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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Cruise Vacation!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Cruise Vacation!

Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, and their adorable son Flynn board a yacht on Hamilton Island on Sunday (August 5) in Queensland, Australia.

The 35-year-old actor and his 29-year-old wife looked excited to get started on their cruise vacation – they’ll reportedly be sailing around the Whitsunday islands.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

Orlando is getting ready to start work on a new crime drama called Zulu. The movie, which follows two police officers from very different backgrounds in South Africa, is slated to hit theaters next year.

15+ pics inside of Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, and Flynn getting ready to set out on vacation…

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miranda kerr orlando bloom yachting 01
miranda kerr orlando bloom yachting 02
miranda kerr orlando bloom yachting 03
miranda kerr orlando bloom yachting 04
miranda kerr orlando bloom yachting 05
miranda kerr orlando bloom yachting 06
miranda kerr orlando bloom yachting 07
miranda kerr orlando bloom yachting 08
miranda kerr orlando bloom yachting 09
miranda kerr orlando bloom yachting 10
miranda kerr orlando bloom yachting 11
miranda kerr orlando bloom yachting 12
miranda kerr orlando bloom yachting 13
miranda kerr orlando bloom yachting 14

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  • ha ha
  • opie

    Gosh they only get attention when they have that baby with them.

    What happened to career

  • Jess

    I’ve been to that island (which is only accessible by boat). Someone had to KNOW they were there in order for those sharp and high-quality photos to be taken. How much more evidence do people need that them having their picture taken is entirely intentional?

  • Fassdong

    She is looking straight into the camera!
    ‘Nough said!

  • Sayer

    Why is it that despite claiming to be casual and natural, going about her daily business, she is ALWAYS aware of the camera and ALWAYS posing for it?

    So desperate for attention.

  • Sayer

    @ha ha: She probably released the nudie pics herself.

  • kami

    cute little flynn in his sun hat. :)

  • kami

    what’s with the stupid ppl on here who are fueled by hate? a bunch of little tweenies who want orlando for themselves? those nude pix were taken by famed photographer laurent darmon. they’re beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Lola

    @kami: No one here is fueled by hate; we just think it’s sad that she/they feel the need to resort to staged photo-ops in order to stay relevant and increase their market value.

  • ha ha


    her son may be ashamed one day, or if he’s “weird” like alot of celeb kids are, he may actually fap to them

  • ha

    There were several tweets about them being on the islands. All a pap had to do was show up.
    Flynn is looking into the camera, too. By your *cough* logic, he must have been the one to call them, right?
    And why stage a photo op at all? They’ve been off the radar for their entire vacation, what would be the point? Come on, explain that one.
    They all look gorgeous and happy. THAT is what really p*sses you haters off, isn’t it. LOL!

  • @10

    How sick are you?
    Typical deranged hater.

  • @1

    I’m sure that their son will be raised to appreciate art, and the beauty of the human form. Not like some cretin from the back woods who can’t tell the difference between art and p*rn.
    But if you insist on following that train of thought. Why don’t you wonder what Angelina Jolie’s kids will say? Or Milla’s? Or Kate Winslet’s? Or Giselle’s? Or Kate’s? Or Doutzen’s? Or Adriana’s? Or etc., etc., etc???

  • Daisy

    Looks like were due for another week of pap set up after pap set up.

  • cat

    the kim k of modeling. Fame Whore.And it looks like victoria’s secret is dropping her. so she’s over

  • judsie

    over? LOL she’s huge as a model in the industry and VS is far from being her only job. anyway, your comment is ridic not only bc of that but also bc she just wrapped 2 new commercials for VS.. so yeah she’s so “over”. when you’ll be making as much money as she does (she’s the 7th highest paid model in the world), come back and then give your opinion.

  • @15

    Why would VS drop one of it’s most famous and most popular models?
    That has to be the stupidest thing that I have heard in a long time. I wouldn’t be surprised if she left THEM. But them dropping her? Unless they have morons in their marketing office, not gonna happen.

  • loelr

    I predict for tomorrow: “Miranda Kerr swims in her sexy bikini”

  • Maggie

    OMG Flynn is looking straight into the camera so he must have called the paps.

  • yoro

    tfs already said she calls the paparezzi, now here is a comment from bellazon:
    You must not know Miranda Kerr. Best attention seeker in modeling history. She took the game to a whole other level. Didn’t she resume work only a few weeks after having her son? Even Ale can’t trump that. She makes Alessandra look like a beginner.

  • WTF

    Why the f*** do you people hate them so much? I’m 100% that they haven’t done anything wrong to any of you!!! you all should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

  • cream

    an attention seeking model like kerr would never leave VS on her own. VS will send her packing and given the little work she’s been doing for them (according to what people are saying), they are over her. And she’s not the only famous VS angell, Adriana is 100 times more famous than her. Alessandra is famous as well.
    I know all this and I don’t even follow their careers

  • Dieter

    I hope this Orlando gets his act together. If not, Miranda will leave him. She don’t like her men to be lazy. Flynn’s second name was assigned after Miranda’s boyfriend who has passed away (god bless him) because he was working so hard !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Isis Lara

    How could anyone allow to name their first born after an ex? Orlando is whipped.

  • @21……

    It’s not different people posting the nasty comments but the SAME person posting OVER & OVER again……a troll…….their an obsessed Adriana Lima fan who can’t stand that Miranda gets more attention than her so they try to make people believe that Miranda is disliked when in fact it’s just the one crazy fan……beyond weird!!!

