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Alexander Skarsgard: Saturday at the Movies!

Alexander Skarsgard: Saturday at the Movies!

Alexander Skarsgard keeps it classic and casual in a black tee as he steps out on Saturday (August 4) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 35-year-old True Blood hunk, who carried a copy of Martin Amis‘ murder mystery “London Fields” with him, reportedly went to the movies to catch a showing of Total Recall!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander is getting ready to start work on a new movie called Hidden. It’s a horror movie about a family who takes refuge in a fallout shelter to avoid a dangerous outbreak. Hidden hits theaters next year!

10+ pics inside of Alexander Skarsgard out at the movies…

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alexander skarsgard seeing a movie 01
alexander skarsgard seeing a movie 02
alexander skarsgard seeing a movie 03
alexander skarsgard seeing a movie 04
alexander skarsgard seeing a movie 05
alexander skarsgard seeing a movie 06
alexander skarsgard seeing a movie 07
alexander skarsgard seeing a movie 08
alexander skarsgard seeing a movie 09
alexander skarsgard seeing a movie 10
alexander skarsgard seeing a movie 11
alexander skarsgard seeing a movie 12
alexander skarsgard seeing a movie 13
alexander skarsgard seeing a movie 14

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  • sookie

    Sexy Beast..

  • Strange

    Hello there sexy !! Love the beard . He looks so fine .

  • sinca

    He’s supposed to look skinny/emaciated for this movie, but I hope it doens’t get too bad.

  • danielik

    I love to see him again! And new episode TB today! Nice sunday!

  • ab!

    so many actors are 5’5 – thank whoever for making him so tall – i just want to climb him!!!#

  • Beautiful

    Beautiful man, sweet guy. Love him

  • blues

    Alex looks good … and he is reading very good book :) He is excellent outside and inside ;)

  • lol

    thank god there are new pictures!!

    its been too long

    i swear i did a happy dance when i saw the pics on Tumblr.

    he doesnt look that skinny. but the whole film is set in a basement i think so his gona be pale and slim by the end of it.

  • Lilla

    Still hot.

  • Sersei


  • Whatever alex.

    Who did he go with? Hiding. New 20 sumthink model GF? Inside the cinema like he always hides his women . Yeah nice try alex trying to luck like your single. Whatever.

  • Jen

    Welcome to Canada, sexy beast!!!…please leave some beer for the rest of my fair country!! :)

  • Don’t understand?

    @Whatever alex.:

    I am not sure what you are trying to say?
    Many people go to the cinema solo it’s a sense of enjoyment and relaxation nothing wronge with that
    I did not see anything in those pictures to suggest he was on some sort of date, or there was any company with him, even if someone was waiting for him in the cinema it is none of our business also alexander is not obliged to give a statement whom accompanied him that’s his personal business not ours unless they were papped together then speculate all you want.

    I clearly see a man on his day off or whatever going to the cinema to
    catch a glimpse of Colin farrels new flick total recall good choice may I say Alexander :)

  • AbFab

    Gosh he looks good!

  • Daisy

    FINALLY I was going through withdrawals.

  • Camille

    Alexander looks great! I’m glad he’s getting out and experiencing Vancouver, it’s such a beautiful city. If I didn’t have a house full of company for the long weekend I’d be there myself.

  • amy

    I love this guy! Beautiful man, good actor, and he seems super sweet as a person too.

  • jane

    He’s in my neck of the woods! It’s cool having him so close :)

  • Disney Villainess

    @Daisy: LOL, I know right?:)

    Goodness gracious, that scruff looks all types of sexxay!

  • Canuck

    @Camille: I’m going to be there end of August. :))

  • mforman

    Finally JJ, thank you for the new pictures and for giving us 10, not the usual two or three you give us.
    He looks great and relaxed, I love this man clean shaven or with the beard, he probably wanted to see this film before they really start getting busy with filming and such.
    That is a great book he is reading by the way, if you guys like to read, check it out.
    I cannot wait for tonights TB episode or to see how they are going to end this season, I really think Hoyts mom is Dragon, it is going to be fun to see how the season ends.
    This truly has been one of my favorite seasons.

  • Cafélady

    That’s great to see new pic’s of him! It felt like an little eternity, since the last post.
    He looks good here as ever and somehow relaxed – even though the pap’s followed him. Interesting that he carried a book with him, while he was gone to the movies…

    @Canuck: #20 That’s nice! May be you have the chance to see him for once…btw. nice to read again something from you – if I remember correct, then you haven’t commented for a while. Hope all is ok at you.

  • Cafélady

    @mforman: #21 You’re right, he looks always great – with or without a beard! Yesterday I started to watch the last two seasons again – waiting sucks, really! :)
    I wish you a lot of fun with tonight’s new episode! For you all, of course.

