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Jared Padalecki Proposes New Olympic Sport

Jared Padalecki Proposes New Olympic Sport

Jared Padalecki enjoys a beautiful day out in the Big Apple while taking a stroll on Saturday (August 4) in the Soho neighborhood of New York City.

The 30-year-old Supernatural actor is getting in the Olympic spirit and took to his Twitter to propose a new sport.

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“Ok. Seriously.If “Speed-Walking” gets to be an Olympic sport, then so does “Speed-Walking-Your-Bicycle”. I think Lance [Armstrong] would kick ass…,” Jared tweeted.

Earlier in the week, Jared got a visit from his son Thomas on the set of Supernatural.

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  • Vicksen

    So…. he’s been papped a lot recently…. Deliberately? I’m going to go with it being him doing it deliberately.

  • Shaz

    Jared seems to have taken residence on the pages of JJ!
    Not that I’m complaining, always nice to see his handsome face! :D

  • 2awethone2beoncam

    Why the hell on earth clif’s fat ass following jared everywhere? GTFO my page

  • Seriously

    Jared, jared, jared, you are a big boy right? you can’t take care yourself that you have to bring your diaper holder on a new york street where all kinds of celebrities walking around out the open every freaking day? are you freaking kidding me? or this attention ho asked you to bring him along?

  • oh!

    i’m sure the men and women who train their whole lives to make it into the Olympics would be happy to hear that.

  • sally

    Jared looks SOOO good. Who cares if he is getting attention. He deserves it and many love him. I love seeing pictures of him. He is very handsome!

  • rony


    I think the reason for cliff “jared’s bodyguard” to be with jared is that jared has a convention today in New Jersey and we all know that cliff always with jared and jensen in conventions or when just one of them in convention so cliff travelled with jared any way for the con and know jared take a walk what the problem to make cliff walk with him as a friend not as bodyguard
    i have seen a lot of pics for jared and cliff made me if i didn’t already know that cliff is jared’s body guard i would think they are friends
    and also jared from few days was with his wife and son in vancouver food festival and although the crowd there cliff was not with him
    and i think it is all the matter about and sorry for disruption

  • rony

    Jared really look so good, I hope he spend a good time in new jersey convention

  • kim

    Jared is a talent actor. He deserves attention. I have no problem w/ pap picks. He is so gorgeous…he is heading to NJ for a convention

  • kim

    Jared is an actor who deserves more attention, he is an amazing actor. He is also gorgeous.

  • Seriously

    jared doesn’t need this useless “bodyguard” if that’s how he wants to call himself. and they are not real friends. Clif is no professional bodyguard by any standards if you know what a professional should behave. The truth is this lardass is a fcking leech sucking on jared and jensen and his only job is to tip the photogs whenever necessary and to block the view. If that’s how you define a “friendship”… LMFAO by all means,

  • Nors

    @Vicksen: LOL you mad? ..Just relax and enjoy the view.

  • wtf?


    He was just kidding CALM DOWN!!!!

  • Sara

    Guys it’s NYC!!! Actors can’t really walk down the street without being snapped. Is he asking for attention for simply going out in public? What’s wrong with you losers?

  • Ah


    I hope someone deliberately kicks your retarded ass.

  • oh!

    @wtf?: who said i was taking it seriously? can you tell that through your computer screen? if so, you should profit from that talent — but i do believe some Olympians deserve respect and that’s why i made the comment.

  • wtf


    It was not remotely disrespectful. IT WAS A JOKE. You do seem to be taking it very seriously if you see it as disrespectful when it was a harmless joke. chill out

  • ab

    @Sara: actually NYC isn’t like hollywood. they usually ignore celebrities and who are u to call ppl losers. jst have an opinion without insulting others

  • oh!

    i didn’t say he was disrespectful, i said they deserve respect. Do i seem to be taking it seriously? oh well good, i’m glad you know how i feel. (NOTE THE SARCASM)

  • Sara


    They’re incredibly rude and disrepsectful to him just for walking down the street so I don’t mind being a bit snippy they deserve it . It’s not his fault the paps decided to take pictures of him.

    And who am I? Someone who has freedom of speech despite people like you trying to talk down to others and trying to shut them up.

  • J

    This site is horrible. All this is is a place for people to bring down and trash celebrities just for existing. These people should be ashamed of themselves. Everyone is so cruel to these people and no one ever says anything nice. They should shut down the comment section IMO. It’s out of control.

  • WHAT

    @J: LOLLLLLL its a celebrity thread!!!!!@ no ones calling him a d*ck…. ppl are a little 2 sensitive abt this guy.. go on a jessica simpson thread and read wat they say abt her

  • Skipit


    Charming, any celebrity would be proud of having a gem like you as a fan.

