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Jaden Smith's 'Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me)' Video - Watch Now!

Jaden Smith's 'Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me)' Video - Watch Now!

Check out the video for Jaden Smith‘s new song “Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me)”!

The 14-year-son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith dances around the L.A. Skatelab Park in the video directed and edited by Mike Vargas.

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The song is a rap remix of Foster The People‘s hit song “Pumped Up Kicks” and will presumably be on the mixtape Jaden plans to release this Fall.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jaden Smith’s “Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me)”?

Jaden Smith – “Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me)”
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  • Villain

    Foster the people doesn’t need kids covering their songs.
    Or, maybe, thousand of kids do it, but they don’t release it as singles. But that’s what happens when you have rich parents and want to become even more famous than your crazy sister.

  • pat

    I wish Will and Jada would keep these kids in school and out of the spotlight. They really have no talent and are just known for squenching forehead (Jaden) and weird fashion sense and cutting hair (Willa).

  • Nancy

    OMG . . GO AWAY. Just because your father is Will Smith is the ONLY reason (talented or not) you are even on this site. Irritates me. And tell your sister to go away too.

  • Fassdong

    Was this necessary ?
    The song was awesome as how it was.

  • gerd

    The Smiths are in need of a big dose of self-censorship…these kids have nothing to offer whatsoever. They are not relatable in any way.

  • Jordy

    He’s 14, give him a bit of a break. I love Foster and yeah this remix is not needed, but I think 14 year old kids will like it so be it. He’s doing it for fun. He’s young, get over it.

  • Babbom

    I am so sick of Will Smith’s children.

  • krix

    Friends + FUN + Sense of Humor = Good Mix

    Jaden’s voice is changing up – it sounds good with flow and musical vibe of the video.

    To be so negative, Wow, it’s really not that serious.

  • Anna


  • Draga


    looooooooooooooooool ^^

    ty !

  • Really?

    Will and Jada are the worst roll model parents ever!! They seem to teach their kids the mentallity to think that if you’re famous, you’ll succeed. Not the case there. They are pushed to do videos, to perform, to whip your hair back and forth, like thats doing good for the commuinity. How about excelling in school, being involved in non profit programs bennifical to the city, the environment, to a cause…Nope, not with the Smiths. To them, its about media coverage, publicity, getting an album, having a fashion line, being in movies.

  • sara

    stella hudgens is in this video <3

  • jmho

    No, no and no! Rushing to watch Foster the People to purge this out of my memory.

  • Elaine

    @Jordy: Agree; It’s cool song; He’s teenager now:) he sure have deep voice:) I like the song & a cool Video too:)

  • gio

    dear god, please stop these brother and sister!!!! please keep them out of music industry

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    ..I honestly could careless if he does movies, music, or anything else. not sure why anyone else does. he’s a little kid having fun whatever, in a blink of an eye his “music career” could easily be long gone and forgotten.
    ..How can a bunch of adults feel negatively about a child playing around seemingly having fun.

  • Wishful

    “Everybody want chicks like me” doesn’t even make sense. His English is terrible…

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    @Anna: How many countries have you been too? what kind of education did you get, public school? LOL i’m pretty sure the odds of him having a better childhood than you had is GREAT. in comparison your childhood’s probably nonexistent to his.

  • me

    jaden looks like a darker shia lebouf

  • intric8

    Worse part was when stoopid Will Smith forced his son on Biebers action. Sick of seeing all this force feeding of Jaden going on. Not a JB fan and definitely not a Jaden fan. Lame

  • Sheri

    That’s not “rapping”, that’s “raping”. I don’t even know this “song” but I’m pretty sure this version of it does it no justice. And a 14-year-old talking about others wanting “chicks” and “women” like his is just laughable. Both the Smith kids are ultra annoying. Sorry.

  • ashley

    haha Stella Hudgens is in this video. and i think it’s a pretty cool song.

  • John

    dammit, why this song get ruined like that!?

  • Gay Vaginahaal

    This is garbage.

  • julie

    Why don’t they make their kids go to school, get an education? Instead of parading around red carpets even in their tweens, putting out albums and havnig ridiculous fashion choices? “We let them do what they wanna do!” Sure but it IS possible to still get an education and live like a normal kid without grasping at money when you’re this young. Come on! Is this Scientology at its finest? Watch out, Suri! You might have a clothing line by your tenth birthday!

  • j

    maybe…. wills kids are more suited towards being entertainers like their parents rather than academic scholars. just sayin
    i think they’re adorable. over privileged but theres much worse out there, so keep on having fun kidssssss! and i also think that because their parents didnt grow up being super rich and famous, they will help to keep their kids grounded and push them to work hard no matter what

  • Kris

    He is soooo hot :o

  • Jody

    I hated how this kid performed at the Grammy”s solely because he has famous parents. The kid can dance, but his rapping is beyond horrible, and you get to perform at the Grammy’s? I would hate to be Will and Jada’s kids. I would hate to be the son of an experimental Gay man, who is often involved with hollywood swinging!! Jada is a lezbo too!!!

  • donthate123

    I cant believe you people are hating on a 14 year old… seriously? I don’t see any of you guys making money like him. His dad is will smith ! Everybody looks up to their parents and he clearly looks up to his dad and wants to be like him – let him be.

  • sotricia


    dont be hatin on jaden!!!!!!!!

  • sotricia

    this is soooo stupid…. ya’ll need to stop hatin on the smith’s, they have fame and fortune and they are pretty much making use of it!!

  • winnie

    dont ever listen to them the song is super nyc so is the video, i love it ,LOL keep the gud work

  • winnie

    jaden this is the first tym am writin a comment 4 u n tc the first tym am writin anythin 2 u, pls luk 4 me my name is winniehope , i use nnie erasie kay in FB’ I L.O.V.E. U

  • Anonyme

    ces nul ces quoi cette voix