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Katie Holmes & Suri: Museum of Modern Art Visit!

Katie Holmes & Suri: Museum of Modern Art Visit!

Katie Holmes shares a fun-filled afternoon with her daughter Suri as the pair visit the Museum of Modern Art together on Monday (August 6) in New York City.

After their museum trip, the 33-year-old actress and Suri enjoyed lunch on the steps of the art house before hailing a cab home.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Earlier in the weekend, Katie was spotted looking ultra cute while running some errands.

Meanwhile, Suri is back in the Big Apple after taking a vacation with her dad Tom Cruise to Disney World!

FYI: Katie is wearing Vogue Eyewear sunglasses.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri visiting the MOMA museum…

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katie holmes suri museum visit 01
katie holmes suri museum visit 02
katie holmes suri museum visit 03
katie holmes suri museum visit 04
katie holmes suri museum visit 05
katie holmes suri museum visit 06
katie holmes suri museum visit 07
katie holmes suri museum visit 08
katie holmes suri museum visit 09
katie holmes suri museum visit 10

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  • whatever!

    Katie seems soooo happy with her Suri!! How nice:)

  • Ana

    awweee! they look so cute together, and happy….but katie ughhh those effing boots!!

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  • Piperwest12

    I love Suri’s dress it is so pretty. They look so relaxed and happy, Suri even smiles at the paps!

  • csa

    For God sakes! Let your daughter walk!!!! What a spoiled child!

  • sweetness

    Poor Katie..without her daughter she’s totally un news worthy! No wonder she show ponies her daughter around NYC, she’s enjoys the attention.

  • deke

    Both parents ar going to see who can outdo the other spoiling this little girl

  • Tiffany

    Nice to see Suri smiling more and more. Although the look on her face while noticing the photographer is hilarious. Kudos to both her parents for handling this and doing what is best and putting Suri first. Please can someone buy Katie a new pair of shoes, those things are just over worn, she is NY for pete’s sake, stop and buy a new pair of something different!

  • -anna-

    aww.. so sweet.. :)

    hey Jared, why you don’t put pic number 2 (when the girls were sitting down and shared smile to each other) as the main picture instead of pic when Katy was carried Suri??

  • sami

    Suri is the cutest celeb child EVER!

  • tsquared

    How sad that her parents feel the need to battle it out in public for the public’s perception of who is the better parent. You can tell by the fact that People Magazine generally has the first story or photos. Actors etc generally call People rather than People send out reporters.
    And as usual Katie’s fashion sense is totally missing along with her common sense.

  • katie is a great Parent

    She really looks lie Tom ! She is one happy child,but Y does Katie give
    Her cheap Lunch from Whole Foods! Six pak of box juice ! And a burrito
    From the deli section! What cash flow problems?

  • PH

    OH MY EYES!!!
    Look at that! Suri’s Panty!!

  • jay

    Suri looks Like J Jackson in all these pics>

  • kate

    I agree anna it seems justjared is showing the few pics of Katie holding Suri instead of the fifty of her walking, smiling, and playing.
    I do not think going to gymnastics, the zoo and museum is spoilling.
    When school starts she might be even more use to the paps.

  • Kane

    It’s nice to see Suri looking happy. Now it’s time for both Tom and Katy to stop using her to fight the PR war. That’s exactly what’s going on now. It’s time to get her out of the spotlight and try to undo some of the damage that’s been done with the constant publicity.

  • Hammie

    oh for heavens sake momma….let the kid walk!

    She is half your size. Looks silly!

    This kid will soon start first grade and you are still treating her like a baby.

  • Diane

    This is the first time in a long while that Suri has looked so happy.

    I don’t think that Katie is “battling it out” by taking her to a museum.

    Hopefully they can eventually live their lives a little more privately. And I saw photos of Tom and Suri at WDW (which is down the street), they were mobbed. A little girl that small would be stampeded by the fans and paparazzi that seem to follow them everywhere.