  • J


    If you had read properly, you would have noticed I was speaking about the WHOLE SITE generally not just about Jared.

  • Seriously


    it is call the freedom of speech. Dont like dont read. you have no rights to shut anyone up. Get over yourself.

  • J


    You mad???

  • WHAT

    @J: then dont read it? every blog is the same. huffington post is jst like this 1 except they throw in some world news. btw u wrote “This site is horrible”.

  • J



  • WHAT

    @J: just jared jnr has a place for you

  • J


    Your local prison has a spot for you.

  • WHAT

    @J: meet you there crazy

  • TheHell

    So, J is one of those crazy fans that should be ignored…. Good job turning me off the actor you’re a fan of, top notch work right there.

  • J


    Luckily for me, I doubt I live in the same area as you.

  • J


    I’m not a fan, I don’t know who he is.

  • Kiki


    Are you really that sensitive? Come on, if crazy fans turn you off an actor you wouldn’t like ANY actor

  • oz


    *massive eyeroll*

  • Lucy


    Yeah because actors are responsible for what their fans say.

  • SuckIT


    Agreed, your first introduction to a celebrity being some psychotic fan is off putting. First impressions and all that.

  • Remmer


    LOL, don’t lie. It doesn’t make your ramblings anymore convincing.

  • Yeh

    Yeah, no. Celebrities are photographed ALL THE DAMN TIME in SoHo. It’s not news that he’s in town for a convention. WTF. I see the Jensen Ackles stans are out in full force tonight. Pathetic.

    Anyway, this guy is sexy as. Easily one of the 10 best-looking actors in Hollywood.

  • Lol

    I hate to break it to you people. But I don’t think anyone really cares what you think of someone’s fanbase.

  • What are you talking about?

    I think this is proof the people posting here are NOT fans. All the negative comments about him have thumbs up and the positive ones defending him are thumbed down. So I don’t know why you’re complaining about. Very few actual fans seemed to have commented.

  • Anti-Cliff

    Cliff is paid a butt load of money to watch after Jensen. He’s not actually even Jared’s bodyguard. Or wasn’t until about the middle of season 4. Cliff didn’t even start watching over Jared until he received death threats because Jared was never the popular one. Jensen is the fan’s favorite so Cliff was hired to guard Jensen. That’s why you see pictures of Cliff sticking to Jensen like glue while Jared is walking around with no care in the world. Jared probably sent himself death threats to feel like he was relevant. Of course, he never will be but he’s too full of himself to understand that.

    Cliff is smart. He uses Jared for stuff. But Jared is too dumb to be the wiser because the actually thinks Cliff wants to be around him or that Cliff is actually there to guard him. Cliff is just there to get paid. Nothing else. Why else do you think he’s so immature acting regarding Jared. Cliff let Jared-hating Twitter accounts go and ignored when people were issuing Jared and Jared’s kid death threats but when someone made an account that was anti-Jensen and Jensen’s wife, Cliff took immediate action and the network had the Twitter shut down.

    There is a clear bias there. Cliff doesn’t work for or like Jared. He’s there to get paid. End of story.

  • News4U

    @What are you talking about?:

    The people commenting here are the same people who trash Jared on Twitter and Tumblr and every other internet forum. They’re either Jensen Ackles stans, Misha Collins stans, or Destiel (ff ship) stans who all think that Jared is an urchin. They’ve hated Jared since the show began because they think Jared takes away from their favorites.

    This guy is irrelevant in Hollywood. It’s less likely that there’s non-Supernatural fans hating on him than the people from the show’s fanbase who hate Jared.

  • Kristy hobbs must be back


    no one read that ignorant long ass bitch fit

  • Frida

    The conspiracy theorists have arrived, and they seem to be hardcore fans. Things like this ruin JJ, damn.

  • lolz

    News4U is right. Jared isn’t famous enough to have non-Spn haters. These guys are ship stans. The arguments are the same ones always used on tumblr. It’s evident that they think Jared is a pos.

    Basically they’re haters because Jared is perfect.

  • Phil


    I was going to laugh at you but then I read the whole set of comments. Why does this crap happen? These ‘fans’ always come in and ruin gossip sites :(

  • Il

    This is where all the haters who are too chicken to tweet it on Twitter go for fear of his real fans. His real fans are too busy gushing over the pics to even bother commenting. By thumbing down every positive comment, you all are just proving you are his haters and SPN fans as well. Congrats.

  • Las


    That’s a cute little story, too bad it doesn’t add up. If they truly believed his life to be in danger to the point where he needed a bodyguard, they would’ve involved the authorities wouldn’t they? If they were considered credible threats, they can get Twitter to release user’s private information so they can arrest them. You can go to jail for death threats. Did you hear anything about someone belng arrested? No, you’re full of it.

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