  • elizabeth marinas

    dylan looks so hot and handsome in some of the pictures i hope to see more picturs of dylan mcdermott soon with his girlfriend they look great together.

  • nicole

    At least Kristen’s career will continue. Will Is old and his movies have always and will always suck. Id rather be a cheater than Will Ferrell

  • joone

    Gotta love these much… more & more bashings, mockings & humilations for KStool – she deserves ‘em so bring ‘em all onll!!!

  • magz

    SLUTfire should be most welcome too.

  • Markie

    OMG!!!! LOVE HIM!!!!

  • @11

    Wel acting & personality wise, KChoo sucks HARD!!!,

  • Drea

    Hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing. ;)

  • Ms. O

    I can NOT stop laughing…Love Will Ferrell.

  • julie

    I think that’s childish. Taking on a couple’s downfall and misery and making mockery of it. He was never any good at anything anyway.

  • Sarah

    this is hysterical!! I love Will he’s so funny

  • Theresa

    hahahahah he is soooooooooooo funny. Love him

  • niagirl

    Its not funny for a 50 year old man to go on public television and call a young woman, he has never met a Tramp. Like everyone else he is judging her by a set of pictures. As usual not one mention of Rupert it is always the woman who gets crucified. Oh yeah, I am not a Twi hard .I am a female who has enough of the bashing of another female.

  • vic

    Oh I can’t see it.
    Is there any other link available?

  • xa

    @niagirl: he’s joking — butttttt is it ok for other women to insult her then?? is it ok to sleep with a married man?? — calm down. this is a celebrity blog, he’s a comedian, it didn’t come off as offensive or i would agree with you. People didn’t have a problem when jamie foxx called miley cyrus a white b*tch and told her to catch ch*lamydia on a bicycle seat, did they?

  • Liz

    OMG, funniest thing I’ve ever seen, lol!!

  • niagirl

    Some words just aren’t funny. Jamie Foxx was reprimanded for what he said and he went on air and apologized for his remarks because he has a daughter. I don’t know you so its fine if I call your mother a derogatory name. Was it funny when Michael Richards said the N word? Whether she slept with a married man or not (I don’t know and neither do you) that is not my concern. I just find it offensive that the slamming of this young woman is becoming more vicious. Words can hurt but they can also heal.

  • DanaJ

    I think it’s just hilarious the way Will makes fun of all the crazy fans out there!!! I love him)))

  • xa

    @niagirl:it was a joke, i don’t think will ferrel did it to insult or harm her in any way. Late night comedians are doing that just fine.. and i don’t appreciate my mother (or anyone’s) being put in this, thank you.

  • niagirl

    @XA: Exactly, its not funny when it hits home. I’m sure her parents don’t appreciate it either.Point made and I am done .

  • ohk

    @niagirl: how is your point made? it doesn’t hurt, it’s just not relevant. for some reason i get a kanye west vibe from you — u think her parents are down with her and the man thats old enough to be her dad? hmm..

  • Melanie

    Will. You. LEGEND. Niagirl: “Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never ceased to be amused.”

  • tinamarie

    That’s exactly it right there. He is saying, look how crazy people are being over this. Twihards or whatever you want to call them are the ones that need to feel embarressed about this crap. They are crying over something that has no bearing what so ever on their own lives or shouldn’t anyway. I don’t think he was making fun of Kristen at all. Just the crazy people. It was funny.

  • ginabell694

    I am a Twilight fan and thought this was funny. I’m not really a fan of hers. I’m more a fan of Robs and a fan of them as a couple if thats makes sense. And I thought they fit well together so I was kinda disappointed in her when I heard what she did.

  • mike

    i understood it as a way showing how hilarious the twilight fans are. they acting like they know them both very well. the fans hyped their love too much, so it makes the fans cry now. like the world would end. which is really hilarious. there are so many things happening in the world which are really awful. i understand that the fans are shocked, but acting like that now everything comes to an end is too much. i understand will. at least i guess :)

  • bet

    He’s not being a jerk, he’s making of any and all twihards that are overreacting over things that are not their business and making fun of the fans that are calling Kristen Stewart names over her indiscretion. So really, if you want to talk then tell all of the fans out there how they’re being disrespectful as well over this whole issue.

  • cam


    Nicely put. I’d say you said it best!

  • Hannah

    hahahhahahahahaha its the truth she really is a tramp!

  • LaCroix

    omg so tired of all the winning about K-Trampire being crucified cus shes a woman crap. The reason why NO one is talking about that nobody she was cheating with is cus he is a NO body!! He has directed one film. So of course they’re going to poke fun at her she’s the popular one she has more to lose in the public eye. But she didnt care too much about that did she? But you all do??

  • simmy

    Stewart deserves to be publically humiliated since she publically humiliated herself. So stop sticking up for her behavior. As a woman she should have respected herself first. which she didn’t. Therefore deserves to be called names. Truth Hurts doesn’t it Twihards?

  • betr

    he is not making fun of Rob and Kristen he is mocking the twihards for acting like this is the End of the world. He is making fun of the fans who are freaking out about this entire thing and post videos of themselves having nervous breakdowns about this whole thing. Also the TRAMPIRE comment he got off NY Post and a few other publications. He is making fun of the publication too – calling them out.

    I loved it and I hate that everyone is focusing on the “Trampire” comment, which was coined by the news media. When the entire skit had such great quotes:
    “They are not gonna get back together ever..”
    “What they had was so special, you don’t even know what they had.”
    “I don’t know if there was anything I could have done to prevent it.”
    “I just don’t know.”
    “It’s not gonna be fine! EVER!”
    “What they had was so special. You would never know.”
    They are making fun of the fans, it’s a joke and skit about the crazy antics, posts, video blogs, the fans are making…

  • cheelon

    The thing everyone here doesn’t understand is that Kristen is the moviestar with power not Rupert. Saying he had more control over her is… laughable. He was a first time director who had to convince major studio execs to let him direct Snow White while Kristen has more power, money, fame, connections, access, and a bossier attitude than Rupert. Even Chris Hemsworth and Rupert himself talked about how Kristen made him change his scripts and tell him how to direct. Does this girl look like she woule LET anyone take advantage of her or m0lest her or do any of the insane cr@p you people are making up? She was laughing in the car while making out with Rupert. She was not being raped. Both are at fault however Rupert is going to loose his job. He’s definitely going to be kicked off of Snow White 2 while Kristen will keep her job. Who comes out as the winner? Kristen. Who has more power? Kristen.

  • a woman

    i’d want to be called a little trampire rather than be called a sl-ut or wh*re.