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Joshua Jackson: Monday Morning Jog!

Joshua Jackson: Monday Morning Jog!

Joshua Jackson starts the day off right with an early morning invigorating jog on Monday (August 6) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 34-year-old actor is currently filming the final season for his television show Fringe.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Joshua Jackson

Last week, Josh and his longtime girlfriend Diane Kruger were spotted grabbing some dinner together at Mr. Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills!

Be sure to look out for Fringe when it returns from summer hiatus – the show will be back on the air on September 28!

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# 1

mediocre actor.

# 2

thank you Jared for posting something on Josh that is just about him now and not always about diane. I think Josh is a great actor who always gets overlooked. At least he knows Canada loves him <3

# 3

He keeps getting better with age.

# 4

I think its funny this post is right above Katie/Suri’s

Add Michelle and you have 3 former Creekers back to back to back.

# 5

I couldn’t agree more, It’s nice to see him without his master pulling back on his leash. He’s such a great guy but we tend to forget that when we see him standing next to the clothes hanger at some red carpet event. She has totally emasculated him.

# 6

this is the first time ever that i see pictures of josh doing some sports. but i’m not complaining. nice legs

# 7

Anyone else find it funny that Katie, Josh jr, Josh, and Michelle are on 3 consecutive posts? Jared must be a huge DC fan (me too, Jared. me too).

# 8
Daddy's-girl @ 08/06/2012 at 11:24 pm

I wonder if he knows that he could possibly be Suri’s father? If you look at pictures of both Suri and Josh it’s a very strong possibility, she definitely has his eyes and nose.

# 9

he looks cute


dont worry, ALL the actors on fringe are mediocre.

he is the reason i watch fringe. great man, great personality and great actor

@Daddy’s-girl: I think he already knows but won’t say anything for now. I mean we didn’t know that Katie was going to blindside Tom with a divorce when she did it….

katie holmes virgin @ 08/06/2012 at 11:45 pm


would you stop it, please?

katie holmes was a virgin until she met tom. he was her first one.

when katie was in a relationship with joshua, they only messed around, but never slept together. dito with chris klein.

katie holmes stated many, many times (before she met tom) that she was still a virgin.

She did no such thing she never talked about it at all to be honest. Otherwise we’d hear it ad nauseum like Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears. But it was well known in DC circles that Joshua was her first.

He’s cute :)

love you on fringe and cant wait to see you on the big screen after that.

katie holmes virgin @ 08/07/2012 at 12:14 am


really? just google “katie holmes virgin”.
you would be suprised of the results.

here is one of many:

he looks sad, he must be missing his lady diane kruger.

@katie holmes virgin:

You’d think there would be a video clip of her stating such a thing like Britney and Jessica she never publically stated it like they did

He’s always had a funny running form, I noticed this in Dawson’s Creek the Longest Day. Even in these photos you can see his awkward running form (he runs on his tip toes and his legs don’t really bend). Okay so I’m obsessed with this man, sue me. I don’t really know if he is Suri’s biological dad, but I know that I love Pacey and Joey!

I just love looking at him. Gorgeous man!

i like him a lot. so underated

and overlooked as an actor. i hope his time will come soon.

home alone @ 08/07/2012 at 5:50 am

i’m so lonely. can somebody be my friend, please? i feel like everybody hates me. the whole world is against me. feel free to contact me.
if you become my friend, i will NEVER let you go. EVER.

“sunshine”: thanks for copying my post from the Michelle Williams string. I was going to do it myself, but thought that would be pushy(I’m flattered :-)
Daddy’s Girl: you’re right. I don’t know why you are getting thumbed down, unless Tom’s crew was out thumbing down and others followed, not really reading the post(I’ve been guilty of this myself when there are several comment to thumb down. Then I’m like “oops” didn’t mean to do that.)
katie holmes virgin: I really thought that your post was a joke until your second comment. Katie was pregnant when she met Tom and it’s doubtful that they have ever even been naked together in the same room.
-Don’t you remember “Kenny” being in the audience when Katie was on Letterman during DC? Even Dave knew that “Kenny”(Josh) and Katie were more than friends ;-)

mmmm….i can watch him run all day long. oh yes, baby give it to me!