  • karla

    Suri is trying to entertain both her parents! She seems to be quite strong and she wants a normal life. I hope this divorce will be as it is now: just the separation of Tom and Katie. Suri is really precious.

  • Hamlet

    Mind your own kids, #5.

    That’s untrue, #6.

    That’s not going on at all, #11 and #16.

  • computergeek

    Suri needs a spanking!lol…I have been very impressed with suri latley..first her amazing streach backwards gymnastics photo and now this! well…the photo of here and katie smiling at each other is one of the darndest thing I’ve seen this years…too cute!

    I’m starting to think that Suri is not just a spoiled little brat after all.

  • Melanie

    There’s Tom’s Disneyland which caters for kids’ whims. Then there’s Katie’s trip to a museum of Modern Art, the zoo etc. which is for stimulation, not recreation. She’s the better parent and always will be. She’s not out for kudo’s, she’s out for Suri and being the mom she wants to be.

  • Ferald

    Suri is cuter than us all!

  • Kylie

    katie looks awful and she should put that huge child down.

    katie is a pap wh*re – she has nothing going for her but having had TC’s kid and raising her like crap.

  • Morgan

    This is the first picture I’ve seen in a long time where Suri looks so happy. I think there was a lot of tension in that house. It’s nice to see them smiling and happy. By the way, love Suri’s dress, much more appropriate for her than some of the crazy stuff she was wearing before.

  • Hazey

    Just gorgeous pictures. So lovely to see them both smiling and enjoying the day inspite of the constant judgements and photos. Keep it up. :) some of the cutest photos of them.

  • Beatrice

    Suri is really beautiful. The rest of the kids from the stars is so terrible. They are all ugly. Particularly those of Jessica Alba. Suri is beautiful. We all criticize it here. It is kind of where to nearly 19 000 fans on facebook?

  • Waaaaaa

    These photos look odd to me. Katie is more into her phone and her body language is not natural. Even her smile seems forced. Constantly having to hand Suri over to Tom is going to be draining. Primary Custody for Tom will be that he’ll take Suri whenever he feels like it. Katie doesn’t have the control she thought she would. And facing Tom after she publicly humiliated him must be awkard and uncomfortable. Even if they only go through Lawyers, that must be exhausting. Tom wont make it easy for Katie. Suri looks happy and she seems to have come back from vacation with Tom with a little more confidence and isn’t hiding from people.

  • http://justjared corky

    Please get Tom ASAP!!!!!!!!!! Katie has Suri eating on the ground near the garbage can….And Suri dress is opened to expose her underpants…What gives. Please get back with Tom at least he treats her right…

  • Angel

    OMG ..Sury is wearing havaianas!A brazilian sandals!!!!NICE

  • Someone

    Katie is the real deal!!! She is tall and has the figure of a supermodel. Her face is the face of an angel sooooo pretty!!!! Most super model’s faces are not pretty. Katie has both the body and the face.
    Most importantly she is extremely intelligent, smart, and talented AND she does NOT show off.
    My GOD, without any make up or superficial added not real glamor she looks a REALLY beautiful woman– I BET both outside and inside.
    She is also down to earth, it seems– be with the common people, I love that. I never met her, but I think she is an exceptionally gorgeous woman who looks beautiful no matter what she wears and her inner beauty just radiates through. Suri is one lucky girl to have a mother like that! Suri is also very beautiful, she has her father’s face and eyes with her mother’s nose and lips. God bless both of them and keep them happy forever!!!!!!!!!

  • Hazey

    So odd that any positive and nice comments are instantly disliked. Makes me wonder why people bother when they don’t like someone. Just don’t look. Sad.

  • nancyw

    Suri looks happy, but she is getting so tall that it looks kind of ridiculus being carried!!!

  • m.e.g.a.t.i.t.


  • Michele

    Why is this child news? Leave this child alone.