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Zac Efron: 'Sesame Street' Season Forty-Three Guest Star!

Zac Efron: 'Sesame Street' Season Forty-Three Guest Star!

Check out this first look image of Zac Efron in his guest spot on the upcoming season of Sesame Street!

The 24-year-old actor will be featured in an episode on the show’s forty-third season emphasizing the word “patience”.

Also involved in the upcoming season and pictured below are guest stars David Beckham, Kristen Bell, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Steve Carell, Jon Hamm, Eric Stonestreet, Wendy Williams, Timothy Olyphant, and Jay Mohr.

According to EW, stars also set to make appearances are Halle Berry, Don Cheadle, Amy Ryan, Melissa McCarthy, Casey Affleck, Paula Patton, Maya Rudolph, Ed Helms, Dax Shepard, and Colbie Caillat, among others.

Look out for the new season on September 24!

10+ Sesame Street promo pics inside…

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33 Responses to “Zac Efron: 'Sesame Street' Season Forty-Three Guest Star!”

  1. 1
    lauren Says:

    Do little kids even know who these people are?

  2. 2
    R U sure Says:

    OMG You are one georgeous man !!!!

  3. 3
    Hmm Says:

    Zac looks so adorable.

  4. 4
    Bo Says:

    wow! on a sesame street episode with DAVID BECkAM! WAY TO GO ZAC!

  5. 5
    Remi Says:

    perfect, he looks like he’s 12 and tiny and kid like

  6. 6
    SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

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  7. 7
    wow Says:

    awww Zac <3

  8. 8
    Kim Says:

    Aww I bet all those people had fun filming these.

  9. 9
    vic Says:

    definetly not a hater saw TLO on flight to miami not great movie zac always easy to look at movie had same type of mood just like CSC not a great movie either, a little slow but great to see zefron on screen

  10. 10
    LOL Says:

    lol haters …always in zac’s post

  11. 11
    Bo Says:


  12. 12
    nessa misses you Says:

    - stuck with a freeloading dweeb

  13. 13
    Angelica Says:

    @Bo: What are you talking about? you can read the minds of the teachers!!! THAT IS HOW ASIANS GET SUCH GOOD GRADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 14
    Kylie Says:

    That’s an episode of Sesame Street I wouldn’t mind watching ;)

  15. 15
    Wera Says:

    Zac and elmo sooo kawaii

  16. 16
    reeven Says:


  17. 17
    Bo Says:

    @Angelica: Did you read what I wrote properly, I said if I could, the first mind I would read is my teacher’s , not I can read her mind at the present moment, anyway thanks for the compliment, you now asians taking good grades.

  18. 18
    Intric8 Says:

    The haters here belong to the vanessa hudgens fan club lol

  19. 19
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  20. 20
    Bo Says:

    I kind of wonder why there are so many thumbs down for positive comments and so many thumbs up for negative comments about zac ON A ZAC’S POST, mmm sounds like a conspiracy to me

  21. 21
    Bo Says:

    @Angelica: You know what , I CAN read minds.I just read the mind of Spread the World and yours and found out that they are actually a single mind, meaning you both are the same person.

  22. 22
    Angelica Says:


    Umm no I didn’t post that, otherwise I would have just used the user name SPREAD THE WORD in all of my comments, I just know that Asians can read minds just like that person does, go look around on the internet and you will see SO many other people who know that Asians can read minds, seriously go type in “Asians can actually read minds” on Google and you will get the results of tons of different people posting SPREAD THE WORD’s comment!!!!

  23. 23
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  24. 24
    Bo Says:

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  25. 25
    Angelica Says:

    Sign, Ok I’m not going to debate something pointless like this, the main point is that the person who posted the comment telling people that Asians can actually read minds was not me, and maybe they led to the same source because we were both commenting on the same article? if your going to try to debate something pointless like this then you really need to get a life.

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  26. 26
    Bo Says:

    @Angelica: It was you who started debating with me about this, so I guess YOU ARE THE ONE WHO HAS NO LIFE, C O C K S U C K E R ! GOOD BYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE!

  27. 27
    hahaha Says:

    LMAO Bo is such a dumbass

  28. 28
    Ray Says:

    All of you are dumbasses to debate about a pointless topic. its not like you will solve it.

    zac looks cute.

  29. 29
    SE Says:

    looking forward to seeing him :D

  30. 30
    Bo Says:

    hahaha,p e e hole, you should have said that to Angelica who is dumb enough to believe such nonsense

  31. 31
    Rachel Says:

    Adorable. He looks very cute.

    And as for positive comments getting a thumbs down here? No surprise! Lol at the haters who come here and ‘thumbs down’ the comments!

  32. 32
    Bo Says:

    Rachel, I think it’s rather one or two haters doing thumbs down repeatedly , his other posts didn’t get this much of thumbs down this early so to speak ,in fact i can even think of few

  33. 33
    amelia25 Says:

    Beautiful Zac!

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