  • another dumb model

    she was posing all over New York while he was in London partying and having a good time for the past three weeks. he said he can’t stand being away from his son for more than a week yet he was there and she was in New York. No reason why he couldn’t have gone to NY to be with his son while she worked. Seems to me she thought the Holmes/Cruise divorce was a good way to get publicity only it backfired in her face when Kirsten revealed her infidelity. Yeah, she looks pretty as she looks into the camera and he looks a train wreck – not very happy for a family “in love”. He looks miserable and if people can’t see that, then enjoy your stay in fantasy land.

  • sali

    lol yea I’m sure it’s one person commenter commenting because only one person dislikes her?

  • @1,2,3,4,5,6 etc…..

    Do you really think we don’t know you’re the same person posting over and over again???…….LOL… pathetic to be so jealous and envious of a person you don’t know and never met that you spend your time waiting for pics of them so you can post hate filled comments!…..what a loser……grow up and get a life, you poor sad person!!!

  • @27….

    It’s obvious it’s you posting over and over again, the “she calls the paps” mantra that you go on and on about gives you away.

    You know it’s BS when you say she calls the paps but you can’t admit it because then you would have to admit how popular she is as magazines and newspapers pay for her pics as they know they will get more hits on their sites, it’s called supply and demand, simple…….

    so instead you make up fictional stories about her calling them……so lame!

  • kitta cole

    “their an obsessed Adriana Lima fan who can’t stand that Miranda gets more attention than her …”

    Who is this lunatic who keeps posting this same thing over and over again in all Miranda posts? From Daily Mail to JJ, the person keeps posting this. I am Miranda’s no.1 fan but seriously this is getting insane. Lets just admit that Lima has a better career and is more well known, she’s wealthier than Miranda and the average person might recognize Adriana more. The the truth. There is nothing wrong with that. Both women are beautiful and rich and famous in their own right. Why does it always have to be some Adriana follower trying to bring Miranda down? I love Miranda but this one fan of hers is so irritating

  • Maria

    omg Flynn is sooo chubby and cute I want to eat him up!

  • @26

    And how exactly do you know that he wasn’t working in London? How do you know that he wasn’t working with a dialect coach for Zulu, or pre production work for Cities? Or any number of different things that kept him in England when she was in NY. Jumping to conclusions that fit your agenda just makes you look like a fool.
    Your comment sounds a lot like what the delphidiots are spouting.
    Funny, that. Hmmm?
    And what does the Holmes/Cruise divorce, or Kristen’s infidelity have to do with anything? You really are desperate if you are reaching that far.
    Sooooo pathetic.

  • @22

    Since VS keeps giving her solo commercials, I’d say that they are smart enough to keep her around. They know that she is golden for them.

  • @30

    “Lets just admit that Lima has a better career..”
    Uhmmm, let’s not.
    Well, I guess it depends on what you mean as a “career”.
    Adriana gets paid very well to look sexy. That’s all she’s good for. She makes a lot of money, but that really isn’t a career, it’s just a job. IMO, a career is defined by versatility. Miranda is much more versatile than Adriana. Adriana has a job that pays well, Mitanda has a CAREER that pays well. Apples and oranges.

  • tay

    eek he’s in his sulky phase, so is my kid. ugh!

  • SonOfaMother

    How the HELL could they not be photographed for like 2-4 WEEKS?!
    I thoughth they were “famous” and “paparazzi always wait for them” everwhere ;) ;) *cough* *cough*

    You guys are too naiv…As If anything what we see of those kind of people would be the truth.

    I guess hmm…like 90% of those relationships are fake even with a child. Only corrupt and evil people in Hollywood….

  • .a.

    all these crazy fans on here have seriously turned me off miranda kerr.. how that is possible i’m not sure but you are so ridiculous.

  • Meemee

    She has a nice body so those pictures aren’t too bad. However, she hasn’t got the charm or beauty of übermodels like Giselle or the 90´s top models. That’s not the point of these Victoria’s Secret models. They work for the company because their bodies look nice in underwear.

  • @36

    We never said that they “wait for them everywhere”. Just in NY, where the entrance to their home is clearly visible, and the paps can see them coming and going.
    Twisting words again, I see.

  • @37

    “crazy fans”?
    In a thread dominated by haters, you are claiming that it is the quite rational fans who turned you off her?
    That’s rich!
    YOu really are desperate, aren’t you.

  • .a.

    @@37: yes of course i am for stating an opinion that isn’t (like yours) insane. People who hate on her aren’t my problem, it’s people like you who give her a bad name.

  • Sj

    I’ve also noticed how much this crazy person posts over and over on the Daily Mail website, it’s cringeworthy as they think we don’t know it’s the same person………they really have a sick obsession with Miranda, it’s scary!

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Just love Orlando. :-)

  • Anna

    That is the cutest baby I have ever seen…ahh I just wanna pinch his cheeks…

  • don’t get it

    I look at the Just Jared pages all the time,but I have never seen such animosity from people here when it comes to Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. She does set-ups, she doesn’t. They are happy, they are unhappy. Can you just come, look and go? You all rant and say hateful things to each other for no reason except you don’t agree with what someone has said. Do you really think Mr. Bloom and Ms. Kerr could care less what people think or say of them? All of you need to grow up and stop being so hateful – and that goes for the ones who are calling others haters. What does that make you? More hateful to call people out. Just live and let people be.

  • Clairrrr

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  • liny

    they’re such a gorgeous family. go away haters!!

  • jesus take the wheel


  • annoying

    @jesus take the wheel: You should feel so proud of yourself that you don’t get what “Don’t Get It” said. People can’t come here to comment. If people don’t agree with the captions or pictures, you all brand people as haters. If people do agree, then they are shippers. Didn’t anyone ever tell you to reply in caps is shouting? And to use the name of the lord is just flat our rude.

  • zurichgirl

    such a gorgeous family, i love them.