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Natalie Portman Wedding Pictures - First Look!

Natalie Portman Wedding Pictures - First Look!

Check out these first pictures from Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied‘s wedding on Saturday (August 4) in Big Sur, Calif.

The 31-year-old Oscar-winning actress and the 35-year-old choreographer tied the knot in a traditional Jewish ceremony in the dark. Natalie and Benjamin were wrapped in a Tallit prayer shawl during the service.

While the couple previously exchanged vows with each other earlier this year, they officially became a married couple this weekend!

Natalie and Benjamin have a 13-month-old son together named Aleph.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Natalie Portman’s wedding dress – YAY or NAY?

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Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • http://none J

    The dress…I’m having so many conflicted feelings about it. At least she looks happy. Good on them.

  • Laura

    It’s good to see that Natalie is happy!! Finally, her career and personal life are perfect!!!

  • somali girl

    Hollyweird is full of bastard children.

  • HRH Duchess Kate

    That is the ugliest wedding dress ever! What did she do?? She has a great thin body, why not wear a fishtail dress or something figure hugging. Big mistake Natalie!!

  • Din

    She looks adorable and very happy!

  • BEAN

    You people are so rude. Paparazzi that is. Can’t even their wedding be private?

  • Tina

    She is beautiful! Congratulations to the both of them!

  • Chace

    Mixed feelings.
    I love the head garland but I’m not feeling the dress.
    Then again it kinda looks like Audrey Hepburn’s wedding dress to Ferrer. And it makes a refreshing change from the typical sleeveless, strapless meringue almost everyone wears.

  • Forrest

    Her dress is beautiful to me. Like one you may see on a bride in a beautiful countryside European village. Perfect choice for her. Delightful. Unique. Unexpected.

  • t

    This is so rude. Obviously they wanted to be married in a private ceremony. The zero amount of respect paparazzi have for these people baffles me.

  • modine

    These photos are not always taken by paparazzi. Could be anybody who attended the event and sold it to one of the agencies.

  • an

    URK the dress is HORRIFIC ! She defo has very bad tastes for clothes

  • Jes

    It’s a balerina dress. Look at the shoes. Maybe she wanted to surprise him.

  • Come On!

    First of all, this was a private event and invade by some loser paps or a very rude, money hungry guest! Secondly, her taste is not your taste. Her dress is simple for what was a simple private ceremony. Most that end up with the big,z flashy, overpriced gowns usually end up divorced within a year or two. So kudos to Natalie for keeping it simple and true to what seems to be her own personality.

  • Scarlett

    She looks very pretty but for some reason also, so young. The dress is cute but I’d have thought perhaps she’d go for something a little longer, more streamlined and elegant. Congrats to her and Benjamin. I hope they have many happy years together. While I’m aware I’m being slightly hypocritical by acknowledging them , I do think the paparazzi take to many liberties with people’s private lives.

  • Fer

    There is something weird with her arms, the dress didn’t fit well… But she looks radiant, that’s what matters!

  • csa

    Awful wedding dress but she looks happy!

  • Bored of Papparazzi’s

    why does papparazzi have to intervene on such a private moment on people’s lives??

    who cares who she/he was with in the past or present or even for the other stars who shine…goodness papparazzi, give the people a break, geesh….

    i find it pretty disturbing that we give these papparazzi such huge money in order to get one picture of someone….

    and that we they had to find out who Kristen Stewart had a affair with…who cares..she did it on her own, it was bound to come out sooner or later..And again, we had to find out because the papparazzi (stalkers I call them), took pictures, and now split up two couples in the media…**really is boring***….

    Papparazzi (stalkers) please give us people good positive news, something that helps the world to heal with other important things going on…rather than stalking the celebrities…**sighs***….

  • an opinion

    If the dress was sleeveless it might look better. But to me it looks like a dress a little girl wears for her confirmation.

  • Laurelrer

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  • Spotted

    I think that’s Rashida Jones in the purple dress behind them while they’re doing the little dance. She and Natalie are best friends

  • Joanna

    Most unflattering dress EVER

  • http://Justjarde Jolie

    Worst dress ever

  • cali

    Re: the dress…it’s suppose to be “modest” …in the Jewish tradition.
    congrats to both.

  • Pff

    @HRH Duchess Kate:

    It’s her wedding day and she wore what she wanted not what every other bride out there is wearing. Who the f cares what she wears. At least she is marrying someone that she loves. It’s not about the dress is about the love. Look at all the shit Kim Whoredashian did for her wedding and ended in 72 days. It’s not about the dress or the party or anything like that

  • fashionista

    Since this was a religious ceremony her dress is appropiate according to custom. I feel that the lenghth should have been to the floor.