Always cute even in these unflattering pictures. LOL

Nice hairy legs!

great actor. you gotta love hiim!

oh, i already miss diane kruger and joshua jackson together. it’s weird to see josh alone without her.

i’m in love with this guy since the might ducks. he has come along way.


pff, so lame. that dude is just sick, not going to his funeral.
calm down, okay?


and BTW dont defend a drug addict. because that’s what’s really wrong wtih this hippy actor.
we all know his real “sickness”. JUNKIE

Pacey doesn’t look comfortable exercising, maybe he’s new to it. Maybe if he works on his less than stellar physique he may get some meaty roles as a leading man, one can only hope. I still have PTSD from the photos of him shirtless on the beach with his girlfriend, horrifying.


Or maybe he has been jogging for a long time? I mean honestly, have YOU ever jogged?

How come when actors do things that WE do in our normal lives, you people have to CRITICIZE it?


I KNOW you are not insulting John Noble?!!!!!

Are we actually seeing a picture of Josh by himself? That can’t be, we all know that the only reason we usually see pictures of him is because of his girlfriend. He may be on Fringe, but let’s be honest it’s not a commercial success or giving him a lot of air time on the show to display his stiff acting skills. He may have acted in a few small roles in movies, but has never been the real draw. He’s famous for two things: playing Pacey and giving Diane the cucumber. I guess he could also be known for riding her coat tails in order to be seen.

It’s because of the haters that we are seeing pics of Josh by himself — his posts are now filled with comments. JJ is just taking advantage of people’s need to come into every related Josh and/or Diane post and comment, despite half those comments complaining about seeing him/them too much! LOL. If the haters really didn’t want to see so many pics of Diane or Josh, they’d quit following them around in posts. So thank you, haters, just remember is because of all of YOU that Josh and Diane get so much attention on this site! You keep giving their posts traffic and comments!


I agree and let me add that i am so sick and tired of Patty posting each and every single time half of the comments on these posts.She did the same here using different names as katie holmes virgin-Peanut12-xenr etc.


You have posted some really disturbing comments in the past Patty but this one takes the cake.Shame on you for spreading lies about a wonderful actor and man like Mr. Noble.Get a life or get some help!!!

Mass Effect @ 08/08/2012 at 7:49 am

Maybe he’s running away from Diane Kruger!

john noble -junkie @ 08/08/2012 at 8:17 am


i wish john noble stays sick and never recovers.

good riddance to that lame show wtih the mediocre actors and deluded fanbase.

john noble -junkie @ 08/08/2012 at 8:21 am


i just did !!

and shame on john noble for lying about his sickness.

just come forward and admit you are a drug-addict

FOX is keeping the truth hidden ,because they are afraid they lose their devoted and delusional fanbase who buy EVERYTHING recarding the show.


is that you patty? LOL!!!

diane kruger is on the cover of “prestigehongkong” this month.

ckeck out the interview; she talks obout her partner joshua jackson, cute!


oh, lovely. diane loves vancouver. she did the interview from vancouver.
it’s nice that josh showed her canada and i love that diane found peace and calm in vancouver.

Mass Effect @ 08/09/2012 at 6:43 am

Diane Kruger is a bad fashion influence on Joshua. He said that she literally picks out his wardrobe for him. Diane, he’s an adult, he can dress himself. When Josh dresses himself (like at Comic Con) he dresses “normally” and not “experimental fashion” like Kruger.

@Mass Effect:

diane kruger knows whats good for him.
she knows how to dress him

diane kruger french actress @ 08/09/2012 at 11:19 am

check out diane kruger new (french) movie “plan parfait” (perfect plan):

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