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Natalie Portman & Benjamin Millepied Tie the Knot!

Natalie Portman & Benjamin Millepied Tie the Knot!

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied are officially married!

The couple was wedded in a Jewish ceremony at a private residence on Saturday night (August 4), Us Weekly revealed. They reportedly held their ceremony in the dark!

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Natalie and Benjamin met on the set of their Oscar-winning film Black Swan in 2010. They have a 13-month-old son together named Aleph. They attended the Academy Awards together in February and wore matching rings, but were not officially married until this weekend.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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Credit: Stephen Lovekin; Photos: Getty
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  • R

    all my best wishes!:)

  • katie

    That is one lucky guy.

  • dobbi


  • Jody

    I know yall are going to hate me fort saying this. But I always thought she cheated on Him with Ashton, and James Franco. Look at that interview she had with James when they were sitting at that table, and they both were really awkward. Everyone at the table felt they were hiding something. Remember when Natalie was crying at the awards when talking about ben? Its the same reason Kstew was crying at the premire of Rob’s movie at Cannes. Ashton can get any girl he wants, he just knows how to charm them, then they become loose and willing. As far as James, Natalie is really easy, and flirty, and a good looking guy will always get her attention.Jares just posted a pic of her walking and apparently crying, and it gave me the idea that she felt guilty for something she had done right before this wedding announcement came. Natalie is one of those loose, easy, good girls who sneak around and does scandalous things. Was it the oscars, where she had that purple dress, and she avoided everyone and left early? I felt she did that, because she didnt want to bring Ben around all the guys she had potentially cheated on him with. I knew Kstew had cheated in advance. Just by the way she was acting. I always felt the same about Natalie. Please no hate comments, just understand people cheat everyday. But in hollywood, your options are better cuz everyone is so pretty. Dont reply to me unless you have something positive to say, if not, just ignore it and let me speak my peace.

  • lol

    Congratz. Great actress..Respect

  • pickles

    I thought I remembered reading that they already got married when they went to France after their kid was born. Maybe that was for his family, and it was civil, but the marriage was rumored to be taken place months and months ago. Maybe this was a religious ceremony to renew vows on their anniversary. Altho this could be a religious wedding ceremony for friends and family here. But I think US Weekly might be wrong.

  • Dd

    Whoever wrote this article needs to go back to grammar school!

  • Rex

    @pickles, yes that is my thought too, I do think they married the end of last year or January and this is a 2nd ceremony for the people that couldn’t be there

  • beetlejuice


    Wow, I hope this makes you feel better!
    You seem to have some mental disorders, and i think you should consult a doctor.

  • Mel

    I hope she doesn’t take his name …..

  • SaadGKhan

    @Jody: You need to get a Life, Kirsten cheated so it doesn’t mean all actresses cheated on their boyfirends. get over Kirsten and Robert first and don’t spell your trashy mind all over here..

  • Lisa

    Congrats to the lovely couple!

  • HandsOffNatalie

    that stinks

  • Jody

    @SaadGKhan: I never said all actresses cheat. I said EVERYONE cheats. Most times people have sex, is because of IMPULSES, and SPONTANIOUSNESS!!! It has nothing to do with their personalities, although I have always seen Natalie as one of those good girls, who has a sneaky bad side. I believe in my heart that she cheated before. Remember she messed with Sean penn, and actually stole Ben from his previous girlfriend. Natalie is just kind of sneaky. I would assume that its actually easier for her to cheat, than it is for Kstew to cheat. If you dont like my comments, why even reply? I said that once before, just let me have my own opinions. Im not trying to start a riot.

  • Courtney

    good luck they’re gonna need it hollywood marriages are notorious for being short

  • notyourfriend

    CONGRATS!!! She’s such a good actress, but doesn’t go after fame like a hungry monkey… Love her

  • Josephine


    Yeah, because the only explanation why people cry is because they are cheaters. Thank you for the words of wisdom. Few days ago I saw my 80-year old neighbour crying and I’ve wondered why. Now I know – she must have cheated on her husband with the mailman or the plumber because she looks so awkward around them.