  • an

    I mean people saying that’s her taste and stuff , you are right ! She looks terrible in it I’m sorry but her face is not too bad though

  • Ashley

    I wish Hayden was Benjamin because Nayden would of been a cute couple and so would the bay. im not saying benjamin is ugly hes nice and kind looking and aleph is cute but natalie should of stayed with hayden and yah that dress is ugly but not the vial

  • modine

    Don’t bash paps as they only provide what people want. By clicking on these articles/photos you’re creating demand and where there’s demand there’s always supply. More stories about your favorite celebs generates more traffic on these sites = more $$$ from ads. If no one ever clicks on a Natalie Portman or some other celeb story or private pics then photogs won’t waste time chasing them since they can’t sell the photos, simple as that. But if people are no longer interested in a celeb then their career as celeb is over so there you go. Why do you think paparazzi haven’t been banned yet? If you throw something at a pap you’re in trouble. Hollywood needs them since they promote the industry and whole celeb culture. TMZ is owned by Warner Bros.

  • thats_right

    ugly dress, ugly bride, yuckkkk

  • Julie

    Congratulations to Natalie and Benjamin. They look very happy together!

  • lolx

    @cali: Yeah a MODEST dress will make her unpregnant before marriage..hahahah hypocritical Jews. You’re all so see-through.

  • american food lewisville

    Let this happiness be in her face forever, God bless them.

  • tdw

    so happy for the two of them, they are the cutest. Natalie looks so beautiful and happy – I for one am in love with her dress and floral garland. FLAWLESS.

  • RTW1185

    You can’t go sleeveless at an Orthodox Jewish ceremony.

  • lisa

    I cant’ believe people come onto JJ and complain about the paps, how hypocritical! If you don’t like the paps, then what are you doing here?

  • Marie

    Why are some of you criticizing this woman’s choice of dress for her PRIVATE wedding ceremony? It’s not a paid, public engagement, and she should wear whatever makes her happy, whether it’s a potato sack, or Reem Acra. How shallow can you be?

  • yup.

    Orthodox jews don’t go sleeveless for the wedding, and don’t have premarital sex, either, lol.

  • fanofboardwalkempire

    The dress looks like a dress that a twelve year would wear! just so young and silly. Her smile is the biggest happiest grin ever- that is what is reallyimportant- I am very happy for her! wishing her all the very best!

  • Domino

    @lolx: I hope to god you’re not Christian, because if someone should not talk about hypocrisy it is them.

  • coco

    It would be a genuine Jewish wedding, if she had her kid after marriage. People like this make a joke out of religion, as they only take what they want to follow (prayer shawl,etc..) but not follow the complete teachings.

  • AM68

    @HRH Duchess Kate:

    Because in traditional Jewsih cermonies the Brides generally do not wear revealing dresses. SImilar to traditional Catholic ceremonies.

  • truth

    they only got married because they have a child together. so this won’t last too long.

  • what?

    I thought Millepied wasn’t Jewish? If he wore the yarmulke, does that mean he converted, or does he just have to wear it for the wedding?

  • Blythe

    @BEAN: If you felt so bad about the invasion of their privacy, you would have never clicked on this link. Why do you think the paparazzi snap photos of celebrities during their most private moments? Because they know people like you will click and read.

  • Lisa

    I think its very refreshing to see a young woman get married in a dress without seeing her breasts ready to fall out of it!!! I love Natalie and the dress is beautiful and subtle and perfect for a garden wedding and very Grace Kelly looking!! Natalie would look great in anything because shes absolutely stunning..and to see her shine and look so happy is what marriage is all about!! Not spending millions and then divorcing 78 days later!!! LMAO

  • Ano

    ILLUMINATI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope that all the hypocrites on this party where killed someday!!!!!

  • rose

    Why judge or critisize? Its her wedding, her choise, her plans. She wore a modest dress for her traditional jewish wedding. I see nothing wrong with it, its simple for a home wedding with her close friends and family,it just makes it cosier and real for them. They are both happy that’s the most important thing. So congratulations to them.

  • DaleMurph

    What happened? You are way too pretty to be all covered up in that dress. I think a less bulky dress would have been a better choice.

  • TheDudeAbides

    Jewish weddings are gay…