  • Marlene

    I want to go to Canada and spend the summer in a bunker with him. :)

  • what’s up

    I can’t read the title of the book, does anyone know?

  • ladybug

    @what’s up: JJ’s mentioned the book in the post.

    @lol: “he doesnt look that skinny. but the whole film is set in a basement i think so his gona be pale and slim by the end of it.”

    Most of it takes take place in bomb shelter, where his character and family have been for a year, so, yeah, pale, scruffy, skinny.
    So, no gym shots, darn it! :)

  • I Wonder Which One of…

    You Crazies made a DISCUSTING threat to Ellen Page. I can guaranteed it was someone who posts here. I hope the LAPD catch you! You deserve your comeuppance!!

  • chelle

    @I Wonder Which One of…: No you stupid fukc…..most people who post on here are true fans and don’t really care who he is dating…….. now go back to playpen or pig pen whichever you climbed out of.

  • Texas Swede

    @I Wonder Which One of…: I think you will find the majority of us who post here on a regular basis like Ellen Page.

    I do not know how you can guarantee anything of the sorts. First you claimed it was “You Crazies” which is plural. Then you say it was “someone who post here” which would be a single poster. Which are you claiming it is? Or do you think it is some kind of group activity?

    I understand your anger. What the person did to Miss Page was wrong. And I hope they are caught as well. But to come here and insult everyone here is wrong as well.

  • mforman

    @Texas Swede—-I totally agree with what said, that post made by “I Wonder Which One of….” totally made no sense.
    Not one of his fans has ever said an unkind word regarding Ellen Page, from what I have read it seems to be a stalker of some kind.
    I do not know why these trolls continue to harass us and make up the most ridiculous claims.
    I hope all is well with you and that you are feeling well.

  • mforman

    @Cafelady—-#23—–It amazes me that besides his amazing talent, he has the looks to match. My niece and nephew made me the greatest scrapebook of all these photos of him throughout his career and I truly couldn’t get over how good he looks with beard, no beard, longer hair, shorter hair, etc. That is probably the best present I have ever gotten.
    I love to watch the older seasons over ever once in awhile, especially now that this season is close to ending, I am truly very sad, but I am sorry that you have to wait even longer. I cannot wait to hear what you thought of this season.
    I really cannot wait until you get to see this season, so I can talk to you about it, but like I promised I will not ruin it for you, take care.

  • I Wonder Which One of…

    You must be the dumb F.U.C.K.( chelle ). Read the post carefully A.S.S.H.O.L.E. It wasn’t directed at you. But so be it.

  • I Wonder Which One of…

    You or All of you. It doesn’t matter. DISCUSTING!!

  • ladybug

    Ah, angry troll is angry. Must be sad, living in its mom’s basement, subsisting on Chee-to dust and Red Bull.

    MicMac taunts us:

    Michael McMillian ‏@McMillzz

    Sorry, let me clarify that last tweet. Only 4 eps of Season 5 left. Also, they kill Off Alcide and Sam! #TrueBlood
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    Michael McMillian ‏@McMillzz

    Only 4 episodes of #TrueBlood left! That’s barely any time to kill off Sookie, Bill, Eric, Jessica, Pam, Lafayette & Jason! But they do.
    Reply Retweet Favorite

  • hmmmmmmm

    Like the peeking lock of hair. :)

    Trueblood was really really really good tonight. Methinks Bill finally came to his senses. Eric and Bill will take down Salome and Russell with the help of others. Oh, I am not convinced that Newlin is all that gungho on the vampire take over thing as he is appearing to be.

  • Lilla

    Tonight’s episode was so much better than last weeks in my opinion. I don’t want to say too much to spoil it for others.

    Wow…someone is angry.

  • mforman

    @hmmmmmmm——-Yes, I agree these last 4 episodes are going to truly be amazing.
    I am glad they are showing Bill the way the majority have felt that he is, a complete hypocrite who just follows and takes orders.
    I love how they are finally showing Eric to be, it is about time.
    All of the storylines are coming together and that is perfect.

  • hmmmmmmm

    @mforman- Sorry but I don’t think Bill is a hypocrite and others have bad qualities also. Eric as much as I love him too is not always honorable. Bill I believe got hip to the fact that Salome is the key to this psychedelic blood trip when they did the bed tango and that Eric is right. I believe he and Eric will team up and get to what has to be done then go back to being their love/hate relationship lol. I like the fact that everyone will have to come together at the end and pick a side.

  • I Wonder Which One of…

    @#34″Ah, angry troll is angry. Must be sad, living in its mom’s basement, subsisting on Chee-to dust and Red Bull.”
    ^ This is your response to something as serious as a human being getting a “death threat”. Really?! What a JERK you are.

  • Lilla

    @I Wonder Which One of…: Most of the regular posters here are fans of hers as well. The threats against her are awful & I too hope they catch the person responsible. However, insinuating the posters here of actually committing the crime is a bit much, don’t you think?

