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Natalie Portman Wedding Pictures - First Look!

Natalie Portman Wedding Pictures - First Look!

Check out these first pictures from Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied‘s wedding on Saturday (August 4) in Big Sur, Calif.

The 31-year-old Oscar-winning actress and the 35-year-old choreographer tied the knot in a traditional Jewish ceremony in the dark. Natalie and Benjamin were wrapped in a Tallit prayer shawl during the service.

While the couple previously exchanged vows with each other earlier this year, they officially became a married couple this weekend!

Natalie and Benjamin have a 13-month-old son together named Aleph.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Natalie Portman’s wedding dress – YAY or NAY?

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Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Laura Bradley-Abramovitz

    Jewish weddings are the best! Natalie Portman (Herschlag) is awesome!

  • Laura Bradley-Abramovitz

    @RTW1185: that’s not true. In Haifa we are Orthodox and we always have sleeveless. You must be American? In Israel Orthodox are different than in the States.

  • noel

    I think she looks beautiful. She seems very happy. I don’t trust the husband though.

  • sylvia hess


  • heythere

    MAZEL TOV!!!! :)

  • Bored of Papparazzi’s

    I don’t care how the pap’s get their pictures, would you like someone invading your space? Having someone taking pictures even when your out and walking about isn’t right. It’s down right stalking if you ask me.
    Yes, they are movie makers, shakers and shows, but when the pics are out there to hang them, no, that is going over the line.
    I don’t care if it was a pap, guest or whom ever got that pic, it pays big money and for those who following these kinds of bs.
    As for reading this and supporting this? No, ty. I only saw it on yahoo news and decided to read the “NEGATIVE” part of it, sadly people judge the way they look, not who she is.
    And let’s be real, most of us don’t even know them and only know them from the gossip columns or movies…

  • commonsense

    The dress is not ugly, but the fit is awful. She looks happy, I hope it lasts.

  • The80sRule

    Her wedding dress in Star Wars was better than this!

  • iris2009

    i hate jewish people mhh

  • tdw

    at a Jewish ceremony, the grooms wear yarmulkes/kippahs even if they’re not Jewish.

    I think Natalie looks gorgeous-I just think the angle of some of these photos are not the most flattering. nonetheless, she looks so radiant because of how happy she appears. i’m happy for this couple, i think they’re great. :)

  • Wishful

    Idiots. That dress probably had something sentimental or traditional to it.

  • Louise

    The dress is perfect: uneven, handkerchief, double gauze hem shows off her pretty ankles – she is youthful enough to pull off short! Petite women would be overwhelmed by a floor-length dress – don’t know why everyone is suggesting a fishtail gown. The length is practical to the setting of a little wilderness. The dress is feminine, flattering, and makes the most of her small waist. The gauze at the neck and on the sleeves add a touch of modesty – an expression of who she really is. The hair, it could be debated, could have been swept up or shorter, but the overall effect with the garland is nice and out-doorsey, like the setting. The groom makes a handsome accessory! ’nuff said. :)

  • Bored of Papparazzi’s

    @BEAN: I don’t understand it either, the ugly comments have no life LOL LOL

  • Bored of Papparazzi’s

    I don’t hate just dislike how pap’s/ univited guests/or even people with their evil intentions get in the mix of people’s business when they want big money for the public to see. It’s a shame…

  • dressybee

    The dress is fugly and so is the couple and it’s a shame they couldn’t get married before getting pregnant, but it’s her wedding day and she looks happy and that’s all that matters. I wish them all the happiness in the world for many years to come.

  • nyob

    She looks pretty from the neck up – honestly I think it would be impossible for her not to. She looks very happy and I wish them well. I also think he is sexy as hell for some reason.

    All that said, the dress is horrid. I really hope there is some sort of story behind it . . .like her mom was married in it or something like that. Otherwise, there is no excuse. It looks like something a young girl would wear to confirmation or 8th grade prom.

  • Lies u tell

    Yes she wore what she wanted but its still an ugly ass dress

  • wotwot

    @HRH Duchess Kate: TRADITIONAL JEWISH WEDDING not slutty tightest dress i can find wedding

  • Relative

    The saddest thing to me is that there were no paparazzis at this wedding yet most likely a guest took these pictures. All the guest were close family and friends and the well picked staff. We were asked to leave our cell phones and cameras behind so they could have a normal private wedding. The person who took these pictures for their own selfish reasons should be ashamed of themselves.

    As far as her dress, it was beautiful like her. It showed her personality and what a simple person she is. She looked beautiful!