  • Jody

    @Josephine: Quit trying to look for technicalities. People cheat because of impulses and spontaniousness, then they regret it. Your grandmother was crying for a reason. One thing I know is that, the reason Natalie cried is because of guilt. The same reason Kstew started randomly crying at cannes. She cried two days in a row remember? She cried the day before at the OTR premire with Garrat, and Kirstin. You need to ask yourself, “Why was my grandmother acting so awkward around the plumber, and avoiding eye contact?” Maybe she did cheat, I cant think of a random reason for two young pretty people to act so awkward, unless their hiding a secret and thats something you have to accept..LOL Its no way you can flip this one around. Your just too young to understand these sorts of things.

  • Jody

    @Josephine: Its NO WAY you can tell me that these two awkward people didnt have sex LOL They were awkward around cameras the entire night.

  • Frozoid

    He’s not Jewish is he? Also, is he dyeing his hair?

  • Anna

    @Jody: You deserve a Honorary Doctorate on Psychology of Cheating or, maybe… to get a life.
    A great actress and a great choreographer and dancer (I have seen him dancing). Love them both!

  • BlackSwandiva

    Congrats to the happy couple!! But I thought they were already married back in Jan or Feb, no?

  • Jody

    @Anna: Blah blah blah, accept the fact that your wrong, and move along.

  • guest

    Natalie is surely NO chaste girl or has ever been. She has slept with tons of her co-stars. Thats for sure. Now she has found someone who can life a better life if he stays with her. Thats why probably this marriage will last and surely not because Natalie is the best woman he could get.

  • Hmm…

    Havent they been married for quite while?

  • Katie

    In my opinion, the reason Ashton & Natalie are awkward, was bc their movie was horrible and they knew it! It’s probably one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. It was painful to sit through and watch the movie. I didn’t feel like there was any chemistry between these two. Then again, Jennifer was dating Vince Vaughn and were in that awful movie together. After watching that movie, I couldn’t understand how these 2 people could be dating.

    I know Twilight had people saying the acting’s bad, but there’s no way you can deny the chemistry between Kristen & Robert.

    I don’t follow Natalie’s personal life but I have great admiration for her as an actress. I hope she goes on to become one of the greats.

    congrats to the happy couple

  • csa

    Jews marry Jews to keep their blood pure just like nazists did!

  • Jody

    @Katie: The movie sucked, but there is no denying her chemistry with Ashton. Ashton is one of those guys who can basically charm any woman he wants, then they become lose and willing. Him and Natalie were awkward because they cheated together. Point, blank, period.

  • Jody

    Im starting to think some of these commenters, are indeed the famous people who the articles are about. Commenting slick stuff to throw people off.Hmm

  • Wanna Be Thug

    Is this guy the biological father? Hmmmm..

  • Mia

    I feel as if she could have done much better. Come on. She deserve the best. I hope he’s the right guy.

  • creed

    theyll keep it together for the kid for a few years but we all know it wont last.

  • Kaya

    Congrats I guess…but I thought they were already married…glad they made it official then. They seem like a very ordinary family. Wonder if they will take Aleph to ballet class when he gets a little older.

  • Just me

    You are late jared on this! Why didn”t ask rhem about it then? Intouch was tne one that broke tne story not us weekly copiec tne story from the story from them. No knows the real story at all and there are no pictures are that. Wby you believe what tnose magazine say anyway. Her rep have not comment on it at all and never will if natalie was going to do that she would have said something herself and not have a magazine speak for her. Sne is too smart for that. People should let people talk for themselves and not talk for them. Natalie will never say anything about this at all. Can not believe nothing a insider say or these magazine. Why should you post this if you did not get it from natalie and ben yourself? For all we know that just went to church for a special thing for their child. Let natalie say it herself and not np magazine. Didnt see her parents come or his was suppose to be there. Just rumor that all. And jared you believe those magazines?

  • Amelia


    I don’t think he is. Some gossip papers in Paris are saying his family is not pleased he married her because she’s Jewish and they would have liked a priest present at wedding.

  • m

    I have zelo respect for women that chase men in relationships. She has done it several times. I hope karma someday finds her.

  • csa

    He is Jewish

  • Nancy