  • hmmmmmmm

    @39- I think that the threat is against Ellen Page is coming from a man obessed with her. I hope they catch the guy and give her peace of mind.

  • maria

    Alex Alex, por fin te vemos!!!hot like ever.

  • Canuck

    @Cafélady: I’m good, thanks for asking. It’s just a very busy period where several large events seem to have all telescoped into the same few months. One more month or so to go before things hopefully settle into less of a hectic pace.

    Anyone know how long the filming is supposed to last?

  • Canuck

    Are they even dating? Seems to me that a Swede who likes hockey and who knows a Canadian who likes hockey and has a couple of Stanley Cup game tickets would maybe invite a fellow hockey fan. Was that even a date?

  • Whycantipost

    Don’t think they are dating, since Alex never shows up in public with his ladies and with her he showed up in public and even smiled xD And tbh, I keep thinking she is gay..

    @I wonder which one: The next crazytrain to crazyville leaves in about an hour, hop on!

    Person who made the threats to Ellen, very very very sad. And creepy. Some people are just insane :/

  • ladybug

    @hmmmmmmm: I don’t think Bill has ‘come to his senses’, not if the spoilers are correct, since the episode summaries have Eric trying to save Bill’s humanity in episode 12.

    I like Queen Haq’s take on it:

    Speaking of Bill, he’s been an incredible villain thus far. Stephen Moyer has been ON FIRE because he’s never been just straight up evil (which is why he has a huge following because there are people who believe he’s either a straight up romantic lead or a spineless weasel. That takes a lot of talent to portray). He fills his performances with nuance and layers, and you never know where he’s really coming from or what his motivations are. He shifts between good and bad very easily – especially this season when, after all this time, he finally has a reason to justify being the way he is. And it’s all because of God.

    Lillith is to Bill what L.Ron Hubbard must have been to Tom Cruise: his salvation.×09

    @Canuck, filming for the Hidden is supposed to be around 34 days, and I think it started on the 30th, so over by middle of September.
    As for the Ellen Page ‘dating’ thing, no they’re not dating. She’s got season tickets and brought two other people to the other SC games, including Mike Cahill, director of Another Earth. And the gossips didn’t link them.

  • mforman

    @Wonder Which One of—-You really need to go back on your meds. To come on here and accuse on of AS’s fans of doing this to poor Ellen Page, when they know it is an obsessed fan, is just wrong. Nothing you are even saying makes any sense, you are just rambling nonesense and that is scary.
    @hmmmmmmm—-Sorry, but this time I must disagree with you, yes you are right, everyone will have to come together to sort this out, but Bill has totally lost it, this time it is going to be Eric who finally gets to take the lead. I do not want to say too much, to ruin it for people that haven’t seen it yet, but the teasers and hints we have been getting are kind of going that way. It is going to be alot of fun to watch.

    As for AS and Ellen Page, it is just another example of him not allowed to be friends with a woman without rumors starting. EP had the tickets to each Stanley Cup game and took a different friend to each game. They made a film together and kept in touch, stop already with these silly rumors.
    I really hope they find this scary, stalker, who is doing this to EP, nobody, no matter how famous should have to be terrorized this way.

  • hmmmmmmm

    I think the the big picture here concerning Ellen Page is not the question of she is dating AS or not but that someone is obsessed enough to threaten her.

    @ladybug- Bill at heart is a good guy. Eric at heart is a good guy. But each have done things that have been heroic and also selfish also deadly because of their vampire nature. That what makes this dynamic with Sookie so interesting to me. Heck I could even throw Sam into the mix. As for Queen Haq, I can go with her thoughts but she loses objectivity (with me) when she says he has a huge following because etc. That’s fan gurl team Bill and team Eric talk that is fun but some still let it taint the storyline that is playing in front of them.

  • ladybug

    @hmmmmmmm: “she says he has a huge following because etc. ”

    Meaning Bill? But he does, it’s part of the point, actually. An awful lot of the TB Bill fandom love the Bill that was initially presented: Southern gentleman, virtuous, mainstreaming, etc. And yes some of what he, and Eric, do, is vampire nature. But what about Bill letting Sookie get up by the Ratrrays so she’ll drink his blood, is that vampire nature or Bill nature?
    I don’t think the TB is setting up Bill to be the Big Bad, but I think if you’re following the storyline over they’ve been laying the groundwork to make it really obvious that Bill isn’t really the courteous, virtuous southern gentleman that he was initially presented as.

  • hmmmmmmm

    @ladybug- LOL. I think it’s great that they have been allowed Bill company man/politician side out along with his tortured human side and I think it’s great that Eric rebel side and loyal human side has been let out not only his big bad selfish viking side being shown. It’s makes for good story. So, you are talking to the wrong person when it comes down to fandom BS.