  • Xithuriel

    OoooooooH !@#$ she had her wedding on the Sabbath… oh that is not good. That’s a bad omen right there. I say this as a Jewish person, it’s terrible for a marriage if it was done on the Sabbath. – and at night.

  • nie

    @Xithuriel: Sabbath ends at sundown Saturday.


    Ugh – I will never look at this girl the same way again after she defended child rapist Roman Polanksi just because she did a movie with him. And then taking credit for doing all of the dance scenes in that stupid ballerina movie when it was really a body double who was a real ballerina??!! She strikes me as being a VERY VERY SHADY girl.

  • AnakinlovesPadme

    Congrats to the happy couple!! Mazel Tov!! Too bad it’s not Hayden as well, I agree…oh well I hope this lasts. She deserves it. I also agree with one poster who said the her wedding dress in Star Wars is prettier but it’s her day and her choice, she looks happy after all.

  • Bored of Papparazzi’s

    Every person deserves peace and happiness in their lives, and even the haters that dislike her that much…peace comes in 10 folds, do something good for yourself and for others…peace out :)

  • Nancy

    I don’t agree. I think Drew Barrymore’s dress was the most hideous one I have ever seen. It looked like she drug it out of her great, great, great Grandmothers cedar chest. She’s gorgeous and Chanel or whatever big fashion industry she married into could ave done much better.

  • jesse

    She has a bastard child and she gets married in a conservative dress and in a church? LMAOO!

  • Melanie

    Beautiful, happy girl xxx

  • HandsOffNatalie

    Come on Natalie you can do better than that! the dress is just horrible. I am surprised the Millepied guy is not holding the baby…

  • hypocrites

    @Lisa: I think it’s better if a virgin shows some cleavage in a wedding dress than a wh*re who had a bastard child wearing head to toe coverage. Let’s not forget she engaged in premarital sex and had a child before marriage. No amount of coverage will change that fact. If she was a good Jew she wouldn’t be a whore.

  • Rocky


    ITA! Drew’s dress was the ugliest wedding dress I’ve ever seen. Don’t care what design house made it, it was UGLY!! Grandma’s dress would have been 100 times prettier.

  • Rocky


    Her entire wardrobe in Star Wars is 1,000 times prettier than this dress.

  • Rocky


    Well we know she’s NOT Orthodox! She sure wouldn’t be covering up with holy shroud if she were. Some Orthodox Jews are not happy about this one.

  • aime

    Pretty girl! Not so pretty dress. Looks out of style and does nothing for her. She has looked much better than that at awards ceremonies! Oh well! At least she looks happy!

  • Gina

    @HRH Duchess Kate:
    Since she is Jewish, in the Jewish faith women are to remain covered, and remain modest. The arms should be covered as well as the shoulders.

  • she

    מזל טוב הרבה אושר ואהבה נשיקות מישראל

  • brasil

    @Gina: aren’t they also not supposed to be having kids before marriage?

  • Elsa

    There is nothing wrong with modest and simple. But the length of the dress is not flattering. I’ve seen beautiful simple wedding dresses, short and long, but this is not one of them.
    She does look happy. But hey, it’s her wedding day! After my wedding I didn’t get this stupid grin off my face for at least a week…

  • Jeff

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  • AnakinlovesPadme

    @Rocky: Yep you are right, I agree all of her costumes in Star Wars were prettier than this!! Even my wedding dress was prettier than this lol.

  • m

    horrible dress – suits personality

  • http://@darikakoev Darika

    Like this page for the last fashion tendencies

  • Elena

    I know that IRL she’s a small girl, but for some reason in these pictures she looks extra itsy bitsy.

  • Rebecca

    I love her wedding dress simple elegance. Mazel Tov

  • http://! Liverwurst

    A baby out of wedlock and they go the traditional wedding route? Pfft. …hypocrites.

  • Connie

    I wish then a long and happy marriage. If she loves the dress then fabulous. It’s not one I’d choose.

  • Jenna

    Don’t like her dress. She could’ve done so much better as she usually has such great taste in fashion. What’s Rodarte been thinking? The dress looks way too big on her and the length is totally wrong for her size. Not too keen on the hair either.

    Nope, sorry to say, but in my eyes that’s a fashion failure!!

  • danna

    mazal tov

  • hypocrisy much?!

    just lol to people talk about privacy & how rude are the paparazzis but comment those PRIVATE pics and come in a site where there thousand of private stuff lollilol

  • Francisco

    Jewish traditional wedding dress does require to be covered up, however, there’s many amazing couture designers that she could had picked. I don’t think her stylist picked this dress, it’s a shame!